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  1. @rocketman525 dV costs between moons isn't done because there are too many variables to consider, especially including, and only just beginning with, what your initial orbital situation is, in Jool's SOI. Everyone will approach Jool differently, and no one will spend the effort and the dV to put themselves into a fixed ideal start position. Transfer Window Planner will answer you. It allows for inter-moon dV calculation so input each departure and arrival situation that you prefer, take down the numbers, and add them up for yourself. It's a bit tedious but it's relatively easy, and it's that or nothing. You'll still likely be required, however, to put yourself in a zero-inclined, perfectly circular orbit, but you have the freedom to use an orbit of any size and not be forced into the orbit size given on the map.
  2. No. Beyond Home compatibility was made with an old version of Beyond Home (before Parallax existed) so I can't help someone who's using Parallax until Linx updates his mod to use a newer, more optimized version. My PC cannot run the current BH Parallax version. All I can suggest is you make sure that your terrain detail is at maximum and not the lowest. And in case you're using rescale, the warranty is void. I don't bother testing rescaled X planet packs.
  3. Here's the thing. Anyone in @lemon cup position would not rely on a dV map. They would use the Transfer Window Planner mod (or the equivalent in MechJeb, or if possible, the stockified one in KSP 1.12), get a visual readout that shows (as a map) every possible point where they can exchange time for dV, and easily choose their perfect timing for the transfer burn and know exactly how much dV to spend. They can easily choose between a slow, super-efficient transfer, or a quick, super-expensive transfer. Sample screenshot: In this kind of playthrough you want engines with 5+ digit Isp (but thrust will usually suck very badly). dV is nearly no longer a problem.
  4. Rough textures featuring panel lines (3D body painted). Please ignore the seams due to quarters and halves of the models. Body paint doesn't respect UV bleed...as far as I know. Kelvin series 3.1m to 2.5m warp nacelle. The tail piece has two rotation varians. Mk2 batteries: 0.4m. Holds 2000 EC. 1.6m (with 1.875m adapter-- the length of a Mk2 fuel tank). Holds 8000EC. The emissive is now planned to be in the bevel of the walkway, not the floor and ceiling. Panel lines subject to change. Will have accent colors and clones for other energy resources. I'm looking at NFE StoredCharge, WBI ElectroPlasma and KSPI MegaJoules. Mk0 warp nacelle. I've decided not to try to make this double as an impulse rocket. Instead I'll produce an aerodynamic engine pod loosely resembling those of USS Voyager. I meant to do the same with the large impulse rocket but that clean slipped my mind.
  5. Sorry, no. There are no plugins of any kind here.
  6. GU Parts includes 2 extremely high powered antennas (one of which may be broken). They should be more powerful than those in any other mod since GU absolutely needs this. But realistically, there cannot be an infinitely powerful antenna so you have to deal with that and make do with what you get.
  7. I finally got around to unwrapping all of these. (Shown with basic materials. Not textured yet) The Mk0 nacelle The nose and scoop are separate parts. Choose between either or none (put whatever else you like but which can fit) This scoop will have color options like the others. The shorter mid-section is its own part and a warp coil. Stack/Repeat it like any warp coil segment. The longer tail section was initially meant to be an appropriately stronger warp coil (not by much) but will instead be equally (or less) strong + impulse rocket. (Does not get plume options) The S3 engine. 3.75m goodness fit for use on your Star Destoyers. Will have all plume options like the other rockets.
  8. I found the source. It's the :FOR[SnacksFreshAir] that occurs in the Snacks mod's own Stress.cfg when it's enabled. Change that to :NEEDS[SnacksFreshAir] or :AFTER[SnacksFreshAir] to fix it.
  9. @Starslinger999 Perhaps something is producing obscene drag somehow. Press F12 and see if there's an absurdly long red line leading back/down during your flight.
  10. RR handles Dirt without purging it (since release 1.19) so it's available for your use now. I could make them multimode...but I'd rather players make up their mind which resource to use and to stick with it as my presentation of the Rock resouce intends for it to do exactly what Ore partially does (being an abstract, omnipotent resource).
  11. Actually........ Rational Resources Parts (by default) changes the SMX mass drivers (engines and RCS) to run on Rock. They've been tested so that the EC demand should be unchanged. It's not a switching config, though. You have to add or delete this file and restart KSP depending on your preference.
  12. Release 3.0.2 Added filler tiles between the KSC runway and north side SPH when KerbinSideRemastered not installed.
  13. Release 3.0.1 Added TSC custom MapDecal. Fixed TSC heading and position on Squad Kerbin. Made it cliff-side as it should be. Fixed TSC heading and position on KSRSS Earth. Made it cliff-side as it should be. It's supposed to be in California, not Florida. Updated spawn points (rotated 90deg counterclockwise and made them invisible). If you're on KSP 1.12, I can't help you. I have no incentive to get on that version myself, in which case, maybe there's some fundamental KK breakage going on. Alternatively, did you install CustomPreLaunchChecks which is included beside KK? That's a hard dependency for KK itself. Lastly, you may be using a very old version (where this problem existed) but you think you have v3.0... I've had this issue of "you think you have the latest" a few times with OPT Spaceplane. I'm not sure I get it. But at the time KKtoSD was necessary, the KK bases had a different config syntax or they were setup very wrongly (I know this is the case with GPP, and will be so until I finish remaking those myself). The distance between statics was somehow dependent on the terrain tile size and so, that distance between them increased as the planet was enlarged via rescale. Aside from in in GPP, KKtoSD should no longer be required. Spawn point rotation: done. Note: I am not a rocket person so I was not aware of what the default orientations should have been. I've been advised, however, so it should be fixed now. I've tried to fix that but not yet succeeded. The spawn points were visible for debug purposes (as I said in the opening post). Debug should be done now so they're no longer visible.
  14. There's a rather large red-orange spot which suggests a lava pool. I want very much to see that up-close. Furthermore, I'd like to know if there is potential to have mixed ocean types as well as non-uniform ocean levels. Water here + lava there + mountain lakes.
  15. That's for me to do. They're visible for troubleshooting. TSC on Squad Kerbin or on JNSQ Kerbin? TSC's orientation is different between Squad Kerbin and any planet packs.
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