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  1. @OhioBob @AChambers1006 I think that glitch is exclusive to scatterer (or merely a non-too-precise setting in GPP's config for it). I've seen enough of that myself. Scatterer's rendering isn't in 3D layers but is all postprocessing in a layer virtually right before the camera, so the planet's PQS doesn't occlude where it should, also that horizon is pretty far offset.
  2. JadeOfMaar

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Dayyum. I....... I underestimated you and your ability to have a car engine melt itself (of all things).
  3. JadeOfMaar

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Install a mod for OP fuel and engines (whether something mystical like USI's Karborundum, or a half-plausible, half-pipe-dream thing in the nuclear arena such as Nertea's Far Future Tech). And set personal rules for how and when you'll use said engines, and set something like, a global limit on how many of said engines can exist or be in service at any given time. IRL we have yet to find any handwavium propellant. We have yet to send anything crew-rated to Moon or Mars. But don't let that hold back your advancement in a game and in a world of your making. Don't let the current length of the Periodic Table keep you from whatever mega: ship/station/infrastructure you're dreaming of. Good, good.... Now bring one of these to KSP and cross your bridge with it.
  4. JadeOfMaar

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @ARS I've wanted VTOL engine like that for a long time. What mod?
  5. JadeOfMaar

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @GDJ @Triop KK statics are anchored to the planet and ignore physics except for impact with crafts and kerbals. They don't respond to weight and won't bend; are usually indestructible and mass may be irrelevant to them. KK statics also load and unload between 30km and 40km from you. That's a long way out from the physics bubble.
  6. Stock Visual Terrain (a mod that reskins the stock planets) is known to reduce stress on the game. Stock's settings aren't the pure gold you think they are. Then seek mod updates only when you're ready to start a new playthrough or only if a mod maker announces a major bugfix or only (like a month) after KSP releases, where mods will have caught up. Make your update cycle easier by: using CKAN if you have many mods installed copying KSP out of Steam and not playing in Steam.
  7. Huge? Far from, actually. Stock scale is but 10% of real scale. A lot of seasoned players are quite unsatisfied by the caps on velocities due to stock scale (which are fine for making it easy for people to get into space and want to learn spaceflight stuff). I personally like 2.5x~3.2x because Mach 6 on air-breathing is where flying in atmo only begins to satisfy me. The problem of rovers can be solved by two things: A rover autopilot mod (Bon Voyage is the best known. There may be other, idk) or a mod that makes rovers apply brakes when they exceed a certain velocity (such as Smart Parts). But such things you've already hinted at. The point of this thread: giving more interactive and exploratory features. Make it more worth it to send rovers and do those long driving missions.
  8. For (most of) the first point, this tiny mod can meet your needs (it enables dynamic control point orientation) and will do so in timely fashion (how long it takes you to install it) vs waiting on Squad to deliver it. On the other hand you can and will come close by setting your craft (especially aircraft) to a given heading and tapping F. That makes SAS hold the new heading until you give another steering input. Also, get creative with spare elevons on aircraft and setting these spares to have no authority except for deploy amount. It'll be like having SAS and Trim enabled simultaneously. I know everything that's wrong or insufficient with my suggestions. I merely took the liberty of throwing some tips... Also, I honestly would also like a "Hold Horizon" option in SAS. Your next point is basically asking for stockified Persistent Rotation, also a tiny mod. This. So much. ^ Sooo much. Steer the craft into the heading you want then tap on F. It makes SAS flicker and then attempt to hold the new heading until you give another steering input. I'd much rather those buttons not be phased out. Who wants to do the required math and otherwise guess which way is which? Also, clicking on the actual "Surface" or "Orbit" text on the navball will make it switch modes. There's your "absolute" and "relative" toggle.
  9. JadeOfMaar

    Extra KSC Nav markers

    That happened to me too. They didn't invade the runway and the countryside but I did realize there were 5 of them and they could not be deleted except for a rare condition. Try adding waypoints of your own and then switching between and deleting those. Also try quickloads after deleting.
  10. JadeOfMaar

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Made a CFASTT-alike SSTO for 2.5x. It can lift 30 tons to 300km. It took much of my afternoon to build. It needs to spend much more time in atmosphere than I like but it performs quite well. The forward nose is a Thor Tech Shieldnir but Squad's revamp disables the custom texture. The main wings' pieces (excluding elevons) are Tweakscaled but nearly nothing else is.
  11. JadeOfMaar

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Your thanks is plenty motivation for modders to keep modding. You may want to read back in this thread a bit and learn to prepare yourself for the next KSP release.
  12. JadeOfMaar

    Why are probe cores so heavy?

    Everything in KSP is heavy to keep from being OP (regarding getting to orbit) relative to how tiny the planets are in KSP. By consequence the planets themselves are believed to largely consist of the likes of Lead or denser elements.
  13. JadeOfMaar

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    There is one other possible reason why 1.5.0 and 1.6.0 aren't available for rollback. Remember, or you gon learn today! ... 1.5.0 had broken aero (...again). Lift was produced in the same vector as drag, therefore drag was exponentially higher, making the game borderline unplayable. The only reason for 1.5.1 was the fix to that. 1.6.0 had a new and horrid PartDatabase.cfg problem which made KSP literally unplayable (causing at least PAW element spam and NRE spam on stock parts, and breaking features in some mod parts) if you were lucky enough to be plagued by it. The symptoms of this problem are aggravated by ModuleManager, the plugin that nearly every mod relies on. Do you really want to be able to revert to that? I don't think so. I don't think Squad thinks so.
  14. I highly doubt. But as I'll tell anyone who asks for RO configs I'm gonna tell you-- you should learn to make them because it seems like there's nobody who can. I have no faith in the stainless steel thing. Yes it looks fabulous but the fires of atmospheric reentry will have a different story to tell.
  15. JadeOfMaar

    Submarine mechanics

    I don't know, sorry. That's way beyond my knowledge.