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  1. New FX! New multi-body rocket! With new fins! New destinations! Two of these things are on GitHub, but you can find out which yourself.
  2. If you submit your real-fuel configs to Stockalike RF engine configs that is much appreciated!
  3. Black Knight takes flight on GitHub! Getting close to completion on this small rocket now.
  4. Some more progress, half and quarter size Black Knight tanks. The Black Knight stack is a 1 tank, a 0.25 tank and the engine.
  5. If you have any feedback / problems with my R7, it would be really helpful to hear. Always hoping to improve.
  6. PLOT TWIST Some more work - The Black Knight is a small 0.625m rocket, for early-game sounding rocket tests, or as a cheap upper stage.
  7. There is this, really happy with how I have improved, but there is more to go. And a video of the older Blue Streak model:
  8. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Black Knight the sounding rocket? I thought not. It’s not a story the Americans would tell you. It’s a British legend. Black Knight was a little rocket of the UK, so powerful and so small it could use the pumps to influence the hydrogen peroxide to create trhrust… (Don't worry, there will be a full set of Black Knight parts).
  9. SPAM There is now a half-size 0.9375m tank, soon to be joined with a quarter-size.
  10. That would be super cool. I do not think me or @CobaltWolf have any skill in realism configs (or configs in general). Who likes missiles? Deep red glow emissive. It's too hot to touch.