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  1. I’ve given an update on my Discord but will do so here as well! Current release is estimated to be in the first week of October if everything goes to plan. There are still a few things I need to sort out: Finish IVA (especially the screens) Second soot option for darker colors Fix various bugs currently on my dev branch Make a chute for Rodan Get the Cargo Dragon by @DylanSemrau ingame and working Youtube trailer This all needs to be done before I can publish version 7. With the available time I have, I should be able to meet my deadline of the first week of October (probably the weekend). But definitely within a month!
  2. IVA is coming along very nicely! Had a small holiday break + covid so I should be back working on it soon!
  3. This is amazing! Congrats on release and I will definitely use this
  4. Hi, It seems that your mod also comes with the required add-ons to work properly. According to your license, your mod is CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0. However, some of the mods you bundled do not have the same license and do not allow to be redistributed under your license. Can you look into that and fix this issue?
  5. Hey @MOARdV! So I am currently making another revamp for my dragon IVA and I really want to get some screens working. I found this website which shows all the various UI they use! https://www.shanemielke.com/work/spacex/crew-dragon-displays/ Maybe this might help you to get some ideas as to how they show certain stuff. Those screens are 16:9 which I've already modeled. But now comes the part to actually implement MAS. Want to try and help me out in getting this working?
  6. Yeah it was unintended but still there. Version 7 will have a full IVA that works with it! I hope that Dylan finishes Gigan by then!
  7. Yeah those configs are pretty old. I hope once V7 is released, someone might take a look at those and update them!
  8. Not 100% sure. You are not using the Github beta stuff right? Cuz that one isn't supported yet. I hope to get Version 7 up by the end of September. That update will also have an Extras folder containing all the real names and logos that should work!
  9. More work done! Haven-1 IVA is getting along pretty nicely. Really fun to fly around using the FreeIVA mod! Also, work has started on Dragon, with a new trunk and heatshield done!
  10. I think you have to manually edit the config files and put the color values there. Saving in to an existing setting does not always work. It’s an issue with KK.
  11. Interesting, will take a look at it!
  12. Currently working on the IVA for Haven-1. Should be done in a week or two. Then all eyes on Rodan. Still planning on releasing version 7 in september!
  13. The RO configs are pretty old and I should probably remove the link for now. With Version 7 in the works, I hope someone will make it available for RO as well. I'm not good at making RO configs so any help would be appreciated as well! For now, I have to say that TE for RO is not fully supported
  14. Work has started on the Haven-1 station! Parts are mostly done. IVA is next!
  15. As noted on github, the plugin is still a work in progress. A lot of features are still missing/unstable. So please use the git version at your own risk and don’t use it in your precious save game
  16. There will be a separate download that includes the real logos with an MM patch. But its going to be a while before a full release is ready. Everything gets revamped!
  17. Will start once I finish Ghidorah, after that I will be starting on Rodan and yeah I plan on adding chutes!
  18. You need the stock chutes. Currently, Rodan doesn't come with build in chutes. As for the deorbit burn, you can right click the command pod and activate the forward RCS. That will activate the four RCS ports on the front!
  19. Yeah, the 4 at the top of dragon are for de-orbit. But the draco thrusters can do it faster
  20. Oh yeah, the whole thing is called like that but I will just revamp the current one so it looks more in line with how it is IRL + make the other pads!
  21. Yea, you should be able to build a new base on a planet. Although I am not sure if the ksc view will switch to that planet. You might have to ask it in the KK thread. You can enable recovery settings and select a range. Then when you recover a vessel, it should get funds. It’s all in the KK static menu when placing statics. I am not sure if you can change the clouds coming from the pads. KK made it work, not something that can be added to the par separately. You have to ask them if volumetric clouds is possible.
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