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  1. Great pics, congratulations, how did you go about assembling the arm?? did you do it in orbit?
  2. mmmmm.... for me it's very difficult understanding all of those things, and I feel a bit frustrated because I see other guys making their own config even if they have relatively low experience... and at the same time I fell a bit unconfortable because of bothering all of you..... I give up
  3. Ah this is what I'm facing right now, I have FAR but I don't have real fuels...is this required?? Can I change the fuel used in the cfg file??
  4. how can I insert this config?? just to give it a try???
  5. Exactly, is there a way to troubleshoot the craft designs issue??
  6. yes, but is not even compatible with an upscaled version of the stock system and with FAR....
  7. Ehi, thank you very much for finding this configuration for me, I don't know if it is right because I don't use RO, I would like to play RSS (or a scaled version of kerbol like 10x) and to be able to fly the shuttle with far. Because of this
  8. hello guys, can you please explain those screens? and if this boy is flyable or not? https://imgur.com/a/fFddBe5
  9. hello, I tried to use the vertical stab of the old shuttle, but anyway and suddenly at 35000m the shuttle start to yaw to the left and became uncotrollable.... I don't know what to do honestly....
  10. I'm able to reentry with mechjeb using smart assistant doing manually the gravity turn ecc... the problem arise when the vessel go below 35000m. It start to spin and became suddenly uncontrollable it start to yaw to the left or pitching up without any chance to recover it
  11. hello everybody, I have a question, I'm playing RSS without RO (please don't blame on me) because I'm unexperienced, anyway I have the mod (ISPx2)that allows me to reach the orbit go to the moon back ecc.... I'm also using the mod from benjee10 the shuttle orbiter construction kit (I think that you know this mod), however when I finish my entry burn the problems start to arise...the shuttle became uncontrollable and so my entire mission fail. Is there any config for the RSS/RO for this shuttle??? thank you very much and sorry if I made an off topic
  12. Hello guys can anybody help me with the compatibility the mod? I'm using the shuttle from benjee10 but is not compatible with FAR, can somebody help me to solve this "issue"? If is it possible?? @ferram4 @dkavolis
  13. I'm sorry for that...because I'm addicted to this mod and no other mod can replace this one @benjee10 will you add something to make it works ??? It would be great
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