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  1. You're making an expansion for GPP? Cool! We'd love to see that.
  2. @Tyko This is why I changed things to Sun and Kerbin and left comments about them for you to catch. Save the patch I gave back to you, unchanged, and restore GPP/GEP's asteroid config to prevent or cure any new issues and you'll be fine.
  3. @Tyko Thanks for trying this out. It has revealed an oversight elsewhere. Since GPP no longer internally uses Ciro and Gael for body names (unless you have GPP Secondary), and I didn't think to update the asteroid config, the GalileanBelts should actually be broken now, and logically Gael does not exist so your custom asteroid belt will never appear. Instead of altering GPP's Asteroid.cfg directly, start your config as an MM, placed anywhere in GameData. Take this (whole config). It includes a fix for the Sun/Ciro asteroids. @Kopernicus:AFTER[GPP] { @Asteroid[GalileanBelts] { @spawnGroupMinLimit -= 10 // You're not gonna care much about the ones out here much? @spawnGroupMaxLimit -= 10 // More room for spuds elsewhere! @Locations { @Around { @Body { @body = Sun // Ciro is invalid without GPP Secondary } } } } Asteroid { name = NGO author = Tyko interval = 15 probability = 35 minUntrackedLifetime = 9999 maxUntrackedLifetime = 9999 spawnGroupMinLimit = 3 spawnGroupMaxLimit = 13 Locations { Around { Body { body = Kerbin // Gael is invalid without GPP Secondary probability = 35 reached = False // You want this to be False, to be unlocked immediately semiMajorAxis { minValue = 33000000 maxValue = 50000000 } eccentricity { minValue = 0 maxValue = 0.05 } inclination { minValue = 0 maxValue = 15 } longitudeOfAscendingNode { minValue = 0 maxValue = 360 } argumentOfPeriapsis { minValue = 0 maxValue = 360 } meanAnomalyAtEpoch { minValue = 0 maxValue = 360 } } } } Size { //D and E class most likely key = 0 0.6 0.4 0.4 key = 1 1 0.4 0.4 } } } To make KSP properly pick up on the change and refill the asteroid belts you'll want to open persistence (the save file) and delete every VESSEL {} associated with asteroids. (name = Ast.* and type = SpaceObject) They should ideally all be in a contiguous block, making them easy to delete in bulk. Be sure to backup first! I can't guarantee you'll get lots of NGOs. Raise the spawn max limit or decrease untracked lifetime (and track them as they come) for variety.
  4. Microsoft Windows. The UFO in the portrait. The UFO (basically anything, really) currently being piloted by a kerbal. The irony is that all 3 of these crash. Fabulously. : D *cue Windows 98/XP theme song remix*
  5. @TheKurgan It may help to have the ratio value of your single resource (that has mass) to be 1. If you're trying to raise the consumption rat of LqdDeuterium you can: Lower the Isp (even to extremes like 0.00005). You can raise the maxThrust of the engine and set the thrustTransform key's value to null (no value. It's safe to do this. The ZZZ warp drives have no thrust transform as far as I know). The one problem after this is players will read the module info and think the core might actually produce a shed-load of thrust. What kind of performance balance are you trying to achieve with your impulse drive? Extreme mileage and great thrust out of small supply of it?
  6. Interesting... but it likely will be ignored. Completely harmless tiny visual anomaly.
  7. If the main author was around I'm sure he'd appreciate your praise. I know I would if it was me. :p I don't get the question. I figure you want simply to rotate the engine (if it's a Mk2 shaped engine) after attaching it, or use the Mk2 bicoupler. Nothing exists if you're looking for an engine or engine shroud that blends into the KH shape. Mk2 Stockalike Expansion provides the following with which you can get creative: Mk2 short bicoupler Mk2 inverter (flat-wise to tall-wise adapter, may cause a lot of drag) Mk2 noses (stubby and long vs OPT's Mk2 nose) Mk2 tail(s)
  8. JadeOfMaar

    expanded KSP universe?

    @Victor3 Report your own thread... But in the message box just say you want it moved to Addon Discussions.
  9. Just to quote you 3x in a row
  10. JadeOfMaar

    [1.4.3] OPT Reconfig v1.0.4 [May 18, 2018]

    Judging by the author tag in the config files, the other K cockpits were not made by K. Yeon. If they were (and the quality suggests so, actually), he never got around to making IVAs for them, or they were lost along with other legacy IVAs. In the Avatar movie, 2 is about as many people as could fit in the cockpit. I'd have to re-watch that movie to see if i can faithfully raise the capacity to 4 or more. The Valkyrie was as much a military warplane as it was a civilian transport. Only a military pilot and co-pilot needed to be up there.
  11. JadeOfMaar

    [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    @The Minmus Derp Go to the KSS wiki... and use the search bar.
  12. JadeOfMaar

    [1.4.3] OPT Reconfig v1.0.4 [May 18, 2018]

    It's fine. It was a small thing to do... Probably imbalanced but it's something. Looking at them I think I can gather why I didn't, and it's worth nothing that while K Spaceplane Cockpit seats 10, the other two that look like the Avatar Valkyrie (the K TAV, and K Avatar Oulette Custom), only seat 2 and would need fitting adjustments.
  13. As it is said in the book of Matthew in the Holy Bible...