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Found 5 results

  1. License: All Rights Reserved This is for the .mu files, everything else is open for use. Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/3128/The Belafonte Hi and welcome to "The Belafonte". This a companion mod for @Caerfinons "The Life Aquatic" mission packs mod. https://spacedock.info/mod/2808/Kerbin%20Side%20Remastered%20-%20The%20Life%20Aquatic Included are the ship "The Belafonte", The mini sub "Deep Search", The small helicopter "Zelicopter", A "Resue Boat" , a Deck Crane and cable that use the BREAKING GROUND system, 3 types of grabbers: A magnet for the crane to pick up the sub, A heli pad grabber to secure the Zelicopter and a boat grabbing frame to retrieve the rescue boat. The boat and the frame have a decouple on the nodes that first connect them so that the boat can be included when building. You then decouple and use the grabber from then on. Remember to unstage all decouplers if you don't want them to immediately decouple when first staging. There is a marine engine for the Belafonte and there are 2 nodes on the bottom rear for 2 of them to attach to. They will not work above sea level. The boat motor has a reverse toggle, as do the sub and the Belafontes marine engines. There is a docking plate that has a node on deck to attach to, in front of the crane, it is for the sub to dock to. Just undock right before grabbing with the magnet and then crane the sub to the water. On return drop the sub just above it and the sub will usually vibrate itself back to being docked. The sub and boat have a ballast system. The boat should spawn half full, this is because to get the balance between not going under at full load and not looking like it is hovering above the water it needs to be balanced. It should look right at first but if you full load you will probably need to empty some. There is built Belafonte in a SPH folder in the main folder, minus the Zelicopter. The Zelicopter is all one piece so you just spawn and it is ready to go. The top 2 staircases never would climb out right so you need climb till you are above the deck and then let go. Type Belafonte for all pieces. There is also a custom category if you have the Community Categories mod. I hope you have some fun with this.
  2. Sinking isn't so hard anymore, but now it's also more perilous... This tiny yet powerful pair of mods, aimed at undersea engineers, does what no submarine/ballast plugin has done yet: It addresses the problem of all parts having maximum buoyancy and the same part pressure limit. ADVISORY: It may bloat your MM cache rather fast, as does Rational Resources. Depending on a modest array of characteristics expected of parts (primarily their categories, then certain keywords in their titles or certain modules or resources they hold) they are dynamically granted with buoyancy ratings. It becomes far easier to use normal Ore tanks as ballast, and adds to the sinkability of submarines powered by ballast plugin mods. How to use: Be mindful of the new stat ratio: average buoyancy vs mass. To keep things afloat, make sure that your ship contains more of parts that hold crew, are lifting surfaces, or are thermal category (the stock heatshields and radiators are pretty spacious and flat, and so, should be rather buoyant). And also make sure that your ship isn't very massive. Expect to sink at any time. Wings remain the most buoyant thing. The more you have, the more you float. Ore tanks are the least buoyant thing. The more you have, the faster you sink. (See screenshots) By default you'll always experience the first half of this mod: Rational Buoyancy. But to experience the second half, Rational Pressure, you must go into Difficulty Settings -> Advanced -> Turn on part pressure limits. If you plan to never use Rational Pressure, delete its config file and save your MM cache some weight. Included is a Cheat config that you can edit just 2 simple numbers in if you feel that the new buoyancy and pressure ratings are rather tight for you. Complementary mods or strategies that you'll want to prepare: Low-mass floatation devices and devices that enable you to thrust upward, to quickly shed mass, or to otherwise lift when splashed will become very important very fast. Lifting body science or resource return vehicles. Except for science labs, all science parts will very easily sink. Boats and subs of all sizes, even for the EVA kerbal as the kerbal can just barely float now in a stock game. Adding any mass (like life support) may cause him or her to start sinking. Known issues: My personal experience so far: your ship's average center of buoyancy may go anywhere now, and a submarine design may easily become heavy on one end with no regard to where the CoM or CoL are, so "buoyancy symmetry" or "buoyancy offset" may be a very important new thing to watch out for, and if possible, a mod will need to be made that can compute and show the ship's center of buoyancy. When you sink in lava... Recommended mods: KSP Ground Effect (not compatible with FAR). Any planet pack with abundant or exotic oceans. Includes special support for: Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Stockalike Station Parts Redux WBI Pathfinder (namely, its Castillo parts) DOWNLOAD :: SpaceDock :: GitHub License: MIT
  3. I have this submarine that I'm working on, and it just goes into an uncontrolable dive whenever I start diving. Any tips on how to fix this?
  4. Mabye there could be like an update entirely focused on underwater exploration? mabye make it so normal engines don't work underwater so you have to use propellers, under water caves to discover? and mabye lots more?
  5. In KSP we have Space Crafts and Planes it has lots of water but we cant really go explore it. It would be nice if we could have submarines with special engine and pod types. I know currently there isn't much in the sea so you could add some coral or easter eggs under the water. The sub engines would basically be propellers under water. The submarine parts will have a setting for buoyancy level determining if it should sink or float overall. The submarine has a set of parts for it you get engines, fueltanks, and pods, with parts to weigh your craft down. You wouldn't get too much science under water but you would get some and when going eva with a kerbal, while swimming ctrl and shift should make you go up or down. For this to work the water will need alot of changes like : Better underwater effects, A bottom view of the sea like when your in a pool and see the waves upsidedown, Less light the farther down you go, Water Pressure, Compressed ores at the bottom, 3D underwater light models, Water not being like concrete mainly softer for impacts, A part that is only in the code that removes all water in your ship testing for all around where it can spread and where water can get in(like an air bubble to not have the inside of you place filled with water or water come through walls), Coral(always rendered no matter what settings unless its farther than 3 km or more than a setting for max amount being 20-unlimited(mainly 100,000) and it would be very tall being able to hide ships in it).
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