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  1. ehhh it's not in an archive so its timestamps aren't going to be preserved... the created date for you is going to be whenever you first downloaded it even if you then overwrote it by redownloading it. The link is fine so as long as the file you have was downloaded after the date/time I indicated then it's ok.
  2. @dlrk @SpacedInvader Any DeadlyReentry.dll file with a timestamp of earlier than 3/19/2020 6:48 PM is broken. Redownload if your file doesn't have that timestamp. (basically I horribly broke something in my attempt to refactoring to make it more resource and garbage collection friendly. Another change I made is to change when DRE runs certain code. So the point at which it might freeze has been shifted from the Main Menu to first loading of the SpaceCentre scene) Clarification: I shifted the code to run at SpaceCenter in hopes of avoiding the conditions that caused it to freeze in the first place.
  3. Semi-private. Go ahead and try the latest one though: @dlrk ^^^^^
  4. Must have forgotten that they share the same namespace. I'll take a look at those when I get a chance
  5. Real Chute 1.9.* compatibility update
  6. @TheRatCircus those logs indicate Real Fuels not Modular Fuel Tanks mod. The two share a common base with each other but you are different mods and if it’s really RF you have then you should post your report in the RF thread. And include a link to the entire log and your ModuleManager.ConfigCache file please.
  7. Some people are still experiencing problems with the test dlls that I provided. Personally, I am not. at least not anymore.
  8. It’s not a Real Fuels issue. It’s probably an RO config
  9. It is worked on when time permits. AFAIK I'm the only one who is doing anything with it from a developmental standpoint. It definitely has usefulness as is but still requires work.
  10. Sorry for not getting back on this earlier but the problem is (in very general terms) that Scrap yard has a problem with persistent values which can change. It needs to be more relaxed when comparing part configs to see if they are the same. And possibly needs a way for fields of certain mods to be blacklisted. (i.e. when it sees that field, don't use it in the comparison) The problem with Real Chutes is that there was a particular persistent value that can (and WILL) change so Scrap Yard erroneously believes that the part is not the same part as what it was comparing.
  11. After placing the part, right click the part. The context menu that comes up (it's called the PAW) is where the option to open the tank GUI is. And yes, it is normal if tank parts have no resources in them when first spawned.
  12. It's just a warning due to the version numbering not matching. It may well run in spite of the warning. Or it may not. No guarantees
  13. @5thHorseman you’re missing a trailing $ ... I think... viewing this on my phone but it looks like it’s missing