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  1. Glad to have you back, I think you will know I enjoy your Youtube music uploads cool craft! So I am now shutting down for maintenance over the Christmas period. Work resumes whenever! Enjoy your time out of work / school and have a good time
  2. Cargo bays. of course the sneaky UV lets me do this too:
  3. Many thanks for the further information / image / followup This is very odd! I wonder what couild be happening here. I will investigate and hopefully narrow down what is causing this for you.
  4. Yep, as others have said you need to retract the probe to lock the spacecraft This is to allow soft and hard docking to correct alignment, etc. I may put "Disable hard docking" or similar on the animation name to help people with this in future. Cool craft btw!
  5. I love it! The little details are perfect. The cream colour will be returning on the final release, worry not. Re: MIR parts - I think they're still fine right now - though need rebalance for the updates monopropellant levels.
  6. Nothing major, but it's no longer a white circle.
  7. Very nice! I still need to finish Polyus...
  8. Instead of multiple parts for all node types, maybe it's better to roll your own? (Temporary textures)
  9. Dependencies are a no-go for me. Optional is fine, but Tantares should work out of the box.
  10. This is awesome! I always loved the Kistler Re: Development - I have a dilemma, how many of you still play previous versions? I can introduce multi-direction folding igla antenna for maximum versatility, but these would be best served as part variants, breaking compatibility for older versions (KSP 1.3.1, etc.) They could also be separate parts, there are essentially three variants for each antenna system. Telescopic extending Forward folding, dish stowed facing outwards Backwards folding, dish stowed facing inwards
  11. I believe this is just a TRR bug, if switching to the vintage suit it is fine. Certainly not a Tantares part, I'm unsure where that comes from, but it does feel familiar I have recreated the craft shown without any external parts, so you might narrow down what is missing. Tantares_Apas_B was a part a very long time ago, but looks quite a bit different from what you have there