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  1. This is planned yes, along with a set of Stentor motors in a similar selection. Hey! Nice! You are ahead of me! Brings this up, what do people have eagerness to see first? British what ifs (Black Prince, follow ons) Europa Line (Europa 1, 2, +, and beyond) I am reaching a point where an initial release is comfortable (Need to flesh out some payloads first). But we have a future directions available.
  2. So this is the engine with the least historical precedence, and I could not find anything really similar IRL, but it's from a sort of mix of ideas, most prominent the radiative cooled Merlin vacuum extension. That has a kind of similar panel thing going on. It's not finalised, and I think there was a few other things people have suggested: The roll control idea is pretty fun! I was also thinking carrying the bootleg Atlas vibe a little further with something like the LR-101 vernier. The next engine coming up is the RZ.20, which is a lot better founded
  3. GitHub A new vacuum engine based on a number of different things, plus a skirted engine mount. Next up, further changes to blue steel, including potentially a nice way to finally land and some probe parts (Prospero and Orba). I have also increased the Blue Steel's crash tolerance. A cockpit Blue Steel is also considered: This will only seat 2 instead of 3, but gives options. I think so anyway...
  4. Would be interesting to see. The control surfaces should mirror those on the IRL craft, but I'm not sure exactly how capable that was.
  5. We still need a third scheme for Blue Steel by the way. I might need some ideas soon, or I'll do something silly...
  6. That's essentially spot on, the technology was transfered to Britain from those engines, the engines above are RZ.2 design: The centre engine is some kind of H-1 alike which is fictional, but I am scrapping that for something else I think. Ideas for upper stages that wiykd be kind of feasible with the technology are appreciated.
  7. GitHub These are far from perfect, and I am aware of some visual issues (The suspension will visually leave) , but testing is of course very appreciated.
  8. Wheel.... progress. They work perfectly in function if not appearance. Furthest I've ever gotten. Many thanks to @mcdouble & @bcink for assistance. Hopefully can bridge the last step and get them not levitating.
  9. How can you launch without wheels? (And other dev pics). (I am working on my own wheels, don't worry).