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  1. Thank you so much! I completely forgot about the community fix despite using it before. Testing it now and it seems it has sorted out the issues I had. A bit more testing to be done but it's looking good.
  2. Having just returned to KSP, I find that stock game now comes with an inventory system. I have played with Persistence on/off and this system is causing a bit of a headache. With persistence on, I have an unlimited supply of parts with me and with persistence off, it's anyone's guess what they bring with them to the launch pad and into the capsule. They tend to be fond of parachutes... Any way to have this system at least partially persistent so that the inventory doesn't change between building and launching, and between launching, reverting and relaunching? Any other way of dealing with it? (I am waiting for KIS to catch up).
  3. Oh I did get that bit about the data logger I was just wondering about a quick way to access the logs if I say, have the logger tucked away in a cargo bay
  4. Just to wrap this up: Works like a charm it seems now. Just a little wish if you don't mind this fellow rambling: Either have the log functions available in the tool bar or through the command/function keys. Sorry if this has been covered and I'm just being dense again.
  5. I might have to do just that. So, now I get it all almost working except, the data logger unit in the science section can't be fitted. It's also the only item that can't be left floating in the VAB while building. I can select it and move the ghost image around but I can only put it back in the parts pool. This old brain feels half fried by now EDIT: Success. It might have been a faulty download. Downloaded again and now it attaches as it should.
  6. Ah! Now I feel a bit dumb thank you so much. I will give it a go!
  7. Strange. The mod folder was inside the game data folder and named 000_ClickThroughBlocker. I copied this into the game's GameData. EDIT: Just to clarify, I delete all mod manager created files each time I install or delete a mod.
  8. Sorry about the late reply. Real life and all Reinstalled all and got the player log https://filetransfer.io/data-package/yUDtgmH9#link
  9. Downloaded (also the dependencies) but something's not right and I hope to find an answer here. When I installed everything, another mod, RemoteTech, stopped working. That is, I no longer had access to the RT control panel.
  10. Oh not a lot. Just finding out that after a few years away from KSP, now rovers on Mun are a flippin joke. Disney On Ice galore. I know I built Mun-capable rovers that had great success exploring in the earlier version of KSP but now when I returned, these things work as well as a rocket engine made of cheese, that is not at all. That was a bummer.
  11. Testing KAS and I was wondering, is there a way to transfer fuel using KAS, bypassing parts that has no crossfeeding (crossfeeding rules apply), between tanks on the same vessel or vessels that are docked to one another?
  12. Awesome! Thanks, guys Still, I kind of like to have a little rpg with these little green fellows. Have them earn the badge so to speak.
  13. Hey all. As I found myself revisiting KSP for the first time in ages, I was wondering: For Kerbal experience, would there be any reason other than for role playing to do the leap into space in stages like suborbital -> orbit -> Mun flyby - > Mun orbit and so on and so forth, or will the Kerbals get the same experience from doing a full Kerbin/Mun/Minmus exploration in one go?
  14. That would be a cross sum. Fun (perhaps) tidbit: To check if an integer is divisible by 3, check if the cross sum is divisible by 3. You can also check the cross sum of the cross sum etc etc if you're not sure at first.
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