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  1. Yeah, I don't think the scanners could possibly hurt anything and it's kind of amusing to know what they are measuring.
  2. Did it have any sort of modules on it that would agitate the game? (I haven't looked at your part, nor any other the stock engine plates, so I don't know) More just asking to know if I need to comb my own parts to check for similar bugs.
  3. The image show the Star-37FM thrust profile provided by Orbital ATK and the equivalent thrustCurve calculated. @CobaltWolf, feel free to use these patches for you Star-37/48. Looks nice! We'll have to see what @Jso says, he handles stuff like that. I know some of the rockets have curves from the ATK catalog - the Castor-120 for instance. I don't know if the STARs have them.
  4. It wasn't, the release got delayed a couple of days. They must've just hidden the thread.
  5. I think so! I wound up with more room left than expected after the 30XL was done, and I don't have anything else planned for that sheet... We'll have to do a bit more research to figure out what it should be. I was picturing sort of a pancake with RCS jets on the side, but apparently that's not the case... would it have a control core in it? We wound up removing them from the OAM and PBV. Part of me also wants to make a set of payload adapters and satellite separators since I've seen a lot of them in the users guide for these rockets. It's worth noting that, upon looking at the diagrams a bit closer, I don't understand where the attitude control for the GCA comes from. It says that they are mounted on the GCA skirt (the outer structure in the bottom pic)
  6. Alrighty, follow up post from the stream. Yesterday I squashed some bugs and made some fixes to things: The Venus Flyby Module shouldn't throw errors anymore - the animation wasn't named right in the cfg. The Atlas 1 (Bossart) rocket has a new paint job, part of the ongoing effort to improve the finish and feel of the rocket since it was released only about 90% finished. The speculars and normals should be better now, along with some white painted accents, to match the real-life satellite launch vehicle variants. Please let me know what you think, there will probably be at least one more round of adjustments. See below for a pic, though I believe it was a work in progress and changed a bit more before I was done. The SR-120 SRB now has the same raceway as the other Peacekeeper parts. The Castor-30 SRB should have a better, more detailed finish now, which hopefully helps compensate for how bare the main case body is. Additionally, two new parts made it in game! First, the Castor-30XL: (Note that there are no canon launch vehicles for the 30XL in BDB... and no, I'm not going to make Antares ) Secondly, the STAR-37 made it in game. As I said before, we decided to only make the 'V' (vectoring) versions of the STAR-37/48 since KSP doesn't model gyroscopic stabilization. On that note, does anybody think they'll ever use the 'basic' Antares over the one with the RCS? If not we might as well remove it before release to spare people the part bloat. I have another part I might use the texture space for anyways. Pictured here is the STAR-48 on the left (not in game yet, though as you can see its close) and the STAR-37 on the right.
  7. Indeed, the parts are very cool. The author seems to go for periods of time between updates, I'm sure we'll ssee them again.
  8. This mod is no longer under active development.
  9. moreover, that's a different Kosmos (there are two rockets called Kosmos in real life)
  10. I looked at yours - your interstage is way nicer than mine! I'll have to figure out a way to make mine cooler... Which will be happening very soon since I'm booting the stream back up on Twitch! Sorting through some bugs real quick then I'm going to be working on the Star-37/48! Or the Castor 30XL... haven't decided yet, might be nice to be done with the Peacekeeper texture sheet.
  11. Your interstate looks a lot cooler than mine... I need to add some variation right now its just all gray
  12. Oh, forgot to share - the Star-37FMV got UV unwrapped last night. Me and @Jso agreed that we should only include the vectoring version, partially for part bloat and partially because the gyroscopic effect that helps spin stabilized stuff stay on course isn't represented in KSP. I will probably be able to get it and the Star-48BV in game this Sunday.
  13. Hmm, can anyone confirm? There are two S-II engine mounts now (by the way, we can combine them into a single part using B9PS if people would like me to do that?) so I might have missed one. Thank you! Yeah, which stinks since I really like the first stage tank... But yeah, the standards of my research back then were far more, erm, lax... I would like to redo Titan (at some distant point in the future) and if so that sort of stuff will be fixed.
  14. Very cool! Makes me want to finish the engine mount! And redo the Titan SRBs.... Hmm, maybe. I just kind of threw them together based on old ones and haven't had a chance to test them all. I'm sure there's more stuff that needs it (if anyone feels like doing RealPlume stuff hit me up)