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  1. No idea what part y'all are talking about. I was thinking about SCORE the other day, just for historical purposes. Yeah you can pretty much build 1960s SLS in BDB lol. I don't know, I need to do a final pass on the AES LM variants since those were left pretty unfinished. I know I'd like to get the stuff currently in dev released.
  2. "lite". Lol. Yeah, an adapter part from the S-1C to the SOCK ET is probably doable at some point. *shrug* Wasn't me?
  3. I know you're semi-joking, but I'll leave a serious reply. Personally, I don't want to be responsible for the whole Kerbal part modding scene. Part of our refusal to handle shuttle stuff is to leave it open for other people to do (and of course, Benjee's SOCK is absolutely sublime). I think most of us would rather focus on our niche we've carved out and keep adding+expanding on it. Of course, I'd love to see others take on different areas of spaceflight with the same amount of care and attention. But setting hard limits for BDB's scope (stop laughing, I'm serious) keeps it much more manageable. The other reason is I've never managed to fly a Shuttle in KSP so idk how to make one from scratch lol
  4. I don't think "admitted" is the right word. It's not like it was a secret - it was what they were explicitly ordered to do. The S-1 stage was, from the very beginning, a crash program to develop a 1mil lb-thrust stage in a very short time period and with very low budget, which is what led WvB to reuse the hardware and tooling from the Jupiter and Redstone rockets, primarily the former. So I don't think anyone had illusions about the S-1 being an optimized stage - it simply wasn't, and everyone knew, but that's not the worst thing in the world. Mass fractions matter way less for first stages, and I believe the S-1 stage held several perceived advantages in cost and ease of manufacturing, not to mention keeping a large aerospace contractor employed. So overall, very much an example of performance not being the only important thing in the real world. There's a lot to read about it in that chapter of Stages to Saturn. Regarding replacement, the ETS Saturn 1C is notably implausible. There was never a proposal for a single F-1 powered stage. They were much more interested in the INT rockets which promised to cut costs by minimizing the number of stages that had to be kept in production. The S-1B stage, which shared no commonality with the Saturn V, was pretty much always going to be the first to go. Out of all of them, only the INT-20 (with reduced engine count) seems to have held any real promise. The transfer of flights from the S-1B to S-1C stage would also help reduce the unit cost of the S-1C. I think the ETS style Saturn 1C only makes sense in a world where NASA is committed to abandoning the Moon and Saturn V, and of course IRL we got the Shuttle as a result. We realized the J-2A-2 performance assumed some sort of nozzle extension, which led to me creating the separate J-2A-2 part with the animated extension. The variant in the J-2S model was subsequently commented out. Oh, also, since I've been meaning to respond to this for like a week - yeah, go for it! If you just make a pull request with the updated cfg we can review it and merge it in. I'm sure whatever you have is better than the current cfgs which I don't think have been touched in years. On that note - yeah, if anyone has personal compatibility cfgs they've made? Please feel free to share them / make a pull request, we're happy to redistribute them so that other people can take advantage of them.
  5. Fregat didn't exist until the 90s. Some sort of OWS with LMSS/MOL derived expansion modules on the MDA I know we're planning on adding at least MORL parts to round out the Skylab-diameter station part set.
  6. Forgot to mention it here, but I finally got around to making the 3x S-1D. This is more appropriate for an INT-20 type build with just two stages (the build in the pics kinda sucked tbh). I could also see it being useful with a longer first stage and 2+2 UA120s or something...
  7. yeah but probably not without a significant amount of work in between I think?
  8. Ill have you know I own the collectors edition, complete with magnets, flair, pen, TPS notepad (with fish guts), mouse pad, and, of course... a red swingline stapler.
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