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  1. To add to what has been said already, also make sure your RCS placement is balanced. When doing rotational movements, your ship should only be changing angular momentum, not introducing translations. The reverse is also true. Also only keep your relative velocities between the station and your ship small. Go slowly
  2. There are other dividends to be had: Public Relations. Stimulating public interest in the space program. Every space probe should be carrying cameras. Microphones are cool too; for planetary bodies that have atmospheres. Totally worthless as far as actual science returns go but people eat that stuff up.
  3. In the posts for his other mods, @taniwha mentioned he would get to updating those but didn't know when that would be, so he's probably just busy right now. I'd just give him some time. In the meantime the mod seems to work in KSP 1.12 aside from some UI issues.
  4. Minmus. That is, Minmus is what got me to buy the full version. I was playing the demo and I thought it was kind of neat but not good enough to spend money on. All I really saw was Kerbin and Mun. But after a few launches I noticed a bright thing on the horizon. Every launch. I started wondering if it was a large piece of space debris from a previous launch. Then I caught a glimpse of something green on the map. Holy crap it was another planet! I realized its position coincided with the thing I’d been seeing on all my launches for awhile. i started wondering what else I’d missed so I learned to work the map and I saw that there was an entire star system waiting for me. That’s when I decided to go ahead and pay for the full version.
  5. It opens on my iPhone. What browser are you using?
  6. Same. I’m having an urge to see it again. It was one of my uncle’s favorites.
  7. They did have propulsion though. They were ordered to take their ships back to Earth at the beginning so they could be used for 'commercial service' and towards the end, Lowell takes the ship into the rings to hide.
  8. The center engine was shut down to reduce accelleration but that's not going to settle the propellant any more than it's already settled. The reason for limiting acceleration is to reduce stress on rocket and crew which otherwise would have been pushing up to 5g
  9. I’ve only ever had localized swelling due to bites being crush injuries. Then again we keep antibiotics on hand and I probably took some just after. (I say probably because I don’t remember but if I get bitten with a deep puncture then I usually take some amoxicillin for a few days) I should mention I work/live at a cat sanctuary so these things do happen. More often than if I was just a guy who had a few cats as pets.
  10. I have lots of cats and I don't get sick from them. I've never even come down with so-called cat scratch fever and I have on average five new scratches every day. (five at least and that's just how many fresh ones I wake up with every morning)
  11. If you're going to compare with SpaceX, consider that it took multiple attempts to get them where they are today. Now, we hear a SpaceX booster returned and landed back at the pad or on the drone ship and we don't even bat an eye. But remember all the failures that came before. So, no, getting something like that right on the first attempt isn't the norm.
  12. SE: the words are random SP: I gain the ability to cast the spell Crushing Despair” on anyone no matter where they are in the world.
  13. Whenever possible, use ModuleManager patches instead. I too make lots of changes to my game including to the installed mods and those changes are immune to any reinstallation. Those patches lives inside a folder named zzzMyTweaks and it has been with me since at least KSP 0.25 and it's the first thing added to every new KSP install when the game updates.
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