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  1. License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/3114/Oblivion Bubble Patrol Craft Updated to 1.1.0 15/9/22 I have this working on the 0.1.3 version of "ModuleAnimateGenericEffects" it looks as though the latest version 0.1.4 has a glitch that is causing the animations to not work correctly. Hi. This is my version of the Bubble Ship from the movie Oblivion. It is all one piece and and it's electric engines are unlikely to run out of fuel in a game lifetime. It only operates in atmosphere and has an operational ceiling of roughly 15,000 metres. It can super cruise up to around 670 metres a second when in between 5500 and 6500 metres up. It can transition from VTOL to forward flight and it's landing gear fold back and up like the movie ship. It's doors open and it is possible for a Kerbal to walk through because originaly I was trying to make a command seat style, but due to the difficulty in trying to balance the Kerbal weight and the poor performance that caused, it is now an internal overlay cockpit. From the side and front when you have the ovelay turned on they should look like they are sitting in the actual cockpit. I expect that most people would use this in a sandbox game but I will put it at the end of the tech tree in case otherwise. It uses the small plugin from Linuxgurugamer called ModuleAnimateGenericEffects for 2 of it's animations and I will provide a link here. https://spacedock.info/mod/2345/ModuleAnimateGenericEffects I understand that some non windows set ups may not be able to use it so I will provide a second config file with the suffix txt and the title "Bubble2" in the main folder. If you need the version without sound effects for the animations then simply change the suffix of Bubble.cfg from .cfg to .txt and the Bubble2.txt from .txt to .cfg and it will use the stock system. Change Log 1.1.0 Made the no sound animation version of the bubble ship the default as am not sure what is happening with the plugin. Other is still in for those who have it working. Have added the Drone. When hover mode is turned on the sides with the guns sit out from the body revealing a blue glow when throttled up. Added my Kerbal version of the motorbike. Is fine when spawned directly but as per usual it becomes oversensitive when built by an engineer or after a kerbal has got off of it, The reaction wheel then needs to be adjusted down about half way. The wheels as always need to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise when attached in the SPH, have simplified it by making the spoke that should be pointing up towards the top of the bike black so that it is obvious if it is the right way up. This also helps when an engineer attaches in the field to see which way up it is. The Bubble ship now has an extra inventory slot and more weight capacity so that the bike frame and 2 wheels can be stored. When getting an engineer to assemble, the bike frame should be put down upside down and the front wheel attached first, (if you put the back on first the bike will flip and try to get away.) wheels when attached need to be rotated so the black spoke is pointing to what would be the top of the bike if it were the right way up. (e.g down if the bike is upside down.) Once completed switch view to the bike and get it to roll on to it's side, good time to adjust the reaction wheel strength down, so that a Kerbal can get on it. The bike is fully independent so you can stop it and bring it back when a Kerbal gets knocked off. There is an RCS ball for the Drone that snaps to its centre, only really needed when moving about in hover mode. When in flight mode it is best off, so that it doesn't over rotate your movements. Type bubble or oblivion for the parts to come up. I hope that covers it. Hope you get some fun from this, It is great for canyon running.
  2. License: All Rights Reserved This is for the .mu files, everything else is open for use. Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/3128/The Belafonte Hi and welcome to "The Belafonte". This a companion mod for @Caerfinons "The Life Aquatic" mission packs mod. https://spacedock.info/mod/2808/Kerbin%20Side%20Remastered%20-%20The%20Life%20Aquatic Included are the ship "The Belafonte", The mini sub "Deep Search", The small helicopter "Zelicopter", A "Resue Boat" , a Deck Crane and cable that use the BREAKING GROUND system, 3 types of grabbers: A magnet for the crane to pick up the sub, A heli pad grabber to secure the Zelicopter and a boat grabbing frame to retrieve the rescue boat. The boat and the frame have a decouple on the nodes that first connect them so that the boat can be included when building. You then decouple and use the grabber from then on. Remember to unstage all decouplers if you don't want them to immediately decouple when first staging. There is a marine engine for the Belafonte and there are 2 nodes on the bottom rear for 2 of them to attach to. They will not work above sea level. The boat motor has a reverse toggle, as do the sub and the Belafontes marine engines. There is a docking plate that has a node on deck to attach to, in front of the crane, it is for the sub to dock to. Just undock right before grabbing with the magnet and then crane the sub to the water. On return drop the sub just above it and the sub will usually vibrate itself back to being docked. The sub and boat have a ballast system. The boat should spawn half full, this is because to get the balance between not going under at full load and not looking like it is hovering above the water it needs to be balanced. It should look right at first but if you full load you will probably need to empty some. There is built Belafonte in a SPH folder in the main folder, minus the Zelicopter. The Zelicopter is all one piece so you just spawn and it is ready to go. The top 2 staircases never would climb out right so you need climb till you are above the deck and then let go. Type Belafonte for all pieces. There is also a custom category if you have the Community Categories mod. I hope you have some fun with this.
  3. Joolian Discovery (JOOL) Eleven parts to construct ships inspired by the Discovery One in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Information: This parts pack is inspired by the USS Discovery One ship, from the 2001: A Space Odyssey feature film. It is not meant to be an exact replica, nor is it constructed to scale. However, it's meant to be highly reminiscent of that ship, with the correct general overall shape and proportions. After searching for similar models made by other KSP modders, and finding that little had been done, I decided that it fell to me to fill the void. We hope you enjoy this pack. If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to send a private message to NecroBones on the KSP forums. Thanks! By @zer0Kerbal, originally by Ed T. Toton III a.ka. @NecroBones/Orvidius Features This mod adds eleven custom parts Parts Invoice: Cabin notes Have a request? Glad to have them! Kindly submit through GitHub. Help Wanted Localization - work in progress How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal See More Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues Installation Directions Use or or Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Supports On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) 3 TweakScale Connected Living Spaces RealChute *red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support* Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) Current (1) - @zer0Kerbal Original (0) - Author: @NecroBones/Orvidius Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nicely together:** Modular Rocket Systems (stock-alike parts pack, NASA-like alternatives, and filling the gaps) (Also: LITE version) SpaceY Heavy Lifters Parts Pack (stock-balanced large rocket parts, 5m parts, large SRBs) (Also: Expanded upgrade) Color Coded Canisters (beautification replacement models/textures for stock tanks, with color-coded end caps, and auto-closing shrouds) Fuel Tanks Plus (collection of large stock-like tanks with Color Coded Canister style) ColorFuel Lines (color-selctable fuel lines) Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (lander parts, large chutes/legs/ladders/etc) Track progress Footnotes this isn't a mod. ;P ↩ ↩2 may work on other versions (YMMV) ↩ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date! ↩
  4. I'm making a ksp movie! soon it will be done!
  5. Have you ever tried doing a mod for KSP, featuring a rocket from Pixar's 2004 film "The Incredibles"? The Omnidroid robot was launched on Syndrome's own designed heavy-lift rocket, and I thought you guys could recreate it in Blender, and use Unity to transform the geometry into rocket parts. Also, since 1.12 is the last version of the original KSP game, this will be the only mod for 1.12 (I think).
  6. I made a tale of epic proportions. I call it: ---The pirates of the Quarantine--- ok... I just kind a wanted to see if I could make a real "Air ship" and thought it would be nice to turn it into a small story-like thing. nothing special haha.
  7. Many of you have seen "The Incredibles" movie by now, there was one scene on which the Omnidroid was launched via rocket by the villain Syndrome. I made a KSP version of it and it's in the link below. https://kerbalx.com/GroupJW/Omnidroid-Rocket
  8. So, could you recreate (or at least partially recreate) the Gravity Movie as a mission builder mission in KSP? It would include parts like the beginning where they are at the HST on a STS mission and then debris which causes explosions destroy some of the Shuttle and you would have to get to the ISS and then Tiangong station to return to kerbin. I am just wondering if you could do this using the mission builder, or would it not be possible?
  9. amazing, 10/10 project that should get an award for the worst best movie in the world.
  10. When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you... -------------------------------------------- 58 tons and 1176 parts, almost half of them could be lights but I wouldn't hazard a guess on the number. Mods used are heavy use of Tweakscale, Aviation Lights, Surface Mounted Lights, and for camera effects Scatterer, and KS3P with the camera bloom effect turned up. Direct screen captures from in game, no photoshop used.
  11. So yeah I want to make a movie in ksp called 2019: A Jebedian Odyssey and all I have for it so far is the script for the prologue and chapter 1. Tell me what you think and what changes I should make below! PROLOGUE: The Year: 1999 Date: August 5 Location: Kerbal Space Center, At The Launchpad The large rocket stands tall on the pad as a light breeze blows over at the crack of dawn. Jebediah, Bill, and a few other kerbals are preparing to launch on the first mission of Gene's brilliantly named project, The Grand Tour. The mission, which will happen over several launches, with this one, the Munar Minmus Exploration Mission I (or MEM I), will go on a grand tour of the kerbol system. By landing on every planet and moon possible at the end of the mission and returning home to kerbin on the final mission. And, if possible, intersect and refuel at an asteroid or two. The first launch in the mission, MMEM I, will land Jebediah, Bill, and the aforementioned kerbals on The Mun before going and landing on Minmus, and then hopefully succesfully return back to Kerbin. But... Chapter 1: ACT 1 - THE LAUNCH Gene Kerman: T-5 minutes to launch. How's everything going? Jebediah Kerman: Me, Bill, and Bob are good, finished fueling tanks on MMEM I. Gene: T-200 Seconds. Bill, are the fuel cells recharged? Bill Kerman: Yes, its great to be on this mission with you guys. Gene: T-60 seconds. Bob, did you pack the snacks? Bob Kerman: No, but i got TV Dinners! Jeb and Bill: Bob! Ok, TV dinners will do. Good thing we brought some extra heaters. Gene: T-10 seconds. Prepare for liftoff! Jeb: I Can't wait to get this mission started! Gene: T-5,4,3,2,1... We have liftoff! Gene: Looking Good Jebediah Kerman, T+10 seconds. Jeb: I think i can already see space from here. This is great! But... ACT 2 - FLASHBACK 2 Years Earlier: July 4, 1997 Gene: I'm thinking of doing something... Gene: Something Bold... Werhner Von Kerman: Like what? Gene: A new project... better than previous ones... Werhner: Even better than Kerpollo 11 in 1989 and the Koyager Program? Gene: Yes, better than that. Gene: Remember when we launched the koyager 1,2, and 3 missions on a great tour of the eveian, joolian, and dunian systems? Werhner: Yes, i helped design Koyager 2, which flew past the Jool System on June 5, 1993, one year after launch... Gene: Well, i want to do that, but with kerbals and we would land on every planet and moon possible over several launches in the project. Gene: I will call it, the Grand Tour Project! Werhner: Great, we shall begin development immediately! ACT 3 - FROM KERBIN ORBIT Bill: You ever see anything like that before? Jeb: Yes, Bill. It's amazing. Kerbin in all her glory. Gene: Prepare For TMI Jeb: So, i can't wait to get to the Mun, but i'm worried... Bill: Why? Jeb: I think im just being paranoid, but im worried something bad will happen. Bill: Oh, you are just being paranoid, just don't think about it. Jeb: Okay Gene: Start Trans-Munar Injection Burn Now! Bob: I can feel the power of the engine behind us, its amazing! Gene: Ok, burn is complete, see you soon... Jeb: We're off to The Mun, and Kerbin is already getting smaller. Jeb: Mission Control, we will see you again tommorow when are about halfway there, at T+18 hours into mission. Jeb: I just hope my suspicions aren't right... I think this is good so far but if I should change anything tell me below!
  12. I know there is "fiction" in "science-fiction" but honestly, scenarists these days... "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will flee to Jupiter's moon, Io." I laughed so hard. It should have been: "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will commit suicide." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will rid of itself in an unnecessarily expensive way." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will run for the ultimate Darwin Award." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will flee to a colder, toxic, volcanic and seismically hyperactive, radioactive sh*thole orbiting around a big-ass asteroid magnet." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will find the remedy against dangerous stupidity." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will save the environment." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will make aliens laugh a lot." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity still hasn't discovered gravity turns." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will develop the technology to mass emigrate to a super hostile world but will never think about cleaning their room." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will do something only a clueless scenarist can think of." "In the near future, Earth will become toxic. Humanity will make no flipping sense." Most of us know that already so, I'll make it easier for the few visitors who don't understand the rant: Io : Those are volcanoes. This moon is covered in sulfur. Wherever you are, you are threatened by volcanoes, ground quakes, radiation levels that will kill you quickly, the extra thin atmosphere consists in sulfur dioxide that is both toxic and corrosive, and if you've survived so far, there's only the biggest planet of the solar system that will slingshot comets and asteroids in your face juuuust nextdoor. In fact you're orbiting it, if you're on Io. So you'd better stay home on Earth and clean it. You have much better chances there. C'MOOOOOON.
  13. AIM: make half of the Statue of Liberty and land it on Eve Rules: must be stock, must be delivered safely. Modes: Easy mode: land a 10 meter high half a statue of liberty on Eve Medium mode: land a 25 meter high half a statue of liberty on Eve, must be on the shore Hard mode: land a 50 meter high half a statue of liberty on Eve, must be on the shore, must look old, have Jeb reenact the last scene from "Planet of The Apes" ("https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPbjPOgRtyA") https://imgur.com/a/EMDRzQv
  14. The new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer just dropped, so I made a discussion thread about it. Here's the trailer below I'm excited for the movie, what are everyone else's thoughts on it?
  15. Welcome to The Grid, program... ...end of line.
  16. I just watched the movie Europa report (IMDB = 6.5) and must say I was pretty blown away by it. It captures perfectly the way a return trip to Europa could be when done in real life. The story itself isn't Oscar worthy or anything, and there were several inaccuracies, but still..I really did enjoy watching it. What did you guys think?
  17. Hey guys! There is already a thread about this movie, but it's old and they recomended to start a new one. (And sorry for my English, haha) The movie is great! It's about Voskhod 2 flight. I'm sure that most people who like KSP will love this movie too. There is a number of reasons: First, excellent technical level; I guess it's the first Russian movie from what I saw, that has effects, music and camera work not worse than in Hollywood movies. Second, all space stuff is shown in details, you see the tumblers, devices and other stuff. Also, the story is great. So it would be interesting to watch it even to people, who don't play in KSP. Here is the seconnd trailer, but I think that the movie is cooler than the trailer. The official release must be in HD. It's called "Время Первых". And the last thing. I don't know if they will make official subtitles, but there are unofficial English subtitles! I can share them if the moderators will allow it. So feel free to ask. I hope it will be fine because the subtitles made unofficially and not taken from the official release, but made from scratch. Added: English subtitles are here
  18. Hi, I want to make a KSP movie, but all the camera mods seem to be for 1.2 and below. Are there any that are compatible with 1.3? If not, is it worth it to install 1.2?
  19. I found this on Google Play: I'd describe it as "Mission Control's 'In The Shadow of the Moon'". We're fortunate that these guys' stories and memories are being recorded for posterity as the Apollo program and the people who made it happen rapidly recede into history.
  20. I happen to be making a movie for my science project on "The Origins of Us". I want to explain the formation of our solar system, how the moon was formed, how asteroids with water ice brought liquid water to earth, etc. However, I don't really know how to convey this information to the audience through a Kerbal movie without a narration (because, you know, narration+kerbal movie = no). So, I kind of needed help with that. Also, i need mission ideas. I have filmed my moon mission, where the astronauts find out that the rock in the moon is similar to the rock on Kerbin. But for the rest, I really don't know. I'mplanning on a mission to Laythe, but again, I don't know how to convey the facts and knowlege to the audience without it being to vague. Also, Kerbal voices. I need help with those too. Thanks UPDATE Just finished my first scene, what do you think? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByFj3hLfFCqbLVA1NWFUYlgxSDQ
  21. Hello, fellow Kerbonauts! I happen to be making a Kerbal movie for my science project that my teacher assigned my ECA (extra curricular activity) class. It's based on "The Origins of Us", and I'm focusing on the formation of the solar system, Earth, and how asteroids and other astronomical phenomena enabled life on Earth.. However, I don't have many ideas, and I don't really know how I'm going to inform my audience (class) about the information and facts through such a method. I have filmed my first scene, where the Kerbals fly to the Mun and find that the samples are incredibly similar to those found on Kerbin. However, U don't know about what should happen after that. I'm thinking of a mission to Laythe. But, again, I don't know how to make it informative without it being too vague. So, I need help on ideas. Also, I need Kerbal voices: anyone know how to make those? Thanks!
  22. So recently the Movie Passangers came out in 2016 starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The movie got me thinking about the Avalon, the giant starship that the two live on. I really wanted to see a mod for KSP with some parts for the ship, and if your a moderator of some sort, please make them HUGE parts. Like 5.5 meter parts ^_^. Anyway. Unfortunately, there aren't any mods I know of that have Avalon parts. So if you have any coding expirence that can create good mods, then please post a comment saying you might work on it. Also, leave a comment down below if you think this is a good idea. Hope you guys enjoy the idea... If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out the movie trailer here -->
  23. https://archive.org/download/gov.archives.arc.1257628/gov.archives.arc.1257628_512kb.mp4 About it : https://archive.org/details/gov.archives.arc.1257628
  24. Hello everyone from KSP here is my first mod. I know my mods is not very good at the moment. but in the future will be better If you want to help me for the model will be very nice is accept help for my mod! If you want to download the mod Avatar-Mods the link is here snipped by mods and the second link is snipped by mods Thank you very much for your enthusiasm! Pictures http://imgur.com/a/tD1X0 Log License link https://github.com/SamBelanger/Avatar-MODS/blob/master/License Development Statuses Vehicles Space ISV Bradbury Coming Soon Space ISV Venture Star Coming Soon Space and Air Valkyrie Coming Soon Air Dragon Assault Ship Coming Soon Air Samson 16 Coming Soon Air Scorpion Coming Soon Land AMP Suit Coming Soon Land ATV Grinder Coming Soon Land Bucket Wheel Excavator Coming Soon Land Buggy Coming Soon Land Digger Coming Soon Land Excavator Coming Soon Land Fuel Tanker Coming Soon Land Hell Truck Coming Soon Land Bulldozer Coming Soon Land Slash Cutter Coming Soon Land Swan Coming Soon Land ROVR Coming Soon Sea Gator Coming Soon Sea RDA Boat Coming Soon Air Drone Coming Soon Weapons Missile Launcher Aerial Missile Launcher Coming Soon Missile AG-MFM 332 Missile Coming Soon Special Ammunition Packaging Dispenser Coming Soon AMP Knife AMP Suit Knife Coming Soon Rifle Assault Rifle Coming Soon Missile Launcher Automatic Missile Launcher Coming Soon Mortar Automatic Mortar Coming Soon Machete Avatar Machete Coming Soon Chemical - thermal incinerator Bush Boss FD-3 Coming Soon Automatic rifle CARB Base Unit Coming Soon Submachine gun CARB Submachine Gun Coming Soon Special Cellular Ammunition Rifle Base Coming Soon Rifle Civilian CARB rifle Coming Soon Shotgun CARB Shotgun Coming Soon Explosive Daisy Cutter Coming Soon Special Drone Coming Soon AMP machine gun GAU-90 Coming Soon High explosive fragmentary RDA Grenade Coming Soon Squad support weapon/Samson Tiltrotor door gun GS-221 .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun Coming Soon Security Measure Laser Detector Coming Soon Hand-held weapon M222 Grenade Launcher Coming Soon General purpose machine gun M60 Machine Gun Coming Soon Sentry and mounted patrol MBS-22A Automated Sentry Gun Coming Soon Tri-Barreled Machine Gun MBS-9M .50 Caliber Hydra Coming Soon Explosive trap Proximity Mine Coming Soon Rifle Nail Gun Coming Soon Hand gun RDA Handgun Coming Soon Rifle Standard-issue rifle Coming Soon Revolver sidearm SN-9 "WASP" Revolver Coming Soon Planets and star(s) Star Alpha Centauri A (B) Created by another person. Mods (RSS Extrasolar On 1.1.3) Planet Pandora Coming Soon Planet Polyphemus Coming Soon Alien Manager API Model Na'vi Very Coming Soon Skin Na'vi Very Coming Soon Model Human Very Coming Soon Skin Human Very Coming Soon Contact [email protected]
  25. I had an idea for a full-length feature film about the history of the space program's most well-known pilot: Jebediah Kerman! Many of you may not know this, but I AM Jebediah, and the film would be based off of true events which happened in my youth. Surprisingly, as a young pilot-in-training, I was actually quite a coward! I could barely sit in a cockpit without screaming my head off. The film would cover the story of how, when I was still in training, an SRB test failed, killing most of the test pilots, and causing the rest to leave. I was the only one left, because I'd never heard about the disaster. At the same time, VAB workers had forgotten to put gyros onto the 50-million-fund Kerbal XXVI Mun mission, requiring a probe send them up after launch to add them to the spacecraft, piloted by Bill and Bob. However, with the munar intercept burn rapidly approaching, the VAB had no probe cores, and required a pilot to perform the few simple tasks that pod-mounted autopilots could not do. I, being the only pilot left, was reluctantly selected to pilot the ship. I was tricked into thinking I was testing a simulator, then beaten unconscious and put into the capsule. When I woke up I was launched kicking and screaming into space. The docking went well, but I mistakenly jettisoned my own capsule, and therefore had to go to the Mun with Bill and Bob, and out-of-control adventure that, upon landing back at Kerbin, turned me into the cold-blooded badass I am today. Let me know what you think about the idea for a movie that tells the true story of my life!
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