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  1. After reading this mission thread by @purpleivan, I decided to mess around with some underwater stuff too. First on my to-do list, visit the bottom of Kerbin's ocean. Introducing the submarine-lander! (you can download it here) I wanted to explore the arctic, specifically that lake in the top middle of the picture. So I cheated the craft over and got dropping Going down Jeb noticed that the coastline here is a little square looking Further down. Bob is wondering whether that leak is a bad thing Almost. Bob has noticed another leak. You can see the ground in this picture. Bob, stop finding leaks! And touchdown. In this picture it kind of looks like I'm on a moon Thanks I'll keep that in mind Jeb got out to plant a flag... ... but apparently doesn't want to hang around. Here's were the lander ended up You can also almost see it in this picture Or maybe because there is a bunch of water? There it is, about 1100 meters deep Also if you move the camera to just the right place while on the surface, Jeb starts falling into a black hole. And there you go! To the bottom of the ocean. Next up will (probably) be a sub or boat mission or visiting Laythe or Eve with this craft.
  2. My first ever underwater docking, and in IVA view ! Recently I discovered the beautiful Buffalo 2 mod by @Angelo Kerman, with a neatly made MAS IVA. I fired this up, along with sunkworks (by him too : ) ) and went underwater, with parallax scatters, and oh boy I was thrilled. That's the start... The end is me making an absolutly gigantic underwater city, modifying the submarine IVA to add even more cool screens and props, and voilà ^^ Rabbit hole again haha You can find the video at the bottom of this post, as the modlist : ) Just sharing some bits of the process, since it was... interesting hehe : I first made the city, it was more than 800 parts when completed, of course using tweakscale like hell, to make the parts huge. Then I welded it (with Ubio welding mod), that brought the part count to less than 40. But it still lags a lot, I guess because that's a huge texture model to render, and + there's a lot of lights... Image in the VAB, and on the runway, to show the size comparison with KSC : Then sunking that thing starts to get funny... Since the center of mass of a welded part is placed at the center of the geometry... haha, So of course ore tanks won't do, not weighty enough. I tried a trick using utiliy weight mod, then with hyperedit, in flight, increased the "tons" (it's a resource in this mod), but it did break the attachement point each time, and resulted in a beautiful and thrilling R.U.D. I tried using the ballasts from sunkworks, but they weren't enough too. And finally, the simplest idea came to edit this goddam craft file... I increased the mass of the city to some thousands of kilo tons. Increased the crash resistance to 1000 m/s, and voilà ! It sank in 5 seconds, and hit the seabed at 100 m/s The city is at ~500 m depth. I changed parallax scatter settings so they look nice with the city, and also scatterer ocean settings, so it's less dark at this depth. Then I embarked on the submarine, first I used the SEA 64 to level the craft (wasn't intuitive at first, but afterwards really stable and worked very well ! Great mod ). Then I moved around with the engine, and the underwater RCS for translation and thus docking too. Sadly I couldn't make any quicksave/load, since the ballasts got reset, and made my craft go up to the surface instantly, so I had to do the whole mission in one save (btw in the video, this is my first docking attempt: ) That's it, the rest can be seen in the video, let me know If you've any questions ! And enjoy ! (best watched with headphones) After an expedition to gather some kelp to make kelp pies, and taking some scientific measurements, the Echo-3 exploration submarine returns to the capital underwater city of the Kerbin oceans, Nereia. Also, apparently, the tastier kerbin kelps are found deep, near the sea bed. But ancient Kerbal tales also speak about a giant specie, that would be responsible for so many ship sunkings, and thus was at some point adored by some kerbal cultures as a divinity... : The Krakiatan. (from the Great Kerbal Book of Mythology, he's supposed to be the great uncle of the Kraken himself) Hope's it's gonna be allright ! Important mods used : Also this gives idea for better underwater stuff I guess (at least If I was a planet modder)... Just sharing most of the things that passed by my head when exploring the depths : more types of scatters, thus more underwater(water) biomes. The load distance and behavior of the seagrass and others gets clunky when increased, so sadly it's only small range around the craft (still ~400m). Have different variant of scatterer underwater tint, not global, so they can be set per biome, and thus have normal color for shores, maybe some green_ish for "algae-like" biome, purple/deep-blue for some forest mushroooms (yeah subnautica^^), etc. Have a better terrain height map (idk if some planet pack has one for underwater ? if so I'd be glad to know! : ) ), so the sea bed is more interesting to explore (canyons, craters, wave like formations, mountains, underwater volcanos (possible with EVE integration ? like geysers for instance? ),...) But yeah it's really small niche in the player base, so I guess those will remain dreams haha... or in KSP 2 ? ^^ Cheers (Also would anyone like to make a Leviathan (Krakiatan sorry) and peeper mod ? )
  3. The Maritime Pack v0.19 Updated for the final release of KSP 1 Download from GitHub License is: a modified Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License and is viewable on GitHub. Ok, so it seems someone has disabled imgur album imbeds and left large gaping holes in the forums. Thanks to @Beale and his modding tutorial He's responsible for this. This mod contains code originally written by @snjo and @allista. Thanks for their permission to reuse this code and their permissive licenses. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Code Source - MPUtils - Fengist Anim - FSResizer Known Issues Required Plugins: NONE! (finally)
  4. Hello all. I have tried searching the forums to see if anyone had already done this, but could not find anything. I like to see how realistic the physics of KSP are for things that were not it's original purpose. I have "Breaking Ground" and work within KSP 1.9.1. I had fun proving that "Down Force" works with KSP and that with Rotor based wheels you can drive up to the VAB, drive up to vertical and then use "Down Force" to hold you to the wall as you drive up to the top and and over the edge. To park on the roof. Now I am exploring underwater and after getting ballast tanks configed right to get within mm/s of neutral buoyancy for my subs, I wanted to be able to have my Kerbals walk around on the bottom without immediately bobbing up to the surface. Obviously with their helmets on. So I gave them an extra inventory slot and used the deployed science mystery goo config as a basis for a weight belt. I used a scaled down structural part as a mesh and set (after some experimentation) the mass to 90kg. This lets them sink gracefully and walk around as if they were on land. they can jump roughly as high as on land but come down slightly slower or swim if you go in a direction. I have a deloyed science cabinet next to my airlocks and have them equip the weight belt when they exit but are still holding on. When they return they just put it back in the cabinet before entering. Also if you click on the weight belt as if they were going to place it somewhere but don't. They loose the mass and float up. So you can use that to get up things if you need to. So, Has anyone else done this.?
  5. Part 1: Launch Part 2: Journey to Laythe Part 3: Doing stuff at Laythe Part 4: Return trip
  6. OK I am in the middle of making a large electric submarine on the PS4 and thanks to some very helpful advice I've managed to get it moving at a blitzing 1.5 m/s utilizing the heavy rotors and elevon 4 I think? The one with pointy ends on both sides in a kind of slanted square shape (if that helps at all). The sub itself is easy but during my now 10 to 12 hours worth of experimentations some of the parts for the propeller have been doing some very wierd things like flipping mirrored and unmirrored constantly while underway which kills off all thrust. Experienced Kerbal lords and ladies of the sea I humbly ask what parts have worked for you (other than jets) and how do you fashion your water whipping propellers to dominate the wet parts of Kerbin?
  7. ABANDONED [WMS] WorldWar Maritime Ships. Download SpaceDock Features Contains a WW2 German U-Boat (U-557) Contains the Prinz Eugen (the german one) Installation Download the ZIP file from SpaceDock Either drag and drop or extract the files from the ZIP into your GameData Directory You finished it should be there if not send me a message and ill check it out Dependencies Module Manager (included in the file) Media License [WMS] WorldWar Maritime Ships by BuzzFeed4Lief is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. ChangeLog sorry this has taken a while, its still a bit all over the place and you may see some random things but its fairly working. iv had less time lately than i had originally Added Gneisenau. Trying to fix the props for the gneisenau. Trying to get the rudders on the Gneisenau to work. Still trying to get the rudders on the Gneisenau to work. Credits Submarine U_557 Model by ThomasBeerens Here Prinz Eugen Model by ThomasBeerens Here Code for a Category .cfg by Next_Star_Industries Here Gneisenau Model by ThomasBeerens Here BTW check the spacedock changelogs i sometimes forget to add things there to the forums BTW feel free to suggest anything ill be sure to read them all. By BuzzFeed4Lief
  8. Goal: Build a vehicle that is able to explore underwater sites. Try to dive as deep as possible. A badge will be awarded for participation on request (I won't send you one if you don't request it). Rules: No mods, no cheats. No using glitches (K-Drives, ZK-Drives, etc.) The sub must be launched from the KSC runway and into the water off the coast of the KSC. From there, you MUST travel by water to your dive site. Vehicle Classes (Choose 1): Submarine- must carry a crew of at least 1 kerbal (+5 pts) ROV- must be unmanned (+10 pts) MiniSub- must be under 10 tons (+15 pts) DSEV- must be able to exceed 500 m below sea level. (+20 pts) Depth Scores: 100 m: +25 pts 200 m: +30 pts 300 m: +35 pts 400 m: +40 pts 500 m: +45 pts ... and the list continues (by +5 points per 100 m) Submissions: Photos/Video submissions only please. Leaderboard: @ralanboyle mini ROV "Sub 1" reached a depth of 1092m Below sea level- 110 pts @Klapaucius mini-sub "Jacques" reached a depth of 1048m Below sea level -105 pts @dnbattley 5 ton mini-sub "Stratzen-Pellor" reached a depth of 971m Below sea level (claims ability to have infinite depth and range, but photo shows 971m Below sea level)- 95 pts Outliers (Used Glitches for Max Depth, or Below Ocean Floor): @Pds314 unnamed sub, would have been 300050 pts.
  9. Ballast Water Tanks: add few parts with changeable mass in flight. Designed for submarines, act good if used as payload weight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SmallTweaks: so small, so useless useful... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kerbin2.5x: so large... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KSP Primitives: more 3D forms, when you need 'em -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... another mods incoming. Use MM and have fun!
  10. Can you add some sort of container that you can let in water or release water allowing subs to be made.
  11. Hello, currently in Kerbal Space Program, the only way to make a submarine is through specialised parts (from mods), or from filling ore tanks and screwing with physics to get below the surface. But what about proper submarine parts? Actual ballast tanks? Command pods? It would be nice to see SQUAD implement at least some sort of system to create nautical craft in the game. Thoughts?
  12. I am currently working on my first mod. I'm making a deep submergance vehicle (inspired by the Alvin) which has 7 thrusters which are used to maneuver. Since they are used similarly to RCS ports in KSP, I thought it would make sense to have them operate as such. But I'm wondering, should I animate the rotation of the blades in Blender just as you would for a jet engine? And then trigger the animation when the thrusters are used. Similar to how the RCS ports produce the thrust plume effect when they are being used.
  13. Hello! I just made a little submarine and wanted to share the pictures with you! If you are interested in building one, it's using a J-33 Turbofan engine for propulsion and ore tanks and service bays as ballast.
  14. the sub is powered by a nuclear turbine that gives it infinite range. the blades are agustable so you can "switch gears" favoring torque or speed. in the rare event of turbine failure, kraken attack is certain so by popping the double fairing the turbine housing falls away and with it the krakening turbine of death. the crew can then pop the ballast and ascend away from the supersonic projectile reaction wheels and prop blades to the safety of the surface. if anyone thinks they can improve on this design (because this thing is literally the slowest boat EVER) i am eager to see what you have. (seriously, when its surfaced it moves sideways more than forward)
  15. Very WIP! Introducing the 'Otter' submersible from USI! Pick it up on GitHub: https://github.com/BobPalmer/SubPack/releases Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely
  16. After finishing the mig, I quit playing kerbal for a few weeks until I came back and made this submarine. Not based on any specific model, not a replica of any kind, just a working submarine made to look a little like a german one. I had some serious trouble with getting my computer to actually render the thing, I don't know why but it seems my pc is dying, half the time it's at 100% disk usage, no viruses or malware, and none of the tutorials online help me out with anything, but anyway, here's the ship. Using no propellor mods because they're too easy in my opinion, I made the motor of the submarine with infernal robotics and some control surfaces. This actually ran me into some problems when piloting the sub. Each rotor is set at a speed of 10 with acceleration of 2 and spins in an opposite direction to the other in order to not have the thing spinning like crazy underwater. To get the sub moving I set the speed in the RPM GUI ingame to 5, making the rotors spin at a speed of 50, any higher and the control surfaces break off. When resurfacing I have to turn off the rotors lest they break on surface, I found that going up at 10 degrees and cutting the rotors at a depth of 100 meters usually curbs the issue. At the surface I usually run it at a speed of 30. This makes it so the rotors don't break off and I can move at a steady rate over the water. Have some pictures with scatterer for looks! I get the sub into the water using vessel mover which is why I have the struts on the side to keep it up on the launchpad. I cannot film this or even open anything up anymore because my pc is not letting me. I havent the slightest clue why it's doing this but every time I try to play anything or do anything it just doesnt work or loads so slow it might as well not have worked. I'm going to try reinstalling windows but after that I won't have any of these builds and I'm thinking I'm just going to quit playing this game. I can't take this any longer.
  17. Briefing: A recent poll showed that 60% of kerbals in the middle class are dissatisfied with their current means of transportation. Many of those who were polled had no way to reliably get from their house to an underwater base meeting or a meeting in a sky city within 5 days. Your job, as the head designer for a little-known company named KerbTekh, is to make a vehicle that can fly, swim, and take off a runway, all in one. Objective: Make a vehicle that can fly, go underwater, and take off a runway, and is completely reusable (if going to Laythe or Eve, reusability is not required) Rules: 1: No mods allowed except for Kerbal Engineer. (Texture mods are obviously fine) 2: I'll take your word for proof, but pictures or videos would be great 3: There must be room for at least one kerbal. 4: No cheats of any kind. No debug menu, no anything like that. Points: can fly (10 pts) (required) can go at least 5m underwater (5 pts) (required) can take off from runway (5 pts) (required) can land after flying without exploding (10 pts) can break Mach one while flying (10 pts) can break Mach two while flying (15 pts) can go at a speed of over 10 m/s underwater (5 pts) can go at a speed of over 20 m/s underwater (10 pts) can go at a speed of over 30 m/s underwater (15 pts) can go over 50 m/s underwater (25 pts) done on Eve (60 pts) (no cheating to get there) done on Laythe (150 pts) (no cheating to get there) can go above altitude of 20K (10 pts) can go above altitude of 30K (15 pts) can reach space (10 pts) can float (5 pts) can sink (10 points) sandbox mode (5 pts) science mode (10 pts) career mode (20 pts) room for 1 kerbal (5 pts) (required) room for 2 kerbals (10 pts) room for 4 kerbals (20 pts) room for 10 kerbals (30 pts) can reach orbit (15 pts) Under 10,000KG (15 pts) Under 15,000KG (5 pts) Over 80,000KG (5 pts) Over 250,000KG (20 pts) Bon chance! Extra points may be awarded for a particularly creative design. I'm trying to post a picture of my ship but Microsoft edge is being weird.... I'll get a picture up as soon as I can
  18. So, I am currently writing a war series on the forums and I am going to need your help with a new chapter. I am (planning to) have a naval battle, and submarines are going to be crucial in this. One issue though; I have no idea how to make said submarines. PLEASE HELP ME!!! (Note: I have no mods except BDArmoury and I'm thinking about getting Kerbinside (Which adds more airbases), so anything with stock parts except weapons) Would be super handy.) (Note II: I'm using 1.1.3)
  19. Working on a Kerbal Submarine with 8 Torpedo Rounds, craft will be release on the Spacecraft Exchange Forum when complete. Man O' War A Kerbal Submarine
  20. Since the dawn of Kerbalkind, the eager green creatures have always looked to the skies, but when they tried to reach the stars, they ended up unsuccessful, with themselves wading (or drowning) in a reflection of the night skies across the surface of glistening water. Some kerbals who managed to swim to the surface after a near-drowning experience realized the beauty that lied right back at home in the murky depths, and eventually invented the submarine. But it wasn't until the best of both worlds were combined that everyone-- both the space program and submarine program kerbals, was/were pleased . In this depiction of the 57th Kerbal Sub Test of the submarine/space program, near dusk in Jool's atmosphere, a brave kerbonaut tried to "walk" on deck with a hose attached, during the start of a fiery reentry towards the hopefully-navigable greenness below. Sadly, those who were aboard or dangling from a cord noticed that the below "liquid" now seemed to resemble clouds... The kerbals inside now started to wonder where else besides Kerbin could they find such beautiful views and the conditions to allow the use of a submarine... This is the result of my urge to make kerbals enter a gas giant with a submarine, after having read this: https://what-if.xkcd.com/139/, giving me inspiration. It might be fun to actually try this in KSP, now after creating this...
  21. Welcome to the Kerbmarine challenge! Intro: Our research team has been having a lot of trouble trying to discover the depths of the ocean, they required something sufficient enough to go to very deep depths and collect data from the mysterious ocean floor. They agreed on making it true. Jebediah Kerman had the decission to actually participate in the first test mission, nothing special, it's not as if there's a kra- oh.. Explanation: The mission sounds very easy, but is krakenly hard because of the water physics Kerbal Space Program has to offer. You are prompted to create a functional submarine that can dive into the water, this challenge is actually difficult, so I have included some mods that may help you out with this challenge. Allowed mods: Kerbal Aircraft Expansion: For a realistic propeller. Tweakscale: To tweak all parts to whatever size you want your kerbmarine. SM Marine: You may use any part from this mod, but I mainly added it for ballast tanks (VERY Highly recommended, I don't even know how it will be possible without this mod) Vessel Mover: To put your mighty krakma- Erm, Kerbmarine into the water. I highly appreciate any visual enhancement mods, you'd make me happier. Notice: Difficulties: Sandbox: Do whatever you want, I WILL check your Kerbmarine, but there's a very little chance that you will get added to the winner list (You are allowed to use ANY mod in sandbox mode). Easy: Make a functional Kerbmarine. Moderate: Make a very maneuverable submarine (What I mean about maneuverable is not how fast it turns, it's how fast it can dive or surface). Hard: Make a mini-submarine, and launch it from a ship. Impossible: Make a big submarine (Width of a jumbo tank or higher), get it to space, de-orbit it, survive re-entry, survive the seriously loud splash. Submitting: Include the .craft file for me to download (Essential, there have been a lot of fake submissions recently) Include a video (Recommended) Include directions of use (Essential) Include screenshots (Essential) Include side notes (Highly Recommended) Include which mods you have installed on your game (Essential) Winner Board: Outro: I wish you the best of luck! The Kerbals will finally get to learn what lurks at the bottom of the ocean. Post is now horrible looking due to an administrative edit. (Font sizes were organized) Ugh.
  22. Today lady's and gentlemen I give to you one of the most interesting(not really) challenges ever put onto the KSP forums! Your challenge is to circumnavigate Kerbin, from one side to the other, while keeping your craft entirely submerged in the water as quickly as you can. Your craft can be as large as you want it to be and you can use any mod you want. You cannot however use any kind of cheat/cheat-like mod whatsoever throughout your trip. You also might want to make your craft self-sustainable with drills/converters/solarpanels as I doubt you could carry enough fuel/electricity for the whole journey. Okay, technically you cant go entirely from one side of the planet to the other but you can get pretty darn close. If you look at the image down below you can see there is a route that goes almost all the way around. Your mission is to get from A to B or vise versa. This post will be updated with more stuff later, I'm writing this in a fairly short amount of time. And if you have Ideas of what to add to the challenge please comment them. Different modes and rewards to come! Please post videos of your adventure down below! I cant wait to see what kinds of craft you people come up with! Good luck!
  23. Jebediah found himself wandering around the design department recently, so thought he would have a go at putting together something for fun rather than the serious business of space exploration. The flying sub is what he came up with, and surprisingly managed to get it on to the production line as well. Pros: Is quite versatile, fun for a while, is a bit different Cons: Has no real practical use, has a short range, doesn't fly particularly well which makes it a cow to land, isn't a particularly good submarine due to the positive buoyancy, though it does make a reasonable boat. Operational notes. Taking off from water should be done from the submerged position as too much speed is lost when trying to transition from the surface. Try not to land too slowly as this requires the nose to be pitched up to reduce vertical velocity, which usually results in bouncing all over the place when the main gear touches down. A nose high attitude when landing on water usually results in the engines getting knocked off. Action group key 1 toggles the engine mode. Craft file on Dropbox ETA: Have made a few small changes to the craft since posting, so that it now flies better (marginally) and is not so prone to skidding across the runway when landing, but it's still a cow to land.
  24. So guys, here it is: The Amfibie Challenge. The time that i came up on this challenge was when i was messing around with planes and cars... i decided to make a flying car with retractable wings... This was really fun to make and i would definitely give it a shot if i was you... Easy mode: Make a flying car Normal mode: Make a flying car that can dive underwater Hard mode: Make a flying car with retractable wings that can dive underwater You can use the mods: Infernal Robotics, tweakscale, procedural tanks and kerbal joint reinforcement (b9 aerospace for designing, you have to use stock engines tho) my craft: you will have to take of the runway and make a few turns in the air, then you will have to dive into the sea (<-- normal mode or higher) then you have to take off uit of the water (<- normal or higher) and then you land on the ground. You have retract your wings (if your are doing hard mode) and drive into a building with a speed of around 20 m/s. Rating will be done on how the craft looks. i won't put you in the leaderboards if you are using cheats or mods that i don't allow. -easy mode: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. -normal mode: 1. notsodeadjeb 'THE Koyoda Kundra' 2. PointySideUp 'microsub of flying' 3. 4. 5. -hard mode: 1. I guess me? 2. 3. 4. 5. Have fun with this challenge! Ps... you will be rated higher if you make a video about it! And if you subscribe on me (advertisement, i know)
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