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Found 4 results

  1. With all these huge planet packs adding planets far beyons Eeloo and beyond, sometimes it's nice to focus on the closer things. My solution was devote my sanity to learning Kopernicus modding, and create these 4 moons. This is my first mod for KSP, so it might be a bit stinky and unpolished (especially the textures), but I am proud enough of it, and I will update it as I see fit. Requires Kopernicus download https://spacedock.info/mod/3273/ExtraKerbin#info Body list: Niermun: Small moon extremely close to kerbin, good pit-stop, or vacation spot, oddly green, the ground is NOT grass. It is theorized to be a chunk of Kerbin shot out from an asteroid impact long ago... (20Km radius) Igor: Tiny moonlet orbiting on the outer reaches of Kerbin's gravity, its unusual shape, size, and orbit suggests it to be a slow and icy comet captured by Kerbin (3Km radius) Ringer: Beautiful, large, rocky moon with a Beautiful ring, a true marvel, everyone is lucky to see it in the Kerbin system. (70Km radius) Oleg: Often confused for space junk, Oleg is considered to be a sister (brother?) moon to Igor, and likely came to be in the same way as Igor. Despite being smaller than Igor, it strangely has a higher gravitational influence, this hints to a high density, magnetic core, possibly classifying it as more than an asteroid. (2.4Km radius)
  2. Hello everyone! I am currently working on a planet pack, and I am looking for ways to give my planets complex, interesting terrain to explore. I want to implement jagged terrain like Namm's from the Kargantua System planet pack. I have a basic understanding of the Kopernicus PQS Mods, but I am unable to create the desired terrain. How complicated should my PQS Mods' code be, and what PQS Mods should I be using? Thanks.
  3. Welcome to the Rangers Planet Pack forum page. Lets meet the new bodies: - First is Kerbol, the sun at the center of the Kerbol System. - Verna; a dwarf planet close to Dres that is heavily cratered with sharp ridges - Purl is a Gas Giant a bit smaller than Jool bit it has something Jool doesnt: A ring!!! - Furmal is a moon of Purl but it looks very similar to a moon you already know - Loko, a brownish moon of Purl that gets a great veiw of the Purple Giant - Reda a terrestial planet in a very inclined orbit of Kerbol - Redan is a moon of Reda with a very large mountain - Ica is a rogue planet orbiting The Centre - Icat is a moon in orbit of Ica - Hilto; a red star not to far from Kerbol - Halao is the only known exoplanet around Hilto Changelog: V0.2 Changelog: - Sun renamed and no longer gives off light - Added Reda, Redan, Hilto, Halao, Botos - Added partial EVE compatibility - Moved start location of Ica Screenshots: Verna: Furmal and Purl: Loko: Landed on Ica: Development thread: Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/1308/Rangers Interstellar Overhaul Thanks to: @MeerkatMan25 for Science Defs @Eudae55 for Purl texture @StarCrusher96 for inspiring me @Gameslinx for helping me improve my skills @The White Guardian for his brilliant Kopernicus Tutorials
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