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  1. Check out the craft file that comes with it to see how the flaps work with the action groups. It is a complex system that needs a lot of understanding.
  2. I see, I probably forgot to add the new part to the B9PS fuel patches. Will do that! I am planning on another small update later this week with some more fixes.
  3. Tundra Exploration V3.2 is live! This version includes: - Heatshieldless Gojira parts (mostly part switch variants) - Added stainless steel legs - removed glow on RPTR vac - Added Waterfall configs for Gojira Cannot wait to see what you guys can do! Link in the OP. Happy landings!
  4. Legs are from another dimension haha. Took me a good while to get it working myself with a new part. But with KSPWheel I feel like I have to make the leg work specifically for that mod, unless stock parts are patched as well. Other than that I have no clue how that mods by itself.
  5. Version 0.4 is up! - Updated to KSP 1.11 - Added Modular Launch Pad clamp craft file I have noticed people are using this mod in various other games without my permission. I Strongly suggest that if you find this mod somewhere else, please report it to me so I can handle it further. I do not like seeing these kind of activities and it is very disrespectful to a mod author. Happy landings!
  6. Yes but it takes a lot of time to get things right. @Nessus_ is working really hard to make it all work but during these times it can be hard to find time to work on it.
  7. This is a new one for me. I suggest making sure you installed it correctly and other try a clean install
  8. New Tundra Exploration version is out! - KSP 1.11 support - Added new Inventory space to pods - Added more gimbal to the Raptor Engine - Removed Raptor glow - Fixed white version for Ghidorah Heavy Nosecone - Fixed Torque on Ghidorah Guidance Unit - Fixed hinge on D2 - Fixed Cargo Rodan colliders - Fixed mass pass on Gigan - Make all Ore-holding parts hold empty by default - Heat limit balance pass - Fixed octaweb symm, updated subcats - Snacks! configs updated Happy launches! Links in the OP!
  9. Seems like everything is working on my end. As long as KK doesn't update I will not update mine as well. I do have some more launch pads I want to make! Those are still coming!
  10. Yes to all. Some things may look a bit weird but so far my install still works pretty well!
  11. I haven't found the time yet to remodel the grid fin! But I am still planning on doing so. Also a new Mk2 leg will be in the mod that is much closer to the Falcon legs. The old leg will still be available ofcourse!
  12. In my experience, make sure your terrain quality is set to high and not ultra high
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