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  1. You don't have to do anything, as far as I know. Every tank that is touched by the mod is allowed to have cooling, the non-ZBO ones are just disabled by default. Click the PAW option to turn them on.
  2. I managed to cook my modding computer but it's back now. Some pictures of the process for the 2.5m reactor. Looking at the old one, going to try to preserve some of the silhouette because it is dear to me Gotta keep the look unique compared to the 1.875m one. Components blocked out. Getting to a coherent external detail level. Rolling in the machinery and pipes, nice lineage with the 1.875m reactors, but showing off some size optimizations and more turbines.
  3. Something put a badly configured DischargeCapacitor module (part of Near Future Electrical) in those parts, which broke them, which in turn broke this mod. Likely it is ODFC. I seem to recall some kind of similar bug ages ago with it.
  4. Another option is to open up the debug panel and turn the heat generation slider to 0. This should affect SH parts and make them produce no heat. Thus invalidating a TON of development and balance work :).
  5. This is an intentional 'bug'. You have command all the time because it is a probe core. Also because it's a probe core, it has to be powered. There are no radiators with NFE. Reactors are totally compatible with existing radiators out of the box, it won't even take a ton. They just will not be very efficient. Missing implies I ever did any. Never got around to it.
  6. There is a patch in Extras that switches the fuel types but it isn't dynamic.
  7. Waterfall 0.9.0 Significant stack of performance updates that should increase performane significantly on ships/templates with lots of effects (big thanks to @Al2Me6, @DRVeyl, @JonnyOThan) Fixes to Additive Volumetric shader including fix for atmosphere sorting at night sans scatterer
  8. I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of an internal betting pool for ranking speculation posts. Glad you all like the part! As many of your have remarked, there's a lot of F-1 heritage here in tribute to one of the most famous rocket engines of all time (I'm sorry RL-10, you came in a close second ). This is mixed with some detail inspired from newer F-1 development and surface treatments that draw from modern booster engines that Jonathan has really used to great effect. I'm glad to see people commenting on the beefy, powerful feel - we want our booster class engines to reflect their stats and are developing a distinct visual look for them.
  9. Thank you for everything that you created.FFT is sooooo much awesome.

  10. I mean to be really clear I'm not coming back. I'm just trying to clean up this half finished project. The exact shape of the release is yet to be determined. I haven't decided whether it is best to actually release this as a 'new' mod and keep the legacy one around separately, or deprecate and retire the old parts. Regardless, there will be some pathway to updating with an in-flight save.
  11. You get it by downloading the dev branch from github - there's no specific release package. Slowly polishing the tiny reactors up.
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