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  1. There are plans yes! Looks stunning, integrated soon! The craft and ascent are classic Almost would not need dedicated Polyus parts almost.
  2. It could be done. Yep, this is planned along with Voskhod.
  3. Version 12.0 This is a fun little update, containing the Vostok, VA revamp and LK-1 parachute parts. There have also been a few little tweaks which I can't remember (But, they were probably a good idea). Of course this is a whole new craft, there might be bugs? Oversights? Balancing tweaks? Please, let me know! I will fix it. Thanks @DiscoSlelge for the awesome art and banner logo! Damn son! Thanks @TK-313 for his great ongoing effort in Russian translation! And another thanks to @Zorg for the new USI-LS patch. Spacedock is currently down, so GitHub only right now! New Parts Album or something less kawaii?
  4. Should be the RD-170 like this (Left). I will release craft files soon. Vostok (now with fairings).
  5. It looks awesome! It reminds me to make the standalone download for these parts, for those that don't want all of the other parts. I will see to that when I have a chance.
  6. Yes, Voskhod (2 crew) is actually on the way! For now, just the stock strong decouplers (With autostrut to heaviest part). I am looking into a custom part with the recovery materials. Removed permanently. The Cygnus and Antares were adopted by @damonvv, who has plans to upfurb them and re-release. The ATV is sill up for adoption!
  7. TantaresLV 8.1 This is a big one! Includes new 5m parts to build Energia - and some shiny new 2.5m parts to build the Energia Blok-A boosters, or Zenit. There has been a few tweaks elsewhere, in colour scheme for the Soyuz rocket and a good round of balancing. Huge thanks to @TK-313 who has updated the Russian translation, no small effort! Another worthy shout-out to @Pak, who his Buran has been used as the basis to balance the parts (I highly recommend those!). This isn't the end, more 5m parts are coming, such as adapters to 2.5 / 3.75. More parts are also on the way eventually to alter the Blok-A for recovery. If you find any bugs, please let me know!
  8. They're... not. Try for yourself.
  9. Hmmm very strange. This will require some investigation! Very cool thanks, and nice craft and NF station! It should be possible with mesh/variant now yes. But, it could break crafts. What do people think? TantaresLV GitHub Getting closer to release.
  10. @Ray120 Many thanks, I think basically I just need to re-do all the craft files there.
  11. Sounds all correct I think, retracted should dock instantly, extended should prevent docking and allow you to rotate etc.
  12. Wow! That is really helpful! Thank you a lot I will make sure they are integratred for the next release. For the questions on balancing, hit me up on the discord server and we may talk easier. I have never used USI myself, but happy to bounce ideas across! GitHub Basically a fully-functional Vostok is available now. Though there are still tweaks to be made of course. Drag cubes have been fixed to provide a sphere you can actually land - but, the capsule has no ablator so be careful... (This is not exactly accurate, but a balance effect). The full release is not too far away, but I am eager to have Energia and Zenit released first. Blok E upper stage will follow. And then another upper stage... Further Energia and Zenit parts are down the line, notably the recovery kit and adapters to other sizes (The fairing is a pretty okay universal adapter in the meantime).