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  1. Mega thanks to @Friznit , the living legend who has fixed the craft files. Stand up and take a bow! The release on GitHub and Spacedock has been updated with these files. Tantares - SpaceDock Tantares - GitHub (Earth Orbit Spacecraft)
  2. That's touching to hear. I will definitely be back for KSP 2, so I hope we will share some familiar new models there.
  3. The licence allows people to fork it as they wish. I might try to finish it up at some point, since it is basically complete (just missing one set of solar panels). You can grab the "nearly complete" version of it from here (just missing a couple of descriptions etc, maybe some balancing oddities). https://github.com/Tantares/TantaresSP If you want to help with 2mv balancing, descriptions, if you are happy to make a pull request I would be delighted to integrate it and get it released sooner.
  4. unfortunately I am a little pressed for time to fix the craft files at the moment, and don't have KSP installed anymore. Not going to do any more modding for KSP 1. It would be possible eventually to clean up and release them, but if somebody can provide them I will rebundle the release. In the meantime, Friznit's wiki is the best resource you can ask for.
  5. you need to post the message you are getting, totally impossible for me to help otherwise I think unfortunately the models for these may be in the missing place, I will investigate
  6. Tantares 25.0 Took a while for this, but it's a big update. This Update: - Revamp of Mir and FGB related parts. - Revamp of FGB tug parts. - balancing and tech tree pass. - Revamp of Polyus parts. - Revamp of Vostok parts. - New Voskhod parts. - New Zenit (satellite) parts. - Revamp of Rassvet parts. - Revamp of SSVP thanks to Benjee10. - Revamp of IVAs thanks to Well. - New FGB IVAs thanks to Well. - B9 integration, thanks to Blowfish. Huge heartfelt thanks to my Codevelopers on this, not possible without them: @benjee10 Complete revamp of the SSVP docking port, we now have a hugely detailed, and beautifully shiny port, great for close-up docking. @Well A huge myriad of IVA props, beautifully detailed and full of personality. They really improve the new IVAs so much. screenshot from @ jaytheamazing Download Links You need B9 Part Switch for all Tantares mods. B9 Part Switch You can get Tantares on both GitHub, Spacedock, and CKAN. Craft files are included in Tantares and TantaresSP. Tantares - SpaceDock Tantares - GitHub (Earth Orbit Spacecraft)
  7. Don't know what I can recommend then, sorry, What? interesting find, I will try to see what it may be.
  8. Unfortunately I don't know which need it and which don't, but craft should not be hard to build, just search name of craft (e.g. "pirs") in VAB. Not many parts, easy to fit together.
  9. You are missing TantaresLV (rockets and fairings). tantares = космический корабль tantareslv = ракеты-носители Github https://github.com/Tantares/TantaresSP A bunch of 3mv and 2mv parts in game. Mostly working, but still more to do.
  10. going to do them separate, it's a more rigid antenna vs 1mv
  11. Yep, this update is still planned. It is probably the largest single update ever though to tantares (in terms of part count), so will take some time.
  12. 3MV coming along nic... 3MV proceeding according to 5 year plan.
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