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  1. Maybe available with and without verniers?
  2. Tantares 10.0 Release of MIR revamp. Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any feedback! What's next? @damonvv Oh sorry I missed this, wow - that is an amazing video! Nice demonstration of the FH!
  3. Accidental wrong thread maybe? Sorry I don't understand at all.
  4. Thanks guys, it is very encouraging, okay, all my Part mods cancelled. Major updates available now Much nicer terrain, huge thanks to @Poodmund and @Thomas P. for their time and advice. Polar issues all fixed, the poles are smooth and normal, no more weird holes or spiky terrain. I only need to do Scatter now and I would be totally happy to release these (Any guides on scatter is appreciated).
  5. Fair enough, yes - you want Tantares and TantaresLV versions 36 and 17 respectively.
  6. Argh I read it wrong, yes that makes sense. M2 is interesting, I do wonder also, costs maybe?. They would also have the benefit (I think) of ditching the redundant propulsion equipment once they are docked.
  7. 1st-tier sources unfortunately not, but a few nice fan-site links. Mir 2 1993 (Orbiter mod, but my favourite source of information) (This is source for Progress M2) False steps I'm sure you know these, but for everyone else: MIR-2 on Astronautix Zvezda (Mir-2 Core, but later used on ISS). MIR-2 on wikipedia (Good overview of designs) There are a few different "Mir-2" but, the one with the large NEP truss is the most familiar I think. One more interesting bit here, but no further sources:
  8. I will look to find out which version exactly, but first, why 1.1.3? There are a few MIR-2 modules I am familiar with, but maybe more. Many thanks for the link. Right now I really need to fix the TKS parts / Proton, etc.
  9. The way I see it, that is great - it's a legitimate problem you must use your wits and ideas to solve, cargo bays, the claw, KIS attach a docking port, KIS attach an airlock. Don't you agree?
  10. Stockalike Martian Moon Analogues Download Provides two new satellites of Duna, Hosbop and Modesi. Both are heavily based on the real Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos. The moons provide a reasonable challenge to get to, with a small sphere of influence, but provide a great staging area to move onwards (or, at least they will once resources are properly implemented). Phobos Hosbop A small potato moon close to Duna. Deimos Modesi An even smaller potato moon, in-between the orbits of Hosbop and Ike. Ike Ike is totally unchanged, but I have considered removing it. Progress Nice heightmaps, care has been taken to produce smooth terrain and remove issues around the poles (as much as possible). Biomes (with one or two unique areas). Todo Scatter (Right now they are totally plain) Resources Anything else? Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  11. Aha, I would suggest much higher! I should update the default values, 500 provides better clearance usually.
  12. I am not sure to be honest, nothing special. Did you make the ejection force harder?
  13. Sorry, unfortunately not. Unrelated, I am working on somewhere to land the Fobos.... Phobos Hosbop
  14. Pre-release! Because this is quite a big update, I have decided to "release" it informally right now. If you can provide any feedback (however little) I will be really grateful! From Github, please use the Clone or Download -> Download ZIP to get the latest copy. There are probably a few more parts in-store for MIR. But, right now I am not 100% sure what is needed (Again, ideas are welcome). For the Kvant 37K series of parts, I see great potential for expansion! IVAs have received an update. Though they are still black-voids, there is a little more masking and detail now. |