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  1. Nertea's SSPXr includes a 1.25m (and 2.5m) surface attached airlock for exactly this purpose. They are amusingly titled "SCATTER-1" and "EVACU-8." That's epic, actually. Additionally, this mod exists. It adds hatch functions to docking ports.
  2. WIP new (lakeside) harbor at Darude. Made on request for @Rocketology Available to folks on Discord, but currently only the water launch works. For some reason, the included heli and rover launch don't work. I may be back on a roll with building space centers. I rather enjoyed this and I have other ideas.
  3. Those features just work. No need to be concerned with GU or other planet mods. Any of these could be the source of your issue: You don't have ModularFlightIntegrator (not optional, bundled with Kopernicus). You have insufficient RAM so your PC is struggling to put other things into the page file to make room for KSP. You edited GU's system config and turned on planets without turning on their stars, so the planets are orbiting nulls (no values/no data).
  4. It's intentional this time. @theJesuit wants a self-consuming EL drone ship, a bootstrap that gets scuttled and added to the the child vessel when it is far enough along at being built.
  5. @KSPNoob The issue is 50% KSP bug, 50% noob bug. The KSP problem is a known thing, where a ship in extreme gee environments will be hit with gee spasms every now and then (and while loading physics in) because the game is not quite meant to have to process so much gee. I have seen video from GU's maker showing a ship actively deorbiting (it simply does not hold a stable orbit like usual after being cheated there) for simply being near enough to the black hole. The noob problem is that you're entering into such conditions with gee limits on. I'm sure it's very difficult, as you said, but
  6. You're welcome. Simply ignore the extra resources and just focus on what you want. Everything you're about to mess with is already balanced. (Gentle reminder that JNSQ is not just a "pretty" planet mod. It (and RR with it) are supposed to be difficult.) The most you have to do is pack more drills or life support converters, or bring less kerbals so less snacks get eaten. As for Air in particular, you can obtain Fresh Air by either recycling Stale Air in supported crew cabins or processing Oxidizer through the stock Convert-O-Trons. For making Snacks and "rebalancing" things, you can deal with
  7. Rational Resources is firstly a resource systems and resource placement mod. Then it's a parts mod, then, to some tiny degree, it's a planet mod (as resource placement is a mechanic directly concerning planets). This is where JNSQ's support for life support mods is. It controls all and fitting locations for Oxygen, Water, Nitrogen and Ammonia for TAC and Kerbalism. When anyone brings up "Kerbalism support" for a planet mod, they're usually specifically asking about the radiation belts. Sure, that's a thing that threatens kerbal lives but I think doesn't count as life support, and the only
  8. I fail to see the weight of this issue. Snacks only uses a select few resources: Ore for the Snack Grinder. Alternate and parallel option for Rock or Hydrates if you're using Rational Resources. Soil via the Soil Recyclers. Water and (Compost or Fertilizer) for the greenhouse if you have part mods that have greenhouses and Snacks integration. Supporting a life support mod directly isn't something to be expected from planet mods. Simply try to ignore the extra resources or (very difficult) don't install mods that rely on the CRP and the many resources it provides.
  9. @nickicool I said above that I can make patches to cover the problem. You don't need to lose your current save.
  10. Yeah, I'm late. Pardon me if it's a big deal, indeed. I considered your engine a rocket because it's not a turbine engine and it's rather high thrust for an ion engine...And I'm not accustomed referring to thrusters that aren't jet engines or RCS, as something other than rockets. Each intake that is not submerged won't produce its resource, so the engine will lose out on input amounts and will starve. Such intakes must therefore always be on the belly of the ship for the best chance of staying submerged at all times. Uh, right... I'll just leave that alone, then.
  11. That's a truly epic first post, dude! Amazing! I don't think I've ever see a ...Panther+Terrier SSTO before. I wouldn't think they were doable because of the Terrier's small bite (low thrust).
  12. @ColdJ You'll find these parameters very useful for interaction with oceans (if you're not already aware of them). With these you can (directly) cause an engine to fail when submerged, and you can (indirectly) cause an engine (or RCS thruster) to only be usable while submerged by having it depend on IntakeLqd supplied through an intake caused (directly) to only function underwater. This will give you the freedom needed to configure an engine that's as powerful as you wish underwater but absolutely useless for any SSTO or airborne vehicle. MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX disableUnderwater
  13. That issue should not be possible. OPT parts can only get that tank type when FFT is installed as FFT contains the tank definition. It's possible you have KSPI which has (or had) bugged patches which fool MM into thinking FFT is installed, which will lead to this. My bet is you have SystemHeatConverters which renames the stock converter module into itself. As I don't use System Heat, I don't provide patches to respond to this. I can fairly easily fix that, however.
  14. @nickicool I bet you have SystemHeatConverters. That mod renames all stock converter modules to itself which will cause this B9 problem. I can make a patch to answer that. (I currently don't use System Heat.)
  15. Doing this is no easy process. You need a team effort and a lot of time: You have to make sure you make as much use of the CRP yourself as possible. Example: CRP contains IntakeLqd which is exactly what your IntakeWater is trying to be, however, not all oceans are water, therefore it is named IntakeLqd and if you intend to get water you need to equip a dedicated Water harvester which will tap the discrete Water presence in the ocean. Don't make a converter that turns IntakeLqd into Water, as then it won't make sense on alien worlds like Eve or Tekto where the ocean is obviously not water
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