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  1. just a few around 3, same results. also yeah its weak even more reason it should go through more then 2 plates
  2. So it was 90 degrees and about 100m so theres no deviation or other variables. The HP was full of the un penetrated panels. although i dont have a picture of that, ill do it again so i tested again and yeah theres no damage behind other panels. and it penned 2x10mm panels and 2x85mm panels
  3. Hello, I dont know where to post this, so im sorry if i get this wrong. How does amour penetration work? So on the right is 10mm and the left is 85mm, and it looks like the M1 Cannon shot through 3 85mm plates and only 2 10mm plates, and im guessing it should go trough atleast a total of 450mm of armored plate?
  4. Thanks man thats actually a great answer i didn't see it in that light ill leave them!
  5. Hello everyone, I am planning to post all my craft files that I have saved up over the years. They are all fighter planes, bombers, fighter jets ect that have the BDA mod. So what do you guys think, would it be better for them to be stock or just have the BDA mod on?
  6. This is my collection of tanks and other armored ground vehicles. Challenger 2 Jagdpanzer IV M16 MGMC Halftrack AA M16 MGMC Halftrack AA - STOCK Challenger 2 https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/Challenger-2A1 Jagdpanzer IV https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/Jagdpanzer-IV M16 MGMC Halftrack AA https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/M16-MGMC M16 MGMC Halftrack AA - STOCK https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/M16-MGMC-Stock
  7. Thanks very much @kapteenipirk, I really gotta ask, how do you create a page where it can have multiple craft pictures in and you have to click Reveal Hidden Contents to show the pictures and its craft file?
  8. i have the B9 hexagon fuselage i dont know what its called, in there at the bottom and im using 1.3.1 KSP Fuselage in general is great for buoyancy.
  9. This is a Fictional Warrior Class Strike Craft based off the South African Navy, SAS Makhanda. Some credit to RixKillian for the Cleveland-Class Light Cruiser that I built off of. https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/SAS-Tortouga
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