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  1. @Szumi The opening post of this thread will tell you a lot. You need B9 Part Switch and Community Resource Pack.
  2. Don't use that. Practically nobody supports it these days. CKAN is the mod manager to use. Also, don't allow the included Firespitter and MM to install. They are ancient and might crash KSP or will cripple your experience. If you said that no parts are showing up at all then the Twitch app must be installing OPT in a very wrong way. As @overkill13 says, OPT Reconfig is only a collection of patches. It does not contain parts. That's what this mod does. It replaces the Firespitter dependency with B9 Part Switch.
  3. Heh. I can relate. I don't play anymore. I just mess with mods and fly the occasional test plane.
  4. Tested more of my own VTOL engines. Cruised like a boss and landed 8/10.
  5. Flies like a dream. Oxygen not required. The engine in the vertical stabilizer is an air-breathing omni-directional RCS thruster, unlike the main engines on the sides. Note: these aren't textured at all yet but are colored by Unity's basic shaders. Textures will come when they come. They will possess blade blur effect powered by WBI Kerbal Actuators.
  6. @GEPEG_Unconscious The anomaly of oceans reflecting reentry FX started at roughly.... KSP 1.4. Maybe 1.5. It's a stock bug and happens regardless of what planet pack is installed.
  7. There's a scanner for ocean (needs to be submerged to work), for ground, and for sky/space. They are in the science category. These are in case you do have a change of heart and decide to go mining. There is no science gain to discovering resource bands directly, but an experiment somewhat like what you describe is added to the Narrowband Scanner.
  8. Yes it is possible. Add this key to each output node that you feel is appropriate. It should look like this. OUTPUT_RESOURCE { DumpExcess = True }
  9. Yes. Just like Karborundum, but the epicenter is at very low altitudes as to simulate trace atmosphere. The RR Sky Scanner will reveal them when you meet them. Actual atmosphere? No. But if you've tried mining Karbonite or Karborundum while orbiting, it's just like that.
  10. That won't happen. Ore is still present on every body but just hard to find. There is too much that Ore is useful for so it would be dumb to remove it completely. That's a pretty interesting situation/preference. I must say that if you're going to farm an atmo edge (from the inside) for fuel it may have to be for a sci-fi engine. It's going to be very hard and not worth your time to devise something that can possibly manage a net gain on fuel when your Isp is weaksauce irl numbers like with any kerolox (LFO) engine and you have to fight off atmospheric drag like the ISS does. A significant portion of why this mod was created can be summed up in a single specific picture: And actually, there's a very good chance for airless worlds to have CO2 in space around them so you can go wild with that.
  11. Release 1.2 Added some barracks near the mission control. Required in order to staff the payload integration complex. Tidied facility display names. Download links in thread OP.
  12. You have to first hire kerbals into a place that has the barracks module. Then at the payload complex you bring kerbals over from the barracks. Unfortunately, my harbor doesn't have barracks right now. Thanks for bringing it up. I'll update very soon.
  13. This is normal behavior, actually. But it becomes painful as terrain tile sizes increase due to the body radius increasing (JNSQ's 1600km Kerbin vs Squad's 600km Kerbin), and with it, the scatter density per tile and the scatter loading range. Depending on how a given scatter model is made, it may have only a few polygons, or many. When colliders are enabled, all of that geometry becomes the collider mesh (a basic operation of the game), so the more complex a scatter is the biggest factor in how much more your CPU is burdened by more of the scatter. Scatters cannot have a separate collider mesh afaik since the .obj file format used by them doesn't allow for advanced features, features that you'd find in a .mu file (therefore, injected by KSP PartTools) and therefore in any rocket part/PQSCity/KK static.