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  1. I am using KSP 1.1 64bit on Windows 64bit. At the bottom of the post I'll provide a link to my output log and a spoiler of the mods I am using. I wish I was able to fix this or figure out the issue myself, but I haven't found any similar problems online with solutions, nor am I smart enough to figure out what is wrong. It doesn't help that I have a hard time understanding the output log and don't know most of what it says. I don't know what else I can do to assist the people willing to assist me other than describe the problem Title says it all; While in the VAB, I periodically have the inability to click on parts. It happens fairly often, enough that the game is basically unplayable and I am going back to my 1.0.5 install until I can get help with this. Right click always works, as does shift click it seems. But when it happens, I will but unable to click on parts so that I can move them or delete them. This is not the case if I want to add new parts from the left hand part where all the new parts are. But when trying to interact with already placed parts, I periodically am unable to click on them. It is very frustrating, and I simply don't have a clue as to what could be wrong. I have looked at the exceptions thrown in the output log but they mean nothing to me, I don't understand this language at all. Also, before anyone asks why I have three mods that are for 1.0.5 and suggesting they are likely the cause of this problem... I have already removed the mods in hopes they would fix the problem, but they didn't. I have 1.0.5 versions of KSP Better Fairings, Stockalike Station Parts Expansion, and Near Future Spacecraft because they have not been upgraded to 1.1 yet and because I have 2-3 parts in 2 vessels already launched and in space. They won't load if I don't have the mods installed, and seeing how it didn't fix this issue, I reinstalled them after making sure they weren't the cause of this VAB editor problem. EDIT: Something kind of important I forgot to mention. This inability to click parts usually lasts for a good 30-60 seconds before it works again. This is the periodic event that I constantly experience, and is the reason why it's so frustrating. I'd be very appreciative of any help received, thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/84f6voyhs0kss6q/output_log.txt?dl=0 PS: I know my laptop sucks and can barely run KSP; Intel integrated graphics, 1GB VRAM, and 4GB RAM are not exactly my cup of tea, but I can't do anything about it. Fortunately I will be spending ~$2000 on a new gaming rig in ~3 weeks.
  2. For example, here are the tags for the LV-909 Terrier: tags = lander orbit propuls rocket (terrier vacuum What is the opening parenthesis before "terrier" supposed to mean? I've seen it in other parts for other tags, too. I *think* I understand how the tagging system works otherwise (matching words or start of word). Are there any other features I may have missed? @Arsonide
  3. The title says it all. It's a jet capable of taking off and landing vertically or conventionally. It has a Narrow-band scanner in the nose cone! It's decently maneuverable, but you can always boost it by turning on the VTOL engines. It also has two drogue chutes and flaps to slow it down during landing. DOWNLOAD Basic information Name: KAI/KD CF-1 Total mass: 10.0t Height: 4,2m Width: 8,9m Length: 11,0m Part count: 73 No. of engines: 7 (1x Whiplash + 6x Juno) Resources: Liquid Fuel: 360 Electric Charge: 50,22 (Mono Propellant & Oxidizer tanks empty to save weight) Action Groups Images Front view in the hangar. (The narrow-band scanner is slightly visible) The VTOL engines are fitted in a 3-3 configuration on the underside of the aircraft.
  4. Shader model 2 is no longer selectable in the graphics options in KSP 1.1 This is a problem for me because now whenever I look at Kerbin (ocean etc) my game LAAAAAGGGGGGS a lot. When I was using SM2, the game lag wasn't as bad however as of right now it is UNPLAYABLE due to severe lag. Is there any other way to use Shader model 2 in KSP 1.1? Or can Squad look into optimizing the graphics of this game so that looking at planets with oceans doesn't turn the game into a picture book due to poor framerate?
  5. THIS THREAD HAS MOVED! CLICK HERE: Kerbiting System This planet pack, which is in very early alpha phase, is a planet pack that rearranges all the planets in the stock Kerbol System. In later versions more planets and moon will be added, the star will change, and a lot more will come! This is what I let you guys decide. I like to make a planet pack which makes people as happy as possible. For that to happen I need your advice on what to do/add/edit. For now this is all you will get. I'm working hard on it and next version will come out soon! Very important to know is that this is my first work. So if any bugs are encountered, report them immediately! Let me know what you think and give me some advice on what to do next! I'll make a poll to know what you guys want to see first/next. Changelog: Alpha v0.2: Added correct science values for all the planets Alpha v0.1: All stock planets rearranged Given some different properties/orbit settings for some of the planets That's all for now. Images: POLL: Strawpoll Installation instructions: Just place the "Kopernicus" folder inside the "GameData" folder. DOWNLOAD: Kerbiting System Download DEPENDENCY: Kopernicus ModuleManager Thanks for downloading and have fun with my work! Big credits to the developers of Kopernicus and ModuleManager of course!
  6. Navball docking alignment indicator (Community Edition) To begin with, it is just fair to say that @mic_e is the original Author of this mod. His thread can be found here. As stated in this thread as I personally like this mod alot and he wasn't online for 3 Months I decided to pick it up and continue it's development in his absence. License and all will be kept exactly the same, the only difference will be the name (added Community Edition for clarity) and the sourcecode obviously. Now a little bit about this mod, what it does and what you use it for. Ever had the issue that when you were planning a rendevouz in space and wanted to dock to your target however it was a pain in the a** due to rotation of camera, lightning or some other reason? Well then this mod might be just the mod you are looking for. This will add a new Marker to the Navball to show if you are aligned with the targeted Dockingport. (You can also tell the targets rotation by it if you need it) and this will save you lot of fiddeling and switching back and forth to double and triple check. It really is just a minimalistic mod and yet so usefull Features Add a new marker to the navball to indicate Dockingport alignment You can change the color of the marker via a config (r, g, b values) Planned Features: Scaling of the marker custom Markertexture Pictures: Where to download: Github: https://github.com/L33m4n123/NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE/releases Spacedock: http://spacedock.info/mod/532/Community%20NavBall%20Docking%20Alignment%20Indicator - I have to see if I can rename it as I dun goofed with the title of it on Spacedock^^ it also is available via CKAN License: GNU GPL v3 Source Github Issues and Suggestions: Here or on Github Changelogs (newest Version ontop): Version: 1.01 change color of the marker via config; By default red; Version 1.0b Fixed issue where marker did not disappear on vessel / target change Version 1.0a Disabled Debugging Infomation as in toggable via Hotkey Version 1.0 Rewrote most of the code ("legacy" code is marked in the SourceCode) Compatible with KSP 1.1
  7. Completly fresh install, no mods. When I run the command "./KSP.x86_64" the following prints; ====== Set current directory to /home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux Found path: /home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux/KSP.x86_64 Mono path[0] = '/home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux/KSP_Data/Managed' Mono path[1] = '/home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux/KSP_Data/Mono' Mono config path = '/home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux/KSP_Data/Mono/etc' displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.4 displaymanager : trying .X11-unix client :0 has 1 screens displaymanager screen (0): 1920 x 1200 Using libudev for joystick management Importing game controller configs ====== And stop. No gamewindow no nothign. Unity Player.log shows the following ===== Selecting FBConfig GLX_FBCONFIG_ID=320 GLX_BUFFER_SIZE=32 GLX_DOUBLEBUFFER=1 GLX_RED_SIZE=8 GLX_GREEN_SIZE=8 GLX_BLUE_SIZE=8 GLX_ALPHA_SIZE=8 GLX_DEPTH_SIZE=24 GLX_STENCIL_SIZE=8 GLX_SAMPLES_ARB=0 GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_ARB=0 GLX_CONFIG_CAVEAT=NONE Desktop is 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz Invalid resolution: 1 x 0 Failed to initialize ScreenManager ==== There is no config file to edit to fix this. How did you release this?
  8. I am trying to update my 1.0.4 to 1.1.3, on a Mac, and it is not going well. When I unzip the 1.1.3 archive into my applications folder, it creates a KSP osx_2 folder inserted of updating the KSP osx folder with it's Saves and mods history. If I unzip it into the KSP osx folder, it creates another KSP osx folder nested within it. I'm afraid that if I start individually replacing folders and files, I'll mess it up badly. I guess what I am looking for is a patcher, not a new install, but I didn't see a patcher available, except for Windows. What is the upgrade procedure?
  9. Allrighty. It's been a while, now, hasn't it? I'm thinking of doing a new project. I hear 1.1 has dropped, and that there's optimizations in there that'll let me up my part count some. Maybe I can finally breach the 100k part barrier. Who knows. I'm probably going to put together a new Arkingthaad tower lander. The biggest one yet. So my question to you all, is, what should I do with it? What should I put on it? Is there any thing anyone wants to see, specifically? I've been out of the loop for quite a while, now, so some blundering is to be expected. Give me your thoughts, please!
  10. Hello, I've got an annoying problem: I built a big ship in ksp 1.1.3, but bizzarre wheels and wings and incompatibilities of mods made me return to 1.1. Problem: I don't know how to convert my craft to ksp 1.1 because I've installed same mods, they work, and when I put the 1.1.3 .craft file into 1.1 ships/sph folder, it says me that the craft is incompatible with this version of ksp. halp plz I tried all day to fix that, but didn't succeeded
  11. In 64-bit KSP 1.1, with only one mod (the docking alignment indicator) - launching a fairly large rocket (174 tons in 6 stages): If I save and then attempt to load the vehicle, it shows up on the vehicle list as "116 parts in 13 stages", but there are only six stages on the sidebar. I click "launch". I go to the pad. If I don't do anything for a few seconds, the spacecraft settles in. It appears to be intact, but the first three stages disappear from the stage sequence on the left. If I activate the staging sequence, I get the fourth stage. If I hit the "stage" button before the rocket "settles in", stage one fires as it should, but controls then appear to be locked. I have checked visually - in both of these scenarios, the rocket appears to be intact, just the controls are misbehaving. If I leave the pad after the rocket settles in, then come back, the top half of the rocket falls to the pad immediately upon my return and lights everything on fire. I do not see the bottom half. The spacecraft in question has three probe bodies and no crew. I have tried quitting and reloading, shuffling the stage sequence, and similar with no apparent effect. Has anyone seen similar behavior? Any idea how it might be fixed?
  12. Pretty much what the title says. It's broadcasting its findings via @MuffinWatcher to #KSPModUpdated. The bot checks for updates every 15 minutes. It uses CKAN internally so it'll only see updates for CKAN-enabled mods.
  13. Hello, my Track IR 5 is not detected in x64. The driver is up to date. This issue is exactly the same as reported here: http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/7768 Thanks and regards...
  14. On 1.0.5 I had no issues, it is only with a fresh install of 1.1 did the graphic glitches show up. I tried turning up/down anti aliasing, both fantastic and beautiful render quality, fixing directory permissions, removing the saved application state in Library, etc... Here are some screenshots of the glitching floors, walls, and flag of the SPH (happens in the VAB as well). http://imgur.com/a/aQV29 To test to see if was just on my machine, I copied the KSP_osx directory from my MacBook onto an SD card and had my coworker run it on his MacBook and the glitch is not present. The differences are: My MacBook: Mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pro with Iris Pro GPU and 16GB of memory His MacBook: 2012 MacBook with Intel integrated GPU and 8GB of memory I am thinking the Retina display may have something to do with it. I also tested with the low resolution option (right click the KSP executable and select "Open in Low Resolution") but got the same results.
  15. I've been experiencing some problem with the landing legs, not landing gear sorry. The problem is, when i turn the landing leg it goes inward and turns slightly and i just can't seem to get it to go outward into the landing position i guess. Although i have installed mods which include... TAC Life Support, Tweakscale (just installed today) and... actually that's pretty much it.
  16. 1.1 build 1230, Windows 8, 32-bit version, non-steam, clean install. Landing struts LT-1 and LT-2 are sinking into terrain and meshes, while LT-05 performs normally. While raising or lowering LT-2 the pads initially get the grip on surface, but immediately after full extension pads fall through the surface.
  17. Hola que tal, soy nuevo en KSP y aun estoy aprendiendo muchas cosas pero tengo un problema al crear un avión básico. El problema que tengo es que las ruedas explotan por si solas despues de avanzar unos metros e intentar despegar el avion. El avión lo construí un día antes de la actualización de la versión 1.1 y me funcionaba perfecto, al dia siguiente actualizo y ya no pude volver a despegar. Cree una nueva carrera por si era algun bug o algo pero el problema persiste. He intentado ver por donde esta el problema, uno de mis intentos fue construir un vessel sencillo (el de la foto) pero incluso cuando estoy parado las ruedas empiezan a botar como locas y después explotan. Ojala me puedan ayudar, que me hace mucha ilusión construir aviones.
  18. Hi, I downloaded KSP 1.1, and updates of all mods installed. When I launch my save I have a error message that say : A vessel cannot be charged , or something like that. When i try to charge this vessel in the VAB, I had the following message : Craft RK-3 was not loaded because it had the following parts missing: KKAOSS.KIS.Tank. I reinstalled KIS and KAS mods but i have the same issue, nothing about KKAOSS.KIS.Tank in my game folder. Someone know how I can fix this problem, without a starting a new game ? debug console when i try to charge the vessel : [ERROR]: [ShipConstruct]: Trying to load RK-3 - NoAvailablePart found for KKAOSS.KIS.Tank [ERROR]: Ship file error! [Warning]: [EditorLogic Warning]: Trying to set rootPartMode, but mode is already set. (KIS V1.2.7 KPS
  19. For the past month or so, I've been doing crazy thermal extremis testing in 1.1! I built a little testbed of a z200, two little solar panels, an OKTO core, a nuclear engine, and an NCS adapter with only 8 units LF in it, then attached various cooling structures to it, saved those as new craft, and launched them to orbit on a modified aero-equis to test how well they can radiate the heat produced. Methodology was to turn on infinite fuel, burn to an internal temp 1100 in the probe core, record burn time by comparing MET to MET at start of burn, then cut throttle to see if it can coast cool before the core hits 1200 and explodes. Most burns were angled to escape Kerbin retrograde, so as to delay NaN-spam from hitting a solar escape. A few actually reversed solar orbit and hit escape anyway, and were turned around to re-capture and restore performance. Tested where a pair each of Structural Wing Type Ds, wing strakes, gigantor solar arrays, Large, Small, and Edge static radiator panels, a pair of Small thermal control systems, and single front-mounted Medium and Large thermal control systems. On to the results! Keep in mind these are tests of a tiny, mostly-engine ship with a tank perpetually almost out of fuel, and thus a terrible heat sink. As such, the given times are to be regarded as impossibly extreme lower bounds. Also, to explain the odd numbers to any flux-accountants, the active radiators would steal internal flux from the engine. It was indeed producing 7471.27kW for all tests, though. Has anyone done similar tests using drills/refineries as heat sources?
  20. The first video in my KSP 1.1 Career Series. In this part, we launch our first rocket and get to orbit.
  21. I've placed my first space station in orbit on my new 1.1 career. I have a science lab crunching away at some data and I noticed that apparently in 1.1 once you put an experiment in the lab you don't get it back to be recovered or transmitted. My question is, once the lab finishes processing the data from these experiments, should I transmit it or recover the lab? What made me doubtful about this is the following note in the changelog: "Labs with science can now be recovered for science." So will i get the typical penalty if I transmit the generated science instead of recovering it, or does this just refer to recovering experiments that weren't processed? Thanks in advance.
  22. The challange is: Go to Duna,The mun,Minmus,Eve,and Moho and go back to kerbin and land safely Mods Allowed: KW Rocketry AIES Aerospace and, mechjeb(only to make maneuver nodes).
  23. Hi, the last few weeks have been a rough time for all modders. There were, or still are a lot of things to update and fix for the big 1.1 update of KSP (and the subsequent patches). Naturally, also the number of bug reports for the mods increased. This is totally okay, there are always new bugs introduces by such a big update. But lately, an increasing number of reported bugs are only caused by the fact, that there are still mods installed, that do not support 1.1. or are not cleanly installed/updated (as in remove the whole mod folder before installing the new one). These bug reports cause a huge overhead for us and are frustrating because they are completely avoidable. We invest valuable time to find out what is wrong with our mods, only to find out that the mod user didn't even invest any time to make sure the mods are properly installed (at least it feels like this). So before you report a bug, please Make sure that ALL the mods you use are compatible with the version of KSP you use. Remove the old folder(s) of a mod before you install a new version. If you use CKAN, install the mod manually into a clean (CKAN free) version of KSP to verify that the bug is caused by the mod and not CKAN. This will save a lot of time for both ends. We modders do not have to crawl through many log files and the user can use the mods without problems (and do not have to wait for the modder to tell them what is wrong)
  24. I have an older Mac that is restricted by Apple from installing Mac OSX more recent than 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. When I attempt to launch KSP 1.1 using either the launcher or KSP app, the Kerbal icon bounces once or twice in the dock and then disappears, and nothing further happens. This is probably an issue with Unity 5, and thus there is nothing that can be done. The minimum system requirements listed on the website call for Mac OSX 10.6 or greater. If this issue is unsolvable, that line will have to be revised. When I attempt to run the launcher, this turns up in the Console app: 4/20/16 11:34:49 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[106] ([0x0-0x28028].unity.Squad.Kerbal Space Program[268]) Exited with exit code: 1
  25. So I've been running the hack basically as soon as I installed my first mod. It ran beautifully, and It never crashed on me. Now, trying the official 64bit version of KSP, the game crashes every few hours or so. So what do you think? Oh, and I IMPLORE YOU to not merge this into the 1.1 discussion thread, because it's an undecipherable mess after all the threads were merged.
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