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Found 4 results

  1. This mod is adding IVA into KSP 2, only works with certain capsules. Source Code: [snip] License: MIT SpaceDock: [snip]
  2. Due to me being a very big amateur with KSP planet making and a lack of motivation development will take alot longer A decent(ish?) sized planet pack adding many planets loosely based off of NovaSilisko's planets they planned on adding to KSP, many artistic liberties taken. First planet mod and probably a little overambitious but who cares Current Planets/Moons Xubol: a tiny ball of iron and silica being slowly churned around by its core and the sun. Faz: a small, weird moon with a cracked, lumpy surface Jall: Textures coming soon, no idea what it'll look like. Rupa: a small green moon orbiting Kerbin (It was repurposed into Minmus, so it looks identical to Minmus.) I will be adding pictures soon
  3. Ok, so I made my first mod. Right now, it gives the 1x6, 3x2, and Gigantor solar panels nodes. This is kind of just a basic starter thread ATM, expect changes in the setup and such, and please ask for support for any mods you would like! Download: http://spacedock.info/mod/115/Solar%20Panel%20Attatchment%20Nodes
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