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Found 18 results

  1. Ok so i have a problem. My cable modem keeps losing contact with my provider. Its been unstable since New Years. Ive no idea how old it is. I first thought this to be internet outages on provider side. Now im not sure. My neighbor uses the same provider i do and his internet he says is currently up. Mine as i sit here is still indicating offline. Power light is solid, DS/US light is blinking at 1 pulse per second, Online light is off. 2.4G and 5G lights are solid. Tel1 and Tel2, MoCA and Battery lights are off. anyone have any idea what might be going on? Also when it DOES connect it tends to be stable and when i check data rates via my phone they are 95% of the time what im expecting to see. Sometimes they are slower but that is not frequent. again my cable modems lights are in the state described at the time of posting. I fully expect at some point be it 10 minutes or an hour or 96 hours to see my modem reestablish contact. But is this thing going bad? 190701162024 btw it started this episode at 1841 update: 2 hours 6 minutes no improvement. Please help me understand whats going on here. I really dont want to go to my provider to swap modems because then ive got to rebuild my wifi network. 204901162024 2h8m and no improvement 9h7m and 1 reboot of my cable modem no return of internet. The cable modem rebooted normally as expected/hoped but no return of service. I really need advice guys. Is this my cable modem or a provider issue? 034801172024 9h16m and it deigned to return… advice still sought. Please help me to understand whats going on. 035801172024
  2. I thought that the general consensus was that unmanned tech and exploration should come before sending kerbals out, like in real life, but I think we need a poll. I also added a question about the progression for aircraft and rocketry. All these are very important for the incentives structure of the game for the Science mode update. It's a major game design decision to make the player explore by sending probes first like in real like or limiting utility of probes because of lack of control. Especially because there is the lack of limitations imposed by life support, which would have made progression more natural by incentivising unmanned missions. Also I reached the limit for the number of questions, but do you think tech progression should unlock the smallest rocket diameter first or should miniaturization come later in the tree?
  3. We already know that KSP 2 will be built using a newer version of Unity but have we got any information on the new technologies the game might use that weren't in KSP 1? I'm talking things like HDR, ray tracing, DLSS/FSR, VRR, etc. The only thing I've noticed myself is that they seem to use HDR Color picker in Unity in this dev diary. Does this mean the game would have some meaningful HDR support?
  4. I've been playing out a potential abstract version of the game in my mind, taking into account some possible tech progression and exploration inventive elements that have been hinted. Let's assume there's no boring abstract system of farmable science points. Every tech "unlocks" automatically for you depending on three things: - if you did the science experiments for the tech - if you found / harvested the resources necessary - if your level of knowledge and discoveries is sufficiently advanced (every part could have hidden milestone triggers that unlock it) Let's also assume that we obtain useful information about the universe only through practical science (ground and space telescope, sending probes, doing experiments etc.). This information then allows us to design more complex successful missions. Let's also assume that the progression also favors unmanned before manned missions, as it should. And that kerbals need life support because manned missions are damn hard. And that there are good incentives to build space stations (science, mining asteroid resources, and orbital construction etc.) and colonies (science, discovery of planetary points of interest, transportation infrastructure, resource mining etc.). Let's assume that we need to build and upgrade the communications network. Let's assume we have to explore and exploit the Kerbolar system first, then investigate other stars, exoplanets, build the necessary knowledge and material infrastructure that allows us to design interstellar ships and send them hurling into space. Then we get there and start over. Let's also assume we take into account the long and slow process of prototyping, testing and iterative design. And the accidents. And the story / lore / mysteries / Easter eggs. Well, my worry is this: it's a damn huge amount of work even without any grinding! It makes me afraid for my adult and family life! Who is going to be able to do everything in this game, in a gratifying slow and methodical way, with all the difficulty settings and optional systems turned on? This game is going to take us years to go through. How is there going to be time to explore multiplayer features if we start with single player only? I really think multiplayer has to be baked in or directly linked with the single player adventure. I see no other way to put everything in this game and still allow players to try it all.
  5. So as i said in the title when i launch my game a title showes up and says ; Incompetible Mods Detected update your mods bla bla by DarkMultiPlayer~~~i dleated all my mods exept DMP but i still get this mesage and mod dosen't start i tried 64x and 32x launch opinions but same result please help asap. ( i tried updateing)
  6. Hello, I have a dumb question but I'm playing in the ps4 enhanced edition and looking to make a nice space plane. My problem is can't I find the Mk3 Cargo Bay on the tech tree. I looked it up but cant find it. Can someone verify that it is or is not there? I feel like I'm losing my mind.
  7. I know this question has been asked multiple times, but I have yet to find a good tutorial. How do you make a tech tree and fill it with stock parts? If you could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. [WIP] Stock Historical Tech Tree Firstly, I don't expect this to be released for a while, but I will use this page to keep you updated! Have you ever raged at Squad's terrible tech tree? Do you not want to have to install millions of mods for another tech tree? Do you miss BTSM? Then this mod is for you! Experience the wonders of a balanced tech tree with Stock Historical Tech Tree! Start with basic parts like the Stayputnik and the Flea and go to conquer the Heavens! Also, because of strict Krademark laws, we have to develop our own aircraft parts.
  9. [WIP] Stock Historical Tech Tree Firstly, I don't expect this to be released for a while, but I will use this page to keep you updated! Have you ever raged at Squad's terrible tech tree? Do you not want to have to install millions of mods for another tech tree? Do you miss BTSM? Then this mod is for you! Experience the wonders of a balanced tech tree with Stock Historical Tech Tree! Start with basic parts like the Stayputnik and the Flea and go to conquer the Heavens! Also, because of strict Krademark laws, we have to develop our own aircraft parts. As of now, the tech tree structure will be that of CTT, but that will change in the future.
  10. Here is the situation: I have an old Logitech Wingman Interceptor joystick that has one of them gameport plugs. Unfortunately, gameport sockets went out with my last SB16 card and this laptop running Windows 10 (64) only has USB sockets. So, I am looking for the most reliable, and easiest (if not mutually exclusive) way of hooking this stick up to the laptop. 2 issues I can think of: Physical. I'm assuming that there are adaptors for the job but would like to hear from first hand experience which adaptor to go for, if that is indeed the solution. Drivers and software. The Interceptor was programmable and came with the necessary software. I have absolutely no idea if this software will run at all on a modern computer with a 64 bit OS. I do run DOSBox though for older games and there just might be a possibility that the Interceptor has DOS friendly software. Then the driver issue. I assume the drivers would have to be compatible with Windows 10 64 bit but I have no idea how backward compatible W10 is (knowing Win 8.1 was not backwards compatible at all most of the time). Any insight on how to go about it? Again, the goal is to have a gameport joystick fully working with the programming software that came with it, in a DOS environment as well as a Win 10 environment running Win 95 programs (TIE Fighter 98 from Steam to be exact). Secondary: I also have a Saitek X-52 pro which I also plan to use parallell to the Interceptor. The reason is the Saitek has a throttle unit with all the buttons I need for additional control of an Imperial star fighter. I seem to remember there is freeware that allows me to have multiple physical sticks report to Windows as one virtual one. The name of that software eludes me though so if it rings a bell to you, could you chime in please?
  11. This little plugin hides the nodes of the KSP Technology Tree that you are not able to research yet. NOTE ON FURTHER UPDATES: Since there's an actively maintained mod Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes that enables the same feature among the others, this mod's update and maintenance has been paused. Without rendering the fog itself of course. Supported KSP version: 1.1.x License: MIT (included) Sources: included Description: For some reason KSP developers decided to expose the entire technology tree at Research And Development facility since KSP 1.0. That spoils all the technologies that you will ever be able to research. This mod is for those who liked the 0.90 way of the tech tree rendering: you could only see techs that you are able to research or have already researched. That kept the intrigue of development through out the game. There is also a tiny config file to affect the way how the technologies are hidden in the tree. Download from SpaceDock Usage: Just extract the contents of the zip into your GameData directory. By default the mod hides techs that are unresearchable yet and leaves the researchable ones visible (just like it was in KSP 0.90). Configuration: One more thing you may complain about a stock tech tree design is that the technologies are becoming available to research when any of their parent technologies are researched. For example, to research Stability you need either Basic Rocketry OR Engineering 101. As if for invention of automobile it was sufficient to invent only a wheel or only an engine. You can change that in several ways: 1. (Supported by the stock game and is not related to Fog Of Tech): For stock tree edit the KSP_Folder\GameData\Squad\Resources\TechTree.cfg and change every value of AnyParentToUnlock property from True to False. That means you'll need to research all of the parent technologies in order to research the particular one. 2. You can just set parentTechsToShow=ALL in Fog Of Tech's configuration file. That will make the plugin just hide all the techs that haven't all of their parents researched without the need to edit stock tech tree. The other possible value is ANY: with the default tech tree effect is the same to the default plugin action. But if there is a tech that requires all of its parents to be researched then it will be shown immediately after you research any tech that leads to it despite it is still unresearchable (see the title screenshot: Flight Control has been modified to be such node there). Compatibility: Since the mod affects only the way of tech tree rendering it should be compatible with the most of custom tech tree mods.
  12. Hello world! We all love kerbal space program (why would I be writing on the forums?) and with the new KerbNet and satellite network feature, I was thinking that maybe the whole tech tree should be refurbished in a little bit more of a realistic way. Probes for example should be unlock able FIRST, along with cheap solar panels and antennae. Then, after collecting science, and unlock new parts, manned space flight comes after that. Another thing would be that certain parts unlock when you do certain science experiments. Say you do a butt load of experiments around Kerbol, since Kerbol is very radioactive, you learn how to make the 'Nerva' engine. Get the point? Also maybe (this is more of an extra suggestion that doesn't matter if it isn't in the game) craftable parts. It could work so along with regular parts you unlock components, and with these components you can build custom parts with custom names. Just a suggestion, I love kerbal space program, and although I am not personally working on it, I want it to do well. sincerely, stelum
  13. Hello fellow kerbonauts, me and some friends have been playing a Dark Multiplayer game (which, I want to say has been working surprisingly well as of late) and have sort of delved into this sort of game of rivalry. It's gotten to the point where we rent communications time to each other on communications satellites. This works fine and great so long as we aren't using omnidirectional antennas as you can imagine. For those that don't know there's no way to target or filter what the omnidirectional antennas will and won't connect to. So I had a creative yet somewhat lore friendly idea in mind: is it possible to create a mod that can set frequencies for antennas such that those antennas only connect to other antennas with matching frequency. A bare bones mod would simply add the functionality to omnidirectional atennas however for a larger mod you could add it to all antennas. TL;DR friends and I are playing war games on a dark multiplayer server, need a way to limit what remote tech omnidirectional antennas and dish antennas (when pointed at a planet) can connect to. Had the idea to implement this in the form of satellites can only communicate to satellites on the same frequency.
  14. Download: Download from Spacedock Licence: Mission Based R&D is licenced under the MIT licence Description: This is the successor to my old little mod. The objective is to reduce the grind on career mode. I do this by nullifying the science points and making tech nodes ulockable by completing missions. Each node of the tech tree has a mission that unlocks it when you complete it. The missions themselves are simple, go somewhere and perform a certain experiment, the recovery method is specified in the mission. To balance this, the missions are organized in tiers (8 tiers), with each tier making you go further away from KSC and Kerbin. Some missions might be very difficult if not impossible without certain technologies (having completed other missions first), however I made sure that needed tech should be available when a mission shows up. Also it is possible to complete multiple missions in a single flight. Since missions were designed based on tiers you should try to complete all or most of the missions of a tier before doing the next one, although missions can become available as soon as the requisite tech has been unlocked. All the missions can be cancelled with little concequence, they will appear again. They can only be done once for obvious reasons. Unlike MBR&D1 there is no custom tech tree, so mods that add parts should be fully compatible, however any new science parts will be pretty much useless, you can still use them and read their reports if you like. Any mods that modify the tech tree are incompatible. New tech nodes will have pretty much no way of being unlocked. I might add support for CTT in the future. Maybe. Also, due to the workings of this mod scientists are pretty much useless, as their function (boost SP output) won't work. They can still reset materials bays and such, but that is not very useful now. Also the laboratory part has lost its function of generating SP, so it's useless now as well. Finally, there are sources of SP I just couldn't remove, so you will earn SP over time, however, since all tech nodes cost 9999 SP it shouldn't be possible to unlock them. So, if you're planning to play carrer without a modded tech tree and don't feel like grinding SP to progress you should try this mod. Required mods: Contract Configurator Module Manager
  15. This is my Imgur Album of pictures that I've taken with the Tarsier Space Tech Mod. I find these very nice to use as Wallpapers or Profile pictures . Follow me on Twitter: @baserunner0723. I've made a Weebly website for posting these pictures: http://tstspacepics.weebly.com/
  16. Hi, I'm trying to make a tech tree mod based around the Kerbal Historical Institute and Discontinued parts mod. And I don't have a clue how to make this tech tree. If someone could link me a guide or something to tell me how, I will greatly appreciate it!
  17. I have a career-mode game I started in 1.0.5. Tonight I upgraded to 1.1. When I go to look at the tech tree, I noticed duplicate items listed. Upon exiting the game, I looked in my saved game and noticed contents like this: Under the section SCENARIO { name = ResearchAndDevelopment scene = 7, 8, 5, 6 sci = 0.9976196 there was: Tech { id = flightControl state = Available cost = 45 part = R8winglet part = sasModule part = Mark2Cockpit part = winglet3 part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit } This was only duplicated a handful of times. Other sections had hundreds of duplications. This was shown in the tech tree as duplicated items as well. Other items duplicated elsewhere include: Mark1Cockpit, SmallGearBay, nacelleBody, JetEngine, shockConeIntake, structuralPylon, radialEngineBody, shockConeIntake, turboFanEngine. I expect items to only show up in the tech tree once (or possibly twice if they were moved between versions and my overwrite of the install didn't delete the old versions). System: Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit. Graphics: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 630] (rev a1) KSP: build id = 01230 2016-04-19_19-27-15
  18. I'm looking for a way to evaluate if a specific technology have been researched, so that I can have som module behavior depend on that information. However, I just can figure out exactly how to do that. I've tried thing like the following. ResearchAndDevelopment.Instance.GetTechState("basicRocketry") But all I get is null ref errors. Does anybody know how to get that information? Maybe even a list of all researched tech?
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