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Found 10 results

  1. So I'm a beginner with Kopernicus, and I'm trying to experiment with replacing the textures and terrain of the stock planets. I made some planet models, heightmaps, color maps, etc. But I'm having trouble implementing it all into the game. I'm working on Ike right now, and I've had a million problems with it. Here's a couple of them: It has these weird lines that wrap around anything whenever it has a higher elevation. It also has the weird grid seams everywhere. I'm not sure if this is a problem with my heightmap or if it's a problem with the code. Here's another problem: The scaled space model and PQS terrain don't line up. Here's the code I used: If any Kopernicus veterans know what's going on, some advice would be appreciated!!
  2. With these specs icy very smooth .1g rings?(mabey) between eeloo and dres 1 inclination 0 eccentricity thin atmosphere no water no moons
  3. Revelatively new to modding and I love the Kcalbeloh pack but also wanted to add other packs too so that the late-game of my modded playthroughs had more places to explore. If someone could explain or send a guide to if its possible or not then that would be great.
  4. I am using Grannus Expansion Pack and I've downloaded it via Ckan but whenever I open KSP none of the planets appear! I've created new save files multiple times. Could someone give me some info/help? Thanks a lot!
  5. After some Module manager tweaking, help from some great users on discord, and a couple weeks, I finally made this ABOMINATION. Surprisingly, my PC hasn't go over 70 Celsius. These screenshots show about..... 150 Planets packs that are about 25GB with 1600 celestial bodies. (1500 are around kerbin, I couldn't include stars or gas giants.) and yes, "moon" in these screenshots are kerbin's.
  6. I've had enough of working in the dark. For those of you who might have seen me on the KSP and KerbalAcademy subreddit, I am the one guy there that loves SSTO's and spaceplanes. I have gotten tired of asking there because I might be seen as some idiot (which I might not be). I have begun to focus my attention to making planets of my own using Kopernicus and KittopiaTech. I tried to make planets based on the basic tutorials made by TheWhiteGuardian to no avail, as my planets either take KSP forever to load, don't load in general, or load up but look like smooth black or blue spheres. Because of this, I have resorted to asking the KSP forums this question: Can anyone give me a crash course on everything about Kopernicus and how to make a good planet with it? I want to know which parser and which line of code does which, such as the PQSMods or the Ocean and Atmosphere parsers. I want to know what each and every line does in a Kopernicus config. I want to know how to make good colour, height, normal and biome maps that function correctly when the planet is loaded. I want to learn how to give a terrestrial planet *stock* clouds like Beyond Home's gas giant Gateway and how to make functioning binary planets like in Other Worlds Reboot's Prima and Secunda system. I want to know how to create a good planet with Kopernicus (and maybe even KittopiaTech). Thank you to anyone who is reading this forum post as I want to create working planets (that I might release as a planet pack if it looks good enough). All the help that I can get is greatly appreciated! -CrackersAndChips, rookie Kopernicus user
  7. KSP: 1.8 Windows 64bit Problem: I am having repeated index errors after installing GPP secondary to my save. Seems to be a comnet problem, perhaps only associated with particular parts. I haven't been able to figure out what exactly triggers it but sometimes on the launchpad I will lose all comnet access and will be getting constant errors index errors until I fully quit and restart. Mods installed: Koperncius GPP Secondary OPP Interstellar Extended REstock Log: Log
  8. Dres Moons Mod (1.8.1) What Does this Mod Add? The Dres Moons Mod adds two moons to Dres. Pacito: A small, reddish brown moon that orbits near Dres. It is thought to contain a small amount of iron. Ceric: A small, bluish snowball with a bright orange crater and a very faint ring. Quite the curious world indeed, especially since it (like Eeloo) has no surface scatter. Pictures Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2328/The Dres Moons Mod?ga=+3102+'kerbal+space+program'> All Rights Reserved
  9. whenever i travel to one of my custom planets, they are not round but there are weirdly sharp edged objects covering the planets surface also when i delete the cache files in the mod to reload everything, they dont load at all, there if nothing in the log as the game thiks it has loaded but it just makes the loading symbol go roud constantly.
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