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  1. [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    I'm not understanding what the significance of a service module is supposed to be with regards to RCS. It certainly has no significance with regards to Real Fuels and RCS
  2. @White Owl Ok here's something to try: Navigate to GameData\whitecatindustries\orbital decay\plugins\PluginData And replace the MasConData.cfg file with this one: And then see if you can still reproduce the bug. (with the caveat of course that any craft that were already hit by it are still going to bugged and need to have their orbits fixed by you)
  3. @White Owl Are you able to reproduce this for any other planet other than Kerbin/Earth? (I see you're using Kopernicus but not sure what other planet packs you might be using like RSS) Such as Eve, Duna or Laythe?
  4. Ok, finally am able to reproduce this only it's not taking hours, it happens immediately upon switching scenes or switching to another vehicle... not sure why it didn't happen for me before. Or maybe it was but I was looking in the wrong places... It also only happened to me after switching to a mostly stock installation so maybe something else I had installed was preventing it. Edit: Ok, scratch the part about it happening immediately after switching scenes.... I think that bit was only happening because I had already triggered the bug, gone back to the vessel and then changed the LAN (with the stock cheat orbit setter) - and then switched away before the scene could be saved. OD then updated the orbit with its own saved values which were never replaced with the new ones. So I can see THAT happening in any circumstance where the orbit parameters change and then the scene is exited BEFORE OD commits the parameters to its own saved node. But that's probably a different problem than the one being investigated. Or maybe not... 0 is the default value and if OD tries to update an orbit's parameters and tries to look up those parameters before it has a saved node to look them up on then 0 is what you get.
  5. That's the method I use though it's probably worth mentioning that if you use SSTU then you might need to enable crossfeed on the reserve tank depending on where you put it. (for instance if you put it near the engine to keep CoM low for those situations where you might want to try a manual landing)
  6. Yeah I saw that in the scenario node for OD. the release that's up there now still writes it out but I guess the latest source does not?
  7. [1.4.1] RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.6 | 20/03/18

    Suuuure you did Let me guess, The Kraken jostled your hand and you accidentally pressed the enter key before typing that part
  8. @White Owl hmmm ok so I'm not actually sure what the role is of the VesselData.cfg file or if it matters whether or not it's present. It was being generated and updated when I first started looking into this but now it's not and that apparently doesn't seem to matter so if it's not there...
  9. [1.4.1] RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.6 | 20/03/18

    Oh ok I understand now
  10. You have an ongoing saved game with the LAN = 0 bug? As in you can load that game up right now and can see that it's happening? If so please put both the save file (either persistent.sfs or quicksave.sfs where it's been saved while the bug is active) and the VesselData.cfg file from whitecatindustries\orbitaldecay\plugins\ folder somewhere I can download them? (as an aside, that game is probably permanently corrupted as in even if the bug gets fixed, you can expect existing vessels to still be bugged)
  11. [1.4.1] RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.6 | 20/03/18

    Triple canopy still counts as a single chute. It's just cosmetic thing No you still have to hit apply
  12. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    What about the issue with the aero FX being butt ugly compared to prior versions of KSP?
  13. [1.4.1] RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.6 | 20/03/18

    @1990eam You control when the chute opens and what speed it will slow the craft down to by using the Action Group editor in the VAB/SPH. Once you have your landing craft completely designed you attach chutes and use the editor to configure the chute's parameters. (see the first post for the FAQ and the informational video). Once the chute is configured you apply your settings. And also copy those settings to other chutes if you attached more than one in symmetrical mode. (one of the options allows you to specify how many chutes will be used. Be sure to fill that in correctly if there is more than one chute!) If the chute cannot be sized large enough to meet your criteria then you will receive a warning in red letters telling you that the chute has been made as large as possible but is not sufficient to slow the craft down and you will need additional chutes or correct any mistakes in your specifications. Make sure that there are no stages attached that will not be present during landing and if the craft is going to contain most or all of its resources/propellants then make sure that wet mass was selected instead of dry mass. (there is an option for that in the chute configuration editor)
  14. @Maeyanie @ZAJC3W Changing that one line (if (vessel = FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel)) stopped one Kerbal killing bug that I came across...
  15. So in other words, I could do some things that might fix it and there's no way of knowing until it happens again