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  1. Starwaster

    [1.6.x] Animated Decouplers 1.4.2

    Ok let me see some logs And the AnimatedDecoupler configs that you're using for the parts And it might take awhile because I'm just now recovering from being sick and my brain is soup right now and the neurons and stuff need some time to reorganize
  2. Starwaster

    [1.6.x] Animated Decouplers 1.4.2

    @AlphaMensae why are you using Animated Decouplers instead of stock LaunchClamp which is designed for this?
  3. @Jacke out of ideas then... it doesn’t act like this for me though it does something similar if I use OGL. (The gray icons when using DX11 is a known issue that can be worked around with Textures Unlimited but if DX11 isn’t fixing your base problem then there’s no need to use it)
  4. Are you running in Open GL mode? If so try DX11 or default
  5. Use the stock ambient light settings. You can control ambient in different scenes individually like flight and map. (I think Tracking Station map use the same slider setting as flight map)
  6. Starwaster

    What does everyone think of my wood computer?

    I love wood.
  7. If it's temporary. I wasn't aware 'most' people don't like them. News to me. Honestly, they're a big part of what drew me to Scatterer in the first place.
  8. It depends on it has animation FX (or anything that implements IScalarModule) that you DON'T want the UI to show up for in the part action window. For instance if you had a drill that has a science experiment on, you DON'T to hide the UI for the drill so you set it to false. (it defaults to true)
  9. Is his ModuleScienceContainer still on the part? If not it needs patching back in too and containerModuleIndex in your patch might need changing, depending on where the container ends up
  10. I must be thinking of a different part that has no crew capacity at all.... the PBS equivalent of the stock station hub.
  11. Why do you expect that it should have a lab at all?
  12. The nitrogen thrusters are only for steering during recovery; alone and with grid fins (once it descends to where the air is dense enough for those)
  13. Starwaster

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    That's ok for code changes and IFF code changes are required to get it functional for the next release. It doesn't do a thing towards pushing RSS towards a new release.