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  1. It "should" be there, but I have no older craft files to check.
  2. Urgh, confirmed issue - thanks for finding that. It had been reported before but maybe I tested wrong, I see the same in 1.4+ I will look into it soon.
  3. V1.1 Fixed localisation bugs identified. Download Link (GitHub)
  4. let IsVoskhodBeingReleased post = match post : string with | a when a.Contains("voskhod hype") -> true | _ -> false Oh on a similar note let IsBrizBeingMade = false Many thanks. Actually the new layer setup allows extremely fast work, so I would love to see if anybody can pick up and run with this technique also?
  5. Many thanks guys, It is worth to say, this would be the default texture with Black and Green variants to the colour (Yes, that means the royal line of Grey soyuz ends). This is required because the differences in UV map and general texture between both styles are really too far different. @Derb Basically yes, anything that is now grey will go to fabric. Very rough idea below (Lacking normal maps, detail / wrong UV maps). Plans are forming... GITHUB More adapters! Go crazy!
  6. @Kottabos I think it is a real shame you did not mention the IRL British space program and the Black Arrow in the review (unless I missed it), the reason for the mod is to bring awareness to that I think your reviews could be good with a little less focus on the stats of every single part (Even if it has helped find a bug in this case ) and more general gameplay / high level overview, just my feelings. Regarding FX, this is entirely intentional for the liquid engines - I felt that was a little unfair. SRBs definitely need work though. (Seriously no conflict intended, there are just a few things I would like to counter here ahaha...) @JH4C Many thanks, (and even greater thanks for doing the legwork in the configs! I will put a little subtle thanks for you in the parts), fixed for next release Many thanks. No plans for Skylon or Daedalus, but HOTOL has been discussed and prototyped.
  7. Thanks I will look into it. Reasons for new part instead of old: - Different sizes - Part of a "family" now (Window and non-window version) - Expansion of Vega line of parts from the single airlock into this entire Almaz collection. - New much better naming scheme vega_habitation_1 => vega_crew_s1_1_1 Well... Interesting game, I never heard of this. Still looking for thoughts on this:
  8. The plan is to deprecate the part "gracefully" so that crafts will load - but the names, descriptions, etc will tell you to get rid of it. Are you having some issues loading craft? Edit: Important to note, it will not appear in the VAB, you will only see it on old craft. The replacement looks like: Github! To build Salyut ] To build Almaz
  9. Github Names, descriptions and balance is pretty good think. We have made some good observations...
  10. It is written for 1.3.1 so that may be the case. But, fair reason - I will try the pull request version. Thanks for your help.
  11. Ah I have re-written entirely instead of the pull request - however the code is quite similar on save and load. Confusing why it does not seem to work.
  12. Ah is this note handled by node.AddNode? From the pinned example: 9) Save/Load data. The simplest way to save/load data is to use the KSPField attribute as listed in the Common Properties/Objects section and let KSP do all the work for you. If you needs are more complex you can use the OnSave/OnLoad methods to save to the confignode, or you can directly save to a file on disk. OnSave/OnLoad methods: Public void OnSave(ConfigNode node) { node.AddValue("myValue","Hello World!") } Public void OnLoad(ConfigNode node) { string myValue2 = node.GetValue("myValue"); }
  13. I had began some a while ago, but there was relatively little interest Would people prefer Polyus / FGB clean up, etc?