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  1. The forks stay extended. Just actuate the bolts on the ring port. The forks only fold to make them fit in fairings better.
  2. All three Ranger series and Mariner 2 are getting added - I was asking if people had any particular feelings about including Mariner B. If nobody cares I'm not going to kill myself getting a few more parts in. But, if people think they'll find use for them... well, it's only a few more parts. The extra parts would be... probably the magnetometer/truss, solar panels, and the double level Ranger bus.
  3. Awesome! Glad @Zorg could help! Yeah that's probably just me being a big dum then.... dang. Ok. Well, I literally cannot fix it until like a week from today since I have to go innawoods and try to get enough food to last through the winter. Ranger Block 1, Block 2, Block 3 and Mariner 2. Quick mockup of Mariner B - would people want to see it? Note how it reuses some experiments from Ranger Block 2 and Mariner 2
  4. You're using the ELTT variant of the lower tank and the EELTT variant of the upper tank? If so then yeah, I definitely messed it up somehow. Weird, I literally added together the lengths of the two Daleth tanks, subtracted the length of the ELTT lower tank to determine how long the length of the EELTT upper tank. @Dragon the basic idea is the same as for Titan, just trying to embed it in B9 switches instead of separate parts. An upper and lower tank for the first stage. Stretch both to get the longest core (EELTT), stretch just the lower to get the intermediate (ELTT) and keep them both short for the shortest (LTT) Well the problem is those parts, like specifically the Scimitar antenna, definitely haven't changed in years and definitely worked. So I have no idea what would be going on. My first thought was maybe you had RemoteTech installed... but while I don't know if there's working RemoteTech configs for the Scimitar, I know there definitely hasn't been a RemoteTech compatibility update since before the Sonne antennas were added. If you have the time, can you follow as much as the post linked below as possible? (I swear I'm not trying to be rude by just linking it - I am so bad at giving support I had to look it up myself and it turns out some things I was going to ask for are incorrect anyways so glad I looked!)
  5. You're not the first person to report something like that, but I have no clue what would cause it. And I made sure the length of the long variant of both Fenris tanks matched the total length of the two Daleth tanks. It probably hasn't received a proper balance pass yet. Some light reading that I found very engaging while looking for reference for some payload stuff for this update, I'd recommend giving it a read. Editing to add this second article, I need to adjust the part list I think
  6. I can't implement any sort of plugin and... frankly don't give enough of a crap to implement solutions for both BG and IR-Next? The goal was to use a dummy animation and the animated decoupler module to make it so the decoupler stages once the spin is achieved... I guess that would also make the upper stage spin but w/e. It was an attempt, I spent like an hour trying to get it to work the day I got it in game, and haven't gone back to it yet. Ah, indeed you're right! I didn't know that. Only two launches and it kinda gets folded in with the TAT / Agena Ds. Hmm, I'd hoped that the long B9 switches of both the straight tanks would be enough to be right for the Delta II? They're a little plain in the blue texture variant though, will need to address that... Yeah, my basic plan is to just sort of... rip out the RS-27 and verniers from the Delta engine mount and try to save what's left of it. The GEMs need some slight touchups (if nothing else I'm just better at matching the texturing to the Restock style now) and... yeah. I'm a little bit burnt at the moment / have stuff picking up a bit for IRL work / not really rushing since I think my next... two? three? weekends are spoken for. But in the meantime...
  7. Thorad is the Air Force designation, stemming from the original... Douglas? I think that's who would have been making Thor at the time, stemming from a series of proposed upgrades called the "THOR ADvanced". The basic relationship in the 60s between Air Force Thor and NASA Delta development was the Air Force would pay for upgrades (Thrust augmentation, Long Tank Thor, I mean you can even think of the move from the Able type stages to the Ablestar type stages for Delta as part of this), and then once they were flying Douglas (I think) would turn and sell the upgrades to NASA for Delta. Thorad is for all intents and purposes the same as Long Tank Thor, like you said just with a different upper stage. The LTT Deltas even used some of the same interstage adapter structures and 5ft fiberglass fairing as the Agena.
  8. And chance of getting the smaller solid first stage for the WAC Corporal so people dont havr to use that crappy Aerobee I made a long time ago?
  9. The truss isn't a 100% match to make it flexible in KSP. The scale of the satellites etc is correct. Some shots from last night, after the stream... Thor / Agena A Thrust Augmented Thor (TAT) / Agena-B I don't believe this was a real configuration, but yeah. Note the pairs of ullage motors, one pair for each burn. Thorad / Agena-D EI users will note that the Agena-D lacks ullage requirements, due to its unique sump tank system. And an extra little surprise... I want to make the Delta and Agena parts legoable. I need to make a variant of the Delta P/K texture that gives them a more traditional paint scheme. In the meantime, enjoy these... (I know I probably need to make an even longer extension of the Delta interstage. Though, someone also pointed out you could stick the miniskirt on the interstage node for the engine mount and that would probably be cool too!) (Because someone asked -the little thing caught in the bottom of this pic is just the Agena D Equipment Rack, it was a little too close when I took the screen)
  10. Delta 4000 is essentially a 1.875m (forgive me for using KSP scales here) core with 3 H-1Ds on it, and a Centaur D. Centaur E is *exactly* the same as a Centaur T (to the point of simply using photos of a Centaur G+ in the thread), and was originally developed for Saturn 1C. I believe 4000 uses 0-12 Castor IVs, and 5000 uses a same number of GEM-40s. Also, Pappy, Centaur C was one of the developmental versions I'd rather just make it so that the interstage can get decoupled without breaking stuff I *am* doing dedicated SOT parts if you want to wait.
  11. Looks like the RealNames never got updated from the part it was based on. Thanks for the heads up! Keep an eye out for bugs with the stuff in the last release so they can be fixed in the 1.6.2 patch. I gotta head out for today but I hope some people will join me Sunday to see what kind of progress we can make on this Agena stuff...
  12. Well, in any case... well actually I haven't given any thought to making the Corona camera systems so idk, but my point is we're going to be doing the Thor-Agena A pretty soon so we can definitely look at the balance. Oh yeah, I love the cutaway diagram look to them, they're really fun. Just a pain in the butt to make... oof that is awesome and makes me want to make an official blue reskin for the LDC for the next patch... Unrelated, but would people be interested in a set of 1.875m tanks using the Thor textures? Would make for a 3rd "plain-er" set apart from the Atlas and Titan tanks. Thanks Zorg! I agree, it's nice to have the realism of them doing that (and I mean, I already play/fly without throttling + limiting my starts even before running Engine Ignitor full time like I do now) but I totally understand that it makes stuff a pain in the ass, MJ for instance not really knowing how to compensate for it when executing nodes for instance. uh uh uh uh I accept pull requests Yeah pretty much. I did put the spin jets in though. I've seen people have good results with a crasher stage, yeah.
  13. 1) I think everything is going to use interstages moving forward. They're just nicer to use in general IMO - much more flexibility and it also means you can mix and match more. 2) yes, it's a Corona capsule, and yeah it should be capable of... uh... idk "sucking" science out of other parts or whatever. That capability wasn't a thing when I made the old return capsule.