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  1. I've amassed a small collection of handy Module Manager configs that I use whenever I play KSP, but none of them are really worth releasing on their own. So I'm not. I'm releasing them all together. Github Repository This repository contains a wide variety of configs. There's one to make the Mun more realistic, one that dynamically fixes Parallax compatibility with SigmaDimensions, one that makes SunkWorks engines cheaper, and a bevy of small tweaks to the tech tree; some of which support the stock tech tree, Community Tech Tree, and Unkerballed Start. I've included a folder that slightly buffs USI Life Support parts, and there are 3 more involved tech tree mods that add new nodes for SunkWorks, DeepFreeze, and WarpDrive (Interstellar standalone) to the Community Tech Tree/Unkerballed Start tech tree. There's a small patch here that adds Astronomer's Visual Pack support for Minor Planets Expansion bodies- mostly glows for the airless worlds, but also clouds and a Scatterer atmosphere for Ervo. There are also new science logs- one for Minor Planets Expansion, and one for Parallax_StockTextures(which replaces some existing science defs, and adds new ones). Both support stock and DMagic Orbital Science experiments, and the latter also supports Crowd-Sourced Science. That's about it. More details are in the readmes on the repository. I might add to this in the future, too. The Mun Realism config works well with my Minmar Kerbin Rings mod, which places Minmus close to Kerbin. Without any additional patches, Minmus and the Mun are close together. Mun Realism is meant to be used with MKR- and if you do, I've made a small modified delta-V map for this combination of mods. MIT License Copyright (c) 2023 Lithobraker Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  2. Originally created by Starstrider42: https://github.com/Starstrider42/TestFlight-Configs The mod was never updated again since 2020. So, I've decided to adopt the config pack to revive, update, modify and expand it. This will be known under the new name "TestFlight-Stock" although you can still call it "TestFlight-Configs Revived" if you like. What is TestFlight? TestFlight is an add-on originally made for the RSS/RO/RP-1 massive mod-suite that gives engines failure rates and modes, just like OhScrap and Kerbalism, and records reliability and ignition chance seperately. However, it also includes two unique features of it's own: Rated burn time and throttle curve. The former refers to the ability of an engine to perform reliably for a certain amount of time: After it passed that threshold, the failure chance increases significantly. Some engines also have TESTED burn time, which provides another certain amount of time where you can keep burning the engine after the rated burn time safely, and culmulative burn time, which means that the engines' rated burn time will be reset again after being shut down for a while. Throttle curve is an entirely new feature of TestFlight that provides unique throttle response rate for some liquid fuel engines. Just like OhScrap, an engine will become more reliable the more you fly and test it out. An engine can acquire at most 10000 "du" points through launches/flights that can help increase the reliability of the part. I thought TestFlight already have it's own config pack, why use this? TestFlight Config Stock, the official non-RO pack for TestFlight, is no ModuleManager config add-on. It's actually a set of JSON files written in order to lazily attach configs to the stockalike parts, and does not make full use of TestFlight's true potential. With TestFlight-Stock, failure rates are much more balanced and individualized: They will depend on the complexity, propellant type and tech level of the engines, whether being written in the part description itself (whether the part is stated to be explode-y or not is also taken in mind) or from the actual real-life designs of those engines. It also allows tech transfers, which is when an engine shares some of it's "du" with another identical/similar part. Parts can only share technology to those in the same manufacturer, propellant types, design/engineering principles and part families. For more information, visit the GitHub repository down below. What's different between Starstrider's original mods and your's fork? Visit the GitHub page for more info. For a short summary, I have decided to retreat TestFlight support for heat shields, add even more mod supports, balance starting and ending failure rates, fixing the MM blocks originally written by Starstrider to be compatitable with TestFlight 2.0, and more. NOTE: This is a BETA release, do not expect things to work flawlessly. Suggestions are always welcome. If you see a bug that shouldn't be there, feel free to open an issue on Github. DOWNLOAD: Github: https://github.com/Starcatcher2009/TestFlight-Stock/releases/tag/v0.4.2-beta SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3077/TestFlight-Stock (TestFlight-Configs-Revived Now available on CKAN! SOURCE: https://github.com/Starcatcher2009/TestFlight-Stock BUG TRACKER: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/211274-testflight-stock-bug-tracker/ LICENSES: MIT + GNU General Public License v3.0 Supported mods: Cryogenic Engines Near Future Launch Vehicles/Propulsion/Spacecraft USI Exploration/Survival Pack, Sounding Rockets Extraplanetary Launchpads Kerbal Atomics Taerobee Lack's Stock eXTension (SXT) Continued Bluedog Design Bureau (partially) ...More to come! CONFLICTS: OhScrap/ScrapYard TestFlight Config Stock (the official one) 0.3.0 Changelog: Updated configs to work with TestFlight 2.0 and beyond Added support for Taerobee, USI Sounding Rockets, Near Future Launch Vehicles and Making History DLC Removed support for heat shields 0.4.0 Changelog: Complete overhaul of TestFlight Generic Configs Added support for SXTContinued and partial support for BDB Added support for throttle curves Separated electrothermal failure modes from electromagnetic ones Added support for KSP-AVC 0.4.1 Changelog: Fix typos in BDB.cfg and Generic_Engines.cfg Abandon development of Generic_Parts.cfg (sad) 0.4.2 Changelog: Added support for Cyro Engines (credits to Starstrider42!) Future plans As KSP2 Early Access is now released, you may see a significant drop of interest in development of this add-on. There may be further work in porting the mod to KSP2, but as of now, there's no telling which direction I will take on TestFlight-Stock.
  3. About: RealFuels-Stock is a set of configs for the Real Fuels Mod intended for Stock or up to 3.2x scaled Systems. It provides real propellant types (all with their pros and cons), limited ignitions and ullage simulation to all engines. It was originally created by Raptor831, but he was last seen more than a year ago, so i decided to adopt RealFuels-Stock and update it to the newest version (Old Thread) Download: GitHub SpaceDock CKAN - Search for "RealFuels-Stock" Dependencies: RealFuels (Forum Thread, GitHub) (CPR, SolverEngines, ModuleManager included in Download) NOTE: You can ignore the "not supported" message, when launching your game. (Optional) RealPlume (Forum Thread, GitHub) NOTE: Do not install RealPlume-Stock, all configs are already included into RealFuels-Stock If you're playing with RealPlume install SmokeScreen (Forum Thread) Supported Mods: ReStock ReStock Plus Bluedog-Design-Bureau (by @Bellabong) Near Future Launch Vehicles Near Future Spacecraft Tantares TantaresLV Cryogenic Engines SDHI Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit reDIRECT Kerbal Atomics (by @TotallyNotHuman ) Kerbal Reusability Expansion Mk-33 Parts Pack Provenance Aerospace KK's SpaceX Pack and more... a list of all mods supported can be found on the Wiki Others: Tundra Exploration (WIP) Changelog: v5.1.0. New: * Bluedog Design Bureau (@Bellabong) * KerbalAtomics (@TotallyNotHuman) Updated: Squad: * Fix Vector (KS-25 Plume) * New auto-generating RCS configs for unconfigured Parts * Move RCS Pass to :FOR[RealFuels_StockEngines] * PR: RCS Rebalance (@TotallyNotHuman) * PR: Make LV-1(R) and O-10 pressure fed (@TotallyNotHuman) Restock Plus: * PR: Various Config fixes (Fuel Mixture inconsistencies, new Fuel Configs, Rebalancing) (@TotallyNotHuman) * PR: RCS Configs (@TotallyNotHuman) Tantares/TantaresLV: * PR: Fix Andromeda Engine typo (@Bellabong) NearFutureSpacecraft: * PR: Various fixes (Thrust & Mass Balancing) (@TotallyNotHuman) NearFutureLaunchVehicles: * PR: RCS LFO Configs (@TotallyNotHuman) * PR: Fix Hydrolox Config on RD-701/704 (@TotallyNotHuman) Huge thank you to both @Bellabong & @TotallyNotHuman ------ v5.0.1. Misc * PR: Fix unbalanced brackets (@7ranceaddic7) ------ v5.0.0. New: * Include Parts from 1.10 Update Updated: * Fix too low mass on MK1-3 Pod * Rebalancing Misc * Fix Near Future Launch Vehicles B9PartSwitch Tanks Warnings * Basemass/Drymass now dependent on volume * Added Xenon Tank Conversion ------ v4.2.0. New: * KK SpaceX Pack * Mk33 Pack * Provenance Aerospace Updated: * NearFutureSpacecraft: Integrated Fuel Tanks for OE-25 Engine * Squad: Add new KS-25 Engine Config Variant Misc: * Deleted No-RealPlume-Installed Patch (As suspected there were some issues with it) ------ v4.1.0. New: *Kerbal Reusability Expansion *RealFuels Engine (Coxswain Engine) Updated: Squad * More Ignitions for KR-2L Rhino Engine (2-12) ReStock Plus * More Ignitions for KR10-A Corgi Engine (12) ` Misc: *Add KSP Min & Max Version to .version file *Reduce ElectricCharge Utilization/Density to be inline with Stock Batteries ------ v4.0.0. New Supported Mods: *NearFutureLaunchVehicles *ReStock *ReStockPlus *ShuttleOrbiterConstructionKit *reDIRECT *Tantares *TantaresLV Updated Configs: Squad * Plumes Configs * Fuel Configs * PR: Allow 2 ignitions for RE-I2 (@cartersm) SquadExpansion * Plumes Configs * Fuel Configs CryogenicEngines * Fuel Configs (Update to CryoEngines v1.0.0+) NearFutureSpacecraft * Plumes Configs * Fuel Configs Misc: *Adopted by @ValiZockt *New File Structure *Add Configured Parts Tag *"Resolve" no plumes without RealPlume *PR: Resolve some MM Issues (@blowfishpro) Known Issues Due to replacing the ModuleEngines to ModuleEnginesRF in every RealFuels-Stock Config, the "Stock" Plume thats normaly in that Module get's deleted. Thus RealPlume is highly recommended. When playing with Kerbalism: Engines won't fail despite Part Failures turned on. Kerbalism has no integration in the Reliability Module for the ModuleEnginesRF used by Real Fuels. If you find any issues please report them in this Thread or open a issue on Github. Huge Thank you to: @Raptor831 - for originally creating RealFuels-Stock @ialdabaoth,@NathanKell & @Starwaster - for creating/maintaining Real Fuels @Zorg- for giving me permission to use some of his plumes, maintaining RealPlume & helping me with Plumes @woeller - for playtesting & general feedback This work is licensed under CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  4. Nuke's Unlimited (NU) Adds Nuke's Unlimited agent, flags, and common files used in all Nuke's Unlimited's add-ons for Kerbal Space Program. By zer0Kerbal, inspired by @Nuke An original creation of KerbSimpleCo See More Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes: See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) or Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Suggests Also by Nuke's Unlimited by Nuke Nuke's Tiny Parts (NTP) Nuke's Tiny Girders (NTG) Nuke's Experimental (NEX) Supports Either 3 Module Manager Module Manager /L Tags agency flag config red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks @Nuke for the inspiration to create this mod see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) DONATIONS: How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal and it is true. Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
  5. Kerbal Hacks Ltd (KH/L) Space.Just.Got.Hacked.™ Adds Kerbal Hacks Ltd Agent, Flags, and common config files used in all Kerbal Hacks Ltd's add-ons for Kerbal Space Program. By zer0Kerbal, inspired by @Enceos An original creation of KerbSimpleCo See More See our Parts Catalog for part pictures For more images, see our Marketing Slicks Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) Whilst I agree CKAN is a great mod for those that can't use zip tools. I take no part, nor am I interested in maintaining the CKAN mod metadata for my mods. Please don't ask me about it but refer to the CKAN mod thread if you are having issues with CKAN or the metadata it maintains. Beware, CKAN can really mess up though it tries very, very, very hard not to. When I make a serious save / mod breaking change, CKAN will happily update you without you ever seeing a changelog. This means you could happily load your save, not notice the major version number has changed, and seriously break something. I do not like this. So CKAN users must use Kerbal Changelog, because that way nobody can say they weren't warned :). or Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Suggests Also by Kerbal Hacks by Enceos Drop Tank Wrapper (DROP) Portable Science Crate (PSC) Simple Mission Flags (SMF) Hazard Tanks Textures (HZT) Ven's Style Textures (VST) Asphalt Tiles (AT) More Asphalt Tiles (AT) Large Stock Fairings (LSF) Animated Station Screens (ASS) KIS Props (KISP) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) TweakScale Supports Either 3 Module Manager Module Manager /L Tags agency flag config red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks @Enceosfor the inspiration to create this mod see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) Original (0) - Author: zer0Kerbal see Notices.md for more legal mumbo jumbo DONATIONS: How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal and it is true. Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
  6. ## Community “Playmode USI” for Wild Blue Industries mods ## What is does I love the Wild Blue Industries (WBI) mods – MOLE, DSEV, Pathfinder, Buffalo. Great models, useful parts, attention to detail, and lots of good ideas which enhance my gameplay experience, such as the configurable templates. In all my long-term career saves I am also pretty much committed to the Community Resource Pack and Umbra Space Industries (USI) ecosystems, particularly Life Support and Kolonization. Most of the parts I am using (e.g. lots of Nertea’s stuff) have some support or compatibility for CRP and USI. At some point there was at least basic USI-LS support, but then one day the USI config mechanics changed (towards swappable bays with swsapoptions), and those patches became outdated. I used to roll my own, also very basic, based on the CRP playmode in WBI. That, however, is also no longer actively developed. So, instead of trying to patch something that itself might become outdated, I have bitten the bullet and present you the results of my work… integrating USI support (focusing on Life Support and Kolonization) into the WBI mods as a dedicated playmode which can thus be switched on or off as desired. “So it is just some MM patches for Pathfinder etc, not really a mod!” You could say so. It is basically “just” configuration files which are mostly applied using module manager. However, I am utilizing the awesome and powerful “playmode” feature of WBI to do more than just swapping out a part module here and there. With this feature, defining a “playmode” gives broad control over which templates are applied to the different parts, allowing to disable or change a lot of things (which would be totally possible with MM patches alone, but a lot more work). This playmode is built upon the existing “CRP” playmode, with some items adapted also from ClassicStock, but disables, changes and adds some modules (habitation, life support), templates or converter recipes. ## Design Considerations WBI and USI are based on somewhat different philosophies and design principles: * Long-term colonization, especially with closed-loop resource flow, is hard vs. * Early stations and flexible space-camping, short-term habitation expandable to long-term colonization Personally, I do enjoy both approaches and I do not see them as conflicting, but rather as highly complementary for my playstyle. To integrate (Pathfinder/MOLE/etc.) well with USI LS and MKS, balancing the capabilities to account for the different philosophies is important, ensuring that the parts fill a specific niche and are not generally overpowered or useless. What’s In Based on the existing “CRP” playmode, with some changes and additions Specifically, adds in USI-LS as life support system: LS recyclers, LS habitation, WBI greenhouses produce supplies (via agroponics or cultivation), Supplies/Mulch/Fertilizer as resource where appropriate, … Some changes to templates/omniconverters to be closer to the MKS production chains where appropriate Production parts acting as MKS efficiency modules where appropriate Integration of WBI resource sharing/distribution and MKS logistics on the table (see ROADMAP) WBI parts generally don’t enable closed-loop long-term colonization and are usually less efficient than comparable MKS/USILS parts. Keep in mind, though, that WBI parts are already very powerful and useful on their own with their template switching abilities and general capabilities. What’s Out This is not a scientific dissertation about perfectly balancing colonization parts. I have used as-is parts analysis, best judgement, personal preferences as well as the official MKS balancing guidelines. Most things “feel right” to me. Some may be a bit off. There might also be some mistakes on my part. If you think something is vastly off scale, let me know and we’ll discuss it. No repackaging all of MKS’ functionality in WBI parts. It is not my goal to create WBI templates for the complete MKS production chain, for instance. I want the parts to complement, not replace, each other. Some overlap is normal, and some Pathfinder and MOLE modules give you much earlier production capabilities than MKS – but at a cost of generally being less efficient. No “total conversion” of WBI. Pathfinder remains Pathfinder, and MOLE remains MOLE. E.g the greenhouses work totally different from USILS/MKS (you have to wait some time for a harvest, and the yield might be lower than anticipated), and that’s what I like about them as complementary things for my stations and bases. No changes to Tech Tree placements (Stock and CTT). Current placements mean that MOLE & Pathfinder parts come much earlier than MKS (especially in CTT). This makes sense in the overall design (early stations, camping before colonization), fits my playstyle, and I don’t intend to do any changes here. ## Is it safe to drop into an existing game? Short answer: most likely NO! Long answer: it depends. It is based on the existing CRP playmode, but there are some changes. Your active stations and bases WILL be impacted – some positive (LS and habitation functions), some negative (converter recipe changed or outright no longer available). Upon first activation and switching to a vessel there is a high chance of nullref spam. It might be repairable (->see Common Issues and Resolutions), but in a worst case that vessel is no longer usable and has to be terminated. If you are using ClassicStock playmode, DO NOT SWITCH TO THIS PLAYMODE! It is NOT compatible with ClassicStock – absolutely everything is different! All your classicstock resources will be gone, your production chains useless, and your bases decorative only! USI is basically CRP with specific production chains as in MKS, and life support from USI-LS. ClassicStock is very different from this, and fundamentally makes not a lot of sense to forcefully combine with USI. TLDR; Make a backup of your save before activating this playmode! If you are using CRP playmode and have few active stations/bases, give it a try. If you are using ClassicStock playmode, DO NOT activate this for your current save! ## Download, Installation & How to use Install prerequisites (ModuleManager, not bundled!). Any WBI and USI mods are technically not a dependency, but what do you expect this one here will do without them? Download and install mod from the github releases: Install path must be $KSP_DIR/GameData/WildBluePlaymodeUSI !Any other folder path will lead to the templates not being properly found and switched by the WBI Playmode Switcher! Start KSP (your WBI playmode is something <> USI). Use the WBI playmode switcher to switch to playmode USI. DO NOT CONTINUE PLAYING, THE SWITCHED PLAYMODE IS NOT YET ACTIVE! Immediately exit and restart KSP. Your playmode should now be USI. UPDATE WARNING: *YOU MUST TREAT UPDATES AS NEW INSTALLS!* Download new release Delete previous folder completely: $KSP_DIR/GameData/WildBluePlaymodeUSI Unpack new release. Start KSP, LOAD A BLANK NEW SAVE (not your precious long-term career one with active flights!) Playmode switcher will indicate you are in USI (which is not correct, but it doesn’t know), switch to “CRP”. Klick OK. Immediately open playmode switcher again, switch to USI. Klick OK. Exit & restart KSP. You’re good to go now! ## Common Issues and Resolutions ## Support and Contribution Prerequisite: reading the design considerations, what’s in scope/out of scope, as well as common issues and resolutions. If you think something should be added/changed/removed: (Good) make a concrete proposal here on the forum (i.e. “make part x be a hab module with following kerbalmonths” instead of “part x is no good”) (Better) write and test the appropriate configuration / MM patch and post it here (Hero!) make a github pull request And especially regarding issues/support: This mod is community developed, and is in no way endorsed or supported by Angel-125 (WBI) or RoverDude (USI)! DO NOT GO TO WBI OR USI THREADS WITH SUPPORT ISSUES OR QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS PLAYMODE! If I find out that Angel-125 or RoverDude are pestered with stuff from this mod, I might have to consider pulling this. Thanks for your comprehension. ## Credits WBIPlaymodeUSI builds upon and existentially requires the excellent "Wild Blue Industries" mods by @Angel-125. Config files in this mod are based on, adapted from, or outright copied from, config files which are the creative works and intellectual property of Michael Billard, and are licensed under the GNU General Public License, v3. Wild Blue Industries is a copyright trademark of Michael Billard. All Rights Reserved by him. See: https://github.com/Angel-125 WBIPlaymodeUSI builds upon and existentially requires the excellent "Umbra Space Industries" mods by @RoverDude. Config files in this mod are based on, adapted from, or outright copied from, config files which are the creative works and intellectual property of Robert Palmer, and are licensed under the GNU General Public License, v3. Umbra Space Industries is a copyright trademark of Robert Palmer. All Rights Reserved by him. See: https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries ______________________________________________________________________________________ ## ROADMAP [done] bring onto CKAN Evaluate integration of resource sharing/distribution/logistics mechanisms o Side-by-side running, or o Integration, or o Complete replacement of one system with the other More work on the production chains and load/efficiency thing Evaluate support for BARIS Supporting upcoming features in USI Konstruction and LifeSupport (USI's Workshop and DeepFreeze alternatives)
  7. I made RO configs for Tundra Exploration's Starship. I tried to make it work with out a reaction wheel but that was pretty much impossible. It is possible to make it work without a reaction wheel but the fuel balance has to be PERFECT https://github.com/Suyash-Jevaria/KSP-RO-Starship-Configs
  8. I can't be the first person with this problem, but I also can't figure out how to Google it to find an answer. Is there a way to control (or at least know) what order config files will be loaded within a single plugin? For example, I'm making some parts FAR-compatible, but I have another patch that does a rescale. Is there a way to ensure that the rescale happens first so that I can scale up the aerodynamic properties for FAR correctly (e.g. "MAC = 10 * rescaleFactor")? If the FAR config is loaded first, the scaling won't happen correctly. I naively tried to append ":AFTER[my_far_config.cfg]" to the "PART" preprocessing function, but that doesn't seem to work EDIT: Okay, so I think I get it now. The functionality I wanted was to have a name that I could reference for the load order. The way you do this is with the :FOR[arbitrary_name] command, which is used only once in a config file and specifies basically a timeslot in the load order. Then, :AFTER[same_arbitrary_name] refers to the timeslot immediately after that one, which is why you can't have multiple BEFOREs and AFTERs in the same step. Is this right?
  9. Features Adds new size based categories to Filter Extensions for the VAB and SPH. Size filters range from 0.35 to 30 meters. There are also sub-categories within each size. Installation Unzip to \GameData Dependencies Filter Extensions Module Manager Downloads Spacedock GitHub Source License CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 Change log Please report any issues here or on GitHub, thanks! Pics or it didn't happen...
  10. So I'm trying to use Module Manager to suppress smoke exhaust effects from engines in atmosphere, as well as surface jet blast. Both of those grind my system to a near halt while flying in atmosphere. Here's what I've cobbled together, but I'm not a code guru so I have no idea if the syntax is right. Can some of you guys check me here and/or offer ways to do this better? Basically I don't want big puffy clouds of smoke behind my jet/prop/rotor/fan engines in the atmosphere, and I absolutely don't want downwash kicking up dust from the surface - both of which are major performance killers for me. Here's what I've got: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines]] { -fx_smokeTrail_light -fx_smokeTrail_medium } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleSurfaceFX]] { @maxDistance = 1 } Or how about this... @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX]] { @EFFECTS { @PREFAB_PARTICLE:HAS[#prefabName[fx_smokeTrail_light|fx_smokeTrail_medium]] { @emission,* = 0.0 0.0 } } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines]] { -fx_smokeTrail_light -fx_smokeTrail_medium } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleSurfaceFX]] { @maxDistance = 1 } Yes? No? Help me out, oh coding masters. Thanks!
  11. [1.2.X] Mod's Cloud Configs: Custom made EVE configs that add clouds to planets in the stock game or to planets from mods. How can I help? -Just ask me to make a cloud configuration for a certain planet pack (must be kopernicus planets) and specify what you want the clouds to look like and I will see if I can make it. Once posted I will mention who suggested the cloud config. Currently posted configs: Outer Planets:https://spacedock.info/mod/1219/Logan's OPM Cloud mod V1.0 (this was my first ever mod, it is pretty shoddy so might take it down once I put up a better one.) OPM: complete visual overhaul(coming soon)
  12. I'm new to KSP modding, so I would like a bit of help with this part I am trying to make just for myself to sort of get into it. I've no desire to write an actual plugin. If this is in the wrong section I apologize as I wasn't exactly sure where to place this. But yeah. I can't get my part to consume any sort of resource in the config and it's driving me mad. It works without consuming anything so I'm not entirely sure what's going on here. PART { name = mk2blackrose module = Part author = Alexander mesh = mk2FuselageShort.mu rescaleFactor = 1 node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.9375, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0 node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -0.9375, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0 node_attach = 1.25, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 TechRequired = advScienceTech entryCost = 18500 cost = 12000 category = Utility subcategory = 0 title = Mk2 Black Rose Oxidizer And LF manufacturer = Enigma Tech description = This airframe fuselage has a built in Oxidizer and fluid fuel generator. It requires a large amount of electricity to perform. attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 mass = 0.49 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.3 angularDrag = 1 crashTolerance = 50 breakingForce = 50 breakingTorque = 50 maxTemp = 2500 // = 3000 emissiveConstant = 0.8 fuelCrossFeed = True bulkheadProfiles = srf, mk2 MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = False isTweakable = False OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel rate = 8 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = Oxidizer rate = 8 } INPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge Rate 1.0 } requiresAllInputs = true } RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 0 maxAmount = 400 } RESOURCE { name = Oxidizer amount = 0 maxAmount = 400 } } Any help on this would be super appreciated, thank you.
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