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  1. It's weird that it even ever worked with that bug. 1.5 era updates will fix it, hopefully soon.
  2. Nertea

    [1.4.5] Community Tech Tree (May 1)

    Yes that is the best way to do it. If you want to add support for other mods, always nice to ask them first though!
  3. Nertea

    Empty nodes in community tech tree.

    For me it's another distribution method with different requirements from others. It's already a pain to target 3, I just don't want to deal with another that doesn't fit the formatting of my build scripts.
  4. Nertea

    Empty nodes in community tech tree.

    I don't support CKAN. Compatibility is provided use at own risk by community members. I believe that NFA has a specific dependency on a mod whose author has explicitly requested no CKAN listing, so as a result it cannot be listed at all. The command centre nodes were requested by the same defunct mod as the landers, which is actually one of the things that drove me away from the all-inclusive paradigm. Ithought I might have put an SSPX part in them but I guess not. Upcoming NFSpc release should mess around with those nodes a bit, give one or two parts that will probably fit
  5. Nertea

    Empty nodes in community tech tree.

    Much like early CRP, early CTT was plagued by everything-inclusion, which meant that there were a lot of nodes that were added that were used by only one mod. That leads to a lot of what you see above (single-use nodes) or even orphaned nodes that may only have been used by a now-defunct mod. Now both mods only add a tech/resource if at least two mods use said resource, which is good and proper and should be as it is. What I'm saying here is that your quest may be in vain :P. That being said, you might try some of the following notes: - Specialized Command Centers: SSPXr maybe? - Heavy Command Centers: SSPXr maybe? - Specialized Landers: Added for a defunct mod - Heavy Landers: Added for a defunct mod - Colossal Rocketry: MRS? - Advanced Aerospace Engineering: MkIV/NFAero? - Advanced Colonization: Nominally added for USI - Experimental Aircraft Engines: NFAero - Subsonic Flight: maybe KAX, maybe NFAero - Efficient Flight Systems: NFAero - Specialized Flight Systems: NFAero - Gigantic Rocketry: MRS? - Mechatronics: NFLV should have something
  6. I don't know if I fully understand your problem. Some screenshots might help.
  7. Well, it folds up to 10mish, so it fits in a 7.5m expanded fairing. Couldn't make it any smaller, sahry. That seems expected behaviour. The ground is flat, the algorithm will pick the lower deployment possible that makes the slope flat.
  8. Almost all of it. Consider this vs this.
  9. Just so you know I haven't forgotten, keeping an eye on it even though I can't reproduce it. Hey so it kinda sounds like you're using an old version of the mod. There was an issue a couple of builds ago that had issues very much like you describe. Specifically, you should be using version 0.10.2 with KSP 1.4.5. Anything older is unsupported. I just tested things in my current master version (0.10.2 on 1.4.5) and am not seeing what you describe.
  10. Well, I made an issue for it Noted:
  11. For this I recommend @Daishi's US2! Or hide things in those orbital cargo bays. I would rather have an integrated solution before it is released.
  12. I don't have anything specific handy, I'm afraid. Most parts that changed just modified the form mk4-xxxx to nfa-xxxx, if that helps.
  13. What he said, and not enough hours in day to retexture all the crappy looking parts in the mod. I'm working on a fairly major NF Spacecraft update, maybe I'll get back to this after that.
  14. Alright that should be fixed with 1.0.8.