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  1. Right now there is a little mixture of a few style, search the first words in the VAB: Soyuz - painted metal LOK - fabric blankets Progress - painted metal and fabric blankets
  2. Japan engine good. Is it an LE-5? Is it an LE-5A? It's both! Yes! We're pleasing nobody! Now a more accurate LE-5 with the reccolator is possible, but weighing up texture constraints. Plus this looks cool-ish without it anyway.
  3. Awesome! I love Apollo D2! vacation I'm not working on anything Tantares related right now - I prefer people don't speak on my behalf, because it can lead to misinformation. I am also not the only Tantares developer, everyone has their own life and schedule, and this must be respected. Update will arrive after KSP 1.12.2 or later. More H-II balance (colours are not final).
  4. Japantares To be serious, I have a few WIP names but none are for sure what I will use - scope is very fluid, but will include potentially: h-ii (possibly other versions, but 100% not guaranteed) fuji (revamp with @Well) htv You can try Fuji right now, with Well's original mod.
  5. just gonna see where the wind takes me I think you are using old craft files - that looks like my really old progress parts before I revamped them.
  6. yeah these are the two things i specifically mentioned lol Both are now fixed: GitHub https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares You found the golden ticket! Absolutely gorgeous! I love it. Looksl ike you are using an old craft files - using the old progress parts. Do you know where you got this from?
  7. Great build! Unfortunately I cannot replicate such a bug, not sure what could cause that. always great to see! Getting very close to completion now, just a few more things. https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares Various cleanups and localisations There's an issue with the new telescope and a few issues with fgb colliders I 'm already aware of. By the way, I have started, and I maybe even will finish, a separate side project.
  8. no dedicated parts for this, but it can be kitbashed, I found this from @septemberWaves that's a very... festive rocket . Hopefully there can be some custom fairings for this, still looking into that. Dev continues, panels can be b9 switched for the upgraded versions, with appropriate mass and EC generation
  9. Nice! Would be nice to have a certain fairings.... not sure I understand fully. If you are using the WIP release from github clone to zip, you will need B9 part switch. Not to worry - normal part of WIP releases, all of these will eventually be resolved. You can track progress here: https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares/projects/11 A specific parachute was made for Voskhod: However, in the end this part was identical in dimensions / colour / function to the existing Soyuz parachute. So to prevent redundant parts, the Soyuz chute will just be moved a tech tree node down to live with the Voskhod parts. Absolutely breathtaking, probably a contender for the favourite thing I've seen using my parts!
  10. Not even a joke, I've forgotten what the E originally stood for
  11. This smells like Gemini! Yes for comparison, I scaled these both to IRL scale: Soyuz is smaller than you think!
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