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  1. It's more involved because a fusion reactor power cycle has more player interaction. E.g with timewarp hibernation you would have something like... Timewarp starts Reactor turns off Depending on user capacitor setting, reactor either starts charging capacitors or doesn't If yes, sudden transient power drain If no, nothing happens but now there is a need to charge later Timewarp exits Reactor turns on If charged, no issues If not charged, now need to charge the reactor (takes time) and appropriately queue up a reactor on event once charged (which could take a long time or never) Lots of edge cases in there... Short answer, no, not anytime soon, those edge cases are messy.
  2. No, the old configs just did not apply effects to an engine if Restock was installed at all. This caused players to need to do config surgery if they wanted to install both mods and get effects on a maximum amount of engines. If a player has installed SWE, Restock and Waterfall without WaterfallRestock, that is a user installation error and does not need to be covered by the system. If there are specific parts that are not handled by this system, then it would be best to indicate which parts these were so this can be sorted out.
  3. Appreciated but this is a lot more involved that it looks. There is probably a better solution in the works but have no idea when I will get around to that.
  4. After a lot of confusion I have determined that the master and dev copies of this on github are different, despite no work being done on it since last release. Probably can cut a new release to solve it.
  5. Are you retiring from modding to work on KSP 2 full time?

  6. I'm sure Nate will make me write a dev blog eventually...
  7. I mean yall don't even know what I'm doing there. But let's keep KSP2 speculation in a KSP2 place, ok?
  8. Space Dust 0.4.3 Fixed smaller Sift-O-Tron not being able to harvest atmospheric LF Added action groups to harvester, scanner, telescope modules Made it possible to deploy harvester, scanner, telescope modules in the VAB
  9. CryoTank 1.6.2 Refactored boiloff code Catchup calculation is more robust Fixed inconsistency when displaying boiloff rate (was displayed using different units when power was out vs when cooling was disabled)
  10. Yes but it's very low priority. I'm not tracking any issues related to this. Can you provide more information and a reproducible test case? Have to fix docking ports. Haven't fixed docking ports.
  11. I can't reproduce either of these with the current development version so I don't know whether I've actually fixed this during or something else was happening. I will issue a new release after work but yeah for the 'boiloff at max timewarp' thing, you'll need to give more info, specifically a test case I can test.
  12. Working hypothesis is installing stock waterfall effects without WaterfallRestock.
  13. Well no, I'm literally retiring. I don't intend to make any more content beyond continuing to fix bugs and hopefully pushing the NFE thing out the door. Anything that might have been on a roadmap is probably not happening! Always could change but....
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