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  1. Check out the mod Taerobee, originally made by @Beale but with some later additions from me. It has a kerbalized KSP V-2 (hard with the shape to keep it 'lego-y'), an Aerobee/WAC, and an X-1. Actually, one of these days I need to clean up the last bunch of updates I did for it... I don't think I ever uploaded them...
  2. Could also update the KIS patch included with the mod and make a pull request on Github so it is included in the next release.
  3. I'd hope he did, I was showing him WIP screenshots all afternoon in out group chat.
  4. Fairing base and decoupler for Blue Streak.
  5. You don't need to use trig for the nodes. You can just use empties that are in your parts and define them as attach nodes using the NODE { } module. If you have it installed, look at the BDB Parachute Mount's part config. It's just an empty and the node faces the Z+ orientation. Some other things jump out at me. The windows feel quite big - remember glass is actually one of the heavier materials used in space, and has to be very thick to hold up to pressures. Since you have that bezel on it, you might be able to just scale down the glass on the inside face say 10-20% and it will still look right. Quoting this next one from another post of mine: Finally, the overall paneling etc. I'd suggest taking a look at the tutorials made by myself or the one made by @Stevie_D in order to get the more 'porkalike' paneling look.
  6. Was able to squeak in a bit of time, worked on polishing the first adapter (1.5m, for BDB compatibility and for making the canon Europa) and created the outside of the 1.875m fairing base
  7. @Nertea that is bon.
  8. well yeah that's why he's in jail
  9. Have you ever been to prison? They have computers there br0
  10. why do you think the spork is upset
  11. first
  12. Should be, I made some Github commits yesterday. SPEAKING OF WHICH. Blue Streak engine in game with emissives and RealPlume.