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  1. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    @Maffif I have a method devised by which a resource config can be easily adjusted and which would easily apply (through MM cloning technique) to all of KSS's gas giants. If you're up to it and any of the KSS devs grant me a list of all the gas planets' names I can create a sample config and you can go from there. It's time to believe. The mod linked by @Sahadara has exactly that feature. Lol. The Wild Blue Industries mod suite which contains it is incredibly powerful and versatile.
  2. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Insert just the direct link (which ends in .jpg or .png) and the image will appear. Album link embedding is forever broken. (Believe me)
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    I made this at pure random. It can SSTO 90km with 260m/s to spare, and land again pretty nicely. (But no cargo space...yet?) I'll likely rename it to The Shadoen... I got your Roswell Conspiracy right here, boi! More pics here...
  4. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Someone at Deep Sky clearly pulled this idea out of nowhere else but their buttocks. Believe it or not...this can SSTO. It made a 90km orbit with 260m/s to spare. It even landed well, granted no yaw input was made which happened in one instance to trigger a fatal flat spin. Let's ignore the issue of a 6 legged ...or 5 legged thing being named Tarantula. Maybe it should be named "The Shadoen" because it looks like one from above. Any Roswell Conspiracies cartoon fans?
  5. [1.4.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    MOLE and Kerbalism both deliver their own science mechanisms. Here's hoping Kerbalism does not interfere with MOLE.
  6. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    Hydrogen and Helium (especially Helium-3) are very different. Hydrogen is immensely abundant and fills gas planets, stars and the stellar medium...But that's very cool.
  7. Lol! Did your sideslip happen with just OPT Main installed or OPT main + Legacy?
  8. @Maffif I intend to do away with FS and IFS. It is painful (very manual, very messy) to add tank options to a wide array of parts, meanwhile B9PS makes it quite easy to do the same. OPT's B9PS config is designed to remove all FS-related modules from its parts, and is already complete, supporting CryoTanks and preserving any native mesh switching features in OPT's parts like the drop tanks and Stail fuel tank, and I've even used it to create subsets among the parts so tank options can be added to only the subset(s) of parts that are most fitting. That said, FS and IFS are quite alike. So renaming modules should hopefully be all it takes. For example, this: @PART:HAS[@MODULE[FSmeshSwitch]]:AFTER[InterstellarFuelSwitch] { @MODULE[FSmeshSwitch] { @name = InterstellarMeshSwitch } } It's not guaranteed to work but I hope it does. I'm not home and not in good position to get the names right and list them all for you.
  9. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    @Maffif Unfortunately yes, your experiments are doomed. If it was I who prepared an exotic resource and its propulsion system, I'd see what I could do to balance realism and playability within reasonable timeframes, and even add some challenge or danger to the locations of sweet spots for a resource. The mining system would always be near top priority. The stock planets don't have the kind of variety that could provide for a high Xenon/Argon atmosphere, although, back in KSP 1.1 or 1.0 I had designed bases with Argon extraction capability, and even a Duna SSTO rocket that refueled from Argon while landed. That's how good it was at one time, at the RNG's mercy. I don't use KSPI so I don't know the stats for its engines, but yours is a reassuring statement, that KSS's engine and its high stats should make ISRU a not-so-big problem. But I think that's the case only for Kerbin to X and back flights, not Kerbin to X to Y to Z....... Also I'm a warp drive person so I have no grasp at all on how far you can go with an interstellar torch ship.
  10. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    Unfortunately, no. There is no good way to do so. Given the way the resource system works (especially in the area of rounding off small numbers) I expect that you virtually cannot mine LqdHe3 at all. Far Future Tech actually boosts the stock system's distributions to low amounts that are actually playable and enjoyable whereas KSPI seems to try to make things hard. I have never done much with engines like the one KSS provides so it was never much of a bother to me. And in the Avatar movie (that KSS's propulsion system is inspired by) there was no hint of any need, any system, to refuel the ISV VentureStar. There is no hint in the part pack portion of KSS, of a desire to have this fuel be mine-able. The lack of it may be an oversight.
  11. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Codename "The Witch" This is a prototype rocket-plane (with sadly zero payload capacity) which uses SSME for main engines. It can make orbit with about 900m/s remaining and just over 4km/s fully fueled. It is an exercise in SORCERY due to directly opposing the typical nature of using air-breathing mode at first and changing to closed cycle for the late phase of ascent. This spaceplane does the reverse with the use of M2X scramjets, and can save maybe 100m/s after orbital insertion. Orbital correction needs a whole new approach due to having to deal with extra drag loss when the scramjets flameout at 38km and the option is taken not to do any slow burn with the SSMEs between 38km and 70km to hold the apoapsis up. Inline VTOL engines are also present, granting > 1 TWR on Mun and high Isp. But the dry and wet CoM are not aligned, which means trouble for the pilot.
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I returned to otherworldly aircraft design with my signature combination of purple self-lighting scheme and exclusive use of Mk2 Expansion parts (no other part mods whatsoever, so I can share on KerbalX). When I post more pictures they'll be available for anyone to enjoy. The prefix "Jade's War Planes" means they have extra emphasis on steering and may be fit for battle as I was encouraged to get back into craft design by the owner of a KSP Discord server. The JWP Nemean Lion The JWP Dragonfly
  13. That's correct. Legacy is an expansion pack (as much as it is a retirement home for parts from OPT Main; anyone is welcome to contribute to Legacy). Unfortunately as the main dev is very rarely around, Legacy is the only means to getting any OPT updates at all.