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  1. I don't think so, since it would have to be part of the engine parts, and the insulation is different for each engine. I could do custom ones for each engine but that's a bit more detailed than we usually go with replica stuff. I have someone looking into this. This should be fixed now. Uhhhhh white interstages might be possible. I don't think I could do it for all the tanks though. RE: the second part, I think it actually is! We'd just need to make some changes to the part to split the mesh so it is controlled separately. Blam. That actually might be doable as a part switch, since the SLA already has the payload trusses... could just include that in the switch? Probably worth the effort for all the screenshots people will take Yeah it's on the to-do list. Most of that stuff is planned for the next update after this one, don't worry. I'm more interested in stuff that's missing from the current parts and/or issues people have found that I can try and fix. Regarding Alternate Apollo, I'm not particularly interested in adopting anything. Maybe some day if I get REALLY bored we can try some non-North American CSM stuff. I have some vague interest in making the early LM designs, but idk they lack a lot of the detail that makes the historical one so cool to work on?
  2. I wonder how easily I can bash that out of the Block IV MM... I'm just going to say probably not - none of us are really interested in maintaining two separate sets of parts in that way.
  3. I'll have to see. Since it's half white/half black in the texture, I worry that mirroring it would cause a black line to appear when you zoom out due to the mipmapping.
  4. Yeah I think I made those back when B9 wasn't as capable I think. We could try and combine the non-extending ones. It would be a lot of work to go back and do it though. Feel free to chime in if y'all would prefer we did that. I'm never sure whether players find the B9 variants useful, or confusing for hiding parts. Thanks, I'll fix that. I think the goal is to have one of us touch up all those parts at some point, and hopefully the adapter's texture will fit nicer then. It's definitely from another time, stylistically. Yes, a proper Skylab S-1B scheme is on the to-do. We're actually mostly through the Saturn/Apollo revamp, so if people have QoL feedback like these please keep it coming. It's time to start getting things polished Speaking of which - wide SLA variant. Question: Would people just want this as part switches on the current SLA parts? I think I can do it no problem.
  5. We only do exteriors, any IVAs were taken from long abandoned mods, unfortunately. I don't have any of the assets. To the parts themselves or the engine mount?
  6. In other news, a look at some pre-production for the next release after the main Saturn/Apollo update... This is actually a full Twitter thread, so check it out to see some of the sources and info I used to get this far!
  7. Couldn't an F-1A be throttled to 70%? Anything after the initial order of Saturns would've used those engines instead.
  8. Wasn't quite up to streaming, but I've added a copper texture to the S-1E tank as well as two H-2 versions (250k and 300k thrust) as variants on the H-1D. Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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