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  1. Does anyone have any guidance on how to do this? Uve never used unity before at all.
  2. Please could you explain me how to use Kerbal Konstructs and how to build bases with it. I have KK and Kerbin Side installed, but I don't know how to use them. @NHunter please help if you can too.
  3. I am a relatively new ksp 1 player and I am trying to build a new eve station (it’s my first time doing this) I have split it into 4 segments and don’t want to spend time and just reuse the same booster for each part of the ship instead of building a new one each time I have heard streamers mention “a booster library” I think this might be a way to reuse boosters but I could not find anything on the internet to help me. Please can someone explain to me how to make one? I can’t find a way to save boosters in the VAB nor a way to open two saves at once
  4. Hi I have a problem. The problem is that i accidentally deleteted files of this part. All i need is for somone to send files of that cockpit, or at least the "mk1Cockpits" folder. Folder Photo:
  5. Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I've been messing around lately, and I would like to try applying a texture to an already exsiting IVA : Example : taking the Mark 1 stock comand pod, and replacing its "background interior textures" with ones extracted from a 3D model, like this one : What would be the steps for that ? Note that blender and me do have a pretty spicy relationship (I'm quite new to this, and texture work in general). I guess deleting the stock textures and replacing them with ones, but I'd guess I'd need to convert those 3D model to PNGs ? As it's what I'm seing in most internal folders... Anyways... gonna keep diggin' Thanks for your help !
  7. In the kerbal inventory/extraplanetary bases mod the "bbq survey stake" Isn't going into my kerbals inventory. If there's a way to fix it please tell me.
  8. So, I've recently been looking for mods that added more content to the KSC, and I downloaded KSC Extended, but for some reason the textures for the grass around the mod's structures turned purple. I then tried KSC Kampus and it worked fine but the runway textures turned purple too. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  9. So, I know that the Hanger Extender mod will extend the area where you can put parts for large builds. I wanted to try this, so I installed WASD Camera Editor and Hangar Extender. They work but, I can't get out of the hangar like shown on the cover for the mod on Spacedock. Is there a button of function that comes with the mod, or is going out of the hangar going to need another mod? Thanks.
  10. me and my friend tried setting up a server and we got this: https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/issues/562 any help? thanks in advance- -senciereley, Burgis (PLEASE HELP US PLEEEASE)
  11. I installed Space Warp + BepInEx v1.4.3 (KSP2 version correctly and the mods tab does not show up on the title screen. When I open a world the mods are not there. I have tried deleting all my game files and reinstalling ksp2, wiping the files, etc. Still it will not work. I am not sure what is wrong if anyone could help please leave a message. Though it is probably just something stupid I have overlooked and or not done. Edit: I have installed Space Warp + BepInEx many times successfully before but I believe around KSP2 v0.1.3.0 or so it just stopped working.
  12. I have a rather basic install, Restock, Kerbal Planetary Base Inc, and Extraplanetary Launchpads. My game loads up without any issues, however, when I try to use EL, the UI doesn't allow me to select any crafts. I have rocket parts, liquid fuel and oxidizer stored on the orbital construction craft. I also have 2, 5 star engineers onboard. Please could someone explain what I am missing?
  13. The KSP community has created many AMAZING graphical mods using EVE(Enviromental Visual Enhancements), and I want to do the same. My question is, how do I use the mod to create a cloud layer? What should I do if I want to add citylights to a specific celestial body? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. So, I spent the afternoon building this: It's using two of the largest rotors in a contra-rotating arrangement, with four fuel cells as power. My problem is, it stubbornly refuses to leave the ground, at least without tipping over and ripping the rotor blades off. I suspect this is something to do with the contra-rotating rotors cancelling each others' motion out, but I'm not sure. Since I've seen a lot of successful helicopters being build since BG released, I'm asking the experts how to get my chopper into the air safely.
  15. I have a couple of mods on ksp and I want more but cant find any good ones that don't require a mod manager. I tried to install Ckan but my windows defender marked it as potentially harmful and even though tons of people use it I'm still a bit nervous to download it So I'm looking for either an easy to use mod manager or some basic mods like some better graphics and SOI boundaries being displayed. Thanks! Ediit: Just downloaded Ckan and wish I downloaded sooner, Thanks for the mod recommendations tho
  16. The TUFX mod says that it saves the profiles to ksp.log, but I don't know where it is. I checked my logs folder and I couldn't find anything related to TUFX. I checked the actual TUFX folder for anything, but it failed. I really don't want to redo the TUFX profiles each time I load back into ksp. Was I supposed to do something or am I missing something?
  17. (Sorry if my English is bad) I'm fairly new to KSP 2 and I was just wondering where I should go or what I should do at my skill level. I've been to both the Mun and Minmus before and have even been to both in 1 mission, I have a couple of satellites orbiting Kerbin, The Mun, Minmus and Duna but now I'm not sure what to do next. I've tried a couple of times at making a space station but I'm quite bad at rendezvous and docking, I could maybe just keep on trying to improve my docking skills or go to another planet but I'm not interested in the latter at the moment. I'd appreciate some cool ideas or tips on what to do and where to go from this point.
  18. Hello, My hp Victus laptop is running ksp really slow (5-6 fps) but I have a rtx 3050 ti laptop. I have had the same issue with War thunder and I forgot what I did and it worked but I have uninstalled the CPU graphic thingy I have restarted my pc, get the latest driver, set all my settings to be using the graphics card but nothing works. The sooner I can get this fixed the better. Also I don't want to mess with the BIOS or much of the driver stuff if necessary I have already searched for my problem and similar things come up but when I try them they don't work. my specs are: Ryzon 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics, 16 gigs of ram, 512 Samsung ssd, and rtx 3050 ti laptop GPU
  19. Hola a todos necesito ayuda con esta mision que dice que debo probar separador de etapa TR-18A le mostrare una imagen para que entiendan mejor el asunto es que cuando estoy en trayectoria de escape no se que hacer. Acciono el separador de etapas no pasa nada.
  20. Even after about a four month experience with the original game before I got ksp2, I still do not understand how to rendezvous. I need help on understanding how to do it, because I feel like its a skill I have been lacking for a while now. I can do landing rendezvous easily, just got to get your craft's trajectory almost right next to the icon on the surface. However, orbital rendezvous seems... complicated. Could anyone give me a simple demonstration weather it be by video, image, or text? It would be a huge help.
  21. EDIT : after a forum search, this could be [x] science mod issue, I asked in their forum thread Hi, I'm having frequent freezes while in the editor which is kinda (a lot ^^) annoying, they're accompanied by a dozen console spam warnings: "[R&D]: No Experiment definition found with id ROCScience" Here's the usuals, ksp.log, modulemanager log, modulemanager config cache. Yes it's a fairly large sets of mods... KSPlog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftic9lit09rsy3r/KSP.log?dl=0 MMlog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lterynr0ott3nm6/ModuleManager.log?dl=0 MMcache: https://www.dropbox.com/s/un51p5ezb7daukw/ModuleManager.ConfigCache?dl=0 Thanks for your help !
  22. Hey everyone, I'd like to come up with a kind off FINAL patch, so that all data transmitters consumme much less EC when transmiting science... I'm so used to Kerbalism/RP-1, and that just doesn't make sense to me that a small antenna requires that much ec... Anyway, that's my wish, but it's beyond my DIY abitlies with Module Manager, so I'm asking to the Kraken Goddess and the community ! Thanks for your help
  23. https://kerbalx.com/jounce/nerv-only OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW MUCH DRAG THE ISRU MODULE IS GENERATING WHY???IT SHOULDN'T DO THAT!!!IN A FAIRING!!! (other parts work fine,this is the biggest and one of the only two drag sources of the plane,the other being the props)
  24. So I have done a lot of stuff with kerbal space program 1 and I want new content Please consider the fact that I am new to modding so if your explanation isnt explained like you are talking to a baby I might ask a lot of questions I tried to install around 15 mods with curseforge, only two of them worked partially . I also installed Kopernicus And Parralax recently but this dosent seem to help I am also very interrested by the mod "Outer planets" and I think it would be awesome if only that one could work
  25. Ok so I got restock and restock waterfall config, deleted my old stock waterfall config. All the rocket engines have their waterfall effects but the rapier, whiplash, panther, goliath, wheesley and juno have not got them. (aka they have their rather ugly stock effects) even if I put back the stock waterfall config file in gamedata the air breathing engines still don't get their waterfall effects applied. anyone know how to fix this? Edit: i dowloaded the lastest stock waterfall config and it worked when i used a whiplash, but rapiers are weird, especially the closed cycle mode, the plume is missing
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