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  1. So Apparently Elon is going to Change BFR design again. Which is just, great..! I will try to include them all. So from the 2016 ITS to 2017, 2018 designs and beyond.
  2. Yes, as I said the old craft files and vessels already in space are broken and will NOT be fixed. The new craft files SHOULD work. I've tested them in multiple installs.
  3. Github dev build is live! Download here This dev version includes the following launchpads: LC-39 LC-41 LC-40 LC-19 LC-46 .Craft files included for LC-41 and LC-19 because these pads are unique. (You need BlueDog Design Bureau in order for LC-19 Gemini and LC-41 Atlas craft file to work. You have to place these pads yourself. Eventually I will get an update out where they are already placed somewhere around the KSC. You need the latest Kerbal Konstruct AND Advanced Textures in order to see all the textures. Some problems I know: - Lights are a bit weird or doesn't exist on the pad. - Smoke doesn't seem to work every time (I will fix this) - Colliders can act funny.
  4. both the "Gojira 2018 Crew" and "Gojira 2018 Tanker" ? That's weird..
  5. the new craft files too? And if you start from scratch? (The crafts that were in space are indeed broken, can't do much about those )
  6. Yes, but I will publish them on github first, I couldn't finish up some lights so that's the last thing that I need to do before full release. But in an hour or so I will put them up for you guys to play with. The full release shouldn't break anything that you will get soon!
  7. New DEV version on github! - Fixed tanker version nodes for the fins - Fixed Crew pod slightly off-center - Added 2 craft files (crewed and tanker version) - Revamped Ghidorah first stage engine sound If these all work, I will update. Next up the road is finishing up IVAs unwrapping and texturing, and also making the BFS cargo version. + I will update the legs so they can extend from the tips slightly and observe the landing.
  8. Use the right B9PartSwitch mod for 1.3.1 (the latest 1.5.1 should work as well)
  9. I will take a closer look, experiencing the same problem. But I think I found a fix. Will push the update to friday, same day as I will release some more launchpads for my Tundra Space Center mod.
  10. No sadly not. Models are mostly done, unwrapping will take some time before I can start texturing. Also I’ve been putting my mind on my launchpad mod to get an update done as well. (Adding 5 new launchpads). LC39A/B, LC41, LC40-(new design), LC46 and LC19
  11. Yes! I will update github and spacedock at the same time tomorrow, that's the last change I needed to push!