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  1. I see, but it's not exactly how I thought it would work. The `subchange` here is literally just a syntax to the `change =`. What I would like to see is that within the `CHANGE` syntax I can put a lot of `change = ` so the list looks like I described in my first comment. So: Fix * Fixed issue 1 * Fixed issue 2 And not like this when I use `subchange`: Fix * Fixed issue 1 - Fixed issue 2 Hard to describe but I hope you understand my description.
  2. @HebaruSan, Is it possible to add more `change =` to a `CHANGE`? For example: CHANGE { change = Added feature 1 change = Added feature 2 type = Add } CHANGE { change = Fixed bug 1 change = Fixed bug 2 type = Fix } At the moment I have to list my fixes in separate `CHANGE` which gets annoying when you have a long changelog. Is this something that is possible or has this approach been considered?
  3. We removed it when you install Mechjeb. People complained a lot when it spooled up and they couldn't land with just Mechjeb.
  4. You are probably using some type of fuel mod. Make sure you are using the correct versions and the correct combination of mods.
  5. Tundra Exploration V4.0 is out!! This update includes the following: - Added white Octopus variant on Ghidorah 9/Heavy - Added Rideshare adapter variants (Many thanks to @Beale for figuring out the best way to make these shiny parts!) - Added Waterfall to Haddock RCS puck - Revamped all Mothra One parts ( Many thanks to @Zorg for making Waterfall plumes for Mothra!) - Revamped Ghidorah 9 Mvac engine (Many thanks to @DylanSemrau for giving me some inspiration to remodel Mvac) - Revamped Ghidorah Heavy Nosecone - Revamped Ghidorah Heavy Decoupler - Revamped Ghidorah 9 Fairing
  6. Oh my mistake! TE v4.0 should be compatible with 1.8.1. I haven't tested it myself but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work!
  7. I don’t make the RO configs. But Nessus was working on it while ago but it takes time to get everything working correctly.
  8. I never used FAR before. What should I change to make it compatible again?
  9. This has been asked a lot lately.. We are working on it. It takes a long time to make the configs that work.
  10. Yes! Although not all the new parts will be supported. We are working on updating it! If you look at the roadmap, a Gojira (Starship) revamp is planned. All the new details and features that the current Starship has will be implemented.
  11. Must have miss-clicked! But I wasn’t planning on doing it anytime soon. IVAs are still a pain to make and a very small % of users actually uses them. If you install MAS mod my IVA still works decently enough!
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