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  1. Due to life, all projects are currently on hold.

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    2. adsii1970


      Do what you gotta do. Life counts! KSP is just an extra spice of life. :P Here's to hoping all is well. 

    3. amarius1


      Good luck bud with what happened. I had a recent breakup while developing my newest planet pack in years and it was bad. Hope you will come out of it alright, no pressure to continue around here. We love you bro.

    4. Danielle


      Best of luck. Can't push life away some times.

  2. Yes, the difference is that you need to use ModuleManager to target the correct BOILOFFCONFIG block inside ModuleCryoTank to add that OUTPUT_RESOURCE block.
  3. Yikes, just to maybe add to this, you need to replace those @s for the values with %s. @ means 'modify', % is 'modify or create'.
  4. Cool - I do have a conceptual fix that will be reverse compatible with Kopernicus 1.8.
  5. What does realism mean to you?
  6. Can you tell me which version of DBS you are using? I have a thought that 2.1.9 is not compatible with Kopernicus for 1.8.1. I'll check it out.
  7. I think this would need a rewrite of how the mod handles templates. Not to support edited templates, but to support generation of edited template files. The reason being is that the plugin doesn't care about templates after they're loaded - it would be quite difficult to go 'back' into the template and write a delta config. Because there's such as easy way to generate effects or templates from other templates though, why not do that? Then you can load your template, do a few changes, and export the effect again. You can also generate delta templates using MM too by editing the target template files.
  8. But this is so much worse, it is 3 interrelated plugins! Some new stuff: Finishing work on integrating this engine. I finished off the atmospheric scooper dealie too. A fun feature it has is different intake model options, which are effective at different speeds. And the new nuclear smelter:
  9. Don't be so quick to assume it is mods doing this - PartSet is a stock class. Typically everything I develop that makes log entries does include a prefix. If you want to complain about confusing nonsensical log message the KSP General forum is around somewhere. In this case it is probably PP doing things, PartSet and SimResource errors are related to the stock DV calculator as I recall.
  10. Download the two releases linked in the OP. Install them as any other of my mods.
  11. If you're curious, the old ion engine used somewhere around 2.2 EC/s, which would map nicely to 1 EC = 1kJ, which is where the original conversion value on my mods came from.
  12. As someone who does probably the most electric stuff with KSP... yeah it's totally out to lunch in stock. One data point you did miss out on is the Dawn engine, which uses about 8.5 Ec/s, and supposedly maps to the NSTAR engine which runs at 2.1 kW (it's named Dawn after all). That gives you a 1 EC = ~250J number. No single part category really maps logically to another category. Pick a standard, easy number (1 kJ = 1 EC is the obvious choice in my mind) and rebalance around that.
  13. So, update. I have now split out patching from configuration, and this is now 2 mods. Waterfall 0.2.0 Split configuration for Restock and Restock+ parts into a different mod Fixed plume scaling in the case where multiple plume parent transforms have different scales (i.e. nuPoodle) Fixed a couple of minor bugs Renamed/restructured templates: waterfall-hydrolox-lower-1: lower stage hydrolox engine waterfall-hydrolox-lower-2: lower stage hydrolox engine, energetic, orange waterfall-hydrolox-rs25-1: lower stage hydrolox engine based on SSME waterfall-hydrolox-upper-1: upper stage hydrolox engine, suitable for orbital engines waterfall-kerolox-lower-1: Reddish kerolox lower stage engine, suitable for energetic lifting engine waterfall-kerolox-lower-2: orangeish kerolox lower stage engine, suitable for energetic lifting engine waterfall-kerolox-lower-3: extra burny kerolox lower stage engine, suitable for energetic lifting engine waterfall-kerolox-sustainer-1: reddish kerolox lower stage engine, somewhat based on Titan 3 engine waterfall-kerolox-upper-1: Reddish kerolox, suitable for generic upper stage engine waterfall-kerolox-upper-2:Red/white kerolox, suitable for low thrust upper stage engine waterfall-ntr-lh2-1: LH2-based nuclear rocket engine waterfall-ion-xenon-1: Xenon Gridded Thruster engine waterfall-rcs-jet-1: White RCS jet Added a set of sounds for authors to use, from KW and NFT and WaterfallRestock 0.1.0 This now contains the configs for restock and for restock+. I've added a few new effects since last release, only a few engines are not covered.
  14. Ooof this is the last time I develop 4 mods at once. Status update SystemHeat is almost at beta state, I have one model to finish and some balance things to test but we're mostly good. Waterfall is almost at release state. SpaceDust is getting... there. Some things are taking longer. First alpha of FFT will probably only ship with discovery, not harvesting. FFT itself is pretty solid. I'm leaving out one planned engine from the alpha test, but the rest are all set. So, I hope to get something in front of testing by late next week.