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  1. With these specs icy very smooth .1g rings?(mabey) between eeloo and dres 1 inclination 0 eccentricity thin atmosphere no water no moons
  2. I want some of the old dlc parts please, not much to ask but it seems really cool especially for Ksp 2
  3. Hi, Anyone interested in clone of Hotkey Manager for KSP1 ? I would be very interested in it, since I play in KSP2 with Joystick. Then I could use AntiMicroX to map joystick buttons to keyboard chars and... SAS
  4. With the release of KSP2 in EA, the forums have been reorganized. Even if globally I like the new organization of subforums, I think that putting all the KSP1 stuff at the very bottom (after KSP2 stuff, community stuff, and international stuff) makes KSP1 a bit "the thing nobody plays which therefore gets all the way to the bottom". Even if it's probably wrong, as a lot of, or at least some KSP1 players will keep playing KSP1; also it is extremely impractical for these players. So I humbly request (to the forum administrators) that the KSP1 subforums be no longer buried under all that stuff, and come back after KSP2 stuff, but before community and international stuff. Thanks!
  5. Hoping some brave modder out there will remove the annoying white menu on the screen when viewing the Kerbal space center.
  6. Gonna start this off with a big thanks to the KSP modding community in general. You have made KSP1 one so much better for years, and KSP 2 more playable from almost day 1. Yall are amazing =) How hard is UI scaling? I see there is a mod already out for scaling the games default UI, but havent used it yet, the default scale is ok for now. I am having some big issues with mod UIs however. I am currently only running a few mods, IT calculator, Stage Info, and Maneuver Node Controller. All 3 are just this side of unusable for me as they are WAY to small. Would it be possible to add UI scaling to a mod at this point without messing with the game UI? I have never modded a UI so no clue what goes into it. I do play in 4k(16:9), not sure if thats important or not.
  7. At this point, seems like this is going to be a necessity, I've been looking at the code and I can't seem to figure it out. Anyone with more experience want to take a shot at it?
  8. I can't make any mod, but I'd like to get a mod with real parts like an air compressor that transforms intake air in oxidiser (with an IRSU-similar texture and design), that doesn't make much heat but a lot of noise, some rover cargo bays , long cargo bays and eventually some powerfull air breathing engines for a takeoff without any oxidiser use and big jet engines to use as VTOL hidden engines or engines integrated with a cargo bay.
  9. I got an awesome new gaming laptop to play KSP with, but it has poor battery life. So, I went and bought a new Maxoak 50000mAh power bank to use with it. It was going fine until it kept shutting itself off while I played KSP. If I wanted to play KSP, I'd have to lower my rig's GPU to low power mode, or else it would trip the power bank. I looked at what happens whenever I did this, and apparently the battery rapidly alternates between being charged and not being charged while on higher performance modes. It would be stable, but the Maxoak is programmed to automatically shut itself off if it's not charging something. This makes it totally unusable. I went to Reddit with this, and I've had no luck. Does anyone here know how to fix/workaround this?
  10. Hi folks. New to the Forum, hello all! I've been trying for no good reason other than shiggles to get a Starlink type constellation in orbit. Mechjeb2 helps me with the launch timing, orbital plane etc, but I'm having a lot of trouble with distributing each satellite throughout that orbital plane. I start with a launch that's circularized 20km low and then dispense the satellites one by one and orbit raise to 350 as it gets close to the correct location for each bird. Anyway, the point is that keeping a large constellation aligned requires a lot of management - tweaks to apo and peri to keep separation and to plane to etc - can anyone suggest mods that might help? I've been looking for a 'ground control mod' that could extend the tracking screen but no joy so far so it's manually switch to each satellite at the moment :-) Image attached with the 'net for one plane of approx 32 birds. I'm trying for 15 minute separation of planes - it's a lot of birds in the air!
  11. It sounds silly and pointless but consider the following. You're working in a big mission save and have all sorts of GSE you use often but aren't using right now. There are 500 parts not currently in use that you could eliminate from the scene by recovering the vessel, but you're like me and love keeping vessels in service until they are unusable rather than mission-by-mission gameplay. You're left with a neat slideshow of all your creations. Now consider Distant Vessel Rendering from Distant Object Enhancement. It will give a visual, physicsless version of your target (or all visible crafts). What if you could apply that same 'mask' and toggle a vessel 'off' essentially unloading it from the scene but for the visual physicsless version. I'm only a veteran mod user so I'm curious. Is there a way to create a mod that does this?
  12. 1, I remember seeing a mod that would show all the places you haven't done science yet, where can i find that? 2, Degrading panels, solar panels always provide power, so i want them to e x p i r e. Is there a mod that takes away the power they provide? i already have a diminishing RTG mod so the solar panels would be the next step
  13. KSP's aerodynamic shielding is wonky. You can hide parts from airflow and flames with cargo bays only - and it doesn't work all the times. Sometimes you don't even know it till spaceplane starts to drag extremely because of tiny robo arm in the bay. And FAR is not an option for everyone. TLDR - can someone please make a plugin that shows and changes part's Shielded status forcefully, by pressing a button in PAW? It may sound cheaty, but stock actually punishes you for having equipment clipped in hollow stuff. So, it's not more cheaty then toggleable autostruts.
  14. As the title says. Just a mod that adds duplicates of the stock making ground robotic parts, in 2x and 3x scale. hell, it wouldnt even have to be _all_ of them, i just want the servotrons so i can have a solid engine mount for big VTOLS with BIG VTOL ENGINES, without them being all wobbly. too be honest, its probably not a matter of scale of the parts, but just the joint connection strength between them, and esp the robotic parts themselves between the "base" of the part and the part that rotates. Maybe its possible for a MM patch or smth to do this, but i wouldnt know. id give it a try myself but im too lazy and id have too learn a lot.
  15. I for the longest time have wanted a mod that changes the look of the Vanilla UI, especially more so now with KSP2 coming and the devs sharing more footage, like the VAB screen. The only problem is that I can't find any mods that change the look of the UI. I've only seen like two posts on the idea, both of them being from people playing around with the idea but never full on making a UI mod. If I knew anything about modding I would make one myself, but considering the fact that no one has made any UI mod, I assume it must be pretty tricky. I don't really know the point of this post, I guess its just to get the mod idea out there and hopefully a modder is inspired by this to make one, or maybe someone can point me in the right direction for making such a mod. Anyways that was my tedtalk, I hope somebody sees this and considers the idea and/or people can discuss it in the replies. <3 Here's one good HUD redesign that I was informed of, I guess it can be used as inspo or help feed a discussion here
  16. Whenever I make rovers in KSP they always feel so... fake. From landing them to covering them for entry to just the parts they use. I'd like to see a rover parts mod in a stockalike style to kind of facilitate cooler looking rovers, rover skycranes, and rover shielding (like the heatshield and fairing that the Mars rovers are covered in). Does anyone know if there is anyone working on a mod that fills these needs? If not, I'd love to see someone develope some parts (I'm still learning C# and blender so if I made it you would have to wait a while). Cheers everyone!
  17. title It gets hard to name my ships in mission summaries when I usually pick KSP up only between weeks, by which time I would forget what contracts I've had a ship and crew working on otherwise.
  18. Hi I know its a Big ask, but is there any mod developers Interested in Making some Larger Landing Legs? I Know there is Mods Like KRE, but the landing legs on that are Designed for Boosters, and don't work as Well for landers. I Have Four Or Five Types of Legs in Mind: - Medium Legs based off the Martians Ares Landers ( there is a mod with these, but I was talking to the Dev about them not Folding away Enough to Reasonably Put in a Fairing ) - Medium/Large Legs Based Off the National Teams ILV - Small/Medium Legs Based off The LM Descent Stage - Possibly a Set of Landing Legs That Extend out of a Heatshield (Not like The Dragon Concept, like the NASA Space Exploration Initiative Lander from 1989) in Multiple Sizes. - Large Base Legs for Building Surface Bases, Preferably Something Big Enough To Extend Below Nertea's Stockalike Station Parts Inflatable Habitats. I Know its a Large Request, But if anyone would be interested in doing this, I would Appreciate it a whole lot! Also, If anyone knows any good mods that Add Similar Legs, or Others Like it, Please let me Know! Thanks Again
  19. I've been playing with Kerbalism for a while and I can officially say it's my favorite Life Support mod. With the unconfusing layout, once you get the hang of it, you can easily make your missions feel so much more lifelike. But I recently got inspired to make one of my own after an unfortunate Mars mission. After my Mars lander exploded into about a million tiny little pieces, Artemis Kerman waited above in the Orbital module. As she was alone, she was consuming less than three kerbals would, so that was alright. The big issue, though, is that I had failed to bring extra Nitrogen and thus I didn't have enough to keep my pod pressurized longer than 1 and a half years (which sucks since I have to wait 405 days until my transfer window opens). So this got me thinking. Well, I have PLENTY of O2 left, so why can't I just use more O2 for pressurization. While I know realistically this isn't exactly the best idea, but come on. This is a game about green men. I want to make a mod similar to Kerbalism that employs the ability to change: Pressurized Capsule Gas Concentration (How much O2, N2, or CO2) How pressurized the capsule is (Instead of 1atm, why not pressure the capsule lower in order to preserve resources?) Caloric intake of Kerbals (In fact, kerbals now have a daily caloric intake they need to meet in order to maintain certain health levels. Using too little calories may cause a kerbal to become underweight, while the opposite may cause a kerbal to GAIN weight. A kerbal who has gained weight LITERALLY weighs more, so if a kerbal gains weight during a transfer and then hops in a lander, the lander might have more troubles with weight than you originally thought. Also, this way you can stretch your food supplies in case of emergencies). Sicknesses. So far there aren't (that I'm aware of) any life support mods that actually contain any actual 'health' requirements for Kerbals. You can change cleanliness settings, such as choosing to launch with a super-steralized pod or choosing to launch without cleaning the pod. You can also choose to quarantine a Kerbal after visiting space/another planet in case they come down with a space sickness (inspired by the actual events of Apollo 11). Kerbals can also get radiation sickness in orbit, and old kerbals with a lot of time receiving those lovely ionizing rays could get cancer (Kancer)! This incentivizes a large pool of astronauts instead of having a choice number of astronauts that do all your missions. A fully fledged kerbal physical health system. Tired of kerbals bouncing on the ground and getting off scot free? What about possible mishaps in zero-g (possibly by Kerbals with more stupidity)? Now, kerbals can break limbs, get concussions, and require medical assitance. I could even add a fourth kerbal type, medic, who can repair broken kerbals in case of injury. But this also means Kerbals don't die instantly in some cases. Imagine a kerbal breaking a limb while on the moon, and begins suffering internal bleeding. You have a timer before the kerbal bleeds out and dies (and a medic could help elongate that time), and you need to get them back to Kerbin before the timer runs out or the kerbal is dead forever (or in the case of the veterans, if one insists, dies for a little while). And remember how I said mishaps in zero g? Well, what if, based on the kerbals stupidity level, accidental injuries could happen randomly while in orbit? Kerbals aren't all perfect. Now, when you hire Kerbals, you can see what pre-existing conditions they have that might effect their strengths and weaknesses. What if a kerbal is sickle-celled? Well, they might be less resistant to low-oxygen environments. What if you choose a kerbal with osteoporosis? Well, they might have bone density issues that could be exacerbated by long stays in orbit. And this also means a kerbal can GAIN a condition. Spent too much time in orbit? They might come down with a bone density issue, or other health problem that effects resource consumption, frequency of health issues, tolerance to g's, you name it! This doesn't mean all conditions are bad though! You could get a kerbal with strong G tolerance, or a kerbal with low-oxygen resilience. You could get a loner kerbal, who PREFERS to be on a mission alone, and doesn't need connection with home to stay sane (which is an idea from Kerbalism). What if you choose a kerbal that's claustrophobic? Well, they might be prone to breakdowns in long missions in cramped ships. Realistically, this all seems simple enough to code to me. A lot of it just effects resource consumption. I'm going to put this as a disclaimer, I AM NOT PROMISING THAT I WILL MAKE ANY MOD. I'm simply interested in trying to learn and pursue. I have no real modding experience and am just learning. I'm also making this to see how big the interest may be for a mod like this. I can see that this may not be the mod for everyone (let's face it, life support is a huge obstacle most of the time). However, some of the most fun I've ever had in this game has been using Kerbalism and running test after test to make sure a mission will go successfully. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me. The real meat of the mod would be in setting up configs for external mods. I know that Tantares, Bluedog, SSTU, Space Station Tech, and other mods would be fundamental for making configs for. However, I pledge that if I do make this mod, I will make in-depth VIDEOS on setting up configs for your own mods. I know the hardest part of modding can sometimes be figuring out how the heck a mod even works in the first place, so providing adequate wiki and tutorials is a goal of mine if this project gets a lot of love. I've said it a couple times, but this mod is heavily inspired by Sir Mortimer's Kerbalism. Because of this, the mod is planned to be similar to how Kerbalism works (especially in the resources). The mod will have: Oxygen Food Water Nitrogen Solid Waste Gaseous Waste Medical Supplies (which might even be divided into two different resources, pharmaceuticals and first aid, or left as one resource that can heal all) Other things that are monitored in the mod are: Stress (Happiness coupled with Hab size and Comfort, all hinging on a Kerbals condition) Heat (Much like how the Kerbalism system works, needing life support systems to keep a kerbal cool) Radiation (almost identical to how Kerbalism works, as I think Kerbalism's radiation system is unbeatable) Sickness (Kerbals get sick and this can effect resource use/life expectancy. Like I said before, Cancer might be a thing Kerbals can be diagnosed with). Physical Health (everything from broken bones to anaemia to a kerbals bodyweight) Retirement (Some kerbals might choose to retire if their health becomes too extreme. This would be up to user preference, though) And other things that aren't related to Kerbals but important to me, since they were in Kerbalism: Engine quality (# of ignitions, possibility of failure [WHICH CAN ALL BE CHANGED BASED ON PREFERENCE]) Part quality (how long a part will last, I plan on making this much more lenient than Kerbalism, and also make it a little more in-depth with levels of failure, specific function failure, etc.) Science time (originally why I got Kerbalism. When science can be ran over time, and continue to be run in the background, I almost cried. So much more fun than the stock system. I also plan to make this a little more friendly than the Kerbalism system, allowing science definitions to be seen [and a possibilty to add more science def's based on how much research you've done in a certain biome]) This mod would be designed to hinge on Probability. There's a chance that a Medic causes a health condition to get worse; there's a chance a kerbal bonks their head in their space station; there's a chance that an oxygen tank can explode and we could lose some of our oxygen supply (I'm looking at you, Apollo 13). By adding chance, but not complete randomness, I believe the mod can get us closer to a realistic space simulator that's still fun to use! I WOULD LOVE SOME POINTERS. If you have an idea of how something can be implemented, please tell me! I am open to ideas and I am open to letting someone else take over this project if they feel so inclined. I am also open to working with more experienced mod makers to program this and to have my vision fully realized. What do you guys think?
  20. So, lately I've been playing with a lot of visual mods installed, and KSP looks great! But, I just think it doesn't look right without this: Is it possible to make this into a mod?
  21. Greetings to all of this forum. During my ksp adventures i find myself wanting certain parts that no mod had created as of yet. I want to be able to create more creative rocket designs, which aren't in the wholy kerbal style of strapping on moar boosters. Such part ideas include, radial, surface attached heat shields. Kinda like the curved solar panels from Near Future Solar. And maybe an upgraded version of the mk1-3 command pod, I would like to see one with more kerbals crammed in as the current internals allude to lots of space available. I had the idea for the upgraded mk1-3 from reading Eyes Turned Skyward. So if any mod developer is up to do this i would we happy. Thanks, I wait for a respose.
  22. I always like rovers, they're basically useless cause you can send a hopper. So i want it to change, is there any mods that add in stockalike rover parts based off of real rovers and rover based contracts. Basically making rovers useful again, maybe even skycrane parts too
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