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  1. I haven’t considered making Starlink as not a single pc can handle such amount of sats. And yeah my plans were to make Tundra Tech separate mod but I dropped the idea later.
  2. Yes but very slowly. I am currently working from home but that does mean that my personal computer is not always plugged into my rig during the week so progress is slow.. hopefully I will have some pictures this weekend!
  3. Timewarp is deadly and you really need minimal input on controls with SAS on. As for the pdf, I have no real intention to update my Starship for this version of KSP. Atm I’m focusing on making Dragon better. There is a “Rodan” crew arm coming to ML soon. I’m not sure if he already released it but it’s already available on his Github
  4. This mod works with JNSQ. This mod is balanced for 2.5/2.7x scale so it will be perfect for it!
  5. Stock is simply too small for these rockets. Every part is balanced for 2.5/2.7x so it’s not that weird. Soon!
  6. If you use a 1.8 build for 1.7.3 then you will have problems.
  7. That’s odd, yet this pack isn’t really made for early career stuff It is replaced in JNSQ. Still at the old spot for stock Kerbin
  8. Version 2.2 is out! * Renamed a static (TLC_41, removed ".mu" from pointername) and updated references in KK group. You must download the updated asset pack TundraSpaceCenter 2.0.1 or later, and manually edit the configs for this (it's a tiny edit) in any custom space centers using TLC 41. * Consolidated play mode patch into one file. * Updated Classic mode to provide Oxium, Nitronite in addition to Propellium, Raptium, RHK1. * Fix for JNSQ: * Create separate folder "TSCJNSQ" and append the proper `:NEEDS` to all configs * Includes patch to color match grass colors to terrain. * Repositions TSC (in a very, very different location) and fixes minor rotation/curvature problems. Advisory * If you plan to make changes to any KK bases in-game, delete or disable MerchantOptions.cfg and restart KSP so the extra resources don't get baked into the refueling station configs. Also consider deleting the TSC or TSCJNSQ folder (whichever one does not apply to your install) as the `:NEEDS` passes will be erased when you save. Happy launches!