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  1. Don't worry, there are many more plans for RCS ports
  2. Very mysterious, but unfortunately I think this mod is not the problem, it really is as vanilla as vanilla can be. Github Some basic RCS ports.
  3. Invalid address error, I think it is a usual memory issue sorry.
  4. Ah! @Friznit suggestion is pretty good to fix that. I will investigate why these parts are just not loading for some reason.
  5. Sorry this part was meant to be "soft deprecated", meaning old craft files would still work, but it seems something went wrong. Which craft file is guilty? I will delete it from the Dropbox. There was a patch until very recently, in the past few versions - but it is somewhat out of date.
  6. Fuel tank parts / service compartment. modern vs. old
  7. Github New Pirs, Poisk, Rassvet and some of the new Soyuz parts.
  8. I don't think unfortunately it is possible to extend existing solar panels right now, even with KIS.