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  1. Just install the mod and not Restock+ There is technically a new way, I just haven't got around to adding it on the wiki yet. Check Restock/RestockPatchDisabler.cfg: // Disables Restock patches for stock parts. // IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO WHITELIST THE PARTS' ART ASSETS // To use, uncomment the follwing @PART entry, and change yourPartName to the part that you want Restock to leave alone :(. // Make a copy with an appropriate value for every yourPartName you want to disable // @PART[yourPartName]:BEFORE[ReStock] //{ // RestockIgnore = True //}
  2. Sorry, API changes from 1.7 to 1.8 and different NET versions means this isn't trivial to do and I don't have the release pipeline to support it.
  3. Thanks! I have no idea if what's in the roadmap will get done, I have lots of other mods and priorities. Used to have a contributor working on those but he left the modding scene. ASET stuff - yes, I accept submitted PRs for this, but personally have no plans to do it myself.
  4. Names are fixed now unfortunately because changing them affects parts. We try to be as consistent as possible, but obviously there have been some divergence, and the engine scheme has evolved, it's typically now only restock-engine-name-version, as engines are fairly unique and identifiable. The overall goal was to make sure that it was fairly easy to find a config from looking ingame and for engines that's the easiest way.
  5. They are my own work yes. Stock tanks are made of orange peels so I'd hope those look better.
  6. There's about a hundred thousand error messages in that log related to a dozen different mods. Lots of things marked for 1.7.x compatability and you're running 1.8.1. about 15 copies of ModuleManager, most not for KSP 1.8. I'd clean out your install and start by only adding mods that work in 1.8
  7. Well....that's the thing. Changing the part names prevents automatic replacement - if you go and edit the persistence file to change the names to the new ones it kinda defeats the purpose of things. The idea would be to take the 6 month grace period and retire or replace ships as possible during the soft period.
  8. Uh, I release development points when I consider things stable enough to not break saves. This is not stable enough, use at own risk.
  9. You could delete MakingHistoryPartHiding.cfg in the RestockPlus/Patches/ folder - this will stop the RS+ parts from being hidden. However there is no facility for doing the reverse quickly. Easiest way would be to go into the various files in Restock/PatchesMH/ and add these lines to each patch: @TechHidden = True @category = none @subcategory = 0
  10. Restock 1.0.1 Fixed lack of bundled ModuleManager Updated Simplified Chinese localization (Duck1998) Fixed an issue with the localization of the radial reaction wheel assembly (#742) Fixed compatibility with FAR in a case where RealChute is NOT installed (#751) Fixed compatibility with RealChute and NO FAR (#756) Fixed Skippper orange boattail texture assignments (#754) Fixed large truss piece collider scaling (#753) Un-blacklisted legacy Squad spark model (we don't have an appropriate replacement anymore) Restock+ 1.0.1 Fixed lack of bundled ModuleManager Updated Simplified Chinese localization (Duck1998) Fixed Cherenkov shroud texture assignments (#754) Fixed x-large truss piece collider scaling (#753)
  11. Well I have that one leg there for tiny things. I think the current set of legs is pretty good for probes though, don't see much point in adding to them here. I feel like I might have made a mod for solar panels. Can't remember though. RS+ has a full set of small RCS for probes as well.
  12. The mod was completely redone. Many footprints were changed, power levels, masses and costs were tweaked, some panels deleted and new ones added. Instead of breaking your craft by changing the dimensions of an existing panel, all panels were duplicated and then modified.
  13. Update 2.1.1 Fixed ModuleLight counting as a generator instead of a consumer Fixed ModuleEngines electricity handling being divided by 100 in flight Changed solar panel body altitude selection to be a text field instead of a slider Solar panel body altitude is now liked to solar altitude if the selected body is the sun