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  1. S-1D is definitely happening but yeah, probably as a top priority for the next round of parts after we've caught back up. But it's up there since it isn't a particularly hard thing to make and I know it's very popular/requested. It's definitely in the cards at some point, more a matter of figuring out how/where to make it happen. This isn't flyback Saturns - this would be the variety of recovery plans for the S-1, S-1C and S-IVB using parachutes and heatshields and such. I never really planned on doing Big Apollo, I've never seen much about it. Part of wh
  2. the plot thickens Heads up y'all, I'm getting my second vax dose in a couple hours, so we'll have to wait and see how I'm feeling as the weekend goes. If I don't stream I'll still probably wind up having some progress to share.
  3. Wasn't feeling up to streaming this weekend but got some good work done on the Apollo command module
  4. No promises if I'm honest, just not a priority. It (along with the Conical Big G) needs the Saturn revamp done first though, since the S-IVB diameter drives their bottom dimensions.
  5. Unfortunately the crew tunnels aren't really possible to fully realize in KSP, it would've been a lot of work for something that uh, might be a bit geometrically dubious. I mostly focused on the externals apart from the MOL service module.
  6. Stream done, some progress on the LM. Mesh is in a much better place now. More greebles to add and lots and lots of texturing to do yet.
  7. Dev Stream (idk I don't have anything witty to say) Working on the Saturn V revamp a bit more I guess.
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