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  1. Trees are there, but they don’t have a collider yet.
  2. KK by itself no, having many statics in one place maybe. Although a drop of 40-50fps is a lot and I doubt that's from KK
  3. Not sure what is causing that. (tho I'm expert in AMD specs so not sure of your CPU is any good).
  4. There were some minor collider issues with 2 pads.. so sorry! Here's a quick hotfix: Version 1.0.1 - Fixed colliders on TLC-41 and TLC-19 Download on Spacedock! What kind of system specs do you have? What FPS did you had before installing KK and KSC Extended?
  5. Why is that video linked? Atm no, but we're working on something to make it work within KK
  6. It's cool, not sure if I can make it fit with the KSP style. But I need those official renders first.
  7. Apart from a drain texture it is ram free and uses the same technique as Omegas buildings
  8. In the VAB, bottom right, you can click on the KK tab and select a pad to launch from through there! I haven’t actually tried 2.5x yet, but I feel confident that it should work!
  9. Yes you can have multiple rockets ready on different launchpads!
  10. Thanks for the tip! and yeah, you can use the Trajectories mod which has an option to see where you are going to land. Super helpful if you are trying to aim for a pad! I manually land my rockets and I’m at a point where I can land a rocket most of the time very close to the center of the pad
  11. As I said earlier, won't be until early Feb! But you can play around with the github version as those are mostly finished! And play around with the Ghidorah Transporter Erector! You must install AdvancedTextures in order to see the strongback ingame.
  12. KSC Extended Expanding your KSC for all your space program needs. This is a collaboration between me and @Omega482 to give you the best possible KSC experience we can offer. This is a config based mod. You need to download the actual statics below this page! Ingame pic: More pics: Installation for KSC Extended to work: > Install Kerbal Konstruct (preferred latest version) > Install KSC Extended > Install OSS-NTR > Install Tundra's Space Center > Install Module Manager ... Profit! Planned features Anyone's guess Known issues Roads can be bumpy, we are working on a fix! It doesn't impact performance much. You can expect an FPS drop from around 5-10fps Required Mods Kerbal Konstruct ( or later) Tundra's Space Center (1.0 or later) Omega's Stockalike Structures - NTR (0.0.12 or later) Module Manager Recommended Mods Tundra Exploration (For your rocket landing needs) (Also making your TLC-40 worth it! ) Scatterer (For all your atmospheric shine needs) Stock Visual Enhancements (For all your cloudy business needs) BlueDog Design Bureau (To make your TLC-41 Atlas V, TLC-19 Titan II and TLC-46 Minotaur ready) Cormorant Aeronology (To make use of the runway and TLC-39A) reDIRECT (For your SLS needs on TLC-39B) Modular Launch Pads (To make your rockets ready for launch) NOT (yet) supported: Kerbinside Remastered Kerbinside KSC++