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  1. I'm not planning on doing Saturn C-8. There's actually a reason past "it's ugly" (it is) - it would require a lot of single-use parts in new sizes that would only really be useable to build... well, Saturn C-8. I'd rather do uprated Saturn V variants and such like that, which would be lego'able to make lots of new crafts. On that note - my partner is working at the hospital Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'm planning on trying to stream Saturn development at least two of them, not sure which or if I'll just do all three. Will keep y'all posted.
  2. Aside from the payload carrier designs they sketched out, I think you can imagine the implications of an engine with massive delta V and TWR... I've had a long standing (if personally unrealized) interest in including Timberwind in BDB since it's a nuclear engine that isn't NERVA, which the Restock NERV is a pretty clear replica of.
  3. Yeah, if you find any more that need them let me know. @OrbitalManeuvers don't worry about being a pain - it's literally just opening the Unity scene, dropping a transform, and clicking a button to re-export it. If you log it on Github then it'll just be something I take care of when I feel like closing issues. Any I add are always named "cameraTransform".
  4. For some reason they generate power edge on. I haven't figured out why. I've received several reports about that myself. I might need @Jso to take a look - as far as I know the nodes are good.
  5. Same dealio as yesterday - streaming a little Armored Core: Nexus while I finish waking up, and then finishing the Hexagon parts!
  6. Waking up with a little Armored Core: Nexus before working on the Hexagon some more. Hopefully in game this weekend?
  7. From what I remember, it seemed like a strange, erroneous statement whenever I came across it. Able, or at least Vanguard-Able, used (I believe) helium for the pitch and yaw, with a separate propane (why?) system for roll. My guess would be the "new" system wasn't really that different from the POV of the actual thrusters - the change was either in better control from the avionics or something to do with exactly where the RCS propellant came from.
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