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  1. No you just need the core plugin for the dragon trunk to work.
  2. You need the Near Future Solar plugin for the dragon v2 trunk to work. So I would recommend to atleast install the full mod first, then only remove the parts you don't need. Don't delete the plugin itself.
  3. in the .zip file you have 2 folders, Tundra Exploration and Tundra Technologies, they work for me so idk. also yes, these engine switch will be in the next version!
  4. damonvv

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Oooh! Those are the best
  5. I kind of fixed your leg problem
  6. damonvv

    TESS Satellite

    Wonderful mod! Keep it up!
  7. damonvv

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for not having a parrot as profile picture.
  8. by @Nessus_ Hooooly cow! Amazing dude! I love how you did the crane part.
  9. Oh the build in interstage.. Totally forgot it had one. Will look into it!
  10. I don't use the stock switcher. You need B9 Part Switch in order to switch the model to different textures!