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  1. Greetings fellow Kerbonauts and Space Program directors! You all know the story of the space race as it happened on Earth-and maybe as it happened on Kerbin- but what if Earth's space race happened in the Kerbol system? This is the story of how America beat the USSR to the Mun- but not to Minmus! July 20, 1969- Kerbals set foot on The Mun for the first time. It would have been a crushing defeat for the Soviets, had Kerbin not had a second moon- a second chance for the Union. The advantages were immediately made obvious, along with the extra challenges- substantially less fuel was required, but it was a much longer, and harsher, journey. A new branch of the current space program was founded with one public goal in mind- to explore Minmus. Privately, however, the true goal was the complete and utter conquering and colonization of the small moon. The new branch was MISE- Minmus Soviet Exploration. Several goals were put together for MISE, in order of priority, in the most logical steps for progression: 1. Land unmanned probes and orbiters to explore and map Minmus. Complete 2. Land a manned mission. Complete 3. Explore and build a permanent base orbiting and on Minmus. In development 4. Establish control over Minmus airspace. Planned 5. Explore further in the solar system. Planned Chapter 1: Discovery Examining the current resources of the space program, it was found step one could be completed with existing technology- a small probe/lander, originally designed for The Mun, the design had fallen short of the required fuel. It would be perfect for Minmus, however. Enter Myatnee. Launched from a derivative of the R-7 rocket, it has more than enough fuel for a mission to Minmus. This freedom allowed for several landing sites to be chosen and visited in the same mission, saving valuable equipment and money. August 7, 1969- Myatnee is launched. Orbital insertion at approx. T-12:14. Myatnee is ready for TMI, Trans Minmus Insertion. Myatnee I is meters from the surface. Controllers in Moscow watch in anxiety as the computer hopefully makes the correct decisions to land on its own. Our goals were well met in this mission. We mapped a portion of the surface and gathered data on the surface itself. Coming up next: A test of a new Kerbaled vehicle for exploring Minmus!
  2. So, after watching a special video from ShadowZone, I went to Minmus to find an anomaly, and here's what happened, I don't have many pictures, but here we go. Rocket: My rocket was a basic 2-stage lander that carried Val to Minmus and back. During design testing, several roll issues occurred, so vectors and wings were added. Mission: Go to Minmus, find the (REDACTED), plant a flag on it, and return. Photos: Coming Soon! (I have no idea how to add images from my files, help please?) Stay tuned!
  3. Minmar Kerbin Rings 2.4.2 [1.12.x] [Kopernicus] (The screenshot below was taken using Astronomer's Visual Pack. Highly recommended!) Requires Kopernicus! DOWNLOAD HERE (Spacedock) This mod gives Kerbin rings, intended to be the remains of part of Minmus when it was captured hundreds of years ago. The mod now also moves Minmus inside the rings, tweaking science values to reduce the value of Minmus and transfer it to the Mun for balance. It even adds a new description and new science logs(With DMagic Orbital Science support), relating to Minmus' new position! I highly recommend landing on the Greater Flats. The view of Kerbin and her rings is nothing short of spectacular. PERFECT real estate for a mining base! The custom science logs additionally remove existing logs that contradict Minmus' new position- stock, DMagic, and Crowd Sourced Science. Now included are a few custom flags- based on the stock Kerbin Mun flag. This is the primary one, but two other(worse) options are available with the legacy versions included in the download. I hope people enjoy it! The original versions are still included in the download, as Classic, 'New' and Minmus Mover Alt versions- previews of which are spoilered below. Also, sorry, but I didn't bother updating the CKAN version. I just couldn't be bothered. If enough people ask for it, I will. Changelog MIT License Copyright (c) 2023 Lithobraker Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  4. So, today in Kerbal Space Program 2, I finally went to Minmus. After the first patch was released, it made going there and back a lot easier because of the bug fixes and also because I now have a laptop with an RTX 3050 Ti graphics card, which improved the game's performance. Here's some screenshots I took while I was on the surface with Jebediah Kerman. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nhxvtACe6dA-Me9KoMmjUbhTaTIPT8a3/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1riza28DGtpnaV2vbRdiDQd2RNsnLt4z7/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uMPvKJlvQzLTyn6nnxvV51IKA6T1RHiU/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mp30rBrggA-pYypzBko8DUU1FFbMRqWy/view?usp=sharing However, after lifting off from Minmus, I decided to EVA Jebediah, which caused the capsule to explode. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, as it should have shown Jebediah on the ladder when I did the EVA instead of the capsule exploding. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o9bLOrGNG3vsi-CIK4Tbg0WTf0oB5bac/view?usp=sharing After reloading a save and not doing the EVA however, I was able to return Jebediah Kerman safely to Kerbin after going to the surface of Minmus. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oKpnLha_iRTzKvdtPLZKq6fo7DfDsPsl/view?usp=sharing Edit: And here's some gameplay I recorded that was from the mission.
  5. The North pole of Mimnus has really buggy lighting and ground. Simply changing the angle of where you look also changes the shadows of the terrain Its also super dark, but you can glitch the lighting to show at a specific angle, see video below: Its also buggy where the terrain disappears (see altitude and the rock in the distance): It was really difficult to land when its black and had no detail:
  6. You can see the flare of Kerbol in the ground of Minus, usually in the hilly areas
  7. I have finally managed to set up a mining/refinery on minmus, with capability to dock to Clamp-o-tron Sr. and all is going well there (took me forever to actually land it because of part counts and a dogwater cpu though lol). And am looking to set up a "gas station" of sorts in low to mid kerbin orbit where most of my craft tend to be parked. This poses a question. How would I go about making a tanker capable of taking large amounts of fuel from minmus, to LKO? Recovery and funds are not an issue as this is a sandbox run. Thus far my best idea is to just haul a bunch of empty tanks into space, with seperate stages/sections with full tanks for actually moving the vessel. But at what point does the TWR/DV just become unacceptable for something like this? Or is there a better way? Additionally, any input regarding the "Gas station" would also be appreciated!
  8. Or, I can think of 3 cases where this should be easy, but would like a tool to give me times/dates to launch to take advantage of them: 1) The off-plane intercept. Launch from KSC into ~0° orbit, and do a transfer to Minmus, timing things so that I meet up with it at an ascending or descending node. I know that Minmus has to be near the "top" or "bottom" of its orbit for this to work, and can fiddle around equations to work out ~how many degrees away from the nodes it has to be, but would like a way to get launch times in UT. 2) Launching into a 6° orbit. KSC crosses the nodes of Minmus' orbit twice each day, so I can launch on a 96° or 84° (ish) heading but I'd like a way that's not eyeballing things in map view. 3) Launching east from Dessert. Dessert launch site is ~6.5° south, so once a day, a launch just before crossing the ascending node should be very close to Minmus' plane. But this has the same timing problem as 2. So... how? Can MechJeb or Kerbal Alarm Clock give me these times? Is there a table hidden away in the forums or reddit? A quick search was not the most promising.
  9. So im doing a playthrough with usi lifesupport and was too afraid to go outside of kerbins sphere of influence and decided to get all possible sciences from minmus to get some good engines but came home with this: Fair to say that this game is totally balanced lol. (not really a disscussion or topic but it would be cool to see your massive science hauls)
  10. Hello everyone. Here I am again giving it another shot, after my failed attempt to complete the Elcano Challenge by circumnavigating Minmus in a rover last September. This will time I'm going fully stock, and doing the challenge in an early-ish career mode save. Background Long story short, last year I built a reusable Mun rover and lander system, for use from a research station in Mun orbit. Then I learned about the Elcano Challenge, and impulsively decided to circumnavigate the Mun with the rover I already had there, the Gnat. That went well, so I decided to fly the rover to Minmus and circumnavigate that as well. I was making good progress, then unfortunately my save was corrupted. It couldn't be retrieved. Not to be deterred, I started a new career save, and powered through the earliest part of career mode. As soon as I felt I had the kredits, I built a research lab in Mun orbit and a reusable rover lander system, a basic one with mid technology tree parts. The idea was both to improve upon the design of the Gnat and it's lander, and also to gather a bunch of science quickly to get the labs in orbit cooking away and unlock the technology tree fast. I didn't really expect to do an Elcano run with this rover, but I just came back from an extended break from KSP, and I like to drive it, so what the heck. For challenge completion purposes, here are some screenshot's of the first rover mission so you can see that I flew it from Kerbin: Now we'll join our heroes, Buzz and Wendo Kerman (no relation) as they set off on the story that may (hopefully) lead them to circumnavigate Minmus in Rover 1. Prologue - Mun Landing 2 Chapter 1 - Onward to Minmus Chapter 2 - The First Day Chapter 3 - Into the Highlands Chapter 4 - Another Chapter Chapter 5 - The Rover Repair Contract Chapter 6 - Challenge Complete!
  11. I have used the M700 Survey Scanner over Minmus, gotten the resource overlay to show, and gotten a mining vessel into minmus' orbit. Now that its there, I cant see anything in the resource overlay. When I have Minmus selected as focus and open the planet cutaway tab I see the ore percentage in the tab, but it wont show the concentration map overlayed on the moon. I have the cutoff set to 0%, but no matter what it is set at nothing shows. The scanner is no longer in orbit, could that be the problem? Or do I need the surface scanner on my mining vessel? I have full signal strength, full power, and am sitting in a polar orbit under 55km. Any ideas on why I cant see anything? Thanks!
  12. Hello forum readers. I recently became aware of the Elcano challenge to circumnavigate the surface of any orbital body by rover or boat. Then I went down the rabbit hole of mission logs submitted by forum users over the years as they attempted the challenge in so many different ways. This inspired me to compose a log of my own. The Gnat - Background The "Gnat" science and utility rover rolled out of the SPH in early career mode - year 0, day something-or-other. With 40 parts, weighing in at a cool 3.443 tons, she was built for science gathering and career missions as part of a landing system consisting of the Gnat and a reusable sky crane attached to the Munar Gateway Station. Here she is at her berth, distal to the escape pod array, before I ever heard of the Elcano challenge. Prior to creating this thread, our heroes Bill and Dofrod Kerman (no relation) were ordered by mission control to land on the Mun and perform a rover circumnavigation. They did so in style, performing many graceful maneuvers such as the one captured below. or this one After 27 days, Bill and Dofrod finally succeeded at circumnavigating the Mun. All the other Kerbals came out to party with them. Then they returned to the Munar Gateway Station to fix up the Gnat and chill out for a couple years. The Plan The plan for this circumnavigation is for Bill (engineer) and Dofrod (scientist) Kerman (no relation) to travel from the Munar Gateway Station to Minmus, make a landing on the Great Flats, then take a roughly equatorial route around the moon collecting science from all biomes except the Poles, visiting the easter egg, and completing as many career missions as are convenient (to fund future adventures). See the planned route below in blue. ...to be continued
  13. I Landed on the Mun and now I want to get a Flyby of Minmus. Im playing science mode btw. If anyone can help I would really like it
  14. I am playing on carrer mode and ı cant use manuver nodes right now. And ı wanna go to minmus. It would be great if somebody helps me.
  15. I managed my first probe landing on Minmus and my probe started to fall over, so I hit the gas, moved to a flat site and ran out of fuel. I landed at 10m/s with no damage, all in the name of science.
  16. Stock 1:1 Scale CN Tower Replica to Minmus This Mission was one of my submission for the "Providence" community project which was part of the Upsilon initiative. The tower's height is about 553 meters, like the real CN Tower. The lower part of the tower consists of fuel tanks and some other stuff. I filled the fuel tanks, then I just had to attach some detachable engines and RCS pods. It seems like this "confused" the game, causing wrong delta V readouts (I had way more dV than what was displayed). Luckily, the delta V readous from Kerbal Engineer Redux were still displaying correct values. Liftoff! I reached orbit with only one stage, so it was technically an SSTO so far, but now I was almost out of fuel and I decoupled the Mammoth engines. Time to launch the refueler! Part count including launch vehicle: about 900 parts Docking a 600 parts vessel to a 900 parts vessel - There was a lag. TAC Fuel Balancer saved the day, because without it, I would have had to refuel tank by tank, clicking on every single one at least once and also worry about balancing the vessel and it would have taken forever. Park orbit around Minmus, ready to land. Touchdown! But for some reason, the tower was kind of... shaky. And for some reason, it was sliding accross the surface. I had to use almost all of the remaining fuel for the RCS to keep it in an upright position while waitig for it to stop sliding. It took a while until I figured out that it might be better to disable SAS. And it also took a while until it came to a stop then. Then it finally stoped sliding. Decoupling the RCS pods.
  17. HI! In the forum we ask and try to answer questions about KSP2? What planets will there be? Is Minmus gonna have ice craem? Will Jeb return? Who knows! Will Jeb, Bill, and Bob return to KSP2???
  18. Why science jr?? https://discord.gg/EJmz3kE I wrote cience in the video xD
  19. Before I start, just wanted to say THIS IS NOT A STORY! It's my first mission that will land on more than one moon. I just felt like sharing. Our ̶s̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ mission begins as we join the crew in LKO. Crew: Jebediah, Bob, and Valentina. The ship burns for the Mun. Ditching the now empty stage. Burning retrograde to low Mun orbit. Captured and in low orbit! Undocking lander. Jebediah's already been to the surface, so this time Valentina's going. That crater is our landing site. Almost... Landed! Valentina next to the flag. It's kinda dark... Valentina doing SCIENCE!!! And she also found a rock... Funny thing is, I never actually got a screenshot of the lander taking off. Sorry...Here's the docking though. Docked! Remaining fuel in the lander is transfered to the Explorer 1. Burning for Minmus... Arriving at Minmus. Bob does Science! We will be landing at the Lesser Flats. Cool views during landing! We've landed! Bob becomes the first Kerbal (in this save) to step foot on Minmus. The whole crew is here! Bob does more Science!!! He also found a rock! For Science! Let's go home. Liftoff! Burning for home... ATTENTION! Re-entry T-30 Minutes! Almost home! Parachutes deployed! ? ! Parachutes fully deployed! We're gonna live! We survived!!! Mission accomplished! RESULT: 1092 SCIENCE!!! (60% reward) And Jebediah, Bob and Valentina all leveled up to 2!
  20. Alright, so it took me far longer than I care to admit to figure this out. ...maybe I never figured it out and someone told me how to do it. :-D As with all things, once you know the trick, it does seem painfully obvious. I felt a little dumbstruck when it was shown to me, so I figured it might be worthwhile to post a "How To" for everyone. Given a Kerbin day is 6 hours... Every 3 hours the KSC is in the perfect launch window to fly your craft directly into a Minmus inclined orbit. So at any given time, you are no more than a few hours worth of game time acceleration away from a Minmus launch window. Knowing this, there is no reason for me to ever do a secondary burn to adjust my orbital plane to align to Minmus, which obviously speeds along my Minmus missions and saves me fuel. This quick video shows you exactly how to do it!
  21. Alright, so here's the quick rundown: This is the first in a series of mostly-identical "bootstrap" stations I'm going to scatter throughout the system. Each one is powered by a NearFuture fission reactor, and uses storage trusses from NearFutureConstruction to hold ore, xenon, and pure LF for my NERV-powered interplanetary ships. Two ISRUs are used to convert ore hauled up from Minmus by the two miners docked in the background, which refuel both on Minmus and from their own dedicated LF/OX tank. In the long run, there will only be one miner, with the second being transferred to my under-construction Ike station. The miners themselves can hold 18,000 units of ore, and run off a smaller fission reactor. The six Poodle engines and accompanying mini-ISRU provide more than enough Delta-V (~3,000 m/s when under full load) for landing, takeoff, and rendezvous, all of which is handled by MechJeb due to my twitchy fingers not playing nice with razor-thin maneuvering margins. The actual mining process is quite speedy, since I took the time to use a scanning satellite and a rover to identify the greatest possible ore concentration.
  22. Ok So I am new to KSP (only about 100 hours or so) and I’ve spent the last few building a orbital refueling base around minmus and gong back and fourth from the surface of minmus to my orbital refueler/ore processor. It has all of its fuel tank full and are ready to begin exploration of the Kerbol system. BUT HOLD UP!. I was just about to burn my first ship from an LKO to minmus and refuel there but then a thought came to my head andI paused my game and I was thinking the very thing that you are about to read: Would it be better/more efficient to just straight up burn from and LKO to Duna (my version of an LKO being 100,000km) or from what I think burn to minmus, refuel, and then escape Kerbin’s SOI from there because Kerbin's SOI is pretty weak all the way out at minmus, therefore taking less Delta-v to escape Kerbin’s SOI all the way out there and plus have extra fuel because you just completely refueled your tanks at the orbital minmus refueling station? please somebody get back to me with a correct awnser and thank you for reading this I AM CONFUSED
  23. Here is the Lil' Guy 1 light spacecraft KerbalX Craft File Lil’ Guy 1 Lil Guy 1 is a multi-purpose light craft designed for maximum precision and fun. It sports a unique and practical feature set that’ll make any rookie Kerbonaut look like an ace pilot! Its lightweight aerodynamic frame, combined with powerful RCS ReEntry Control System, allows for an unexpected amount of glide in the atmosphere, and should have you touching down in, or at least near, your intended LZs. The orbiter carries all the basic experiments plus Goo, and a Kerbal on EVA can collect them all without leaving the ladder. With more than 2K dV in the tank, this ship can cruise all over the local system, and even venture to distant planets. After activating the orbiter’s main propulsion system, all 3x engines will be enabled by default. Action group 3 toggles off the outboard Switch engines to enter Eco-Friendly Gas-Saver mode. Toggle them back on when you need the extra zip! Reentry attitude should be facing retrograde for a braking phase, and then reorient to prograde for a precision glide landing. Chutes won’t support the full weight, so leave some gas for a final braking maneuver on touchdown. As a bonus, this Launch Vehicle comes with the Smart-@5S remote controlled transfer stage. After reaching orbit, flight plan calls for a transposition and docking maneuver, where the fairings will be shed to save weight. After docking, Action Group 0 shifts control to the Xfer stage. You are now free to move about the solar system! Imgur Album
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