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  1. I am also poor people. I cannot do so. Sorry. The current limitations of Flare Replacer and the already wide catalogue there make it pointless for me to attempt to add to it.
  2. JadeOfMaar

    [1.3.1, 1.4.4] Thor Tech v0.9.6.3 ~ [July 9, 2018]

    Finally, RCS for things other than air. (Gray is LFO, Gold is MonoPropellant.)
  3. There should be no problem. Go ahead and try it out. TWB is compatible mostly due to being so far from Kerbin that it can't possibly collide (cross SOI) with most other star system mods.
  4. Parts in KSP are smaller than what they may be analogous to IRL (associated with planets being as small s they are in stock scale). The actual BFS also needs to have a lot of internal space that won't be immediately occupied by sardines strapped to the can. IRL, humans need a lot of room to move around and do and use things to maintain their sanity, and will be riding in the BFS for months at a time. Interplanetary BFS cannot be compared to a jumbo airplane where it's perfectly fine to have as many seats as possible as in that case, people are only in there for a few hours at a time. If/when it comes to life support mods, the unused volume can be accounted for in an extra buff to the habitation configs. In the case of the stock science lab, consider that the kerbals would want to store a lot of experiment hardware in there, or occupy a fair portion of the internal space with deployed internal hardware from each compartment containing possibly dozens of unique things. I fully understand your concern but like I state above, the kerbals will (realistically) be in there a long time and will need breathing room. Also, packing kerbals into a science lab for the sake of having lots of kerbals on a ship just sounds wrong to me. In addition to Damon's answer to this, I think ModuleAeroSurface requires the fins to animate in such away that they occupy more volume and expose more frontal area without merely rotating. This. See my first few paragraphs.
  5. @Klapaucius I highly doubt those planets (Keelon and Titanus) really have 0.6 atm. If you only read their info panel in the Tracking Station you may have been lied to. Their body configs may be missing a key that tells the Tracking Station what value to show-- and that panel will default to 0.6. I found it out the easy way by reading the body config, and the hard way by flying in and watching the KER atmo data and getting caught with my pants down. I'd suggest getting the real values from those ASAP and update your table to not misinform others. OhioBob is correct. The atmosphere pressure reading in the planet info panel is relative to that of the homeworld. I didn't hear about gravity from him. Tellumo is more unforgiving than Eve but much more attracting to attempt to overcome it (or plan luxurious one-way missions ) by possessing Oxygen (and grass, and Water). In addition to the two points that it has greater gravity and greater sea level pressure than Eve, its atmosphere is also realistically very short, meaning its atmo pressure scales very sharply and may be worse to try to aerobrake in. And its one moon is of even less use to you than Gilly, or (iirc) Titanus' Tylo-like moon. @AeroGav If you have a video of that I'd love to see it.
  6. @NHunter If you mean the trees that are part of KSC++/GSC++, you'll have to go into GPP's Kerbal Konstructs folder and find and delete the relevant bits for the trees.
  7. @kerbalmckerbalface Refresh page. I listed some science mods.
  8. The mods in the recommended mod list all work fine, yes. Except maybe the skybox stuff (and that's if you use Sigma Replacements and not Texture Replacer) and Sunflares of Maar for GPP. Gameplay and visual mods Kerbal Engineer Redux (or Basic dV + Basic Orbit but not both). All of DMagic's mods, really. SCANsat (a DMagic mod) and Waypoint Manager. A very powerful combination. Kerbal Alarm Clock. Any one visual mod that adds clouds and auroras, but no more than one as that voids warranties. Spectra, Stock Visual Enhancements, Astronomer's Visual Pack Repacked. If you're using GPP, none of these apply. GPP contains its own visuals. scatterer if you like visuals more than frame rate. Flare Replacer + Better Looking Oceans if you don't like scatterer. Ship Manifest which lets you easily manage crew and resources on a ship. Docking Port Alignment Indicator (DPAI) which provides a large UI window for docking; or Navball Docking Alignment Indicator which merely adds a marker to the navball and shows docking port orientation. TakeCommand - spawn kerbals in command seats; KSP 1.5 makes this obsolete. Contract Configurator because the stock contract system is horse mess. Play Your Way - make career mode contract-less, pay you for science, etc. Ship Effects Continued for IVA immersion. Reentry Particle Effects. Kerbal Konstructs + KerbinSide Remastered for new places to go to and unlock on Kerbin, especially if... see Airplane Plus. Do not use any Kerbal Konstructs mods with GPP. Gael is not Kerbin. So everything will spawn incorrectly. Install just Kerbal Konstructs, however, and you get KSC++ for GPP and extra anomalies here and there... Strategia - makes career mode and contracts more interesting and less linear. Part mods Airplane Plus if you really like airplanes and you aren't going to space anytime soon. Bluedog Design Bureau if you like replica rockets. Tundra Exploration if you want to ride the Elon Musk hype train. Universal Storage II if you like the ability to fit science, other utilities, life support and payloads into wedges and if you like animated container devices. Near Future Technologies (a suite) if you like: station building, fancy LKO craft, solar panels, nuclear reactors, options for ion propulsion, engines for foreign atmo, heavy lifters. Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux if you really like (non-replica) station parts. Made by Nertea alongside Near Future Tech. Mk2 or Mk3 Expansion for plane parts you never knew you needed. Ven's Stock Part Revamp because stock parts are an eye-soar and KSP 1.5 is not doing an entire part revamp (as far as anyone knows right now). Science mods DMagic Orbital Science - lots of science parts. Science Relay - transmit science between vessels instead of just to the KSC. Station Science - lots of science but also adds the mechanic of investing time and waiting for the result. More realistic and less of the stock mechanic of spamming parts and just hitting 'Run Experiment' and it's done. ResearchBodies - makes you need to launch a telescope and find/unlock most of the planets. Surface Experiment Pack - science that you unpack on a moon, ASSEMBLE it (using KAS), then run it (like the pros do) then pack it back away and move on.
  9. You were given instructions to follow in the first planet mod thread you went to. No one can help you until you provide something for us to examine. I can assume you did not install ModularFlightIntegrator. (It's in the Kopernicus download and is NOT optional.)
  10. JadeOfMaar

    [1.4.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    I can't be much help to anyone for a while (severe PC trouble) but I'm looking into it. Wild Blue Tools is definitely breaking in CRP mode. The Buckboards are completely unusable right now. By extension, everything is or could be unusable. OmniStorage would normally work fine in CRP mode, and allow you to select from the exceedingly many CRP resources.
  11. Unless you use Crazy Mode, yes you still have to be careful of all the aero properties of your craft while accelerating. And it's perfectly okay for you to attach and clip UFO parts in non-UFO bodies, expect their normal behaviors, and get around as you expect with a pure UFO body.
  12. @JH4C Unless I'm mistaken or the information is obsolete, I've read that surface-attached heatshields don't work well. The best idea I can suggest is a pointed cockpit, however a significant forward portion of it, from the tip, would be a swappable part and an inflating heatshield, or give ablator to the cockpit just as the underside of any irl space shuttle. Personal experience has told me enough by now that radiators work well in vacuum and in thick atmosphere but not in thin atmosphere where you need them most.
  13. I know, right? Too bad nothing can be done about that for a while... Reaction wheels are overpowered because parts are very massive and RCS tends to be very underpowered. About engine plumes, yes, it seems short because of the "saturation" of plumes from many nozzles, and not being wired up to be longer and more convincing in the many-nozzle modes. In single/center mode they all look great.
  14. JadeOfMaar

    Compare and Share!

    @Hodo You have a great point. I know that lift = drag, and I eventually came to realize that, in its own way, a fuselage part not having a lift surface performs fabulously versus a part that has it. But there is a drawback. Any part without the lift surface part is at the full mercy of aero forces and easily wants to turn in any direction, any axis once that force builds up, and will demand elevons or airbrakes for yaw control, versus a part having lift surface, it will only tend to generate lift in its relative pitch axis. Being fond of wide bodies in plane design, regular (or "rogue" as I call it) body lift is a big nope for me, and the visual appeal of a non-cylinder body for planes is quite alluring despite the pains of the added lift and drag.
  15. Yes. That syntax is very bad but you can target by nearly anything in a config file. Like this... Anything Kerbodyne makes, in Basic Rocketry and weighs less than 1 ton can only take 3 atm pressure. (Assuming any parts exist that fit this criteria.) @PART:HAS[#TechRequired[basicRocketry],#mass[<1],#manufacturer[Kerbodyne]] { maxPressure = 300 // comment, other actions }