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  1. The stock reflective shader is a joke I don't know yet. I won't add TU as a dependency, and the stock shader is bad. (see above) Not sure yet. It's a tradeoff between ease of building and flexibility. As of now I think at the very least the legs are going to be separated this time. I personally, am not. There's a chance someone else might make one. It's one of those things that doesn't really lend itself to working in KSP; you can't really pack a rover in the bay unless it folds, which... yeah. Some people have suggested sorta doing a Packrat type
  2. I don't think we actually have one anymore, closest thing would be this. Another day, another LM stream. Working on the engines, SLA, and the last of the antennas today (probably).
  3. Hey, just a small heads up, but I'm planning on doing a dev stream tomorrow morning. Hope to see some of you there!
  4. Yeah, the LM (by the time it flew it was simply the Lunar Module, LEM would be a useful distinction for referring to the developmental models but not enough people would make that distinction) is modeled off of some really good orthographics I found from NASA. With that said, pretty much the entire ascent stage needs some serious work getting the topology of those silly panels to be right. The windows probably also need to be redone, the geometry is disgusting right now I did start on the dishes though, and I modeled the plume deflectors in. They won't be baked into the AO this time, and
  5. Probably want to use a Thor or Jupiter first stage then. Probably not, the current update is the aether and hasn't told me whether all its bugs are fixed or not Speaking of not knowing what's going on with the current release, I realized I haven't posted the current state of the Apollo CSM: This weekend I think I'd like to start on the LM? Since I want to get everything basically modeled so that I can verify everything fits together, before I actually start texturing. Last night, Apollo the Gecko was helping me do some research on it. As I pondered, my ass
  6. The Redstone is a fairly anemic rocket, so I'm not surprised you're having trouble getting a useable upper stage + payload into orbit. Maybe try replacing it, or at least the engines? Never too late to learn
  7. Well, IRL you're usually designing payloads to fit the LV - so if you have a bunch of spare weight, usually that just means the payload doesn't have to be scaled back / receive as much weight savings as otherwise. Overall I wouldn't think that a probe payload wouldn't effect the TWR of the LV that much, if that's your problem..? EDIT: Oh, also, Apollo dev stream starting!
  8. Jamestown - I could see it being added some day, but no time soon. Once the Saturn/Apollo revamp on the essential parts is done, I'd rather get more LM variants than something completely new. Sea Dragon - Uh, sorry, no. I'm not interested in making stuff on that side of the AM/FM divide If I had my way, they'd all have realistic throttling Not like it makes it particularly more difficult. Also, heads up if anyone is around, I'm planning on streaming for a couple hours this afternoon once I take care of my housework. (Sorry, Pappy)
  9. Think I found the issue - here's the one that "should" be 3.125m - see the launcher it's spec'd for? The current one in BDB is based more on this drawing (which is the cover art for the Big G '69 report, btw, so I trust it more)
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