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  1. @JeDoesStuff Congratulations on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 1! Your video was very well made and was fun to watch, especially with the little quirks like the barrel roll you threw in. I was impressed the most by the Tylo landing. I had to watch it a few times to fully pick up on how you made it work. I haven't seen many SSTOs that double up on the NERVAs on just 1 1.25 meter tank, and that second one really helped you hold altitude while shaving off so much speed. The loss of control at the very end of your Kerbin return had me on the edge of my seat until you were able to prevent a hard splashdown. Overall, I found your SSTO's design very efficient, very refined, and incredibly thoughtful. I found the extra landing gear being deployed to elevate the craft for launch very clever as well. I do have question though, I am assuming that your air intakes are somewhere inside the central core of the craft? I looked for them but have missed them. I'll add your entry to the leaderboard in the meantime, but until then, well done!
  2. @problemecium Congratulations on completing the Jool 5 on Jeb's Level! This mission just kept amping up my excitement as it become clear just how massive of a craft you'd constructed. The story-like career mode setting was also very enjoyable to follow as well, and I liked the logistical breakdown of much of the mission as well. Visually, this is one of my favorite craft I've seen in a submission. I'll add the Aletheia to the leaderboards now.
  3. A mistake indeed! When I went to check, I missed the small italicized Jeb's Level line, leading me to believe this is how the mishap happened to begin with! I put a few blank lines to separate the categories better! Thanks again for your patience, I eagerly await my wifi to get better since recently it's been rather awful.
  4. Congratulations @Kimera Industries on completing the Jool 5 on Level 3! Your mission thread was very enjoyable to read, I found the craft construction portion to be most interesting, and I couldn't get enough of the Interstellar references I think I am most interested by your lander design, and it is not one I've seen often, and its staging is as bold as it is effective. It's range is very impressive as well! Congratulations, again! I have added your submission to the leaderboard.
  5. Congratulations @king of nowhere on a truly emotional, awe-inspiring Jool 5 submission on Level 2! I apologize for likely the biggest delay in Jool 5 history, but my internet simply would not load the images on your thread and it took me forever to actually get them to load, but when I did, wow! Your thread covered emotional outbursts from the crew, discoveries of insanely low cabin pressures, glitchy ships, run-ins with radiation belts, the whole shabang! Congratulations on completing a complete Grand Tour in Kerbalism, despite the game's bugs (and on occasion your crew and reaction wheels!) working against you! I shall add this mission to its rightful place on the leaderboards now!
  6. Yes! I will look at it very soon, due to WIFI issues I had quite the difficulties viewing the previous submission to yours. Said issues are improving so the previous submission is nearly complete, and yours will follow swiftly after!
  7. @king of nowhere I want to let you know I am reviewing your submission of the Bolt / Nail grand tour but my wifi is horrible and not loading any of the images. Apologies for the SLS levels of delay on my part.
  8. If that's alright with you I don't see the issue. Biome information can be found online anyway so it gets difficult to say what would or would not be in spirit about that specifically. I think that it comes down to your save's lore (IE, how much does the KSC know about Laythe prior to the mission departure). I believe in you!
  9. HOW. This mission is so perfect I don't even know where to start. Seriously. There isn't a single aspect of that entire mission that wasn't meticulously thought out, and you even landed standing. My mind is blown. I think this would fit on the low mass leaderboard but if you would prefer it in Level 1 that works too.
  10. Really good point regarding the vessel recovery science, although there is science for recovering vessels that have landed on planets or moons, which would be Jool related. Honestly I think that since it probably has been included in every mission previously that we just keep accepting it, although I do see you point. For deployed science the science counts but do keep track of how much is making its way back to Kerbin.
  11. Congratulations @Robin Patenall on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on Jeb's Level with 61174.6 science! I think your mission thread is one of the better organized I've seen, I really enjoyed the chart to help me keep track of the launches, the costs, and so on. The finished ship itself was very versatile, and I do hope it gets an additional voyage someday. The thoroughness of how you broke apart the ship and used the drive cores as independent vessels at times was genius, and I've definitely learned a few things from your mission I might incorporate into one of my own some day. The Emerald Star did an outstanding job, and I'll gladly add it to the leaderboard now.
  12. It is a science grab after all, go for it! I've begun reviewing your mission and I am really digging the launch assembly chart and the ship's overall design. I'll try to have it finished reviewed soon and get you on the leaderboard!
  13. If it's making parts not otherwise movable movable then I'd say that would could as a modded attempt.
  14. Congratulations @camacju on the lowest mass Jool 5 mission to date! The craft design is so simply its difficult to understand how you made it work, yet at the same time the video is aesthetically pleasing and straight-forward enough that its easy to follow. I applaud the engineering masterpiece you've created, and will happily add it to the leaderboard now.
  15. This is insane. I don't even know where to begin on what I just witnessed. Congratulations on completing the Jool 5 on the low mass challenge, though. Can I ask how you lifted off from the runway? What were those two tiny blue things? Were you using tiny flags as sleds?
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