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  1. That's not possible without additional mods.
  2. Oh, to address this - I had to upscale the fairing diameter to 3.5m. At 3.125m the size ratio was off because the core is overscaled (2.5m is too big for an Atlas V, basically) and it was REALLY obvious that the fairing was too skinny. The Atlas V 5xx's profile is pretty distinctive and I didn't feel comfortable releasing it like that.
  3. Also, Jso has continued to update the wiki, most recently the Skylab page. These images he's been making are so cool!
  4. CobaltWolf

    Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    What's wrong with B9 (Part Switch?)?
  5. CobaltWolf

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    That is great! The ability to separately toggle the neck ring is very nice and useful for storytelling/machinima stuff.
  6. Meant to respond to these this morning... Yeah it's nice to give people insight into my ongoing mental breakdowns I checked this, I can confirm that the part is using the correct "Vixen" name in both the in-game name and description. The real engine IS called the "Vexin" and is written as such in the part's internal cfg name, and yes should show up as Vexin if the RealNames patch is used. Awesome as always! I am glad I held off on replying, since you seem to have made some edits and added some more comments! First, splitting the download - that is addressed in the FAQ in the OP of the thread so look there for a few more words on the subject. Basically, it's a lot of work to split things up, and maintain separate packs, for somewhat questionable gain. It is (at least to me - do people not agree with this?) trivial to just delete the folders in Bluedog_DB/Parts/ that you don't want. In general I'm really mostly in this for making the parts and stuff like balancing and documentation are pretty miserable for me to work on. I don't know much about KSPedia entries, other than they are a real pain to set up and edit. A wiki page for the Skylab parts is definitely one that I'd like to see made, though again I really don't enjoy working on documentation like that (they're really, really time consuming if they are going to look decent, and can be really easily be made outdated) and so it's really on @Jso's schedule for if/when that gets done. The only Skylab expansions currently in the mod (unless you count the Venus Flyby Module) are the parts to make the Spacelab from Eyes Turned Skywards - the differences should be pretty obvious from this image. I texted Jso this morning and we both could have sworn the Apollo had lifting reentry characteristics already. I'm not sure what happened, but he made a commit to add it today (including what looks to be a B9 switcher for shifting the center of mass, like the FASA Apollo does in RO) but said it isn't working right and needs some trouble shooting. I don't have any plans (or really, interest) at the moment in doing the Skylab reboost module, since it's a fairly complicated part that doesn't have a lot of other application, and it's really only useful for that one mission. Same goes for the Power Module that the Shuttle was supposed to deliver. It's not that I don't think they're cool, there's just other stuff related to Skylab that I find way cooler and would rather spend time on than the Shuttle-Skylab stuff. Also, I'm not entirely sure what I did with CxAerospace (I believe we have APAS-style docking ports that use a rescaled version of his but that's it) but that would be almost two years ago at this point. Lastly, I'm glad that you like the mod even if it's not always the easiest to use. EDIT: Also, to note - just because I don't enjoy working on documentation and the like, doesn't mean I don't want it to be available! So if anyone wants to help I'm sure it would be appreciated by both myself and the community.
  7. Either way I'd have to make sure there's a node flush with the 3.125m mating surface (normally the fairing would just sprout from there).
  8. Hmm, I should maybe make a toggle to add a interstage node... in case you wanted to put an LDC upper stage on it? lol.
  9. Quick update post - the Atlas V 5XX fairing / outer interstage and the inner interstage are done being textured! The rocket looks a little doofy, I'm pretty sure it's because the core was rounded up to 2.5m (that's ~4m IRL scale, while the real one is 3.81m). Next step will be getting them in game. The Peacekeeper parts were supposed to be done, but I got carried away fixing up the textures and some other issues...
  10. CobaltWolf

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    My jaw is on the floor because THAT IS AWESOME!!!
  11. That looks awesome!! I had some vague plans for when/if I redo the Saturn stuff, the Saturn 1 Block 1 style engine mount would be a 4-5 engine mount like the LDC mount for E-1s, and a plain cylindrical Saturn 1B style one for the H-1s. Yes - I have made the vast majority of the parts though even some of those have been made by other users - the RD-180 model was donated to me by @PickledTripod for instance - and @Jso does a ton of work for balancing, bug fixing, and the limited coding the mod requires from our custom plugin (which is used for things like the animated decouplers and extending engine bells), however the mod really would not be ANYTHING like it is without a TON of user contributions over the years. Also, if anyone is worried by the fact that the Github download is something like 600 megabytes right now, don't worry, it will probably be less than 200 mb once I delete all the duplicate files and compress the textures to DDS. Yes they do, I fixed that and updated their descriptions. Uh oh, I still need to fix that... thanks for the reminder! AWESOME. AWESOME.
  12. Sounds like it needs Tantares LV for the Energia/Zenit parts for the booster.
  13. I only corrected the thrust/ISP on the R-7 and Proton engines, so the rest might still be a bit suspect. R-7's stage 0 and stage 1 slightly changed thrust and majorly nerfed ISP but the upper stage got a substantial buff to thrust and ISP. Proton first stage got a thrust buff and minor ISP nerf. The second stage got a thrust nerf and ISP buff, the third stage got an ISP nerf and thrust buff. This is in line with the balance solution we have for BDB, which uses the IRL ISP values and 1/4 the IRL thrust on sea level engines and 1/2 the IRL thrust on vacuum engines (because in KSP you don't have a 12 minute ascent to build up velocity from your upper stages like you do in IRL or RO)
  14. Glad to see this finally getting shared!