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  1. Well, big news boys. I can't say what the future will hold, but putting the brakes on any further work for a little while (I need a break to be honest). Really happy to have Tantares in quite a neat "finished" state (That is all the art is up to a standard, if the balance can be a bit whack ) - so I will leave it here for now. Thanks for everything.
  2. LE-7 model kind of finished. The main inward pipes are probably a little undersized, but might be tweaked further.
  3. Proton is nowhere near powerful enough (19~ tons, sometimes a little more with modification), unless you are looking at 5/6 launches to assemble in low Earth orbit, with each component able to rendesvouz and dock independently, it's risky. Interestingly, Proton comes from UR-500 in the same family of the larger UR-700 that used some of the same hardware, this would put a direct ascent vehicle to the Moon. Worth the honourable mention for Zond, you could put a person around the Moon in a single slingshot with the Proton alone, it's probably just too risky. (There's a billion% more information to this, just my quick response )
  4. Also a very good option! It's no secret these new H-II engines are more than a little inspired by those beauties. I think I had my dumb-dumb hat on, yes exactly this
  5. Gimballing setup. (Balancing is pulled from the void, don't ask about it yet ) I will do mesh switch between compact, size 0, size 1. It's a separate mod anyway, but these will not require dependencies, optional hydrogen patch only, but might be overpowered if you're not running with Hydrogen resources? The tanks would be a lot heavier, that's for sure.
  6. Of course, I am just gathering the required schematics for it.
  7. Nice! Reminds me of: They should be accurate to the TKS at least (almost exactly 2.5m around a 1.875m core I think). But maybe the Mir modules were more suppressed. I will have to look into it a little further. I don't have too much time to make crafts, but if you have a specific request like with the MIR modules I will try to put together an example craft A little window of sanity before I go quiet again... And yet nobody has yet guessed the secret project?
  8. Guys I am traveling for work and vacation, expect little updates until ~ September.
  9. Unfortunately you would have to edit the Persistent.sfs file manually. It shouldn't be super difficult though.
  10. Oh damn, that is a little annoying. Yeah perhaps letters would be cleaner. Interesting idea. I will look if there are any extra events I can hook into.