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  1. RSV Challenge (Place Holder Image until a proper badge can be made) Basic Rules; No Mods that add parts. Stick to the briefs, if unable to try and follow the spirit of each category. Screenshots and a craft file required for eligibility for the completion Categories; The categories are going to be split up into 3 weight classes in order to differentiate between the different role and usability of each vessel, furthermore each category will have further stipulations to make the categories more diverse and unique. Class 1: <100 tons Designed for speed and Versatility, these ships should be able to travel at high speeds to conduct mid-range sorties that larger vessels can't reach i.e. along rivers and in shallow waters. Class Requirements High speed and mobility Minimum range of 500km ferry distance Modest science suite Light Communications Array Small crew <20, unmanned is permitted Example Vessel; Class 2: 100-600 tons Designed as a high endurance vessel, these ships should be able to carry out voyages across the oceans with what constitutes a wide array of scientific instruments as well as the ability to launch and recover auxiliary craft. Class Requirements Minimum range of 2000km of ferry distance Expansive science suite with field lab Modest Communications Array Ability to launch and recover auxiliary craft Medium sized crew, 40-80 members Example Vessel; Class 3: >600 tons The hulking behemoths of the sea, these beasts should be able to coordinate, analyse and control all research missions in the surrounding ocean with the ability to launch and recover survey aircraft. Class Requirements Minimum range of 3600km of ferry distance Complete science suite Ability to launch and recover auxiliary craft High powered communications array Large crew, 60-120 members Example Vessel;
  2. Всем привет! Я хотел бы обсудить с вами мод. Мод называется [MENS]Modern Naval Weapon System, есть истребители, которые очень красиво сделаны, но они не очень функциональны, из-за этого их не очень сложно использовать. Например, на F 16 нет IVA, не работает двигатель, не работают элероны и другие детали для управления самолетом. Это чисто летающая модель. С остальными самолетами тоже. Я мог бы все сделать сам, удалив крылья и сделав АЙВУ, но у меня нет для этого таких программ, и я не хочу заниматься пиратством. Все, кто хочет помочь разработчику и обычным пользователям мода, присоединяются к этому обсуждению. Только вместе мы можем помочь автору мод, потому что он давно не улучшал свой мод
  3. I have had this problem for a while now. How do you name a ship thats not called "first ship" or BOOM other than online genorators? Thanks.
  4. Ever run out of ideas for ship names? Well I've done the work for you! I've curated a list of 400+ ship names Obviously the google docs version is easier to read but I didn't wanna make this post 11 pages long Timey’s Amazing ship name list Acropolis,Adamant,Adirondack,Aether,Agrius,Aion,Aken,Akira,Albany,Alborz,Allegheny,Altai,Amargosa,Ambassador,Ammit,Amun,Amunet,Anake,Andes,Angara,Anhur,Ankara,Annamite,Anubis,Anuket,Apache,Apennines,Apep,Aphrodite,Apis,Apollo,Aquarius,Arachne,Aravalli,Archer,Archeron,Ares,Argos,Argyll,Artemis,Artful,Ascension,Ashigaru,Aspire,Astana,Asteria,Astraeus,Astute,Athena,Atlantia,Atlatlist,Aura,Avanchinsky,Avenger,Azul,Bakha,Bakossi,Baku,Balkan,Ballista,Bastet,Belgrade,Bellicose,Bendeleben,Bern,Berserk,Bishop,Blackbird,Blazer,Blenheim,Blizzard,Bratislava,Bucharest,Cairngorm,Caraballo,Carpathia,Cataphract,Cederberg,Celestial,Celestra,Cerberus,Ceres,Cerro,Chandra,Chthonius,Clachnacuddin,Clymene,Coeurd’Alene,Coeus,Columbia,Conquistador,Constellation,Constitution,Cotopaxi,Cottian,Crimea,Crius,Cronus,Crossfield,Curiosity,Cyclone,Daidalos,Danube,Daring,Darter,Dasher,Dauntless,Dauphine,Dedun,Defender,Defiance,Demeter,Devastator,Dione,Dionysus,Discovery,Dragonfly,Dreadnaught,Dromon,Durham,Dzhugdzhur,Eagle,Earhart,Elkhorn,Endeavour,Endurance,Enterprise,Entoto,Eos,Epimetheus,Erebus,Euclid,Eurybia,Eurynome,Excelsior,Falcon,Fearless,Firebolt,Fletcher,Frankfort,Gaia,Galactica,Galaxy,Galeras,Galileo,Gaugamela,Genesis,Giraud,Gladiator,Gorgon,Grossglockner,Hades,Halsey,Haraz,Hathor,Hatmehit,Havoc,Heka,Helios,Hellcat,Hemera,Heqet,Hera,Hermes,Hersir,Hesat,Hestia,Horus,Hoxha,Hubble,Hussar,Hwach’a,Hwarang,Hydra,Hyperion,Imhotep,Impi,Independence,Inquisitor,Intrepid,Invincible,Irazu,Jaguar,Janus,Jarl,Jawaijaya,Juno,Jupitor,Kaishek,Kamnik,Karakoram,Karelides,Karwendel,Kebechet,Kelut,Kelvin,Kepler,Kern,Keshik,Khensit,Khepri,Khingan,Khonsu,Kigluaik,Kilauea,Kipengere,Kirthar,Kjolen,Krakatoa,Kulun,Kuray,Laboon,Lancer,Lapetus,Lebombo,Lelantos,Liberty,Ligurian,Lisbon,Lithium,Loki,Loyal,Luna,Maat,Magaliesberg,Magellen,Mahale,Mandara,Mandekalu,Manticore,Marauder,Mars,MaunaLoa,Menhit,Menoetius,Mercury,Mercy,Meretseger,MeruMati,Meskhenet,Metaurus,Metis,Minerva,Minotaur,Misquah,Mnemosyne,Mnevis,Monaco,Montpelier,Munificent,Nebula,Nehebkau,Nekhbet,Nemesis,Nephthys,Neptune,Newton,Nimitz,Nova,Nyx,Oberth,Oceanus,Odin,Odysseus,Ogo,Olympia,Onward,Ophion,Orion,Orleans,Ortler,Osiris,Oslo,Osogovo,Ouachita,Ourea,Outeniqua,Overlord,Pacifica,Pallas,Pamir,Panacea,Parliament,Pathfinder,Pawnee,Pegasus,Pelta,Pelter,Perses,Perseverance,Phalanx,Phanes,Phobos,Phoenix,Pinatubo,Pioneer,Podgorica,Pontus,Popocatepetl,Posidenon,Prometheus,Providence,Prowler,Pultowa,Puncher,Pyrenees,Qetest,Qin,Ra,Raider,Rainer,Rainier,Ranger,Raptor,Ratikon,Raven,Recusant,Renpet,Resolute,Revenant,Reykjavik,Rhea,Rhino,Rigel,Rosetta,Rwenzori,Rycon,Sabre,Sakurajima,Salamander,Saratoga,Saturn,Scorcher,Scorpion,Seawolf,Seker,Sekhmet,Selene,Sentry,Serapis,Serket,SierraMadre,Siphani,Skopje,Slinger,Sobjk,Solaria,Soyuz,Spartan,Spearhead,Stanovoi,Stomper,Styx,Sumava,Swartberg,Taal,Talon,Tambora,Tartarus,Tbilisi,Temis,Tempest,Tenenet,Tercio,Tethys,Thalassa,Thanatos,Theia,Thor,Thunder,Thunderbolt,TianShan,Ticonderoga,Tirana,Toa,TobaKakar,Topeka,Trident,Triton,Triumph,Twilight,Udzungwa,Ulawun,Uluguru,Undine,Unzen,Usambara,Vaduz,Valiant,Valkyrie,Valorient,Vanguard,Venator,Vengeance,Venus,Victory,Vigilant,Vilnius,Viper,Vulcan,Vulture,Warrior,Wasp,Yashuman,Yerevan,Zagros,Zeus
  5. This will serve as a Q&A for the Sea Iron Mod Post all Questions here and I will do my best to resolve the issues. https://spacedock.info/mod/2313/Sea Iron
  6. This is a post I originally started a couple years ago in a thread for My History of Spaceflight, but it got a little buried (...I couldn't find it...) so I thought I'd make a new post and include my thoughts on spacecraft design et. al. I would like to keep updating it with comments of various craft that I've created as well as the through process behind them. Philosophy and Approach This actually encompasses more than just KSP as I've been "designing" spaceships since I was a little kid, "swooshing" a few little Lego parts that I wholeheartedly believed was a spaceship. I have a vivid memory of playing with these handful of Legos and intuitively thinking: Spaceship. That passion for Lego eventually evolved into much larger SHIPs (Ex: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5). But at that same time, I would pore over the many versions of Star Trek technical manuals, marvel at blueprints of the Millenium Falcon, and stand in fascinated awe at the Space Shuttle in the early 80s. Add to that, basically 30+ years of pop-culture spacecraft awareness, a dash of actual space history, a whole of of imagination, channelled into a digital medium that allows me to build & fly these things. Watching Star Wars movies literally more times than I can count, continuously consuming Star Trek for over 30 years, loving late-70s Buck Rogers (unaware of the monumental cheesiness), hyperactive over Battlestar Galactica (the 70s original, but then much more importantly, the 2004 reboot); really just about anything in the Sci-fi genre that might include a vehicle maneuvering through the vacuum of space, or on alien planets, or heck even our own planet. With Kerbal Space Program, I've found one of the best tools to express the combination of creative and analytical thinking that is spacecraft design. It's a pseudo-practical approach that, for me, makes this game endlessly playable and allows that expression. So even though it's a game, the fact that you engineer things in this game to actually fly adds an entire level of realism (or not... depending on your KSP playstyle) to the process. And while KSP & Lego are aspects of the same thing, i.e. working with a specific set of parts, creating something unique but not overbuilt; KSP allows me to take this newly created vessel for a spin around the solar system. So, you ask, what do I mean by "pseudo-practical"? A personal philosophy, I guess, that imposes a set of realistic parameters on an inherently unrealistic creation. Designing in a way that balances in-game mechanics with a broader use case for a spacecraft. Working with symmetry and aesthetics, while balancing the inherent asymmetricality of space technologies melding together into a ship. Maintaining the internal logic of specific part choices used in specific ways within an overall visual context, that hopefully comes across as both "realistic" and creatively interesting at the same time. I find myself constantly evaluating the aesthetic choice of a set of parts in trying to meet a certain need, then reviewing whether those parts meet the game's technical needs, then going back to adjust how they mesh visually, then back to the parts specs... until many iterations later, an actual spacecraft evolves. Then I keep looking at it, noodling with it; taking away anything that strikes me as "off" and in some cases completely re-working the craft. When I do orbital test runs, if anything jumps out at me visually, I usually re-work it. If the ship isn't meeting the technical needs of the mission, I re-work it. This goes on until I think I can't possibly make any more changes (then I usually find 1 or 2 more...) until FINALLY, I can't stop looking at it. There's nothing that my brain says, "Wait. Change that." It's odd to use the word 'perfect', but in a sense that's what it is. My brain has gone through just about every iteration until it just seems 'right' on all facets. There's a creative pride that comes from this iteration process. There's a sense of childlike whimsy when the thing can actually make orbit, or I can actually dock it, or the antennas extend, or the light and shadow catches it just the right way. The same feeling as when I was 6 years old making Lego ships. "I made a ship that flies through space."
  7. I'm so incredibly disappointed in this "enhanced" edition. I bought ksp on Xbox when it first came out. The port was terrible but I still put countless hours into it. I waited for 2 years for you all to fix the game but it's obvious this edition was never tested. I cannot save any ships.... At all. I hit save craft but they don't show up on the "open craft" screen. I'm playing KSP "enhanced" edition on an Xbox one X on the radial preset. Please fix this game......
  8. please give me ship ideas and I will try to make them
  9. After days reserching the space center history our reserchers found this forgoten spacecrafts some of them are prototipes that never flow ! Heres the hangar were the spacecraft blueprints are:https://kerbalx.com/hangars/35508 In this thread i wil present you crafts i used and crafts that im currently using. Old crafts will be marked with a and newer will be with a All the crafts from in research to the ones that have blueprints I will try to upload at least one new craft every weak. all pictures were taken from game no post procesin was used only the ones from mods for more photos and other descriptions visit Kerbal X P.S. plese mind my inglish im acctually spanish so dont expect perfect englis I do try my best If you want to make a sugestion for more spacecraft`s or to update an existing spacecrafts comment below!
  10. So, I was messing around for the Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships) Challenge (its awesome, check it out) and I built a space battleship but couldn't find a place to put it. So this happened! Rules: Stock Battles: Start battles at about 5km distance in Kerbin orbit, combat is turn based with each ship in a fleet getting a turn in a Team A1-B1-A2-B2-A3-B3 fashion. NO INFINITE FUEL/ELECTRICITY!!! BDA battles: to be added, though it seems that high Gilly orbit should work
  11. Having been through some threads I've found some excellent craft from both World Wars scattered throughout. I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for these craft to be shown off properly. Absolutely any plane, vehicle or ship designed and/or built between 1914 and 1950! Here are some of mine to start off: Hawker Typhoon IB Hawker Tempest II & V Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire, way too many marks
  12. Hi, don't know if everyone is having this problem or if there is a fix. My game must have crashed at least a dozen times today with me trying to launch larger ships. The fps drops to low single fingers and if I have to revert to VAB/hanger, quite often the game will just crash. This is making the game unplayable unless you only use small ships. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  13. The Baltic Sea Incident A Cold War gone Hot story project. Back in July of 2017 I came up with an idea of making a relatively realistic, story driven creation consisting of multiple military craft replicas which would mimic a possible real-life tactical NATO-USSR skirmish as closely as possible. The scale was quite grand - The plan was to include as many detailed, full scale replicas of aircraft, ground forces and naval vessels as possible. Sadly, alot of the non-backed up craft files, about 100 carefully set-up screenshots and custom scenery got irreversibly wiped during my transition to a new computer at the end of the month. The project was about 70% completed at the time of the wipe, and some material was salvaged. While what is left doesn't quite represent the finished product, after a long wait caused both by university duties and KSP hiatus I've decided to release what I've managed to keep for you all to enjoy. This is what I've made over about two and a half weeks in July. I hope you will enjoy looking at it as much as I've enjoyed making it. Was good while it lasted. LOCATION: Heavy water production plant, coastal area of the Estonian SSR TIME: 16-17.03.1985 ALBUM LINK: Two-man team of SBS operatives tasked with infiltrating a deuterium production facility, after a succesful sabotage attempt prepare to leave the plant and head for the coast to get evacuated under the cover of darkness. They reach the coast and board a small civilian fishing vessel tasked with delivering them to the open waters where they are scheduled to rendezvous with a Los Angeles-class SSN in the area, their ultimate evacuation vessel. Due to rising tensions in the region over the past months, the coastal area has seen heavy Soviet Navy patrols. The SBS team eventually manages to reach the rendezvous point and board the Los Angeles-class. Soviet surface radars catch a glimpse of the unidentified fishing vessel in the area and dispatch a Tu-142 navy reconaissance aircraft to assess the situation. On arriving, the Tupolev manages to spot the submarine at periscope depth. The SSN crew promptly initiate emergency dive procedures. Luckily for the sub crew the Tu-142 doesn't carry dedicated submarine weapons at the time of their encounter and is forced to turn back to base soon after making contact due to lack of fuel. With the location of the US Navy sub compromised, Soviet forces in the area are notified of the vessel's presence and dispatched to it's location. The hunt for the elusive target begins. Closest to the submarine's location are two dated but recently upgraded Soviet Navy vessels - the Kanin-class destroyer and a smaller escort - a Grisha corvette. Due to their heavy use of active sonar their location is quickly estabilished by the Los Angeles crew and passed over to the command. A small-scale evacuation has now turned into a rescue operation. Los Angeles-class is ordered not to return fire unless directly attacked. With Soviet vessels on pursuit, time is of highest value. West German airbases are best-suited for anti-shipping operations but they are too distant to be able to react quickly enough. A small Swedish Air Force airbase is chosen for conducting the surgical strike on Soviet vessels. AJ-37 Viggens are very well suited for ASW. Their systems were designed with focus on utilizing the RB-04E missile to it's full potential. While it might not excel at anti-air warfare it may prove to be just enough to do the job in this scenario. The craft are hastily armed and dispatched. Due to their limited range and possibility of enemy interception they only get one approach at the target. To save time and fuel they are ordered to fly at high altitude until the final attack approach which renders them more vulnerable to SAM fire and being spotted. Soon after getting inside the Pact-controlled airspace they are spotted by a coastal 2K12 SAM battery. Mud-spiked Viggens are now diving to the deck to minimize the chances of interception. Two missiles are fired off, both missing due to their radars getting confused by ground clutter. Soviet Air Force, now alerted of the Swedish attackers, dispatches a flight of MiG-29A Fulcrums to deal with the threat. A F-15C Eagle patrolling the area is now tasked with fending off the Fulcrums. Due to it's altitude advantage it manages to reach the target area quickly. Two AIM-7 missiles are fired off at BVR ranges which don't allow the 29A's to return fire. Although they both miss, they force the Fulcrums to scramble and switch their focus to the F-15. The AJ-37s are now capable of approaching the pursuing vessels close enough to fire off their RB-04s. Due to the dated CIWS systems on the Kanin-class, they manage to score a direct hit on the destroyer and cripple it's mobility. The small Grisha-class is unable to continue attacking on it's own. Viggens head for Sweden, now flying at deck level to avoid being spiked by SAM batteries. The attack allows Los Angeles-class to retreat into international waters. The evacuation is successful, albeit diplomatic stability between NATO and the Soviet Union is significantly strained due to a Soviet vessel being damaged by Swedish fire in a Pact-controlled area. Intel gained by the SBS proves to be highly useful in assesing Soviet nuclear capabilities. END LOG So here you have the story and all the images I've managed to salvage. All the craft are built in 1:1 scale with as much detail as i could fit in. The naval vessels were especially exhausting to complete, each consisting of a few hundred parts and being over 130 metres long in the case of Kanin-class destroyer. I have copies of the Kanin and Grisha backed up on Dropbox so if any of you guys would be interested in checking them out please let me know. They require Vessel Mover to be put into the water but are fully functional and can move through water under their own power. Files for the 100+ meter long submarine, the Viggen with it's functional RB-04s and all featured ground vehicles are sadly lost. Not all of the images depicting the events of the story are there either. I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless. Thanks for checking it out. Cheers.
  14. Today the Pegasus X 99 project starts, after first flight tests, which were successful.The beginning of a new era of space exploration.The X99 the newest NASA project, reconnaissance, transport and apartment. First Flight ver. 0.7 First Rollout Ver. 0.9 Flight Test Ver. 0.9
  15. I'm trying to recreate a KSP-like game in Java, and I have no idea how KSP calculates Apoapsis, Periapsis, etc. when your ship is moving in space.
  16. Some people like to build ships, others submarines, even others dream of a base on the bottom of the ocean. We all know building ships is incredibly easy, much too easy in fact. Building a sub or a base, that's a different story. We need to make them excessively heavy using lots of ore tanks. So I started to look at most parts and their buoyancy values. The game uses a formula which, as far as I can tell, involves basic part mass, density/mass of resource(s), volume and funny enough, sometimes surface area instead of volume. More about that later. The most striking conclusion from these tests is that there's no logic behind most of these parts. This can be solved by testing each part and adding a simple line to the part.cfg: buoyancy = 0 (or whatever value seems plausible, sometimes even negative values are needed). Parts I haven't included in the tests: Command pods/cores, I think we can all agree these parts need to float. Fuel tanks/SRB's. While most tanks are too buoyant, changing their buoyancy values would need some/lots of math and unfortunately I'm unable to do these calculations. However, I think we can all agree empty fuel tanks should be the source of buoyancy for all ships. Cargo bays - tricky subject. I feel they're much too buoyant but we might need to discuss this further. Maybe closed cargo bays (contents occluded) should be very buoyant, open they should sink. This can't be changed with adding a single parameter, my guess some code would need to change. One heavy offender is the MK3 cargo ramp ... you lower the ramp and instead of sinking, pushes the rest up. Wing parts. We all know they float, to the absurd. While I can see the logic of wings with empty fuel tanks floating, the rest should not. Structural parts like I-beams, girders and panels. We know they sink. Due to a problem with Imgur, I'm unable to include all pictures at the moment. More will come later. Test 1: engines. There are multiple offenders in this category. Some sink to the bottom as expected, others float like maniacs. The ones that float are the Goliath Rhino Panther Whiplash Terrier Mainsail Poodle Skipper Puff. Test 2: structural & control parts. Almost all of them have excessive buoyancy. All SAS modules float which is odd, heavy metal wheels inside a small enclosure. The Fly-by-Wire avionics hub floats, maybe it's logical because it's just electronics and almost works like a probe core. All adapters for rockets float as if their lives depend on it. Same with the MK3 engine mount. The structural pylon floats (0.2t), curiously enough the small hardpoint (0.05t) sinks. The Mk1 structural fuselage floats like bricks do not. The Rockomax Hubmax floats which is odd, 1.5t and such a small volume, considering all the internal reinforcements needed for station building. The cubic and octagonal struts float. Test 3: docking ports and decouplers. This is a mixed bag without any logic. All standard docking ports float. Looking at the fact in real life they're just doors without a volume, very peculiar. All Clamp-o-Trons float excessively. The 3.75m and 2.5m decouplers float, the others sink. The 2.5m and 0.625m separators sink, the 1.25m floats. The Claw floats like something out of a movie, barely touches the water. The TT38K radial decoupler floats as well ... odd. Test 4: nose cones, air intakes, fairing bases and fairings. Some very odd results here. A real life nose cone is hollow and open and would therefore sink. All nose cones in KSP, because they're not hollow, float like it's a horror movie. But let's forget that collider at the bottom. They should sink. Same story with the tail connectors. All air intakes float. Odd. Just hollow tubes made out of metal with some internal guidance for air. They should sink. All fairing bases float. Again against all logic. A complete fairing floats but is so happy it even bounces up and down. A decoupled fairing does what it's supposed to: it sinks. Test 5: Wheels & legs. Once again strange results. Of the retractable landing gear department, the LY10 and LY35 sink, the others float, both barely touching the water and exposing their naked parts towards the sky. Yuck. When I did the test again with wheels retracted, both the LY10 and LY35 became torpedoes, pointing straight down and traveling with speeds over 20m/s. The others stayed at the surface. Both non retractables float. All rover wheels except the S2 float. Only the LT-05 landing strut sinks ... but only when extended (?) Test 6: thermal. Strange results? You guessed right! So I mentioned earlier the buoyancy calculation sometimes takes in account surface area instead of volume. Look at what we have here. Of the normal heat shields only the 0.625m sinks, but not without ablator. The expandable heat shield sinks like a stone when closed however it makes a pretty good life raft when open. All fixed radiators float. Odd. Metal filled with coolant. They should sink. The deployable radiators are even weirder. The smallest one sinks, the medium just falls apart and the big one floats. When deployed, the small one floats, the medium still falls apart and the big one points straight up and starts bouncing off the water until it falls apart as well. I guess radiators are really allergic to water. Not a pretty sight. I don't recommend it. Test 7: electrics. Once again, no logic. All batteries float. Ever seen a floating battery? Me neither. Except a lemon. Also a potato. All solar panels float. It's magic, really. The fuel cell sinks but ... the fuel cell array floats! At least the RTG sinks. Test 8: comms & science Yep, no logic. All dishes except the 88-88, the DTS-M1 and the small antennae float. Both ore scanners float excessively. All experiments except the Mystery Goo and the Double-C, float. The lab floats but maybe too much. The science container shouldn't sink ... and guess what: it doesn't. Test 9: utilities. Realm of fantasy. Both drills. They float. Seriously. Both ISRU's float. The extendable ladders float. The short ladder however, sinks. The lamps float. All crew modules are excessively buoyant, especially the MK2. The launch escape system floats. The parachutes are the weirdest: the MK16-XL and MK25 float, the radials and MK16 sink with the MK12-R having the speed record: 28m/s! So ... what's the next step? In the future I'll update this post with adjusted values for all parts to make things ... a little bit more realistic and most of all: fun. If/when we all agree, I'll offer them to Squad.
  17. This is the history of my [sandbox progressive] ships, from the start 'till now! [I know boring names!] There will be a new craft every day! 1. Manned Kerbin Orbiter: This is the ship that gave me my first badge. Download from: KerbalX
  18. Well I figured the KSN Kraken worked out ok, so why not try a surface ship. I present KSN 120 Moho. She's a 400 ton destroyer.
  19. Very simple really. What's the least visually appealing monstrosity you have ever defaced the cosmos with? (Vehicles made to look ugly don't count as much). If you remember, please state the purpose of that craft as well. This is a space station module.
  20. Hello everyone! I've been very interested by ships in KSP. The resent? changes to the water physics have greatly expanded the possibilities of watercraft manufacture. This thread is dedicated to showing of your nautical masterpieces. Warships, Research Vessels, even massive abominations are welcome! You can post your craft files, but you must specify the mods involved. I'll start with some of mine! KRS Wilson https://kerbalx.com/TheSealBrigade/KRS-Wilson This Research Vessel is perfect for exploring continental shelves. It might not be the best for other things, but it's a boat, and a boat's a boat. Mods include: Infernal Robotics, SM Marine, USP Otter Submersible, Maritime Pack, and KAS (and KIS) KRS Hooke https://kerbalx.com/TheSealBrigade/KRS-Hooke Kerbals like the deep ocean for some reason, and they wanted to go in that direction. So we built this vessel so we could take a CLOSER LOOK. (Get it? Hooke? Closer Look? Aaaa, forget it) Mods include: Infernal Robotics, SM Marine, USP Otter Submersible, Maritime Pack, and KAS (and KIS)
  21. N.A.N.A. Sinking About Warning this is a W.I.P Some things I made while testing out BDArmory (and boats). It's main functionality is adding sinking support, but does some more than that. If you don't need it just delete/edit the config files. What does it do?: Part Sinking Capability: Certain ship parts now have the resource "SeaWater". If the temperature of the part reaches a certain threshold and is in contact with water, it will start take on water, get heavier and eventually sink. On the other hand, if the part is not in contact with water, any SeaWater inside will leak out. If the temperature drops below the temperature threshold it will stop take on water. However, if a hull part connected to another hull part explodes the connected part will take on water permanently. Superstructure parts will start take on water if they come in contact with water. Sinking Alarm: Adds a Ship alarm module which can be found under the Utilities section (copy of the Barometer). If attached to the ship, it will warn you when your ship is damaged enough to taking on water, as well as give you a warning when you have armed a weapon. MK41 VLS Clipping Functionality: MK41 launchers from Malfunc Weaponry can be clipped into its parent part (e.g. the hull) without obstructing the missile inside. It also adds some fancy effects when launching. Note: The MK-49 launcher has to be attached to to the part it needs to clip through, I.e. the hull. Various fancy visual/sound effects are also added. Attachment Points For Vertical Launching: Adds attachment point for vertical launching for an assortment of missiles that I often use (also includes parts from other BDArmory mods if you have them). Large Boat Part Nerf: Nerfes parts in the Large Boat Parts mod. Warhead Switching: Adds warhead switching for several parts. Cargo bay automatic clearance disabler: RAM Launcher Turret from Malfunc Weaponry now has a built in clearance auto-disabler, for launching things that normally doesn't work. Missile Guidance Switching: Adds missile guidance switching for several parts. Flag: Adds the N.A.N.A. flag. Some details: More config files may come in the future as I play around with other parts. ChangeLog Required add-ons: BD Armory Module Manager Maritime Pack (not necessary if you are creating your own config files) Malfunc Weaponry (necessary if you want the MK41 launcher) Large Boat Parts (not necessary if you are creating your own config files) Download Or Download License: Reserved Source
  22. It would be really cool to see a mod with iconic ships from Star Wars. Something like what's been done for the Endurance and the Hermes. I'd like them to be full-scale, not Kerbal-sized, so they can fit in better with RSS if needed. I *think* Distant Object Enhancement can handle ships being fully visible and looming even when hundreds of kilometers away, but I'm not sure because I've never dealt with anything that big before. Hopefully someone can give me that experience!
  23. This is a very basic shipyard/giant boat ramp& runway I made while experimenting with Kerbal Konstructs. It provides easy access to water from a large boatramp, and has a water spawn as well. The spawn over water is fairly buggy and may destroy a craft. If there is interest or suggestions, I may add more to the model. REQUIRES NEWEST COPY OF KERBAL KONSTRUCTS http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/94863-104on-hold-kerbal-konstructs-v0950-105-broke-it-i-cant-fix-it/ Download [Moderator removed defunct website link] license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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