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  1. Using Kerbal Konstruct, Cormorant Aeronology, BDB, Modular Launchpads, my pad mod and a nice view!
  2. Those are canards, like little wings. Heatshield is visable, but because they will use PICA its that shiney part. And no this is most likely the actual thing. We will know more on the 17th this month so stay tuned!
  3. yea quite happy about this new design, I'm fully working on it now!
  4. Yes! https://twitter.com/SpaceX/status/1040397262248005632
  5. damonvv

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I played around with my new modeled launchpad (almost ready for release)
  6. It's almost there! (Towers are optional, can be placed with KK). I hope I can fix the SRB smoke soon!
  7. Have you used KK before? You have to place the launchpad yourself in order to launch from it. You also have to make it a “launchpad” by clicking the button while you are placing the pad.
  8. hi! im trying to get kerbinside remastered to work and i saw you posted those gorgeous pics of the ksc all dressed up and i dont know if thats supposed to be part of the mod or something you did yourself. either way i would love to figure out how to add it to my game

    1. damonvv


      Hey! First of all, you need Kerbal Konstruct in order for the Kerbinside Remastered to work (If you have that already that's geat!).
      Then while ingame, launch a simple command pod to put you into the game. Once there, hit alt+k to open the KK asset window. From there you can add new instances and move them around! A good guide is layed down here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKX8mUB3YaU

      (Note that this is an older version of KK, most of it works, but he says that version doesn't let you place the actual KSP buildings. But in the latest KK version you can!)

  9. Also making a 39B version for KSP. This will support many mods! Currently using the dev version of the Modular Launch Pads mod from @AlphaMensae which fits perfectly! The smoke will come from the SSMEs and Boosters seperately, so when the SSMEs fire only one side will have smoke. It will also work great with the Apollo pad. This will also support normal launches like a normal launchpad. Currently looking for a good TEL for a F9/FH launch from that pad Things needed to be done for this pad are: - adding pipes - a water tower - lights Once I get all these done, I will look into making a nice building to have it look like a SpaceX Pad 39A, or for the LC-40 pad.