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  1. FASA Chutes problem

    idk wandering around
  2. FASA Chutes problem

    god now I can't unsee it
  3. Delta K is already redone, Delta II (with the 3 GEMs) is a very-near-feature task (I plan on making it part of the next release, but this release is also shaping up to have a 6 month dev cycle... again...). Thor/Delta... not really. Like, yeah, those parts aren't aging well but they're far from the worst parts in the mod right now so I'm not losing sleep over them. Yet. Just all the other stuff
  4. Yes and yes. I'd recommend Editor Extensions once the parts are out - the paired mounting points (the side with the pipe and avionics raceway, as opposed to the empty side with 3 SRBs) are at 20 degree increments rather than the standard 15 degree increments that the editor defaults to using.
  5. I actually very quickly experimented with it and couldn't get an effect I liked. In any case, that would be pretty excessive on RAM since the Atlas V is using a 4K texture (that includes the tank, engine shrouds, srbs, interstages...)
  6. Look for a mod about mission access

    Was it this one?
  7. Flips notes Alright let's see... yeah the SRBs are getting done. 2.5m>1.875m interstage is getting redone. A new 2.5m>3.125m combo interstage adapter/fairing base (god I hope it works...) is getting added. The extended Centaur tanks that are in the mod (also by @PickledTripod, as it happens) are getting their textures redone and they will be available in white and orange foam. Yeah, probably not going to happen. Not because I don't want to, trust me I do (which means this doesn't really exclude it just suddenly appearing here on the thread one day as a screenshot) it's just a matter of prioritizing time. And, at the end of the day, the current SM works and isn't atrociously ugly.
  8. I vote for handling it the same way BDB does so that any complaints are shared between mods
  9. Eh... Oooh, Hoo's is real nice... Is the SaturnMB.cfg still on the GitHub? It should be removed, there are actual models (not MM configs) for those parts now.
  10. As previously mentioned, Atlas V dev stream starting in a couple of minutes.