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  1. [1.3.1] Thor Tech v0.8

    Incoming update. Fixing some engine issues and about to introduce a 1.25m aerospike just as good as the Mk2 aerospike (since most craft are not made in Mk2 form). It will come in only this size by default but Tweakscale users will have free reign with it. It will have gimbal too. The gimbal won't animate but it will still work. Side note: There's already a 1.25m hybrid plasma engine in The Spice, but it's a heavy lifter and about 20% less efficient.
  2. I kinda miss the strong purple. But the subdued purple is fine too. Good job, dude. Keep it coming.
  3. @AccidentalDisassembly Thanks for the feedback. The config was designed with intent to not intrude (have people overwriting) OPT Main files, and that it can be conveniently received through OPT Legacy updates due to the general absence of the Main dev. Also I chose to append "cck-opt" rather than delete "opt" from tags. Some use may come from leaving "opt" among the tags. Also, I added the line "usedByMod = OPT_Legacy". I guess it's not necessary as the config has always worked well in gathering the Legacy parts too.
  4. Cheating Rules

    My cheating rules (oxymoron?) are mainly: Make full use of HyperEdit and the Debug Menu as needed for testing designs and learning how mods work. IRL space agencies can build all their test environments and have supercomputers to simulate everything. We can't do that so the cheat menus are the way to go. No respawn. Certain mods have uber parts and resources. Their parts get no action "for real" until I establish a base with enough of its required functions for my headcanon, and that base is able to send back at least one "sample" relating to each mod. This rule and lack of casual gameplay has sadly kept me from launching a ship... for over a year. If I'm in a real flight and I'm on the edge of losing kerbals to bad craft design or pilot error, I'll quickload up to 3 times in attempt to escape. If I still fail to escape, I write it off as unavoidable and salute........
  5. Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    KSP has at least as much replay value as any game that people will stand in-line and wait 24+ hours outside the store to bust their wallet on...And still costs less than them. The infinite mods you can get to remix your game are free, every game update afaik has been free, and the price of KSP very regularly dips to below half? If anything, KSP is way under-priced and doesn't sell well (being a niche game, catering to a narrow audience, and having no built-in visual pack).
  6. [WIP][1.3.1] Galactic Neighborhood

    GalacticNeighborhood does not play well with visual mods and is not meant to. The likely problem with visual mods (namely scatterer) is that their references to the Sun causes them to see the Galactic Core as the light source. There is no option to turn off any of GN's default stars. It's not a galactic neighborhood anymore if the neighborhood is totally empty. Related: in its settings.cfg there is a toggle for "LoadAllStars" which means every star for all its supported planet packs. That is off by default. Changing where a planet pack appears is entirely up to Sigma and he likely will not support anyone trying to change GN to meet their needs. The only thing he asks of planet modders is that their kopernicus configNodes are formatted properly. Lastly, some of us planet modders (especially the owners of GPP and Alternis Kerbol) are pretty critical of having anything at all adjusted that could irl upset planetary ecosystems or orbital stability.
  7. Engine Sound Mod (now with modulemanager)

    Ah, right. I didn't remember yet. Notice the particular engine plume of the Mainsail, the LV-N and most other stock rocket engines. That means they use the antique ModuleEngines{} and don't have an EFFECTS{}. If you still want to, you can insert the entire EFFECTS node from another engine and rename ModuleEngines to ModuleEnginesFX. @PART[engine3] { @MODULE[ModuleEngines] { @name = ModuleEnginesFX runningEffectName = running //add this, replace with the name of the desired node under EFFECTS if different } EFFECTS { // copypasta // include your sound patch change } }
  8. Engine Sound Mod (now with modulemanager)

    @Corona688 Why not go big and replace the sounds of the heavy-lifting engines (Mainsail, Rhino, Mammoth), or the engines that players will likely use most such as the Rapier, Dart Aerospike, and the LV-N nuclear engine. As the Rapier is a dual-mode engine, you'll want to target the running_closed{} node inside of EFFECTS{}. I think it's running_closed, but it will be different anyway because there are two nodes like it, one for air-breathing and the one for closed cycle.
  9. Engine Sound Mod (now with modulemanager)

    That's right. No need to invade the Squad folder anymore.
  10. Engine Sound Mod (now with modulemanager)

    That's the power of MM. It does that. It lets you do as you need (within KSP's abilities) to adjust parts and gameplay during startup. The MM wiki should be pretty easy to digest. https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/Module-Manager-Syntax Also, there's this. It's more precise and more efficient (saving on lines of code) than my previous example. @PART[engine1] { @EFFECTS { @AUDIO { @running { @clip = // new path } } } } @PART[engine2] { @EFFECTS { @AUDIO { @running { @clip = // new path } } } }
  11. Engine Sound Mod (now with modulemanager)

    @Corona688 Merging into the Squad folder is highly discouraged so MM is and should be your best friend. This is all you need to fill your config file (just one file) to achieve your goal. @PART[engine1] { !EFFECTS {} EFFECTS { // new stuff } } @PART[engine2] { !EFFECTS {} EFFECTS { // new stuff } }
  12. Finally built a mid-sized plane using my new parts pack, Thor Tech, and flew it to test the 3m VTOL engine's capability on Niven, Augustus (and any Duna-like world). I need to rebalance it as it failed (or needs excess tweaking) between Gael sea level and sea level on these worlds. Why I made this mod is so I (and anyone interested) can: Do nearly as much with air and electric engines as they can with Karbonite-- without Karbonite, and have great fun and get things done with GPP's many atmospheres Have interesting and capable new early-game means to get around on Gael Have access to uber WarpJet late-game engines without having to install OPT Spaceplane Parts Maybe I should apologize for advertising? Would ordinary kerbals invent this? #GaeleanMasterRace Vertical speed < 1m/s but currently too much TWR. Just when I teleport to Augustus, it's eclipsed by Otho. Could have hovered higher but didn't bring enough intakes.
  13. [1.3.1] Thor Tech v0.8

    Finally, a test of a large aircraft on this mod, on a Duna-like world. The point was how high can I hover? The Ascendant VTOL engine is secretly able to sustain an airship at the edge of space (granted you can somehow meet its demands there). Maybe I make its Isp curve static again. I could have hovered higher but didn't think to install more intakes. The air RCS is also quite demanding in this situation too. The engine is purposely OP (except that it flames out at mach 1.5) so remember to drag down the throttle limit if you're only using this on Kerbin or Laythe, or otherwise watch your speed while trying to use it. I may nerf or rebalance it a bit in the next release but its purpose is obviously to save part count and provide ample VTOL power. Back on Kerbin Gael, I was a little surprised that the 1.25m engine pushes well....It'll overheat though, as it's straining to push the plane's mass.
  14. I beg to differ. OPT's CCK config is within OPT (Main) so fixing it and tagging pats is on us (and K. Yeon) "cck-opt" Is a great idea, I say. I whipped this up real quick. Untested but should effectively override the existing one and even work well with OPT_Legacy without OPT Main. Try it and let me know @AccidentalDisassembly OPT-CCK fix preview 1
  15. [1.3.1] ESLD Jump Beacons Revived (1.0.0)

    Given the fact that we can't swap out Karborundum (and normally I'd reject the idea but), yes you can. PM me if you need a helping hand and a few second opinions.