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  1. @BobTheKerbalTrying to get around in GU (or any real interstellar environment) with stock engines and Hohmann transfers is -not- how things work. There are mods for appropriate fuels and engines, including GU itself.
  2. As a spaceplane guy I didn't like that @damonvv's KSC Extended only cares about rockets so I made my own major space center expansion! With Blackjack and h#$%^&s! But they're totally meant to be a pair!
  3. @InfamousAsHell Uninstall Buffalo and then try to install Pathfinder. The Pathfinder download contains Buffalo so maybe CKAN is confused by this.
  4. Basically, should ResearchBodies be stock in KSP2? The answer is obviously yes.
  5. @Clamp-o-Tron Yes it is. Ninja'd by Bob. But particularly, it doesn't add or subtract moons from the stock planets. Doing so may be outside of Galileo's vision. Other things concerning the planets (not their numbers and positions) do wait to be done, like biomes and anomalies.
  6. Ahh. Well you can try this patch and lower its value, and let me know how things go. @PART:HAS[~gTolerance[*]] { gTolerance = 50 // default value }
  7. Go into Difficulty Settings -> Advanced at any time and turn on part G-force limits (right next to kerbal G-force limits and part pressure limits). You'll be a happy camper. These are off by default because they're meant for use by players who like extra realism and extra hard mode like users of KCT, failure mods, RSS & RO...
  8. The 2.5m probe core is actually super powerful but you won't easily notice in the stock system. If you put this, 2 kerbals (preferably pilots, I think) and a few RA-100 dishes together, you get a DSN hub/outpost and can control drones and probes over several comm hops without needing a comms link back to Kerbin. If you like mods then you can add Science Relay, and setup this hub craft to be a science depot which can receive all transmittable science, which can then be transmitted or shipped in bulk back to Kerbin.
  9. @Svish CLS compatible hollow parts would need to be made separate from these (with only one option: structural, to spare this mod's maker from basically remaking his parts. Making a part that has many variants is not an easy task). It is unknown if B9 Part Switch naturally agrees with CLS and can control when a part is passable. This is the easiest of 3 possible solutions to this problem.
  10. If you can indeed make a KSPedia, ask any modder whose own still works, such as DMagic or SuicidialInsanity, maybe JPLRepo, and hopefully they'll show you what to do differently. But you may have the added challenge (if it applies) of acquiring or producing source files.
  11. @FrancoisH The Unity updates (from what I've seen) are what break KSPedia, so KSP 1.4 and 1.8 are where this happens.
  12. Change the top line in the config to this/ Add this NEEDS to it: @PART[sspx-cargo-container*]:AFTER[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:NEEDS[!ClassicStock]
  13. @stephm Material: Extremely important. Do not use additive/emissive/glow shaders for smoke. Those are used for fire/energy/plasma. For smoke and vapor plumes, use a shader that is not emissive. Unity is not working for me so I can't open it and list the exact ones for you to use. They probably have "Alpha" in them so look for non-emissive alpha shaders to use for your material. Simulate World Space: This makes particles respect their position in the world. This is how trailing plumes work but trailing plumes only look good at low speeds (under Mach 1). Only use this for custom smok
  14. @Bombaatu Oh. I didn't anticipate that but yes, these are incompatible (and meant to be so). I'll fix the SSPXr patch to not try to run when Classic Stock is present.
  15. You're welcome. But I don't think there is any actual concept for an electric pulse jet. I highly doubt it would be possible or worthwhile to attempt this. The electric jet engine concepts that I've seen and I can remember easily are a form of super powered Hall Effect ion thruster, and the microwave air plasma thruster which is effectively an air-breathing rocket.
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