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  1. The fobos is currently 3 years old, so needs updating, the process of getting it into TantaresSP would be a complete remake, and of course fixing the scale, it is too big right now.
  2. Many thanks for testing. Possibility for JNSQ eve is important (As is KSRSS venus), so if you submit the PR I probably will implement it as default, no patch, even if a bit overpowered for stock eve.
  3. TantaresSP Version 2.0 Venera 9 Orbiter and Lander. Much more 4MV to come through in future! But, this is a good start. Thanks for all the assistance.
  4. It's definitely on the roadmap, as is its cousin on Mars-2/3. Might focus on Luna 10 first to get the bus details down, then pick up the lander after. People should be free to put forward ideas. Unfortunately it's necessary to keep around old parts for a while after I replaced them, so usually I make them black like this to add to the "don't use this" factor More unfortunately, there's now way to stop them appearing in the results completely, unless I'm mistaken. Hope this helps,
  5. This is the best surface base I've ever seen with these parts, amazing job! I love it. Somebody was working on a patch, but last I saw they had the Soyuz craft and a few other parts, haven't heard anything in a while. You need to use partial transmitting mode, rather than trying to send the data all at once, the batteries can't allow. " 'Allow Partial' can be buggy but will allow you to transmit large packets even with small batteries. When 'Allow Partial' is used the transmission starts as normal but when you run out of power the transmission is paused until you have generated enough power to resume. However this will keep your power levels between zero and almost nothing leaving you with a pretty much dead craft until the transmission is completed. " The antenna consumption requires a second look though, that seems too high. GitHub Various rebalancing, tweaks, etc.
  6. Never go down to funkytown. Panorama camera, new 4mv L instruments. Unfortunately 1.10.X has some lighting and shadow issues, which sometimes affects the pano camera images with darker terrain, with it being hugging to the disk. I've tweaked some noise generation code on the Neptune camera, make sure you are using the latest version of that, 2.4
  7. Unfortunately yes you are correct, the camera was changed in 1.9, which makes 1.8 compatibility sadly a little difficult, thanks for understanding. Neptune Camera V2.4 Download and Releases (GitHub) Source Code (GitHub) Cameras can now have custom clipping planes. Error-noise generation behaviour has been tweaked (details to be added to OP).
  8. This is really great looking, I love the details on the upper portion, and the "corrugation" the angara has.
  9. GitHub Closing in on the complete Venera, behaviour of drogue chute is not well balanced yet, there may also be a couple of overheating issues in the sphere if not careful.
  10. unfortunately it had to be built in, however this is a separate part from the standard heat shield, so you have the plain half-sphere, and the half-sphere with drogue (Probably will do some kind of colour indicator for which side).
  11. Sure, here are a few: General overview Photos Russian space web Ton of information and images (Russian text only) The more exciting thing about this craft is that the core "donut" would become the standard planetary probe for the Soviet union going forward (if it didn't collapse). It was used for Mars 96, and also had plans for missions to Jupiter, Venus rover, etc.