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  1. That's a new feature of Kopernicus 1.3.0-5 and GPP needing new configs to limit that extra light. To anyone else who gets the issue of planets being lit by Ciro and Grannus simultaneously, this is a new feature of Kopernicus 1.3.0-5. Please do not mention it. We know and we will handle it.
  2. Version 1.4.0 "TAC-alike" (Updated on SpaceDock) [TAC] Revised textures (shown above). They now use the exact pattern of the TAC cylinder tanks. Fixed some names and descriptions. (Now I know exactly how many kerbals are supported by the converters.) [USI] Updated some descriptions. [SNX] Removed Soil option from variable tanks to follow Snacks! convention and to make discrete Soil tank more relevant. Updated textures accordingly.
  3. Screenshots sure are lacking for this awesome ship. So far I've detected a few things out of place or lacking in this awesome mod. But I can sort them out myself and I'll share. Although...I must say this immediately. The docking ports are all missing from the Coupling category. I've noticed only one under Utility in the VAB but there are 4 part configs.
  4. That is the 'Humpback' class in OPT Legacy. Include the apostrophe when you search for it...
  5. Do you mean this? The KH body. It's there. All the H fuselage mounted parts fit onto this and the normal K body.
  6. Change the reflction mode in TextureReplacer from real to none or delete the patch Mk2X_WindowShine.cfg
  7. BARIS is meant for use primarily with MOLE (and by extension the other Wild Blue Industries mods). It's safe to say that RF and other RSS companion mods were not considered in the making of BARIS. Compatibility for RF may come; I believe it's easy enough just to write patches to insert the modules for it; but Angel himself may not produce these for some time. Now that BARIS is stable, he's focusing on updating his other mods and making BARIS itself standalone. Also, engines have a variety of failure modes.
  8. Good, good @The-Doctor @Poodmund you're the maaaaan!
  9. @Iso-Polaris I believe the 2nd image on this page has your answer. https://github.com/Angel-125/BARIS/wiki/KSPedia:-Options Adjust the sliders there to your liking and let us know how it works out.
  10. A wiki is provided to answer your question(s), particularly this page. https://github.com/Angel-125/BARIS/wiki/Quality,-Condition,-and-MTBF MTBF does not always drain simply because a part is in flight (depends on the part). It drains in certain situations like when throttled up and when staging. Once it runs out then things are most likely to break. You can increase its quality rating by launching vessels with the same parts a few times beforehand.
  11. Aww I was hoping you'd nail it, actually.
  12. @Galileo LOL @RocketPCGaming I like your rank.
  13. No stream. He went on for 10+ maybe 12+ hours yesterday. He has a well-deserved rest to take imo.
  14. In comes @RocketPCGaming with a glorious screenie dump.
  15. Nobody wants to have to deal with having just one ground station available. But unfortunately your problem is unique to you and it's up to you alone to do most of the work and fix it, or set aside and play a fully functioning game without KK. You still have the option to setup a geostationary network in-game to get around it. Heck... cheat the extra satellites into position and reimburse yourself through the debug menu if you must. No one will (or darn well should) hold this against you.