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  1. Cannot say my thanks enough for your continued work on Wings3D! This tool looks really great, thank you
  2. Amazing! thank you! And I linked it on the front Do you know what this means?
  3. Glad to know it works okay in 3.2 (I think the LK lander ill struggle a lot though?) Unfortunately I do not know of any up-to-date RT patches that will work. Fool tank
  4. Yeah a few of the TantaresLV parts have waterfall configs.
  5. This is a "Soyuz", it is an obscure spacecraft that never left the planning stages.
  6. No special engine for this. But, if you have Tantares SP, the Venera engine (I think it is called Opal?) is very close.
  7. It is just not possible to do this nicely with my skillset. Same parachute stays.
  8. I'm going to try to do the tubes, but at a minimum your Soyuz will have a silly little backpack
  9. I do think so, but it's also a testbed for a few pbr things and trying something a little new.
  10. Oh yes, this is fixed in my local copy and will be in the next release. many thanks. Tantares will be developed from scratch for KSP 2 The first steps would be... idk, creating a soyuz capsule or something.
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