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  1. The VASIMR has an engine module plugin (behind the Isp slider control). Tweakscale is rightfully unable to deal with it, I guess.
  2. @linuxgurugamer I could very much look into it and make it happen. I can't give an estimate on time/date yet.
  3. Those won't happen. Star Theory doesn't like the idea of handwavium tech (FTL) or celestials (portals) and made that clear early on. They also made it quite clear that Metallic Hydrogen and amazing fusion drives will be present. I'm pretty confident that that respect will indeed last a few decades as to make such a DLC after saying they don't like implausible stuff would be quite a shot to their own foot. Star Theory fully respects the modder community and will leave it to the modders to add those things. Galileo and LinuxGuruGamer, to name a few (prominent mod makers) were invited to be on-site at the game studio to give their insight into what to build into KSP2. Granted I think none of the invited crew were part makers who make interstellar stuff. KSP2 effectively has KSP Interstellar baked in. Look at any of the gameplay trailers. There are many instances of fusion drives. Epstein is likely the main engine on the ship approaching the binary worlds (or the ringed giant's ice moon). It would be utterly silly to provide only contemporary rocket engines that can only comfortably lift things up to LKO. To do so is like KSP1 only having SRBs for everything. I'd really hope that Star Theory utilizes uses double-precision floats instead of single-precision floats (basically, 64-bit number strings with a shifting decimal point vs 32-bit). This issue alone is the root of many problems when using planet packs that install distant star systems. The rise or primary symptom of the problem, in a nutshell is: There are only so many digits in a float, and when something needs to be both very far and very precise, crap happens (like flickering, flailing orbit lines). To answer the question in the poll: "Under what circumstances are seemingly fictional technologies ok?" I say: KSP and KSP2 are made to be modded. And to mod a game is to make it your own. If you're into implausible tech or you don't like the waiting game that Harsh Reality(tm) forces you into (actual play time is that much more valuable for us with day jobs, you know ), create the mod(s) for it yourself or wait for someone capable to do so.
  4. "JNSQNoGhosts" is indeed "supposed to eliminate the pentagon-shaped reflections (ghosts) while keeping the diffraction spikes emanating radially from the sun." What you described sounds like a conflicting situation that shouldn't happen. It sounds like you got the flare to stop showing completely, and the Sun body is now exposed. Delete your ModuleManager.ConfigCache file and restart KSP. That should help. If it doesn't, I'll need to see your KSP.log. The purpose of the scatterer vs Unity flare setting is to reduce our dependence on scatterer to look great. The same great flare powered by scatterer is also built to be able to appear when scatterer is not installed. But scatterer allows for blending and compositing effects not available in Unity to KSP. The Unity flare falls short a few points as a result and they are hard to miss. I can't give you straight answer re: which gives better performance. Ditching scatterer on the whole will save you performance. The asset files (on disk) for both version of the flares are practically the same so it shouldn't be a bother, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Unity version does not swell to several times its size on disk when KSP and the GPU load it up. That's usually the case with any image files that are not DDS format. They're supposed to look identical from orbit. (You shouldn't need to be able to tell the sunflare modes apart. That would be a good thing.)
  5. OPT Reconfig is an optional enhancement to OPT's "Main" package. But it is required by OPT Legacy and it is a separate download, not bundled with Legacy. Reconfig does nothing by itself.
  6. Yes lol. 1.9 is coming so I reeeeeally hope they fix that. There should be a very visible outrage from the stock airplane people alone, let alone the mod-using community.
  7. I gotta get paid to log in on Facebook, lol. Mirror symmetry is broken by KSP 1.8. That's something for Squad to fix, not me. It happens to the stock Mk2 bicoupler too.
  8. @Xd the great Thanks for noticing. Your changes have been made: The Mk3 and Mk4 pods all have control point toggles now. SuperHeavy 1.5 SL TWR Mk4 SL Raptors appropriately weaker than Mk4 Vac Raptors. I just added this (stock feature) too, so you can sort by rocket families. CCK doesn't allow that, I think, but it's very tedious to do this.
  9. Tundra can work well in 1.7.3. But just expect that it will look sub-standard and the plugins (for the fins' ability to action group, and Starship's built-in legs) to fail. The Starship Mk3 and Mk4 parts are a whopping 5.6m size. That and how tall the stacks for these parts are, easily are quite OP for stock. They were tuned for JNSQ. I'm pretty sure it's just you. I tuned it and so put a lot of effort in. Then again, I don't know what the initial TWR of the IRL engine is supposed to look like so it may be on the conservative side.
  10. @Critter79606 I'm seeing some things concerning ModularFuelTanks. I just released a revised MM patch for that and now I see that I didn't ensure that they don't apply at the same time. Delete OPT Reconfig's OPT_MFT_RF.cfg file and your problem should go away.
  11. NodeHelper is an absolutely powerful tool. Godly, even. Every other month I find something new to do that benefits from having this around. Just the other day I setup 3-way and 6-way symmetry. Snowball's chance in the inferno, of making that happen without this mod. Thanks much for your efforts to keep this mod alive @linuxgurugamer. Actually, I think click-through blocker's influence will have a huge impact. I suffer a fair deal from exactly that at times.
  12. OPT Legacy 1.5.0 All legacy engines: New plumes! New sounds! Added Restock DepthMask module to the following. This allows for parts to clip properly into each other and be less likely to show through where they should not, and for "low profile" engine assemblies to look better. See example above: All cockpits with built-in intakes. Mk2 and 2.5m (J92) intakes. All engines. Added missing lift surface ratings to these engines: All Mk2, Stail linear aerospike, J-81. Added re-entry grade airbrakes (cloned from B9 Aerospace). Added J cabin IVA to Humpback cabin. Adjusted engine performance for: J-81: Air-breathing performance buffed for thicker Oxygenated atmospheres. J-60D: ClosedCycle in thicker atmospheres. Might not be notice-able. Fixed missing default light action group in legacy J cockpit. Fixed low heat tolerance in J-60, J-60D engines. Were 2000K, now 2400 ~ 2700K. Fixed (Bandaged) intake module problem in Humpback cockpit. It's now actually useable and equivalent to 2x OPT Mk2 intake. Made the ARI-73 much more expensive with reference to its nuclear engine nature and unique advantages. Moved RCS plume assets to OPT_Reconfig. Removed many old configs. Some adjustments to costs and performance of engines. OPT Reconfig 1.8.0 All main engines: New plumes! New sounds! Added missing lift surface ratings to these engines: HAE-02 Mk2 engine, J Linear aerospike. Added surface attach to Mk2 Nose. Adjusted Power Sphere fusion selection. Some options are now only available when relevant mods are installed. Removed duplicate LqdHe3 option. Adjusted Dark Goo balance. Added mass. Slowed its consumption and production rates. Added immense buffs for Dark Drive to serve as a half-decent interstellar engine. Made Dark Drive incredibly more expensive to match. Revised MFT/RealFuels configs. DOWNLOAD - OPT Reconfig DOWNLOAD - OPT Legacy
  13. Restock Depth Mask feature For all cockpits that have intakes, for the mk2 and J-92 intake, and for practically all of the engines! Coming very soon to OPT Legacy. With OPT themed, re-entry grade airbrakes! (From B9 Aerospace.)
  14. @Fireheart318 I'll see about it. I can see the 3-way being angled 3 ways though so... a normal T style one? There's no Deep Sky Core thread. Any questions regarding that goes here.
  15. @juanml82 I don't know for sure. But most of the mass of a water molecule is its Oxygen atom so that's what I went with.