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  1. Couple things... There is a switch on the LM Descent tanks now for the rover cutout. Make me proud, y'all. Also I whipped together a Block III SM, I think I'll take another pass at the textures and try to spruce them up a bit more. Finally... I'm going to stream for a couple hours!
  2. That's me. I have everything mostly modeled, need to sit down and finish it. Probably the next priority. Will try and stream later today if I feel well enough (getting over a nasty cold, don't worry I got tested and it's not covid)
  3. It's looking increasingly likely as it gets requested more... It's something I can look into I suppose. Just the cutout or something. The colliders look like they're already split up... EDIT: @DaveyJ576 How about this? Show me a rover that can fit inside and I'll be more motivated to do it The colliders would effectively be the from the edge of the front leg quadrant to the edge of the side... here lemme just show. You have the pink opening to work with there. Uh, something like that lol Deal with it, lmao. Just don't zoom in on it, it's fiiiiiiine @Zorg, didn't we figure this out? Something to do with the 1.12 docking port changes combined with the existing issue from the old one? I don't believe so, unless you have a third party config. But we also don't really have IVAs... Yeah, I honestly am not sure where we'll go from here regarding the ETS Saturns. E of Pi has been cagey the last few times I spoke, and I take the 10 year retrospective post to essentially be washing his hands of the thing. I do have some thoughts, however: - I've been told the length for the S-IVC is incorrect, and needs to be 2x as long as an S-IVB. I'm not quite sure on that, I believe @Scorpuran the math there. Since the Saturn tanks are all going to have length switches, I suppose we'll just end up with both S-IVB lengths, in additions to others. - And on that note, the dual-engine mount for the S-IVC will be a switch on the S-IVB mount, which also should have a couple more by the time we're done. - The S-1E and S-1F (Multibody) stages will probably be a single part with length switching. Not sure about the colors yet, but I imagine even if I don't get around to making an Atlas Copper texture switch, someone else will eventually. - There will probably be SOFI switches for the cryogenic tanks. - There is already going to be some form of 260in decoupler, for the AJ-260s and LRBs, so there will be a proper decoupler for the H03. Not any time soon, but it's definitely something that I'd like to look into for that sort of purpose. Something that kinda looks like a radiator mounted onto an industrial air conditioner the kerbals salvaged I'm not sure how the actual science/physics break down, but I'd be interested in something that just cancels boiloff for gameplay purposes. It is part of the Apollo-Saturn revamp, since the size changed (I believe) to be more accurate to the Saturns. And as a small thing for this morning, the LMAE and LMDE have a switch for being used with the CSM engine plate. It will adjust the attach node and add the rubber (?) gimbal cover. Note the LMAE still doesn't gimbal, I'm lazyyy Prefacing by saying, enjoy the game however you want! But if I may muse on this somewhat, I like the boiloff as a gameplay mechanic. It balances out the superiority of hydrolox by limiting the situations it can be used in. Yeah, it can be great for LVs and departure burns, but you'll need to figure out something else for going longer distances. Active cooling will change that a bit, but I'd also like that to scale poorly. IE there won't be one small enough for a Centaur, but at a Voyage Ares scale they'll work at the cost of a ton of EC.
  4. Some improvements and additions to the LM... MESA experiment Mystery Goo Some much better images than I can take, courtesy of @Pioneer_Steve
  5. WIP MESA-inspired materials bay experiment for the LM. Also going to create a mystery goo that resembles the RTG fuel cask.
  6. Anyone else like how that one clearly doesn't have a retro module? It's not on my to-do list, no. Maybe some day. I'm more concerned with getting the "iconic" ones done proper. Daaaaayum. I'm still head over heels that it will be a fully fleshed out build and not, like, a single part. I differentiate the two "main" Big G builds by study - the conical one (at the top of this page in the thread) is from the 1967 study, and the 'advanced' cylindrical one (which is in the mod now, but needs to be redone) is the 1969 study.
  7. Let me know if its better (even if not totally fixed) with the latest Github commits. I merged down the meshes on the S-II and S-IVB engine mounts, which I think will reduce the lag caused by the aero FX. I still need to perform that on the rest of the stack, but I believe those would have been the biggest offenders. I'll have to perform the same fix for the rest at some point. Note to self - some sort of fairing shell for the Gemini Ferry. Launching with the solars exposed like that is icky I originally missed how the Big G still had a retro module. I'll have to redo the current one, as well as add the proper conical one. It was pending the Saturn revamp since it's dependent on the S-IVB diameter.
  8. Known issue, need someone to contribute updated CLS configs. https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/1092
  9. I mean, my confusion stems from, uh, it shouldn't have a docking module on it. With that said, I just looked, and it in fact DOES. I wonder why. At any rate, it doesn't have a dockingNode transform so it wouldn't work no matter what you do.
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