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  1. Well, not to set any expectations but I *did* unwrap the S-IVC engine mount the other day. Didn't get much done re: texturing it I'm afraid.
  2. You know the stock radial attachment port? The original plan was to make Skylab-style versions of those, using the same 0.9375m/0.625m attach point design as the rest of the station. If everyone likes that idea I can be sure to include it in the reelase. Very nice! Some day I'll get around to those... Not that I don't appreciate your work, but I want the Multibody to have more bespoke textures and UVs. Unrelated, but I noticed that the Saturn 1 texture sheet hasn't been updated... soooo, yeah. Only the S-IV IU and tankage, as well as PART of the S-I tankage so far. Also, I have reached kind of a road block on the Venus Flyby part design-wise; trying to figure out how much work it will be to get past it. Stay tuned I suppose.
  3. [1.3.1] James Webb For Kerbal

    It's a 2 stage lifter. Boosters are considered stage 0.
  4. The ETS moon stuff is 'out of scope' for BDB, as it is based on the Constellation Altair architecture and unrelated to the LEM. However, I get what you're saying and indeed any further moon architecture in BDB will be based on modified LEM hardware. I already have plans for at least two different modules - the Early Lunar Shelter (which some people may remember as having been partially modeled already) and the SheLab. as you pointed out, that will require extensive modifications to the LEM Descent stage to clear off the various hardware specific to the original configuration. It will be a bit of work, but I have to make a new texture sheet for any further LEM updates anyways. Rest assured, it's on my list.
  5. Yup! I was seduced into making it by some friends. It's basically one part... Of course, to do it I'll basically get the alternate SLA with detachable panels some people have asked for, for free! OwO
  6. [1.3.1] James Webb For Kerbal

    It's ok I guess, I rate 11/10
  7. I'm not sure what you mean. Last I checked, the petals are supposed to open before the CSM is released, is this not the case? Aha, you have run into the well know, but little understood bug of 'Cobalt is a lazy piece of trash that forgets entire functionalities during revamps'. I forgot to make the new switching geometry, though the new iteration may take advantage of mesh switching instead of autoshrouds so that people could potentially use 3 engines at once... see, this is why it's great when people try and break the stuff on Github! Similarly, I must've accidentally adjusted the thrustTransform of the Inon in Unity, which in turn offset the RealPlume. In short, the cause is not somewhere between your keyboard and chair, but between your computer and a blue, mangy, alcohol-soaked wolf.
  8. No problem, I think i know what it is. The rescale cfg universally rescale all the Saturn parts, then goes back and adds exceptions/overrides. I was mostly concerned with the adapter below the IU being the right size (since it needed an alternate model) and forgot to check the IU itself. It's an easy enough fix. Gah, hopefully the forum merges my replies. Anyways, don't know anything about the extra stuff since I didn't make it. (Worth noting the official Block IV MM is coming this update) as for crashes, I have never encountered a crash testing BDB that i don't know the cause of, and that's in a mostly stock game. Now, saying 'it must be another mod' isn't fair, since plenty of other mods work fine together! so if we can track down what in BDB is aggravating another mod (or, indeed, perhaps the game engine) we'll see what we can do to fix it.
  9. Glad you like them! Make sure you check the RCS options as well. In some of them. They're not a priority and I don't make them myself.
  10. Sure! They already have basic descriptions but could probably use something better. Same for all the new stuff I've uploaded today. On that note... The basic Centaur parts have been 'mostly' updated. I think if I have this much time free next weekend as well I might be able to get the remaining Atlas / Centaur stuff pretty sorted.
  11. Oh, yup I caught that when I was doing some quick testing but forgot to fix it.