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  1. @Beetlecat There's nothing substantial in OPT Continued. It's just... precisely this: But I -can- pack just the VTOL engines (or just all of the engines) as its own mod or better, work with LGG to update Legacy's netkan to create/split such a mod out of it and have it marked as incompatible with its parent.
  2. Attention, everyone! This is finally a thing. Especially the CKAN part. Have a nice day. Please take any further discussion or support requests to the new thread for this:
  3. A truly marvelous plane parts pack that has been around since at least KSP 0.90 and has aged very well (especially when the older J and K bodies were moved into Legacy (renamed to Stail and Avatar) and the current J and K bodies arose to replace them) and is hugely popular for its modularity and ample cargo bay spaces. This re-post finally removes the old included bundled mods from the download itself and allows you to follow it with CKAN for KSP 1.9+. Some feature updates may come, such as localization and hangars, but don't get too excited. I have other very large projects now. Original thread: OPT Legacy/Reconfig thread: Features (Images): Credits: Original Creator: @K.Yeon Maintenance/Test team between K. Yeon's silent exit and my takeover: @stali79, @Spanksh, @Starwaster, @Stone Blue, @Mycroft, @M_Ouellette Contributors: [everyone above] + @Winchester, @Flashblade The guy in the back: @Stone Blue Recommended Mods: Raster Prop Monitor or ASET Avionics. OPT Legacy (Maybe just for the VTOL engine suite. Everyone wants a VTOL-capable spaceplane). ....Practically everything else is handled by OPT Reconfig which is now required. Community Resource Pack or Wild Blue Industries: Classic Stock (resource systems). Your choice life support (USI, Kerbalism, Snacks! or TAC). Your choice fuel tank provider (B9 Part Switch, Configurable Containers, Modular Fuel Tanks, WBI). Cryogenic Engines. Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. (KH cargo bay is made to fit the core tower part.) Wild Blue Industries: Buffalo and Pathfinder. DOWNLOAD OPT CONTINUED :: SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD RECONFIG :: SPACEDOCK :: GITHUB
  4. Release 1.9.0 Added RareMetals B9 tank option to Ore tanks. Added stock/Restock Ore tanks to RR category. Added Extras: RR_MoreTankSwitches.cfg adds tank options for tanks of various manufacturers/mods including Fuel Tanks Plus, USI, Mk2 & Mk3 Expansion, KNES, Munar Industries, Charyol, DaMichael's, NovaPunch, NF Launch Vehicles... (List not made by me, contributed by @Iodyne ) RR_NTRReactorPatch.cfg adds the reactor engine functionality (demonstrated in the Main Coon jet engine) to the RR NERVA clones. RR_KCTFuelResources.cfg registers RR eccentric propellants with Kerbal Construction Time. RR_KerbalismEmitters.cfg adds Kerbalism radioactivity to the RR NERVA engines. Updated Extras/RR_EveLiquidFuelOcean.cfg to add LiquidFuel harvesting to the RR Hydroscoop, not the stock air scoop. This update brought to you by Iodyne! A little is plenty, plenty is deadly! but it's super rare and valuable! DOWNLOAD :: GitHub :: SpaceDock
  5. @DStaal Hah. Yes. Well, I'm slow to cross KSP releases (usually with very good reason). To be honest, Thor Tech is in limbo/laid to rest with this one. I plan to recycle its concepts into features of newer and separate mods. However, Airline Kuisine is back with full intent to stay. The electric propfan engines, for example, are reincarnating in full form in my current project, Sterling Engines.
  6. Airline Kuisine 2.4.0 Deleted unwanted textures. Dropped IFI support. Fixed WBI mode (It became completely broken over time). Added support for Air! and Stress! Fixed embedded solar panel for Mk2 parts (broken by Restock blacklist). Reduced requirement on Pathfinder for functionality. OmniConverters always available. Use B9PS for essentials tanks, OmniStorage for all-purpose tanks. Updated B9 tank options. Updated Kerbalism support: Use B9PS for tanks. Updated USI mode: Added colors to B9 tank options. Fixed texture problems. DOWNLOAD :: SpaceDock :: GitHub
  7. @linuxgurugamer Yeah. Also, set any references to the older OPT Spaceplane in OPT Legacy and OPT Reconfig to point to OPT Spaceplane Continued. Many thanks.
  8. @DStaal They should all work just fine. My mods are just parts and configs (exploiting nearly entirely stock modules) so it's very unlikely they'll break. Their dependencies breaking are what to watch out for. Deep Sky Core 3.0.9 Added colors to pressure tank B9 tank options. Moved Restock whitelist file to Thor Tech. Updated Classic Stock Propellium tank ratios. Updated patch to hopefully more properly run. (The one that adds IntakeAtm to all intakes.) Updated tech tree nodes following compatibility updates for them done in OPT Reconfig. Thor Tech Fixed model path issue with Shieldnir cones. Fixed patch (did not add Shieldnir ablator to airbrakes). Moved Restock whitelist in from DSCore. Updated Shieldnir patch to not conflict with OPT thermal limit upgrades. GET DEEP SKY CORE :: GitHub :: SpaceDock GET THOR TECH :: GitHub :: SpaceDock
  9. OPT Spaceplane Continued 2.1 Now available for KSP 1.9.1 and later with CKAN. No longer contains old plugin bundles. Now requires OPT Reconfig. OPT Legacy 2.1.1 Deleted files concerning agency and categories. Moved to OPT Reconfig. Updated VIsp patches to not activate when KSP Interstellar is installed. OPT Reconfig 2.1 Absorbed and unified configs and other resources from OPT Main (now Continued). Agencies with updated logos. Flags. New and replaced ones. Added colors to B9 tank options for NF Propulsion. Added Water to Rational Resources B9 tank options. DOWNLOAD OPT CONTINUED :: SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD LEGACY :: SPACEDOCK :: GITHUB DOWNLOAD RECONFIG :: SPACEDOCK :: GITHUB @linuxgurugamer Please set OPT Continued relationships: Requires: B9 Part Switch, Community Resource Pack, OPT Reconfig Recommends: OPT Legacy, Raster Prop Monitor
  10. There are no Tweakscale configs for those. Why? I really don't like the idea of scaling crewed parts (especially, making them smaller). Fuselage parts receive WBI tank modules (for WBI users) which are incompatible with Tweakscale.
  11. Without Restock, eh? Okay. That's for me to deal with.
  12. @enewmen Do be mindful and post any significant spoiler content. I don't -use- GU (though I do make contributions) but here's one person asking that you at least put your image in a spoiler item.