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  1. Hey @garwel. I'm glad you like. KA's support is pretty manual and finely tuned (each engine is given precise Isp curves and a setup of audio and plumes) and only provides Hydrogen for the primary mode or propellant (and takes care of any LANTR among them). RR Nuclear Family doesn't provide cosmetic changes but it causes each engine to become twins; two parts: One that can switch between a handful of propellants that contain Oxygen (Water, CO2, even Carbon Monxide) and one that can switch between deoxygenated propellants (Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methane, Nitrogen) via B9PS. If that engine is bimodal then the secondary mode of the twin engines is sure to be Lox-Augmented. RR Nuclear Family also attempts to scale the Isp of each propellant against the engine's original Isp (so the better and best engine among a bunch of them will remain the better and best, respectively, after patching), and will scale thrust (to some degree) against the difference between Isp's. The only issues you'll experience by switching over are: If you have a very sharp eye for engine performance and a particular engine gets lower Hydrogen Isp from RR than it did from KA; RRNF doesn't currently target all of the engines targeted by KA. (This is easily fixed. All that you have to do is tag them. RR's opt-in system has all the logic in it for MM to do the bulk of the work.) tl'dr: KA support has manual configs and provides plumes and sounds to engines but only provides for Hydrogen as propellant. RRNF doesn't provide plumes and sounds but clones engines and allows them to choose various propellants (each with buffs or debuffs in Isp and thrust) and is scripted so you just have to tag engines if you want them to be compatible. RRNF also provides for atomic jets in case you're an atomic aircraft kind of guy.
  2. Choose what you want and just place each config into GameData (anywhere is fine, just remember where you put them).
  3. Release 1.30 DOWNLOAD :: GitHub :: SpaceDock Assorted and consolidated extras into mod (sub) folders for more CKAN compatibility. Updated RationalResourcesNuclearFamily to: Apply 20% Isp buff to LOX mode on tagged atomic rockets. This mod conflicts with KerbalAtomicsLH2NTRModSupport. Have complete Classic Stock compatibility. Updated RationalResourcesRCSFamily to: Handle all integration of RCS parts, especially the stock ones. This is no longer partially contained/forced by RationalResourcesCompanion. Have complete Classic Stock compatibility. Have some RealFuels compatibility. Properly calculate SL Isp. Created RationalResourcesTACLS to contain any and all TAC LS configs. Updated TAC LS integration for Airline Kuisine: Air Filter now only extracts Nitrogen, Oxygen and Water, and not everything provided to typical RR atmo harvesters. Updated TAC LS integration for SSPXr following the template style complete rewrite done for, and released in, SSPXr itself. Updated RationalResourcesSquad to: Add fuel switching to the Panther, Whiplash, Rapier; Classic Stock supported. Contain the MoreTankSwitches config that supports various parts mods/ their agencies Contain the TankswitchFusionFuel config that adds Deuterium & Helium-3 options to Squad tanks and CryoTanks. Minor adjustments to OmniConverters options. Fixed missing flow mode parameter on ElectricCharge. Changed convert ratio on WBI ElectroPlasma to ElectricCharge from 1:8 to 1:20. CKAN metadata update @HebaruSan @linuxgurugamer Hi again. I've created mod folders under the Extras folder in the RR download and I'd like to have them seen by CKAN too. RationalResourcesAluminium name: Rational Resources Aluminium abstract: Enables Aluminium in RR's Ore tanks, instead of Metal in RR's converters, and instead of Metal in the demo hybrid SRBs. tags: config depends: RationalResourcesCompanion RationalResourcesBlacksmith name: Rational Resources Blacksmith abstract: Enables the stock science lab (with engineers) to refill or transfer non-transferrable resources without plugins or cheaty techniques. tags: config, convenience depends: RationalResourcesCompanion suggests: ExtraPlanetaryLaunchpads RationalResourcesNuclearFamily name: Rational Resources Nuclear Family abstract: Enables fuel switching and Kerbalism radioactivity in supported NTRs. Enables supported NTJs to have Kerbalism radioactivity and the features expected of a nuclear reactor. tags: config, convenience suggests: ClassicStockResources, KerbalAtomics, RecycledPartsAtomicAge, conflicts: KerbalAtomics-NTRModSupport RationalResourcesRCSFamily name: Rational Resources RCS Family abstract: Enables fuel switching in supported MonoPropellant or LFO RCS. tags: config, convenience suggests: ClassicStockResources conflicts: KiwiTechTree RationalResourcesSSPXRTanks name: Rational Resources SSPXR Tanks abstract: Adds RR Ore tank options to SSPXR's payload tanks. tags: config depends: RationalResources, StationPartsExpansionRedux RationalResourcesSquad name: Rational Resources Squad abstract: Provides fuel switching in the stock tanks, the stock jet engines, and expands CryoTanks options. tags: config, convenience depends: RationalResources conflicts: RealFuels, ModularFuelTanks RationalResourcesTACLS name: Rational Resources TAC LS abstract: Changes TAC converters in supported mods to produce less abstract Waste resource and more of what is in it that is useful to other mods. tags: config, convenience depends: RationalResources, TACLS suggests: AirlineKuisine, StationPartsExpansionRedux
  4. RCS Family has an update on the way. I've added some RealFuels support to it (among other things). The current options are: Name (ratio) -- [SL / Vac reference Isp] LqdHydrogen + LqdOxygen (0.745 : 0.255) -- 152 /380s LqdMethane + LqdOxygen (0.434 : 0.566) -- 170 / 300s I don't know what else to put for bi-propellants, and I know not what for mono-propellants: their ratios or reference Isp's. If anyone wants this, feel free to fill in the blanks. Documentation is given here: Extras/RationalResourcesRCSFamily @CessnaSkyhawk I've finished setting up Nuclear Family for grabs via CKAN, including a README with sufficient documentation. Feel free to PR and update te opt-in config here anytime. It will be available when I post a release.
  5. Hey @CessnaSkyhawk. Congrats in advance on making your own tech tree. "I think it seems like I could do that by just adding in the ISRU recipes in the following format in a separate config file?" - Yes, that's simply how it works as far as making each converter option to exist and applying them to tagged converter parts. But since you want to skip the intermediate ISRU chains you'll want to get familiar with my conversions calculator, RR_ISRU.xlsx, especially the Molar Mass mode. It supports as many resources as possible that aren't abstract and are relevant to generalized players. You can include it in your download but I think it would be much better that I ask the CKAN crew to register some of my extras, including that one, then you can have it as a dependency and the relevant portion of your mod would just be to tag engines. Or you can PR your updated list to me and I'll publish it. RR is mostly just configs so its download is small. I have an issue with the Kiwi Tech Tree in this regard. It adds fuel-switching to all RCS thrusters but its dev has not notified me of this such that: Either I could change my own RCS patch (and any others in similar cases) to not activate when Kiwi is installed --> RCS thrusters get double-patched and have 2 switches for the same module (most likely the stock ones) and that looks bad. Or they could disable their own or tune their patch to exclude stock RCS when both mods are present.
  6. I'm wondering what the demand for this would be like: I wrote a patch just to enable fuel switching in the Panther, Whiplash and Rapier as I've been developing cryofueled planes and it really bothers me that the stock jets are left behind, asking for LiquidFuel. While I've tuned jet engines for Hydrogen...I haven't done so for Methane so for a while the Methane setting will produce stats identical to the Hydrogen setting. (Ignore the super high Isp numbers on the Panther preview. That's an error and will change.)
  7. Space Dust is a very different resource mod. It does not distribute resources randomly. Its configs are far more intricate than what you know with the likes of PLANETARY_RESOURCE{} which is why: Random distributions can't be done; I don't make configs for it. Setting up a template system like Rational Resources for it is a mountain (of work) that I've decided not to climb.
  8. @jefferyharrell I think I was referring to the "type" or role of the part. The exact part is the RR Boxed Compressor which changes some resources from gas to liquid. There's also the RR Boxed Decompressor for the opposite role. These parts are kept in the RationalResourcesParts mod folder. I will make the relevant edits to the wiki page.
  9. I was challeneged to make something resembling the B-1B Lancer fighter plane. The wings aren't quite swept back as to bee too speciaized in hypersonic range (this doesn't matter in stock aero of course). Design to run on Hydrolox, not LFO. The Oxidizer load fraction hasn't been quite determined yet. The CoM should also be fixed in or near the center of the cargo space.
  10. @Fihnakis I would say ignore those. OhioBob and I have experienced them, and I have no prior knowledge that suggests that this becomes a visible problem in-game.
  11. Release 1.1 Fixed mod detection for fuel options. Added 3-way options to "Brick" RCS thruster. Allowed LiquidFuel option to persist with LqdHydrogen and other options. Minor nerf to Isps. @SciMan @leopardenthusiast I'm contemplating (for heavy RCS) a 2.5x size thruster with basically the stats of the stock NERVA or a 3x size thruster with 150% those stats (except Isp).
  12. @Krastynio DRE itself is the source of the issue. There is an odd, unnoticeable character right after the = sign on line 83 of the OPT config. Delete that character to fix. (It renders in the MM configcache as extra spaces with the invalid character between them after the = sign.) I've noticed that actually 6 OPT parts are affected and don't appear: k_3m_fuelTank, k_6m_fuelTank, k_7m_cargoTail, k_7m_cargoTail_variant, jk_3m_adaptor, jk_7m_adaptor (K fuel tanks, J-K adapters and the K cargo tails). (Given the setup of the config I'm surprised the whole section of OPT parts listed there don't get broken.) That odd character also occurs after the final } on line 188 but that's harmless. (I'd still delete it anyway)
  13. Graviolium is best found in asteroids; secondarily found in exo resource bands around some planets; finally, at the least, barely in the surface of some unlikely planets. Ideally, it's best found at planets around certain stars in other planet mods. Interplanetary speed might have been nerfed as part of Angel's troubleshooting someone else's reent issue, but also, depending on the planet pack you have installed, Blueshift may have trouble deciding when Interplanetary stops and Interstellar begins. Side note: I've seen quite a few instances of people reporting that it's a bad idea to timewarp while using a warp drive mod. KSP already has quite a handful with how much your ship is moving under normal physics time. Physics warp makes physics calculation unreliable and unstable.
  14. Sorry for taking so long to respond on this. For an OPT science lab on Pathfinder, right-click the lab, hit Manage Operations, then go to the Mobile Process tab in the WBI window. That's how it's been for me and it has worked out well. I assume you didn't know this path through the UI. Certain animated OPT parts (mainly cargo bays and tails) have caused spawn problems due to changes in Unity, requiring the use of WorldStabilizer. At one point (KSP 1.11) that problem got worse and was provoked further (rather than suppressed) by WorldStabilizer. Perhaps that mod and OPT are colliding again.
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