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  1. @Mephisto81 you don’t need to set ROC_VISUAL_SPEED so low. For JNSQ somewhere between 25-125 is low enough. Unless you're trying to stop them showing up at all?
  2. @draqsko yes, all underscores are turned into and stored as dots. That is an internal change i.e. at runtime. It’s not a problem, generally, unless someone tries to refer to the part in code specifically by name, with a hard coded value that does not use the correct name string.
  3. @Gremillion replace GameData/RealismOverhaul/RO_SuggestedMods/SSTU/SSTU_Tanks.cfg with
  4. yeah I hope so too but that might be asking too much given the frustration he's experienced with KSP1....
  5. I found at least part of the problem is that they’re cloning SSTU tanks before SSTU’s compatibility check so I’m going to go do a PR to fix that today.
  6. @RobK I’m not surprised that it didn’t fix any issues with parts losing resources. I don’t know what I might have said to make anyone think it would...
  7. No it has to run last or at least after all that cloning. (that's why I put :FINAL in there so it runs last no matter what) Well crap then I have no idea. All I know is the SSTU RF compatibility patch runs in :FOR[SSTU] and the cloning of those parts happens in :FOR[RealismOverhaul] so the cloning takes precedence over the patching. SSTU ends up patching only its own parts. I'll see about getting someone to fix the timing of the RO patch or to do the patching oureselves
  8. @Gremillion put the patch back in that I posted a few posts back: The problem is: that tank is a clone of the MFT-A and it's being cloned BEFORE SSTU patches any of the MFT parts
  9. What about the normal MFT-A tank? Lander tank?
  10. @Gremillion no, this is what you want:
  11. @Gremillion scoured the logs and the cache and don't see why it's happening but things aren't being patched that need to be. (sound familiar?) @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks],@MODULE[SSTUModularPart]]:FINAL { @MODULE[SSTUModularPart] { %subtractMass = false %subtractCost = false } } The above patch should render the mass = 0 patch unnecessary. You should be able to safely remove or disable it. If the above patch does NOT fix the issue then you don't have the right version of SSTU installed. What that does is basically tell SSTUModularPart to opt out of all mass and cost manipulations so that ModuleFuelTanks can take over responsibility for it.
  12. What is being Ok, not understanding what's being inquired of me... Though I do see some serious glaring error in @Buflak 's config snippet there. Whatever patched that config needs to be taken behind the woodshed and executed with a gunshot to the head regardless of whether it worked or not, SOMETHING did not patch that in correctly and it needs looking at. Yes it worked because the first name, type and defaultScale are all that got used but the fact that it's in that condition says it was written badly.
  13. You did that and still had the negative mass issue? Can you upload a copy of your log files (either KSP.log or preferably output_log.txt if it exists) and from your GameData folder ModuleManager.ConfigCache file? Preferably to DropBox or to some other upload site. (DropBox is best because you get lots of free storage and it doesn't try to serve up ads to people needing to download from it)
  14. I inquired about that in the SSTU thread because as far as I was aware all you need i the SSTU update and that's all I have myself and it's fixed for me. But did you install that as a complete reinstall to remove the possibility of older files sticking around? Because the update (I think) also depends on a few things being turned off in the patch... maybe try completely deleting all trace of SSTU before installing the latest one.
  15. @Shadowmage re the mass issue, I thought the most recent SSTU already patched itself appropriately? Isn't that what these lines do? (the one for mass and the other for cost?) I'm didn't do anything other than install the latest SSTU (complete reinstall) and it was working fine so I didn't think anything particular had to be done on RO's side. Or is that not so?