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  1. @NathanKell and yet it worked flawlessly when upgrade configs were written the way I intended for them to be written when I implemented the system.
  2. @Tybot btw I tried reproducing your issue and I can't. I investigated the Unity error from the log (just before your crash) and I just don't see how Deadly Reentry could be linked. It's an error associated with UnityWebRequest and Deadly Reentry doesn't touch that at all.
  3. @JebIsDeadBaby the slider affects ONLY heating resulting from supersonic (and above) heating such as you get from reentry. And no, I do not recommend changing the shield config. It's not the same at all; those configs control how the shield responds to heating (temperature threshold and ablation rates) but only the slider will affect all parts such as space plane parts. Maybe after I look into the issue with JNSQ and see what kinds of changes (if any) they've made to physics, I might change my mind about the shields.. For instance, if it's just using the stock thermal settings then physics needs to be addressed. If JNSQ's developers actually paid attention to physics in their x4 system then I'll make changes to the shield myself to let DR shields work properly with JNSQ. But those fields you're chomping at the bit over should only be changed if you have access to the equation that they are used in and understand what effect they have.
  4. @Tybot Nothing in the log really explicitly singling out DR or stock code that I can see. I.e. no exceptions are being thrown. There is a Unity error mentioned which is unfamiliar to me. And there is another file referenced which it says has more information about the crash. You should find it at %LocalAppData%\Temp\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Crashes
  5. @JebIsDeadBaby a little of both actually. Multiple things get adjusted both in thermodynamics and the heat shield configs. first because lower reentry speed second because much shorter reentry period. third because KSP players who aren’t playing RO expect to actually see their heat shield depleted to dangerous levels or else it’s not a deadly reentry. Realistic levels of shield depletion would be something like 10% depleted for a lunar mission reentry. Seriously. So DR by default has shields that suffer serious degradation.
  6. @Tybot I’ll check that log out tonight @JebIsDeadBaby try using the DR menu to decrease heating. Try 50% to 75% or go ahead and use the x10 values but increase heating. By default the max limit is 200% but that can be bumped up in the config files. (If the max limits are increased beyond stock then you must ONLY use the DR menu to override heating and never touch the stock menu setting whose max limit I can’t override)
  7. Sounds like a new bug in Real Fuels. I can't repro that in an older version.
  8. Ignore it. It's just detecting that it was compiled for a different version of KSP and is warning you that there *might* be compatibility issues. To all, I am not gone and will be putting out an updated version on DR's official repository.
  9. You need to post logs. Your lag is very probably due to excessive error logging which is resource intensive. Without the logs it is impossible to know what error is being generated.
  10. Sorry guys, no excuses. Gotten way behind on everything. Release page for 12.8.5 has been updated. I'll try to get to the rest of it. (all of it) https://github.com/NathanKell/ModularFuelSystem/releases/tag/rf-v12.8.5
  11. Maybe it GOT corrupted during the download from spacedock. I don't think that happens all that often but it's possible. I redownloaded from Github as it was the surest way but I'll see if I can get around to trying Spacedock again just to see what happens
  12. The zip file on Spacedock is corrupted. Windows Explorer can't open it at all. WinRAR opens it but reports errors in the file. Internally, many folders/file are duplicated with CRC values of 0. What did you use to create the archive?
  13. No, you're right. It's not MY responsibility. It's EVERYONE'S responsibility. It's a shared sandbox where developers inevitably are going to step on each other's toes and the right thing to do is bring attention to these matters when it pops up.
  14. Yeah I'm doing a 1.10 pass on everything right now
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