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  1. I am going to take over this thread by posting a cursed image
  2. You have to invert it manually when you make the ship. Then enable the Pitch/Yaw during re-entry for them to flap
  3. TU does nothing by itself. You need to download mods to get it working or write your own configs. So something in your GameData is screwing with stock parts then.
  4. Not at the moment. We are still waiting for Kopernicus to update before we can make the configs for RO. You only have to replace the pngs with the logos. You don't have to do much more than that!
  5. I tried stock shaders and it never looked good. Sure it looks good in the VAB but during flight it was ugly you don't want to see it. In all the versions the game runs very slow when turned on. But TU is totally optional. Without it the ship will look white like the 2018 version. I found out that TU runs much smoother than using the stock shader and I don't even run with OpenGL. Obviously when KSP 2 comes I will look again. (Cuz the whole idea of KSP 2 is having a better running game with new shaders and such)
  6. Tundra Exploration v1.7 is out! Enjoy the new Starship in KSP! Many thanks to @JadeOfMaar and @Nessus_ for helping me balancing the mod. Also a big hug to @sarbian for providing me with a plugin to use action groups for the fins! This version includes the plugin that comes standard with SSPXr to activate the legs. Many thanks to @Nertea to allow me to include it for this release! This version is for KSP 1.8.x and above, any older version is not supported! Changelog: - Updated to KSP 1.8.x - Renamed 2018 Gojira as "Mk3" - Added Mk4 Gojira parts (2019 Starship) - Updated textures for Unity 2019 Make sure to download Textures Unlimited, otherwise things won't be as shiny! Download it here: Happy launches! * Soyuz and solar panels not included (Tantares and Near Future Solar) ** This image is not sponsored by @Beale
  7. I got most of the work done. I am still waiting on Kopernicus to test my new base on scaled systems. Only then I will update the mod!
  8. Ha yeah! Many mods have GameData folders inside of it. It's easier for us to include things like craft files because then you would have a folder `GameData` for the mod itself and a folder called `Ships` for your craft files.