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  1. Broke: Not being able to mod due to children Woke: Training said children to be mod slaves in the part mines
  2. It's Wally Also, for brevity, here's a short Twitter thread on today's Mercury progress. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the retro pack, I think. The plan is to make the retros and posigrade motors separate from the metal "tub" which will basically be a hollow shell with the straps, which acts as a decoupler. I plan to also add a monopropellant pack that fits with it as an "advanced Mercury" retro solution (imply its HTP in the description?). This shell would also have the MA-10 variant that gives more supplies for extended missions, probably as a B9 switch.
  3. Wow. I can only say, in the most empathetic way possible, that I can only begin to imagine how that must feel. I understand why you'd want to keep that save going. I wish you all the best, but unfortunately we can't move forward without taking advantage of new features offered by both progressive game versions, as well as the progressive updates of our dependencies. If sticking in 1.6 works stay there Don't feel like you have to update.
  4. Agena Target Vehicle? Old news, last season, boring. In keeping with my recent pace of work, it's time to immediately forget it and focus on the new thing:
  5. Hey all! Stream's still going and I'm going to be back soon. Figure we'll be testing GATV and ATDA by the top of the hour.
  6. BEWARE - PIC HEAVY POST As promised, GATV progress update... I know a lot of people have been patiently waiting for the Gemini Agena Target Vehicle to get refreshed. I finally decided to throw myself into it and am honestly kinda having a great time with it.... So as you can hopefully see here, there are unique models and textures for some of the existing Agena parts - the tank and avionics for example. Remade are the Agena docking port, L-band antenna, materials bay, SPS packs and nose cone. New are the spiral antenna, micrometeoroid detector, and running lights. Plus a bunch of dedicated ATDA stuff. There is probably still a couple more new things to come... Here's a look at the GATV with the new nose cone. I have a specific idea for this - it will attach via nodes to the docking port. Those nodes will also match the nodes for the PFairing patch, AS WELL AS the PFairing nodes for the generic 0.9375m port - meaning you can use the nose cone for other payloads! The textures and detailing on the node cone (and honestly the rest of the model) is, obviously unfinished. A note on that red package above the materials bay - that's a micrometeoroid detector package. It's going to function as a standalone MM detector, but also be a required part for the materials bay to balance its smaller size. I want to try and find a second experiment that would also work standalone, and as a required part for the materials bay. As a note, the materials bay is ahistorical but was necessary to get the proper length, and I think it's a fun kerbalized interpretation of the GATV. Lighting the GATV accurately is an undertaking. I'm working on adding placeable running lights in green, red, and amber (amber ones are still placeholder in these pics). Those are using a trick from @Nertea to add an ambient backing glow to make them cast light, wherever they're attached, without needing to add light sources. I'm still adjusting the falloff on them. The docking cone needs some more external detailing. Additionally, there are two dedicated lighting systems in the Target Docking Adapter (the name for the docking assembly) itself - the Acquisition Lights and the Approach Lights. I might try and bake light maps into an emissive for the Approach Lights - only way I think I can get the inside of the cone to illuminate through bounced light which is what they partially did IRL. Quoted text below from I CAN'T GET THIS TO EMBED, BUT CLICK FOR AN EXAMPLE OF MY GOAL FOR THE TOGGLEABLE ACQUISITION LIGHTS You can see in the above image the Status Display Panel. I'm going to try and have a trick animation to make some of them unlit until hard docking is achieved. Thanks again to @Nertea for some tips on the emissive. Hopefully the little hooks on the bottom-inside of the cone will animate too. Those weird little spikes you see sticking up from the edge of the cone are the Static Discharge Fingers. Let's see, what else what else... Here are some pics from Maya from earlier yesterday, so a lot isn't as far along, but just because I don't have any good shots of the ATDA setup... Also, I've gotten the lighting tuned better in Maya... Also the various GATV lighting systems look so good in Maya... I just hope I can match in Unity. Again, these are older than the images earlier in the post.