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  1. Many thanks! Ahaha! We are all ill at home, so sometimes you have to put a little frustration into Github, not the first time! Latest GitHub Really nice complete "older Soyuz" now. Almost close to wrapping up an resuming work on the rocket. So to ask a dangerous question, what do people want to see after that?
  2. No doubt, the coolest thing I have seen in a long time! Wow! Nice job! RCS Soyuz 2-Seater ferry version (On the fency about including this). Lower mass version, but no front door (need to open the top hatch). LES. Solar panels.
  3. It's a difficult decision, personally I prefer to do the IVAs, it's not easy to work with things other people have made. Did you say more parts?
  4. Thanks! Some cool results with Mr. @Nertea's props: But, as I have said, I am leaving IVAs for now. I am really burnt out just making these and taking a break from KSP for a while.
  5. Aha! Well, at least we are passed the dark days of July-August
  6. I think I am out the loop here Nice more cool concept art! Right now I have very little patience for more IVA work, they drain all my energy , but after the initial release of this new Soyuz I think will revisit the Orb module like this: Zenit would be significantly more powerful than the Soyuz, I recommend you just knock two boosters from the Soyuz for lighter missions. Re: Engine sounds, no-body else has complained, personally no problems.
  7. Nope, still a few days away at minimum. Yes! Nice inspiration material! Everything is uploaded to Github nightly.
  8. Should be available now. We may yet see When I have a little more breathing room we can take a look at that It's lacking props, I know! Oh by the way, they are on GitHub right now!
  9. Damn! Nice find. Yep, I was experimenting using MonoProp on the main service module, before deciding to use that for the "retro" engine. This will be fixed. Once again, no warrant This might already be fixed, btw - is this the most recent Github release?
  10. Yep, I will fix the heatshield before releasing. IGLA antenna - Yes! Actually, hopefully mesh-switch will allow this to be one part with a toggle however, currently they would need to be two parts. Good point, the 0.625m orbital modules are a little strange in 2017, but, people still seem to use them (I think?). That would be very interesting, but I'm not even sure at all where to start for the claw I don't think a tutorial has ever been put together, and the config is a little unclear: MODULE { name = ModuleGrappleNode nodeTransformName = ArticulatedCap deployAnimationController = 1 nodeType = size1 captureRange = 0.06 captureMinFwdDot = 0.733 captureMaxRvel = 1 } Still some work to do here. Flag should be placed on the rear of the capsule.