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  1. The MM thread is a good place to start. I’m wondering though if you’re not having some conflict somewhere though too. From looking at your picture you posted above. Maybe post your logs and see if someone can go through them?
  2. @Conn9823 that’s strange. RF used to convert all stock tanks over. It was not dependent on other mods or packs for tanks, only engines. Last I knew it still worked that way. It’s easy enough to make a patch to catch stragglers if you know how to write MM patches though. I’d throw something together for you but I no longer have a working PC. Only an iPhone.
  3. @Spacescifi metallic shields like that have been considered before. There are two forms that would take. one would be as a heat sink. It would have to have a lot of mass to be effective (so it has more thermal mass). There are several problems there. First: that extra mass you’ve added. Spacecraft designers try to go the opposite direction: less mass. Another problem is after reentry you now have a lot of thermal energy stored up than if you’d used ablative or shuttle like tiles. All that energy has to go somewhere and the inside of the ship is one of the places it’ll be going. That’s bad. you CAN design lightweight metallic shields but you’re basically back to tiles again and I’m not sure they’re really any better than silica based tiles. The X-33 would have used metallic tiles as part of its TPS. They were to have been made of titanium and Inconel (a steel nickel chromium alloy).
  4. Yeah I suppose I shouldn’t say things like that before taking into account that it could get a lighter payload into orbit.
  5. It was probably just a stunt to send something to mars for publicity. It was a bad idea that wasn’t actually planned out. The ICBMs in question were Russian and by their very nature are strictly sub-orbital. So we’re talking hypothetically about a small payload that would have then had to get orbital AND do a TMI to Mars. Or some kind of direct launch to mars. I don’t have my PC available, just my phone so I can’t spreadsheet anything but I just can’t see anything but a small lander with a transmitter saying ‘I am here’
  6. This mod is only a set of configs for Real Fuels. If you’re getting a serious FPS drop then it’s from RF. Which seems to be getting increasingly bloated with RO hooks. I doubt if anyone tests RF outside of an RO environment
  7. @Syczek That error is in Real Fuels itself. I’d report in the RF thread or create an issue on the RF repository. (that said, there could still be a config error in a specific engine in this mod but RF should be handling it better)
  8. I thought (could be wrong) that the components of the chain had to be calculated. Computed? edit: what I thought was happening was that ‘mining’ was just you contributing processing power and being rewarded in crypto.
  9. Hmmmm not sure what’s going on and I don’t think I can’t be of further help as my PC is out of action until my new power supply arrives.
  10. Do it from the RealChutes menu from the space center screen.
  11. 220 mb video. I have to wait 25 minutes for it to finish downloading. I gave up streaming it.
  12. try this. I think it will do what you want. Can't guarantee that there won't be unintended consequences. @PART[*]:HAS[~RSSROConfig]:AFTER[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = true }
  13. Liquid oxygen is paramagnetic, not diamagnetic. And I'm not sure its antimatter equivalent would be different. Assuming that it would in fact be repelled, the repulsive force would be very weak. Probably too weak to overcome inertia whenever the craft accelerates. Definitely too weak to overcome planetary gravity. Edit: Also, just keeping it away from the tank walls won't be enough to prevent boiloff losses through radiation. You need to keep the walls cooled and this magnetic containment scheme is also generating heat.
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