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  1. This is KSP. Sadly I cannot recreate the physics in this game. It's just a limitation and I cannot do much about
  2. KSP leg system isn't very stable. I can't do much more about it sadly.. My Starship system uses a lot more and I still have no frame rate drops. I didn't make the gridfin model and I am not planning to change it. The problem with KSP is that the more parts you use, the more lag you will have. Less parts = less lag. I haven't notice any difference in poly count usages.
  3. A MM patch could work with the use of B9PS. But I won't make B9PS be a requirement, just optional if you want to switch fuel types
  4. The whole starship system is so complex that KSP wasn't really made for this. I will look into it but I have a feeling not much can be done
  5. I used winRAR to create it. I will check the zip myself later today. But I haven’t seen any errors popping up
  6. A screenshot from the error and maybe from your gamedata could help understanding the issue
  7. What parts are missing? What KSP version? TE version? I need more info.. Eventually yes! Interesting, I haven't tested it myself but from what @JadeOfMaar told me he added support for it
  8. Tundra Exploration V2.1.0 is live! - Added drag cubes to erectors - Fixed USI patches - Fixed drag cubes with B9PS modules - Fixed Ghidorah 9 Fairing texture - Fixed soot on Ghidorah nose cone - B9 LS switch to Gojira pods - Fixed CC tank volume - Added Configurable Containers support Link in the OP. Happy launches!
  9. I noticed that USI has changed over the years. Some modules don't even exist anymore. I haven't used USI LS in so long that I'm not sure what to do. If anyone wants to make a MM patch for it be my guest, I'll happily add it!
  10. I had support for USI but I think @JadeOfMaar removed the configs because Snacks! works a little better