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  1. I mean fundamentally it's because NFE does some background processing, building off the stock converter mechanics, but TAC does something different. Totally internal to that mod, nothing I can do to solve it.
  2. I don't have the numbers in front of me so there might be an issue, it should have the same volume as an LF tank of equivalent size (J64 size should have 32k units). I'll check it at some point. I do not model pressure vessel sizes in tank volume calculation, only the envelope, it's way more player transparent. NF spacecraft is done and will not receive more content beyond fixes. Not as part of this mod.
  3. Nertea

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    There was some discussion in our dev group about SRBs being more useful with TVC. Of course, we aren't changing stock itself, but there seemed no harm in modeling gimbal hardware and rigging the models correctly for it - they can easily be used with gimbals with a tiny MM patch.
  4. Nertea

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    Alright, here's an update showing off the Flea and the Hammer! Two parts, because they're similar and I've kinda shown a version of them before. The Flea is based on the upper stage of a Minuteman ICBM, which gives the nozzle area a decent amount of character but keeps the part sleek. The Hammer is a two segment version with the same nozzle hardware. And a pair of ingame shots.
  5. I have an eventual action to update these albums, but I don't have time to make new renders anytime soon.
  6. Nertea

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    Touching IVAs is out of scope unless I get a dedicated full-stack high fidelity IVA developer (no, laying out props does not count). It's also worth mentioning that those albums linked are pretty old, and stuff looks better now than it did ;).
  7. Nertea

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    It's nice but we'll probably wait to see what the final version of whatever Squad drops is like, then adapt ours to that. I'm not certain I follow, but I guess you mean not do redone variant versions of a part unless they change a lot between variants? We're doing something with a single Boar for sure! Certainly! Hah, this was restock content from the get go. Trying to build some better 3.75m parts for NF Spacecraft and getting fed up with the garbage I had to work with was what finally convinced me to get off my butt and work on the project in earnest.
  8. Nertea

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    A variant is exactly the same amount of work as a regular part, unless it's something low effort like a colour change. Uh, I've done something a little different from the Rhino's concept in the sheet (the J-2 is already in MH), and there have overall been minor changes to make the designs work ingame, but we've tried to be faithful otherwise. Squad's work on the upcoming release is very ehhhh and I'm personally going to take pre-1.5 artistic design as my goal, but where needed I guess we'll support new stuff. A good example is the FL-A5/10 adapters, which used to be metallic in nature and I guess now will be white/black or orange. We already have a bare metal version, so I guess this will be added as a new variant, but I also suppose we'll have to come up with new logical designs for black/white and orange variants. These will take overall goals into account (match with other white/orange parts) but won't follow Squad's design cues unless they are actually good.
  9. Nertea

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    In a technical sense, every variant they add that we want to support adds additional artwork to our plate. And because I have an obsessive need to make every part have a distinct character to it, it adds real design work to be done to take what they've tried to do and build it into our aesthetic
  10. @Critter79606I have an update in the pipe that should resolve this but I haven't had time to put it together.
  11. I should probably remove the engine slides from the OP, but the majority of people prefer the modularity. It also makes the mod way easier to maintain for me.
  12. Nertea

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    It'd be pretty sad if they did, they remain the best assets in the game. Definitely! You can already see hints of this with the LV-N there (though I wanted to preserve the sickly 'nuclear yellow').
  13. Nertea

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    As I mentioned in the OP, I think the stock replacement work has gone in a stylistic direction that is a quite different than the original game. As such, the 1.6 work doesn't really affect this beyond making more work for me (part variants are stupid).