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  1. BDB says trans rights I need to fix a bunch of issues people have found with the Atlas parts, but for the most part they're done. Once I get that done I'm going to keep getting LDC stuff ready for some serious texturing tomorrow. I'm planning on streaming starting some time tomorrow morning.
  2. There's definitely ways to expand Skylab if you're not building it exactly historically. Docking ports on the aft for instance, or using the radial structural nodes to add more nodes to the MDA, or whatever. Personally I like the idea of using the Gemini/MOL parts to make modules for it. Hopefully that will be a bit easier with some of the newer stuff - I haven't shown everything I've been working on. Pre-stream starting in a few mins over on Twitch! Working on finishing the Atlas SLV-3X stuff tonight!
  3. I think the Gemini needs to be remade from scratch at some point, but that's a big project for right now. I'm pretty carefully not making anything that would have to change after something like that, just want to add more Gemini add-ons to give people chance to use the new rockets for crewed payloads. The IVAs for the Gemini pods were actually made by @tg626 specifically FOR those part, so they fit a lot better than the FASA Gemini IVAs that we used to use. One thing, I'm not properly representing the offset crew tunnel in these new parts. It's a lot of work for something that's going to either be a) covered up or b) incompatible with other parts. I am going to probably make the SM a proper Restock white for this update, though. I'm not sure what you mean about the Thor? I don't see the association between that and the Star-13.
  4. Hey all! Planning on doing a dev stream tonight. Going to finish these Atlas touchups and get the SLV-3X parts in game! I'm looking to start around 6 PM Eastern, over on Twitch. EDIT: Completely unrelated to what I'm going to be streaming tonight, here's some Gemini update pics. That's probably going to be the last chunk of this update - giving y'all some more Gemini parts to use these new LVs with! So, first off, a proper Gemini LES, that will be useful for keeping crews safe when launching on rockets bigger than Titan IIs. Here's the MOL crew section sporting one... And here's a Gemini Ferry with one... The LES design is based on this, from the MORL Ferry studies As you can see, other Gemini parts are taking shape. The updated/more accurate MOL, Gemini Ferry, Big G 1969, and more station parts. Here's the old MOL RCS next to the updated version. Some people have mentioned they didn't like the old endcaps, here's the new standard 1.875m station endcap. Unwrapped and AO'd but not textured yet. Here's a better look at the Gemini Ferry Equipment Section. This and the MOL equipment section will be a single part with a B9 switch, since the change is mostly just aesthetic. You can see the various consumables tanks etc in there. Same as before, unwrapped and AO'd but basically untextured.
  5. Like I said, I have a bunch of stuff to try. Reducing the intensity of the seams is one of them. idk about atlas texture switching. It's not really set up for that. It's a 2K texture sheet that maybe 1/4 would be used for a texture variant, so I don't want to waste that much RAM... Are you sure your B9 is updated? The switches for both of those parts change the nodes, but that feature was added sometime last year.
  6. So, I have been doing some touch ups to the Atlas. They're stuff I've been meaning to do for a while but haven't gotten around to. Adding some more raceways to add more accurate details and break up the model a bit more, I'm probably going to do some touchups on the engine textures, I want to add a B9 switch for the booster skirt so that it can have 'caps' to look right with other tanks... but, yes, I'm experimenting with the metallic shader again. This is a picture of what I left off on last night - you can grab it from the Github if you want to see it yourself, a single picture really doesn't do reflections like this justice. I spent at least two hours adjusting the settings in the shader and the textures. I'm not happy with how it looks right now. I have some more ideas to try, I'll see if I can test them tonight. Remembering some lessons I learned in my rendering classes... There's at least two different ideas I have to make it look a lot better. Basically, I want to give people a reason to remembers Atlas exists this update Improvements to the Atlas upper stages, unfortunately, will have to wait until next dev cycle.
  7. Yeah, it all works fine as long as you update the dependencies. Those parts were in game like that for years before B9PartSwitch added those warnings. The parts in question have actually been remade completely from scratch, which is why I didn't spend an afternoon fixing those errors.
  8. I more just meant, there should be two more clamps on the sides, higher than the ones on the front/back.
  9. You should! I have never felt it is hard, just takes time and commitment to learn + get good at it!
  10. Yeah, the Atlas Centaur also has a stretched first stage vs the essentially "unmodified" Atlas-Mercury EDIT: Perhaps more correctly, the straight stretch is replaced by the adapter, the adapter isn't simply placed on top.
  11. Atlas SLV-3X fuel tanks I experimented with it already last year. Idk. I'm still not really looking to make a lot of use of that shader. I am planning on letting people just place their own using the Titan 2 retros or the Perfectrons. Very nice! I think your Mercury-Atlas is a bit tall though.
  12. Holding off on making new Saturn parts because I'd like to remake them all from scratch someday, similar to the treatment the Titan parts are currently getting. But when I get there, there will absolutely be an S-1D and more avionics units.