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Found 9 results

  1. Description After the war of 3480 A.E against The Zxatan Imperium. KDF forces needed a new Carrier after the success of the Griffin Units. KDF designed the Pharaoh, a large multi-role carrier for troops, vehicles or for smaller space fighters to dock for refueling or rendezvous before fleet engagements. After this successful launch KDF will be looking to release its next Destroyer WIP in development. This craft is All Stock with DLC parts only. Also uses a flag for the cockpit. NO MODS. Flight Instructions This craft uses the Infamous Kraken Engine. does not require any fuel but does use Vernor engines for RCS so please use infinite fuel for that purpose as well as infinite energy. Can be flown anywhere and can take off directly from Kerbin without assistance from rockets. Main Throttle - Kraken Engine Anti Gravity 50% Slow Decent 75% - Hover Mode 100% - Anti Gravity Lift Mode Action Groups - AG1 - Forward Propulsion AG2 - Toggle Cockpit AG3 - Toggle Cargo Bay Turn on Infinite energy and Fuel for RCS In case of Kraken attacks make sure to reload and actively save when on long gameplay. When leaving a Planetary Body - Use radial out, be patient and climb to around 215m at this point the Kraken will kick into overdrive and start to lift much faster. (only on high G planets will it be a slow takeoff) Keep vertical accent until you reach around 34,000 meters the nav ball will flip once this happens it will attempt to turn to match the radial out. Switch over to Normal Mode after this continue to rise until your flight path is past LKO from here continue to circularize until you are clear with an orbit. Flag Instructions Place All Files in (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags) Details Type: SPH Class: ship Part Count: 1353 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.3 DOWNLOAD LINKS KERBAL X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Pharaoh-Carrier STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2866014790 FLAG DOWNLOADS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uABZtM2AFGTBiIr-ql92xhERC49ZZW88/view?usp=sharing https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vlpeahfx62spj1/canopy.png?dl=0
  2. The Wait is over. STAR WARS SET 2 Has just been released. Several of the Medium scale Capitol ships are HUGE! May not work on all computers. Post remarks here. Thanks. May the Force be with You.
  3. Description This tough ship has seen many battles and will likely see many more. It serves as a haven for Samus. She can fully charge her Energy, Missiles, and Bombs by entering the ship. No other place recharges Samus to this extent. It’s also a Save location. It’s always a good idea to save your game here when you can. so hit that F5 key! This is Samus’s famous Gunship from Samus 2: Samus returns / Super Metroid. Runs on Kraken Tech to fly and can travel and transverse many worlds. Comes fitted with 2 Plasma cannons to take out pesky Space Pirates Has an energy lift in the back to enter and exit just like Samus does in the games. (be careful because this will launch you like a missile!) Custom Cockpit with rotating chair to easily reposition your character and walk around inside the ship. Comes with 2 cargo bays (compact) that you can carry very narrow items. NO MODS all STOCK Turn on infinite energy Main Throttle - Vertical Kraken Drive. (to lift craft or hover) Stage (space) fire plasma cannons Gear G (Raise Lower Landing Gear) AG1 Forward Thrust (1st Kraken Drive) AG2 Open Hard Light Lift (to enter/exit ship) AG3 Toggle Lift (You will be launched from the ship just like in the game) AG4 Toggle Back Ladder AG5 Toggle From Seat AG6 Toggle from RC001 AG7 Rotate Chair AG8 Leave Chair This will absolutely require these flags to get the full look of the ship. Download here https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Samus-Aran-Gunship Flags below https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd9wwls6u8yd9iy/Gunship.zip?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uHYZLoMjE_qYwjkfeVzYP6iqLt95Xdm5/view?usp=sharing A stock aircraft called Samus Aran Gunship. Built with 509 of the finest parts, its root part is Panel2. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.2.
  4. Legend: WIP: Writing in progress. DS: developing story, WBWS: will be writing soon. WBWFW: Won't be writing for a while. VED: Very early development Infinitum: Well, it's in my sig, so just go there. WIP The Children between worlds: It's also in my sig. WIP. Genesis Plot: Mars is being colonized, with Terraforming in the works, but after a cave expedition, life, biologically similar to Earth life is found... Yet the life is older by hundreds of millions of years, trashing everything we thought we knew about the origins of life on Earth. Back on Earth, special interest groups are calling for the colonists to abandon the Terraforming, and to an extreme extent, to return the colonists to Earth, and stop the colonization of Mars entirely. In an interplanetary argument that may decide the future of humanity on Mars, and perhaps, the native life on Mars as well, who will prevail? DS: WBWFW. The Time Sleeper: In the year 2051, Prof. Collins, a brilliant physicist and engineer builds a Cyropod that allows him to stay in stasis for a hundred years without aging. After boosting into orbit, he steps inside, and locks himself away for a century, where he wakes up in 2152. Expecting fame and glory when he wakes, he is shocked to find out humanity has nearly wiped itself out. Desperate for supplies, he lands on the surface, and finds himself a prized slave to ruthless dictators who are willing to kill anyone without remorse. With no way of traveling in the past, and the remnants of humanity on the edge of another war, which could wipe them out for good, he must rise a rebellion against them. Or risk nuclear annihilation. WBWS DS The light side of the Moon Plot: What if Kennedy survived being shot in 1963? Before J.F.K. was assassinated, he proposed doing a joint US Soviet Moon landing, what if it happened? Unfortunately, because the Soviet prime minister didn't trust the new President Johnson, the plan never got off the ground, but how would the world have changed if Soviets and Americans shook hands on the Moon together? WBWFW VED The legend of Acworth Very basic plot (Since this is based off a video game idea I had a few years back): A warlock is out for vengeance after his bother is accused of witchcraft, and burned at the stake to protect him, but he was innocent. So the warlock goes on a mission to end the witch trails, and make the people who killed his brother pay for what they did. WBWFW VED I'll post more ideas here as I get them, there's a few more, but I don't have time to put them here What do you guys think?
  5. Does anybody on the forum play Star Trek Online? I've got it on the xbox
  6. Yes, I am aware that this type of thread already exists - where the users add words or offer paths that the next user can elaborate upon, thus creating a story. Usually, we end up with a comically convoluted 'plot' that makes little sense and changes every few pages. In this thread, I would like to do something similar, but change it so that the story has a clear 'goal' and the users can elaborate a little more than by just adding a few words. For example: Assume we make this thread about a person who is trapped in, say, a space prison. No background information is added regarding the reason for the protagonist's imprisonment. The goal of this thread would be to collectively 'write' a short story during which the protagonist escapes and gains his freedom. In the end, I would like to compile the entire story and edit it so that it is all in one piece, and then share it somewhere on the forum with a list of the participants/'authors' RULES: Lets try and use the previous example: the protagonist is trapped in a high-security space prison - the reasons/cause for this is irrelevant. The goal is to get them out of the prison. This will be done in two to three-sentence posts, where each user adds as much to the story as they can fit in two or three decent-sounding sentences. The next users will decide the path the story takes: they will decide what the prison is like, the level of security, the number of other inmates, the guards, any friends the protagonist might make, etcetera. Be creative. Not everything has to be dialogue and/or actions. Add descriptions and facts that will elaborate the setting, and try to think up logical things to add - interpret the previous user's post and add to it in a meaningful way. Don't just spam something random in your post. (Though you can certainly do it in small doses). Try to think logically about the situation and how the protagonist can escape. Don't upload more than one post at a time. Let at least one or two other people add their part before posting again. Check the previous posts before making changes to the world and/or adding facts, since they may have already been established. Additionally, try to draw things out a bit - don't rush. We don't want the story to end too quickly * * * If this thread becomes popular and receives enough attention, and the story is eventually completed, then I would thoroughly enjoy making a new thread with a different theme. Suggestions are welcome (Also, out of convenience, lets all just refer to the protagonist as 'Kerman.' It makes things easier, I think) I'll start: Kerman sat on the iron-hard sheet of steel that he called his bed, staring at the wall with a feeling of helplessness. He heard footsteps, and looked up in time to see one of the armed guards stop before his cell and open the door with a swipe of a card.
  7. Hello everyone from KSP here is my first mod. I know my mods is not very good at the moment. but in the future will be better If you want to help me for the model will be very nice is accept help for my mod! If you want to download the mod Avatar-Mods the link is here snipped by mods and the second link is snipped by mods Thank you very much for your enthusiasm! Pictures http://imgur.com/a/tD1X0 Log License link https://github.com/SamBelanger/Avatar-MODS/blob/master/License Development Statuses Vehicles Space ISV Bradbury Coming Soon Space ISV Venture Star Coming Soon Space and Air Valkyrie Coming Soon Air Dragon Assault Ship Coming Soon Air Samson 16 Coming Soon Air Scorpion Coming Soon Land AMP Suit Coming Soon Land ATV Grinder Coming Soon Land Bucket Wheel Excavator Coming Soon Land Buggy Coming Soon Land Digger Coming Soon Land Excavator Coming Soon Land Fuel Tanker Coming Soon Land Hell Truck Coming Soon Land Bulldozer Coming Soon Land Slash Cutter Coming Soon Land Swan Coming Soon Land ROVR Coming Soon Sea Gator Coming Soon Sea RDA Boat Coming Soon Air Drone Coming Soon Weapons Missile Launcher Aerial Missile Launcher Coming Soon Missile AG-MFM 332 Missile Coming Soon Special Ammunition Packaging Dispenser Coming Soon AMP Knife AMP Suit Knife Coming Soon Rifle Assault Rifle Coming Soon Missile Launcher Automatic Missile Launcher Coming Soon Mortar Automatic Mortar Coming Soon Machete Avatar Machete Coming Soon Chemical - thermal incinerator Bush Boss FD-3 Coming Soon Automatic rifle CARB Base Unit Coming Soon Submachine gun CARB Submachine Gun Coming Soon Special Cellular Ammunition Rifle Base Coming Soon Rifle Civilian CARB rifle Coming Soon Shotgun CARB Shotgun Coming Soon Explosive Daisy Cutter Coming Soon Special Drone Coming Soon AMP machine gun GAU-90 Coming Soon High explosive fragmentary RDA Grenade Coming Soon Squad support weapon/Samson Tiltrotor door gun GS-221 .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun Coming Soon Security Measure Laser Detector Coming Soon Hand-held weapon M222 Grenade Launcher Coming Soon General purpose machine gun M60 Machine Gun Coming Soon Sentry and mounted patrol MBS-22A Automated Sentry Gun Coming Soon Tri-Barreled Machine Gun MBS-9M .50 Caliber Hydra Coming Soon Explosive trap Proximity Mine Coming Soon Rifle Nail Gun Coming Soon Hand gun RDA Handgun Coming Soon Rifle Standard-issue rifle Coming Soon Revolver sidearm SN-9 "WASP" Revolver Coming Soon Planets and star(s) Star Alpha Centauri A (B) Created by another person. Mods (RSS Extrasolar On 1.1.3) Planet Pandora Coming Soon Planet Polyphemus Coming Soon Alien Manager API Model Na'vi Very Coming Soon Skin Na'vi Very Coming Soon Model Human Very Coming Soon Skin Human Very Coming Soon Contact [email protected]
  8. So currently I trying to figure out away to make an Orbital Runway mod, at the cost of Electric charge get structural plats to give off a gravity field with a small SOI (like gravity plats from Star Trek). Two mods come to mind with this kind of ability Asteroids 2.4 and Anti-gravity room. Both the download links don't work and the authors seems to have abandoned it. Secondly I might be pushing it, an Atmospheric shell. If you don't know what they are there like a force field that holds in air on a space craft while still letting craft fly in and out an open door Darth Vader docks at death star. I personal was thinking of just locally enabling friction on other craft, vs fully simulating and Atmosphere. I don't know, any suggestions?
  9. I write frequently. Something that came, almost entirely by accident out of a dizzy spell, a moment of foolishness, and too many hours of playing a game about space, was a short introduction, then another short introduction after that. These introductions eventually turned into the Pilot episode of a serialized short story that I decided (in a fit of pique and pedantic specificity) would be called A Book About People Who Want To Be Astronauts, and would be about people who want to be astronauts, and would have a protagonist with a ridiculous name, and would be proper science fiction, with space and everything. Apparently, I also decided that it would be satire, for some reason. Here's the introduction: (which doesn't particularly pertain in any way to either the style or the plot of the actual story) "There is a day when everything will end; when the last flakes of matter will drift away into unending darkness and be lost forever; when ties stronger even than time or distance will snap and hurtle away into a lonely silence, and the very thought of silence will become arbitrary without a frame of reference, because nobody will have heard anything in an infinity after time came to its syncopated end but even that won’t matter, there won’t be anybody left to wonder why time stopped and why a nameless blankness took its place. But that is a long time away; an infinite time away. (infinity is the only concept that holds its meaning in meaninglessness, because it’s half meaningless to begin with). And somewhere in between now and the end times, there will be a war that tears our galaxy in two; there will be a human with an excessively long name; there will be a long silence that decides to become a beginning." And here are links to the first and second parts of the pilot: Pilot, Part One Pilot, Part Two And here are the other episodes: (more to follow) Orbit Home Interim (short) Phone Engine with Wings Rattle The First Bit The Next First Bit Space is Big Real Danger War Council NOTE: There is some profanity, and lots of humor. The language might not be nearly as strong or proliferated as in The Martian, but swearing is swearing, and swearing isn't okay on the forums. That's why I included links instead of posting the text en masse.
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