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  1. @The-Doctor You may want to consider that Iota is more familiar with Minmus than with Mun, so it's far less capable of holding an atmosphere. The real Moon has an atmosphere (of loose Sodium atoms iirc) but it's so incredibly thin and short it's not worth factoring into any preparations.That aside, your mission report is very nice and pretty encouraging. The investment into your station will be worth it as science within Gael's SOI is much less abundant than in Stock. I must say... I think you may be setting yourself up for a date with Kessler since you're dumping tanks and engines within the station's orbit.
  2. *whispers* Why do you call them that?
  3. Let whoever manages CKAN send me a PM with the netkan files.
  4. @everchanging02 I admire folks who are able to (with TAC mainly) produce manned ships with decades worth of supplies and no DeepFreeze, and the ship isn't bloated with food tankage. It might be me-- I still haven't built big with food, neither gone very far at all with a ship carrying LS, except to Moho's distance. But I feel sorry for the kerbals themselves. She's essentially trapped in the toilet, with likely only that Cupola to move about in.
  5. @MaxxQ It should be no big deal. It may help if (I believe it was you who revealed it) that you should visit the Astronaut Complex after starting a save, then visit the VAB for Renamer to take full effect?
  6. @everchanging02 Kerbal Renamer is inside GPP. It's the GPP\GPP_Renamer\ folder.
  7. @The-Doctor Try a new save? Or cheat some satellites into orbit? Your save ought to be corrupted by now after so much wrestling with KK.
  8. @everchanging02 We've made it very clear (in a few lines full of UPPERCASE LETTERS) that anyone who considered downloading the dev build would be in for a world of hurt and that no support would be provided for it. However, before I ask you to share some logs, I'd like to make 2 suggestions: Try removing Kerbal Renamer. It's been found to be mischievous and we're working on it. If you're using Kopernicus 1.3.0-5, revert it. It causes a few new mean bugs....as ever.
  9. I pity the foo who doesn't. Lol.
  10. @i like pizza Ah. In that case please replace* your computer then. If it can barely start Windows you'd really have mod makers wasting their effort to lower the quality of their mods.
  11. Sorry, bud. But KSP + any decent large mod these days need at least 6GB RAM. Please upgrade your computer.
  12. As far as anyone is concerned right now, Olei is the proper value to insert into the NEEDS tags. Change it yourself when you integrate the config. By the way, I have a related config for you to include. I have not tested it but here it is. @PLANETARY_RESOURCE,*:HAS[#ResourceName[LqdAmmonia]]:NEEDS[Kerbalism]:AFTER[Kerbalism] { @ResourceName = Ammonia } @BIOME_RESOURCE,*:HAS[#ResourceName[LqdAmmonia]]:NEEDS[Kerbalism]:AFTER[Kerbalism] { @ResourceName = Ammonia } I'd like you @Iso-Polaris to try this out and confirm you can scoop Ammonia. GPO already has a bunch of LqdAmmonia configs.
  13. @The-Doctor Now that's what peeps around here wanna hear. If you're interested in big science mods your options are: DMagic (of course) surface Experiment Pack KrakenScience Station Science Continued (which has a patch that needs testing) Also I just installed NF Propulsion. It fills a serious gap I thought I could ignore.