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  1. That's just stock. Here's the 'reason' from the DBS OP: The problem might be that I have probably not set up the exchanger to talk to DBS so it doesn't know it's using power, and therefore doesn't properly adjust the ship's battery storage.
  2. MEM isn't touched by restock, it's actually artistically pretty good. Just very poorly designed gameplay-wise (I think there's a few threads in the MH forum section that get into that). Restock actually predates most of the revamps! The problem I have is consistency - the stock stuff has none of it. It seemed like for a while that every revamp took a different artistic direction, from styling to colour to surface materials. It doesn't look cohesive, it looks like a dozen different art directors were working on a dozen different plans. I suppose that's not really what happened - I don't t
  3. It's possible but won't be part of this mod. It's a smallish scope though, a great place for an aspiring modder to start learning :). This is nontrivial, I wish you luck.
  4. It should be doable. Have you checked that the final config as shown in the MM cache has your change, and that the final config works fine outside of an MM patch?
  5. Those are old parts, just a better picture that I took when I was playing that looked cool. Added NFP 1.3.3: Fixed missing curly boi in VASMIR Waterfall patch which broke effects for various versions
  6. FFT 1.1.4 Updated Waterfall to 0.6.3 Updated SystemHeat to 0.4.1 Updated SpaceDust to 0.4.1 Fixed an issue with reporting of electric charge consumption with ModuleChargeableEngine
  7. Yep - no worries, just wanted to understand who might be using it. I've been playing pretty fast and loose with the API so if there are real users then I will try to be a bit more careful!
  8. Didn't see this before. Appreciate that you're excited, but things are not at all ready for testing yet. I'd prefer you avoid using them until I give the go-ahead, as there's a strong likelihood of unexpected craft breakage.
  9. It's still a SH reactor, but hopefully will provide a simpler progression - you would use it to figure out how to use a reactor that cools down/warms up (but doesn't need extra radiators) then the various KA engines come in with more.
  10. SystemHeat 0.4.1 Fixed DebugSimulation being on by default Fixed an issue where heat loops that had no producers could run into a divide by zero error, causing overheats Heat loops will now cool down at a rate proportional to the difference between current and nominal temp if all systems on the loop are off Fixed a number of unapplied localization fields on fission reactors and engines Fixed some fields in modules being saved to persistence when they didn't need to be Changed fission engine exhaust cooling to be modeled against propellant flow instead of eng
  11. Can you point me to this? A quick search turned up nothing and I want to make sure I'm aware of any users so I don't cause breaking changes
  12. That's intentional. You can't change assignments outside of the editor, only the number. If you try to change loop numbers to something that is 'occupied' it picks the next unoccupied number If you can't decrement the loop number, that may be something I should look into, at the moment if the slot is 'used', it only looks forward for available numbers.
  13. Just don't use reactors right now please, I know about problems but I have a life that takes priority over modding. I'll get to it when I can.
  14. No not really, the bug Wyzard found is affecting things. Heat needs at full throttle. Use the thrust slider to change that. You still need radiators for the passive power generation. However this is affected by the bug (if you turn off the reactor radiators don't work properly). Turns off the reactor when you go into time warp, turns it back on automatically after. Lots of things changed in 0.4.0. I mean fundamentally what changed from NFE was the following items: Some automation was introduced to reactors overall, there was none before. Reacto
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