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  1. CobaltWolf

    [WIP] Stella Caerulea Exoarchitecture

    That solar panel is so cool...
  2. I agree that the actual gameplay (past the basic gameplay loop of build>fly, that only lasts you so long) needs a ton of work, but that's not the problem of the part artists. I personally would love some fundamental changes to the way Career/Science work though, right now they feel patchwork with the way they've been implemented over the years with no long term design goal (that I can discern).
  3. You're getting sooooo close to homing in on the root issue (that the quality should have been decided from the get-go and be consistent through the revamp)
  4. Ant and Spider are looking fantastic y'all, that's what I like to see.
  5. @Pappystein The ACS pack has a spherical tank under the housing, here's the model I sketched out a while back I was considering having the white conical exhaust tips on the AJ11's shrouded variant. More small progress, I'm warming up to the first stage tank a little more but I imagine there will still be dissent in the ranks. The second stage needs to be scrapped and remade, the interstage needs to be remodeled to correct the proportions (the struts between the holes are too big). Btw, there will probably be some level of hiatus after tonight seeing as Metro Exodus releases tomorrow and that's like, the only new game I am interested in for 2019.
  6. You're way faster at making engines than me
  7. There's going to be one engine to represent the AJ5/AJ7 together. It will just be a little detail. What ground lit AJ11s? The shrouded versions of the engines will have to include some sort of modified exhausts anyways. Ugh, now you've got me thinking about how I essentially have to create extra variants of each engine for the shrouded versions...
  8. Thank you! Something I caught that I'd sort of been ignoring in launch photos, but the GLV exhaust pipes seem really short compared to the other reference I have. Maybe I'll make that part of the "shroudless" LR-87-AJ7 mesh (along with the air scoops) and then keep the longer ones for the shrouded Titan 3 version.
  9. @damonvv made a Titan launch clamp for Tundra Space Center, which frankly you should be using ANYWAYS with BDB especially as he keeps making new pads (well, I think he's focusing on other stuff for the moment). His LC-19 (GLV pad) in particular is awesome! You can see the 4 brighter squares in the image I posted, I'm humming and hawing over how to do it. I really want the Titan 2 parts to be capable of representing both versions without needing a ton of switching, besides having GLV / full gray paint schemes for the first stage. The ACS packs are going to be shared with the Transtage. The 'stringer' construction looks awful right now, I wouldn't release them as they are. But I also haven't played with the tank textures much yet... I have plenty of SRMU reference, but thanks. Not quite worried about that yet. And, one of our researchers basically lives at the NMUSAF, so I can have all the Titan IV photos I want from there. The AJ3, AJ7, and AJ11 will all have their proper colored bells (though the AJ3 is basically white as well..?), I haven't made a decision on the -LH2 variants other than "I don't want to do a ton of extra work for them". With that said, the nozzles are probably the easiest parts to texture... I'm basically trying to get through all the 'base' variants of these and then I can see what sort of texture space I'm left with. Speaking of @damonvv... he was kind enough to make this. And @JadeOfMaar was kind enough to keep refining the custom plume for the LR-87 series (or at least, the AJ7 and AJ11).
  10. Some small progress from last night - slight refinements to the first stage, and a draft of the second stage textures with probably the worst UV unwrap I've ever done, no seriously it's hideous I don't know what I was thinking. I am starting to hate the 'stringer' look that Titan has (and frankly, I can't see them at all in the majority of the GLV photos I have...) because it doesn't look... good. But I also haven't played with it too much past my first experiments with the first stage tank texture (which basically hasn't been touched since) so I'll see what I can do about it. Interstage model is obviously unfinished. I need to put some more effort into understanding the weird panel arrangement of the second stage, and pray my UVs don't preclude anything and make me start over... Sorry for not having a closer up picture of the second stage tank, I didn't think to take one last night. Want to call a little attention to some refinement I've done to the first stage as well. The 4 ribs (I believe they are the hold down points at the bottom, so it's a vertical reinforcement to transmit to load of the rocket into the pad until takeoff) are shaped much better now and capture the sort of 'flared' silhouette that I've noticed in a lot of images of the Titan 2. Additionally, I modeled in the air scoops on either side of the LR-87, which I noticed in a lot of the Titan GLV images. Like I said, the 'stringer' construction is hard to see or even absent from the GLV images I have... Well, hopefully I'll have plenty of time to keep playing with the tank textures tonight, maybe get the exterior of the interstage done. I can already see I need to extend the white part of the first stage a bit higher. Also, @Pappystein no I'm not removing the ablative part of the LR-91 bell it's pretty distinctive. Note the air scoops on either side, forgive the overdone hold down ribs (they protrude a bit less now than when I took this screenshot) and the weird normal artifacting on the stringers. For reference, a good 23G pic and a good GLV pic. They should be pretty high res if you follow the link. Note the hold down ribs and air scoops, respectively. Trying to make this simple stack visually interesting however I can.
  11. I missed that this was the CADS port. I didn't make those parts - they were made by CXG before he left and then adapted (read: resized to 0.9375m) for BDB. But, I can't imagine it would be particularly difficult or troubling to model the colliders for the fins. I believe there was also a line in the cfg that made it try to automatically snap to certain angles (ie the magnetic pull also will try to align the petals at whatever increment they are rotationally)
  12. Nice builds! And welcome to the forums @Machinique! Not sure what you're talking about, I assume you're referring to more than just the 'KSP joints are basically wet noodles unless you autostrut / use KJR' issue? F1 key drops a screenshot into the Screenshots folder of your KSP install, I just go in there, find the good ones (it's like real photography - just keep hammering the shutter and then find a couple really good ones later) and upload to Imgur to share. Finally feeling better! This week sounds like it might be pretty busy at work, but my SO also works every evening until my usual bedtime... hopefully I'll have energy to use that time on making progress. I'm feeling a little frustrated with the LR-91 (I made some small progress last night but nothing worth posting), it's not really feeling right yet. I think I might put some time into the tanks or something. Maybe once the second stage is coming together I'll have a better feel for it all.
  13. Well, I'm not feeling all that better, but I crawled back to the office today... Might as well try and respond to some stuff between meetings. BDB is a living mod, so there's really no way I can promise that there won't be ongoing craft-breaking changes. We try to avoid them when we can, and hopefully the new stuff moving forward won't need to have any short of some fundamental change we are required to make to maintain compatibility or some such. However, I will chime in to say that, similar to how many people defer updating KSP to prevent their mods from breaking, there is nothing wrong with sticking with an old version of BDB until you are ready to update your crafts. I was curious, because I don't remember making changes to the Saturn parts this update, but I checked the Github history of the part and found the commit in question. I'm still a little out of it so I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what exactly the change was just by looking. Incidentally, we are getting a bit better at using Github and the v1.5.1 release was a nice little test run of how we will manage things moving forward. One side effect is we basically got a set of patch notes for free when I merged the dev branch into the main branch, so it'll be easier to prepare real change logs. They probably won't include every single change, but save breaking changes in particular will be easier to find and thus highlight in the change log. I know @Jso used to have one but I don't think they actually matched that well. Procedural Parts, while I understand its place, doesn't really lend itself to looking nice in the first place. As much as I'd like to have better organized VAB part lists, I don't want to go crazy with that sort of stuff unless there's precedent. We were eagerly looking forward to the integration of Gotmachine's fork of B9 Part Switch but as @Saltshaker said, he seems to have disappeared since October. I posted a gif he sent me a couple months ago, showing the SRMU parts condensed into a single part that was selectable. I don't want to go too crazy with that if it ever gets added, especially because I don't want to have too many things hidden, but I was looking forward to using it. A short list of a couple examples of what we wanted to be able to do with it, which for some reason skews towards SRBs: Condense the radial and inline variants of the Titan SRBs Maybe condense all the UA120X SRBs into a single part, which also would let us add more variants (like the missing 3,4, and 6 segment boosters, the last of which flew IRL) without feeling guilty about part list bloat Add the SR-118 variant of the Castor-120 (10-15% shorter, much higher thrust but less total impulse) Add a sea level variant of the SR-119 (for the Eaglet LV family proposed in the 90s I hesitate to go as far as to, say, condense an entire family of fuel tanks, or engines, into a single part like that. But it would theoretically be possible if those features ever finished getting integrated into B9. Great to see this updated! I still am hoping for the "we weren't obvious about having to include the Instrument Unit" solution because it means nothing is broken and needs fixing. So, I was feeling pretty crappy yesterday, but I did get to UV unwrap the LR-91-AJ5/7 and get a small start on texturing it - it's still very WIP, obviously. My understanding is that some of the AJ5/7s may have had the brown/orange looking bell extension, but I'm saving that for the AJ11 variants to help keep them distinct from the others. Apologies for the low res, I had to jump off in a hurry last night. Cleaning up all these engines and rigging them to get them in game is going to be a mess... I'm trying to not think about that too much for now - I am just trying to get all the models and textures put together, since some of the variants will have to be cobbled together from others. As you can see, the 'compact' variant of the LR-91 won't be all that compact. I had a general plan to have the single-bell variants of the LR-87 basically reuse the LR-91 model, just with the LR-87 thrust chamber. Anyone have feelings on that? The vernier will be removed as well, obviously.
  14. I like to trust my players to not be dumb, but results can vary.