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  1. You can't use physical struts across robotic joints. Likely, you can't use autostruts either, especially when the joints are moving. That's the issue.
  2. This isn't the kind of propulsion system you can have discreet tanks for. Only the sail or the engine can possibly hold its propellant. Re: @theJesuit's suggestion, you can take advantage of Space Dust's advanced abilities to position, shape and size a resource band, or multiple per body, (and its ability to provide extremely large bands, as aroud a star, unlike stock which breaks when you try that) and use that resource as your propellant. I'd also like to mention that, while I don't know better about this very specific propulsion method, I do know enough about the cousins to this m
  3. Next update for RR will primarily feature protection against the filename extension mixup that happens with the WBI play mode switcher, and Graviolium resource presence always active regardless of the play mode (for BlueShift ISRU). Blacksmith is finally going to handle nuclear fuel storage (meant for when NF Electric is not installed). Also, I'm adding a 4th level (needs CTT) and I'm making it so that Blacksmith stats are dynamic (stats scale with crew capacity and will be reflected in tooltips). There will also be a Blacksmith Family patch (not made by me) which assimilates EL work
  4. You're sharing your idea somewhere public. Might as well give the forum a clue to that since you're announcing it here. The sayings "No pics, no clicks" and "Locked behind a paywall" come to mind... If we have to enter a Discord for that little thing, we're not going to hold any interest.
  5. @Demcrew Sorry. I'm aware of the K lab issue. I've fixed it but not yet released it. As for Magpie, I've added several parts to OPT since I took over OPT Legacy. Magpie is not keeping up.
  6. @Spaceman.Spiff Heh. Waterfall. That waits to be seen. (Whether I can do plume switching on that) @OrdinaryKerman I will take your color suggestions. As for losing the plume switch, that's on purpose. I'm currently not inclined to test whether Angel's engine module is friendly to it. When I do test it and if I confirm it works, I'll keep it.
  7. Milestone time. Engines (Video) Plumes and emissive switching via B9PS. Choose Star Trek Red or Star Citizen Blue. With Angel-125's Flying Saucers mod installed, they become antigravity engines just like the ones on any Star Trek shuttle or runabout. But you lose the plume switch. Red is the only option. The plumes aren't supposed to move. Hopefully I can fix that. Also, for some reason KER breaks and null spams and I don't know if I can relieve that so I'd avise (for now) not using my engines with Flying Saucers. Scoops (Video) Featuring deploy animation (l
  8. My assumption is the orientation of the active warp engine. Attach another engine facing backwards and fire that and see what happens. That's not a bug. There's nothing to fix. You never see a star ship facing anywhere other than forward while its warp drive or jump drive is on. There are a few obvious reasons why this is so: The nav deflector dish (Star Trek) which also only points forward. The view from the bridge seems very important to a degree. There is no rear view on a starship like in a car, and reverse drive is only limited to gear 1 speed. Warp navigation
  9. @Abducted_Cow your image link is broken
  10. There is no "warp ring" anomaly. There is the jump gate anomaly, and pieces available in your VAB so you can build your own jump gate. Angel has not released these as yet.
  11. Geordi LaForge approves. Main power is GO! All ship systems adequately charged. (Textures are basic and subject to change.) The 1.25m core is primarily surface-attach but includes a top and bottom node with fairings. It is not to be confused for a beam emitter.
  12. Before RR is considered, what causes MKS resource issues in the first place?
  13. The scoops/harvesters, unwrapped and textured. 1.25m, Mk2, 2.5m, 3.75m
  14. @Spaceman.Spiff Local system/Modest interplanetary (Let's say you could brachistochrone between the homeworld (or a gas giant) and its moons if you really wanted to push an envelope) is what I'm aiming for in the absence of the UFO plugin. I'm not interested in having hundreds of thousands for Isp. I would make a dedicated chemical engine model for that. In which case, I feel like Daedalus and Epstein have been overdone by now so I want to avoid adding to those populations. Deuterium is going to be very busy then. You'll have more to patch than just those engines, of course. And I hope t
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