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  1. Come back we miss you <3
  2. Yes - because DDS files are saved flipped upside down... for some reason? I don't know why, it just 'is'.
  3. Did you make a separate image? It is probably flipped vertically, trying mirroring it to flip it upside down and resave it. Can you post your KSP.log (located right next to the game exe) and a screenshot of your Gamedata folder?
  4. CobaltWolf

    Help with texturing

    What do you mean 'align with the background grid'? I'd check your UV export options and make sure there's nothing weird (exporting at a non-square resolution for example, maybe). I don't use either of those programs but I'll see what I can do. Can I see what your model looks like right now?
  5. The longer ones that a fan made and gave me are getting redone, what's wrong with the others? EDIT: Just kind of a general note, but these parts are still *far* from being done. There are a lot of touchups that need to be done to what you can see (I'd like the raceway at the top of the first stage to be blended back into the tank shape, like the real one, for example) and the parts that you can't see in the stack - the tank endcaps, for example - haven't been started yet at all.
  6. I figured some sort of notional "BDB... In Colors!" could take care of that and similar things...
  7. Some more screens I took yesterday that I forgot to upload... the white first stage (ie, covered in ice as it would be when flown) isn't really possible without duplicating the 4K texture sheet the Atlas V uses, but it's kinda nice to look at... the Centaur Tanks *will* have switching.
  8. CobaltWolf

    [WIP] KewtSAT Development Thread

    Worth remembering that in this day and age, it's usually easier to get details such as bolt heads in the normal map, as opposed to modeling them in.
  9. CobaltWolf

    Help with texturing

    Neat image! Here's advice from the man himself (KSP's former head artist who pretty much codified what consistency there is to the game's style) As for the foam insulation, basically you just need some subtle noise in your normal map - hopefully that gives you some keywords to follow up on EDIT: Some more thoughts... learn how to bake AO (Ambient Occlusion) to give your parts a less 'flat' look, and definitely download open up the textures on some of the stock parts. I wouldn't base my UV unwrapping techniques off them, but the more detailed parts like the Mk3/Mk2 spaceplane parts are good for reference on style.
  10. Still very WIP As well as an older WIP with a quick test of the tank in exciting citrus flavor
  11. Well if you can build 3 you can build 4 Since 4 is just the 3 but with Blue Streak boosters... anyways, yes I'd absolutely love to make the Europa 3/4 core some day since then you could orbit manned payloads on these bois, not just satellites.
  12. That would be my responsibility - we started looking into it but didn't get far. Fortunately I have a lot of visual reference on the real one...
  13. Hasn't every iteration of Vostok had similar issues?