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  1. CobaltWolf

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    nee-nerr nee-nerr
  2. CobaltWolf

    Kerbal reproduction?

    I've definitely come across visual depictions of this but I don't care to share them here.
  3. @Pappystein @schoff123 alright then, I suppose I have one more question - for my purposes, they would essentially be mounted angling away from the nozzle to allow gimballing clearance, and apart from that they would be essentially a fixed, stationary part of the end cap from our perspective? ie the actuation would be buried and not visible?
  4. CobaltWolf

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    @SQUAD re the history portion of this weekly, there was actually a very interesting article recently on the images returned from Lunar Orbiter. The images themselves were much higher quality, but until recently we only had access to significantly degraded images made available to the public.
  5. CobaltWolf

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    I personally like the cleaner design of the newer suits, simply because there is less strange distortion than the old suit. With all that said, I'm curious what will happen for the orange suits.
  6. CobaltWolf

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    I like the color pattern on the original helmet better (white + red accents, as opposed to gray + white accents), but overall the suit and backpack seem much improved. The white+red+blue suit has my vote EDIT: Something that might be nice is having the red-accent suit replace the Jeb+otherimportantkerb suit, since the red ribbons were only worn by the mission commander (so they could easily be idenified from the non-ribboned LMP in photos)
  7. Thank you, that is very helpful! However, I am still puzzled by the Castor 30 which uses a different method of actuation than the STAR 48 and 37 that @Pappystein posted. While those work pretty much as you expect - they are perpendicular to the nozzle, with one end fixed to a stirrup and the other fixed to the engine bell. However on the Castor 30, you can see the actuator below the nozzle in this image, it almost appears to be jammed in the space where 'Flexible Joint' is written on your diagram. Also note that it appears that one end of the linear actuator appears to be more or less floating and not connected to anything other than a cable. Strangely enough, I was able to find who makes the actuators for this specific model of engine. Didn't tell me a whole lot though.
  8. CobaltWolf

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    go away, bother @Daishi
  9. I for one like the traditional Tantares gray soyuz quite a bit
  10. IIRC was that not a station, but a spare Almaz converted to be a giant satellite? In any case - if a purpose can be found, I think it should be made! More variety the better.
  11. Well, it sounds like the Realchute.cfg in the compatibility folder was it. Thanks for helping me figure it out! EDIT: Well, I don't know WHY the config would screw up... it shouldn't activate unless there is a "RealChute" folder in your gamedata, @KnedlikMCPE do you have one somehow?
  12. Alright, can one of you do me a favor, and go into Gamedata\Bluedog_DB\Compatibility and delete the RealChute folder, and tell me if that fixes things? The config hasn't been updated in over 2 years so I don't know why it would be screwing up now. @Skyrunner84 if you do this make sure you uninstall RealChute as well!
  13. But, everything is working now? I am not sure what the issue would be other than perhaps the RealChute configs were running when they shouldn't. Me neither! Had to take the last couple of nights off to take care of Real Life TM but hopefully I'm going to be able to kick some more stuff out the next couple of days.
  14. (I don't know why you cut part of your post, forums aren't instant messaging, you can reply to older stuff ) I had to go dig up our old conversation about the dimensions for the MX stages. Good news is, I threw them together in Maya and they seemed to be scaled properly. Bad news is, I can't find anything on how the nozzle extensions worked You mentioned 3 actuators, and I was able to identify them in photos from the Nuclear Museum but they don't appear to interface with the non-extending part of the nozzle. (Twitter link has an image in the third tweet or so from that series) Related, but I am struggling to understand how the actuators for these solid engines work. Near as I can tell it's just some linear actuators jammed up inside the mate between the embedded nozzle and the casing, but that doesn't make much sense to me - it's not like they're pushing against the nozzle with any sort of leverage. I'm sort of in a holding pattern for detailing the nozzles on the 1.5m solids as a result, in addition to what I asked about above. One issue I'm noticing with these revamps is I am spending a lot of time doing research, collecting photo references, etc because I really, really, really don't want to have to remodel all this stuff again. I want it to be right the first time So, if I don't have an answer or solution to something, I will err on the side of collecting more information before I commit. EDIT: I have been informed that all the MX-Peacekeeper stages use Liquid Injection TVC, but that doesn't answer the question for the Castor 30/30XL and the STAR-37FV and STAR-48BV, which use some sort of hydraulic actuators. I suppose the Burner 2 equipment could be a 'strap on' part, but it wouldn't look as nice (I couldn't bake the AO shadows in if I did that) and would be fairly single use I'd think, or at least, difficult to make useable in other configurations. I suppose thrust vectoring would be possible, but in that case I think I would combine them. Either have the existing STAR motors with minimum hardware (ie just the actuators, not the boxes and cabling and such on the real 'V' models) but with wiggleable nozzles... or, I don't know what else. Will have to make a pt 2 post this afternoon since I had some more things to share, but for now see how the Athena-II is taking shape. I think I've settled on the Castor 30 version being the one represented in BDB, since the Orbus 21 will have to be for IUS and I don't feel the part would be able to fill both roles. This image also illustrates a bit how overscaled Scout is in BDB to fit within stock sizes... EDIT: If the Athena looks a bit too short, it might be. I need to check the lengths of the Castors, and I have been leaving a little extra room for decouplers.
  15. Hercules BE-3 0.3125m Solid kick motor STAR-48B / "PAM-D" 0.9375m Perigee Kick Solid