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  1. In some cases this is going to happen. The problem with the stock radiators is that they are very, very good for their size. Like violate the laws of thermodynamics repeatedly. To balance the old radiators with stock I had to use that as reference, here I can throw that all out the window and try for a little more area realism. Unfortunately this does mean that some of the parts I made for HC just aren't useful anymore, like the small fixed radiators.
  2. SystemHeat 0.3.6 Fixed some debug settings being on by default Implemented improved log levels, better handling for log messages overall Fixed fission reactors not updating their electricity generation in the UI or in the NF systems manager when disabled Generic converter patch now ignores converters that don't specify ConverterName
  3. Known issue in last version, it's an issue on GitHub, will resolve with next version.
  4. Nah it was just a minor stupid related to a copy paste error.
  5. CKAN has a couple of different relationships which govern what is ticked by default and what isn't. Not all mods handle this the same way so by just installing everything the software says is checked, you don't get just dependencies, you'll get dependencies and recommended things. A few missing parts honestly frequently resolves to not unlocking things in the tech tree, particularly if added midgame, so I'd check that. You could post some useful debugging things, like logs, as well.
  6. Well yes. It's not reasonable, given the lack of tools and support for ultra-low-thrust engines, to provide realistic thrust levels for the engines. People already can't handle the stock ion engine, which has hundreds of times the power density as well. Anything in that thrust range needs to be scaled to the KSP paradigm, which does provide nonsensical numbers when analyzed with typical rocket engine equations.
  7. Seems like there's no opposition to the ratio change, so I'll do it. I am actually not aware of radiator mods that are not Heat Control . FFT does not include any new radiators by itself. As for beamed power, you might be in luck:
  8. Note that CONTROLLER should be inside the module. I don't know how RO works. Do RO engines still use ModuleEngines/ModuleEnginesFX? If not, the mod won't work and a new controller would need to be written. I'd like to see the whole engine config file, if you could. Also a logfile because this looks like an initialization issue.
  9. SystemHeat 0.3.5 Fixed an issue where the Overlay panels were not reporting radiator performance properly Fixed an issue with fission reactors firing a harmless NRE on launch Fixed an issue where loop temperature could trend below local space temperature sometimes Adjusted radiator patches for HeatControl 0.6.0 Rewrote signficiant pieces of the UI backend Improved behaviour of in-flight loop incrementing, should handle more edge cases, handle reducing the loop number, correctly update the UI Merging loops when docking now works again UI no longer
  10. Heat Control 0.6.0 B9PartSwitch is added as a dependency Square fixed microchannel radiators are now switchable between multiple lengths (2x, 1x, 2/3, half, 1/3). Triangular fixed microchannel radiators are now switchable between multiple angles (45, 30, 22.5, 15) Reworked max temps for most radiators Make sure to install the latest SystemHeat update to use the new radiators in SH.
  11. Glad that worked! I ran a few tests but didn't see any actual bugs - let me know if you can reproduce the situation where that slider gets reset to 1000K.
  12. I didn't catch that this was during gameplay, MiniAVC usually kills games on startup
  13. The problem is ships in flight. Fuel in tanks would not be affected. However, engine consumption ratios are not saved with the ship, so ships would consume at 1:4 but have fuel for 2:3.
  14. Ahh interesting I think I see what is going on overall. I think there might be a problem related to the reactor shutdown temperature being reset somehow. The auto-shutdown value in the UI is automatically set to the reactor's critical temperature when the game starts, but maybe on subsequent loads this isn't happening. I see in all your images the auto-shutdown temperature is set to 1000K, the operating temp of that part is 1600K. So the reactor tries to heat up to 1600K and auto-shutdowns before it gets there so no cooling ever happens.
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