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  1. Yeah for definite, actually the current WIP release has a white nosecone. kwistaww
  2. Yeah you can grab wip releases at: https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares Contains latest Polyus, Rassvet (just download the repo as zip) Usual caveats of wip releases apply. yep, this should now be fixed Kristall Node
  3. Aaaah many good memories with the Bobcat parts, great inspiration. The new parts in the works will definitely capture a lot of the little details (considering the same folding windows) so hopefully closer to that old setup. Many thanks, I think those are primed for next release already.
  4. wow, fantastic cover of screenshots! I really enjoy to see things remixed this way. I think @septemberWaves was going to look at a bunch of configs in one go, but unfortunately I haven't heard from them in a while. I think for now it is on ice.
  5. A few of the parts so far had little circle mounts that could be toggled. but, this was actually not a great use of space, by ditching these, we can have much more interesting variants, with no extra texture space Some variants possible:
  6. Hey that's really cool, must be close to possible to make with current parts right?
  7. Ah thanks, that's a nice idea. I will be picking up some Nauka parts I believe, so this might fit with that. I've added it to the GitHub project "tentative" list: https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares/projects/11 Ah for sure, there will be the Puppy-sled engine setup for use with these (in fabric and otherwise)
  8. incredible, loving it. Looking at the docking window on Zarya there, we have some new replacements in the works
  9. For sure, they are roughly like so red - KSP white - IRL If you have blender, you can take a look at the raw files if you need some custom measurements: https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares_Assets/tree/master/FGB Mostly all parts with a rescale of 160% will be IRL scale (Though there a little deviations to fit into the KSP node sizes).
  10. So next, we can move onto the 1.25m Mir parts, kvant-2, Kristall. Not quite ready to put on GitHub. The aim as ever is still a good balance, for the first time you should be able to build a good, and decently accurate / specialised Mir, but there is some focus to keep the parts generic. If you can think of some accomodations that would make the more useful in generic uses, let me know.
  11. For some consolation, these parts are a long way away, you have months There is so much left to do, including all of this: https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares/projects/11
  12. some of the new parts will remain the same names (about 25% so far), but unfortunately it is unavoidable that a few will have new names due to restructuring. However, once it is closer to a release-ready state - it is fairly trivial for me to provide a was-is mapping which should hopefully make updating this RO config trivial (are you using VS code / Notepad++ / sublime, or a similar editor? Mass find-replace is possible).
  13. v. nice! Good build to do. Here is the WIP updated parts for this very craft
  14. Those are one of the few parts I think should still be mono. Ah interesting, I don't think I've seen that before, do you have any example I can take a look at how they're set up? Working on the ring core
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