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  1. Secret organization of modders? That's about the silliest thing I've ever read in this forum.
  2. Planet packs do not affect whether a tech tree works or not. The only factor is if your desired part mod is configured into it. GPP itself slows your science game by providing less biomes and less science multipliers in order to force you out of the homeworld SOI for that science.
  3. @Xavven Everyone who's been around here a long time should know that KSP is and has always been dying. It's been going on for 8 years now with "outdated graphics" and most of its updates don't bring new content (parts, gameplay mechanics...) like you expect from other major games. Aside from DLC, most of the weight of KSP updates are performance buffs and bugfixes. It's official that Squad is still going to go on for a while maintaining and updating this KSP. KSP 2 is also incredibly harder, more faithful to real physics so most of us casual players may not be able to jump on it and hence, will stay on KSP 1.x. This thread is finished now. Have a nice day. Edit: lol that sarcasm/rhetoric at the end. You got me good.
  4. It's not Squad that's making KSP2, it's Star Theory Games, a proper game dev studio with two well-made titles of their own. Chances are high that they know how to do things right, specially for consoles, meanwhile, Squad continues to make/support this one, the original KSP, and will not have much of a hand in KSP2's production.
  5. @Peter JY Well perhaps one of these rename Sun into something else. Or they have obsolete code in them that interferes with TWB. KSP 1.3 and 1.7 are known points where Kopernicus changes can break planet mods. I'd suggest removing Hypothetical Worlds first as that one is older.
  6. You can use TWB with anything. It spawns very far away from the stock planets and doesn't do anything to them.
  7. With a warp drive mod I bet it would take you 2 or 3 hours IRL. The OP won't know the answer as a major part of the reason for the wormholes is you'll never need to ask that question. This mod will need to have patches made to place wormholes in GEP and OPM (when Jool no longer exists). Most likely not. And it won't be worth anyone's time and effort to try to do so.
  8. It is normal for parts that have a CCK tab to be set to no longer show up in stock categories. I know a few popular mods that do this. Possibly, Kerbalism is adding/moving the SSPXr parts to its own tab.
  9. Tried to find that super-tall mountain at the coordinates given by @Snark. Sadly, the mountain is not there. Some distance away I did find what I've decided to call "The North Face" based on the real nickname of a mountain in the Swiss Alps and the similar corporate brand name. The terrain has changed a bit, mainly, it's not green around this mountain (but there's some green on the mountain). That is all. (There seems to be another like this in the far south so that's going to need a visit too.)
  10. @dlrk Ah. Well that patch assumes you're not using whatever mod is related to the conflicting tank types. In this case it's clearly MKS. [ERR 14:57:30.306] [ERROR] [Part sspx-cargo-container-radial-medium-1] [ModuleB9PartSwitch 'cargoSwitch'] Duplicate subtype names detected: Hydrates, Rock, Water Simply delete the subtypes with these names from RR's config file.
  11. Yes, it is, except for the Dirt resource which is completely removed. It's replaced wit the Rock resource which is effectively the same but is used by mods other than MKS and is being given more use cases than Dirt. This reminds me, I meant to put a Rock exosphere around any ringed planets, to give the impression and gameplay mechanic that you can harvest planetary rings directly. Rock is a propellant of mass driver engines which are effectively ion drives but super-powered and throw Rock instead of XenonGas. In 2.7x scale (assuming you're using JNSQ too), you're going to need better things than the NERV or other stockalike NTRs if you're looking to get a manned expedition out far and fast. Used by: Stockalike Mining Expansion, USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies. Rock (like Dirt) is equally used in Classic Stock for sifting out a small fraction of Ore and maybe other useful things. Since it exists in these two resource systems this mod replaces Dirt with it. Concerning the stock resource overlay mechanism the former is more likely. I don't remember as it has been a long time. I tend to always have SCANsat installed, which is superior to the stock function and (the latter applies) always shows all resources.
  12. @Starwaster I remembered. The included config only takes care of OPT's intakes (most of which are a feature of the cockpits) and provides B9PS tank options.
  13. Sadly no. That's entirely up to @CobaltWolf to fix. This is a harmless warning. It means certain mesh options won't be available, but it's not game-breaking (in opposition to having subtypes with undefined tank types).