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  1. neistridlar

    [1.4.X] Dodo Labs - v1.0 - Stockalike Electron

    BTW. @tygoo7 On the vacuum engine you might want to put the Icon_Hidden tag on the shroud, so that it does not show up in the part selection.
  2. The rules say that passengers need to be in an enclosed space, though I guess that the crew could sit outside. Supersonic para-motor anyone? xD
  3. neistridlar

    [1.4.X] Dodo Labs - v1.0 - Stockalike Electron

    @tygoo7 Just checked this one out today. I have to say the artwork is awesome. The configs could do with a little bit of work, especially the engines, so I spent some time today trying to make it it more reasonable, starting from @elbugliones configs. The first and second stage now has approximately the same TWR as the real thing with a reasonably small (but still massively over size) payload. The engines also have TWR and price similar to similar stock engines. Also, since the engines are consuming electric charge in order to pump the fuel, it seemed a bit silly to also have an alternator module, so I removed that. Also changed the EC capacities and consumptions to compensate, and to be reasonably in line with similarly sized batteries. Also did some adjustments to price of the other parts, and some small mass adjustments, also to bring them inline with stock counterparts. And lastly, the nodes one the engine shroud where a bit of a mess, so I placed them on a perfect circle, centered on the center of the part, and also enabled 4x symmetry, so you don't have to place every engine manually, but can do them either in two groups of four, or one group of four + four individual, so you can turn them off according to @JH4Cs comment. Here is a download link to the configs for anyone that want to use them: Do what ever you want with them .
  4. That should not be much of a problem. If you have the hard drive space for it, I'd recommend a separate install with exactly the allowed mods, and apropriate ksp version only for judging.
  5. @FahmiRBLXian@AwkwardNoah@KingDominoIII Here is a snapshot of the current state of the Judges spread sheet as of today 06.01.2019: As @hoioh said, the actual sheet is not protected, so It would not be wise to share it with everyone (though the KSP forums is probably not the worst place to do so). Also do note that some things are not perfectly accurate or up to date at all times, which is an other reason not to have it open to the public (though if someone would volunteer their time and fix up the missing/wrong bits, that would be nice).
  6. neistridlar

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    Your folder structure in GameData is most likely wrong. It needs to be like this: Otherwise the game does not find the models and sounds. (You don't have to put KSP in Documents BTW) I do not share your opinion that the Goliath is underpowered. Most of the time I find it to be way too powerful. Also, keep in mind that while it has 360kN of thrust, it is both scaled down to something like ~65% of the real thing and weighs ~65% of the real thing as well, so it is already ridiculous from a realism standpoint. That said though, I do have some parts planned where a more powerful engine might be useful, so I will not say that it will never happen, but it is unlikely.
  7. @FahmiRBLXian The plane looks nice, but I can not see that you have specified a cruising speed and altitude, as required for a submission: Please specify a single specific altitude/speed combination where you think the craft will perform the best, as it makes testing the plane much easier. Also, you have a lot of images, it would be nice if you put most of them in a spoiler so that it is easier to scroll past them, or pick only the best ones, and leave the rest out.
  8. An other submission, the 20TC. It has 20 seats in total, so 19 tourists and a pilot. At only 50% more cost and fuel it will take 90% more passengers to the same orbit. Now also with better reentry stability and sleeker design! Get yours today! Capabilities: 19 passengers 150x150km orbit Fully reusable Action groups: [1]: toggle reentry configuration [2]: deploy drouge chutes [3]: deploy main chutes [4]: deploy backup chutes [abort]: trigger LES Abort procedures: Trigger LES If Second stage engine Lit: Fly to a safe location and altitude (preferably above 300m, minimum 120m) Cut engines and deploy chutes and legs At 50m above ground level set throttle to ~30-50% to cushion the impact. If Second stage engine failed: Deploy all chutes KerbalX:
  9. neistridlar

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    I do have plans for 5m A380 like parts, and 3.75m 747 parts. That is somewhere between 0.625 and 0.75 scale, which is consistent with many other KSP-mods. Also going any bigger than 5m you start running into issues with ksp physics, specifically joints that just spontaneously disconnect and stuff like that. Because of this I'm not going any bigger than that. I have discussed my size decisions earlier in the thread as well, if you ate interested in reading more on that. You have two options. There is a releases section on github where you can download a zip with both a 1.4+ version and an 1.3 and older version. If you want the bleeding edge version you can find the game data folder and download all of its contents. It contains whatever was in my folders last time I synced my local files to github. Clear as mud?
  10. Agreed on stacked designs requiring LES to escape a prematurely detached booster. A separate category for side mount boosters is a good Idea I think. It is after all a completely different set of challenges making that work.
  11. @Flying dutchman In light of @Ultimate Steve's submission, is it allowed to have booster engine cutoff as part of the Abort sequence? If so, the LES part of this just became a whole lot easier (and gives me some Ideas.) I like your submission b.t.w. Steve.
  12. Here is my submission. Every bit of the craft is recovered under parachutes. The booster stage can potentially do a spaceX like flyback burn, as the craft has some spare delta-V, though I have yet to test that. The craft holds1 Pilot + 10 kerbals. Action group 1 triggers the LES, and pulls the crew-compartment away from the rest of the rocket. Action group 2 triggers drogue chutes, Action group 3 triggers main chutes, and Action group 4 triggers backup chutes. The craft has a slight tendency to veer to one side because of asymmetries in the LES, rolling the craft can help mitigate this.
  13. I have started working on an entry. I found some of the rules somewhat unclear. Would it be sufficient if only the crew carrying bits can be reused? What exactly do you mean with a proper abort system? Specifically what kind of scenarios would you have to be able to escape from? Say for instance your craft has a booster stage, and a second stage which has both crew and engines, would the escape system be required to be able "escape" from the second stages engines engines?
  14. @Potato flavored waffles you can embed images from imgur by copying and pasting the direct link from imgur into your post. (go to images, and click the image, you should get a bunch of links on the side).
  15. Agreed. Also @Lo Var Lachland doing stud like that is bad for stock aerodynamics. It is exactly the same as sticking them on the outside. Lengthening the engine nacelles would probably be a better solution.