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Found 12 results

  1. Celestial Glow A simple KSP2 mod to change ambient lighting Source: https://github.com/WiS3/Celestial-Glow Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3553/Celestial Glow License: MIT Available on CKAN The goal of this mod is to tweak the ambient lighting when you are on the dark side of some planets and it is pitch black. Just tweaking the Global Night Intensity does the job. Provides global settings and body specific overrides: Ambient Intensity: Only affect the vessel and some objects on bodies Day Intensity: Used when you are close to the body/landed and on the day side of the body Night Intensity: Used when you are close to the body/landed and on the night side of the body Scaled Intensity: Used when you are far away from the body NOTES: Does not work in Map Mode, only Flight Mode Gas Giants and Water/Oceans are not affected
  2. So three points on graphics that I would like that they would be improved, all linked to the sunset (example on kerbin but might be relevant for other atmospheric planets). Firstly, the atmospheric scattering. The sun stays exactly the same color at every stage (just the background colors that change) and doesn't scatter away: What's weird is that we got something quite good in the pre-alpha previews: Secondly, the ground lighting is not always great (especially on kerbin): Why the ground is white? Grass doesn't reflect the sun like that and where is the orange projection of the sunset? Thirdly, same complaint but for clouds: I see the potential of this picture (the atmospheric color is quite good if we omit the sun) but what is a bummer is that clouds are just darker at sunset, they should have an orange color projected on them. One IRL picture to grasp what I mean (and want): I do believe that with the introduction of HDRP (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/214806-developer-insights-18-graphics-of-early-access-ksp2/) it will improve, at least I hope. So I create this post to know if it bothers other people too and to show that we have an interest in that. Even if I understand it's something that might cost performance.
  3. The North pole of Mimnus has really buggy lighting and ground. Simply changing the angle of where you look also changes the shadows of the terrain Its also super dark, but you can glitch the lighting to show at a specific angle, see video below: Its also buggy where the terrain disappears (see altitude and the rock in the distance): It was really difficult to land when its black and had no detail:
  4. You can see the flare of Kerbol in the ground of Minus, usually in the hilly areas
  5. I want to have some lights in my cabin, how can i do this? i heard its about texturing, also i use blender and i hope its possible without unity
  6. Download from GitHub NOTE: Default light settings in KSP only allow for 8 lights due to the added resource loads lights can cause. To increase the number of lights available, go to Settings/Graphics/Pixel Light Count and adjust it according to your system's abilities. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Compatible with @Li0n's Crew Light License is: a modified Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License and view-able in the GitHub plugin directory. Source Idiot Lights! Read about them in this post Slime Lights Non-Idiot Lights And this is a stock aircraft on the runway with several of the lights attached to give a size comparison. So this all came about because I wanted some lights for a truck. After spending days trying to tie into ModuleLight I finally threw my hands up in disgust and wrote my own partmodule. Features: Works with multiple light sources on a single part using animations. GameObjects (lenses) so designated in the config can have their material color changed to match the light color. This happens real-time in the hangar. As you change the light color, the lens color changes. The color changer takes either _Color or _Emissive colors. GameObject (lenses) off colors - The plan is eventually to animate the lens colors to match the light color animation so that they fade in and out. I'm not there yet. Until such time, the lenses turn off and on during blink and remain on otherwise. The off color can be added in the .cfg file. Blinking lights - Most of these lights can be set to blink. On and Off times have a range of 0.1 sec to 10 sec. These are set via sliders in the hangar. Each light's blink time and blink state is set independently and is persistent Preset colors - Some of the lights on other mods I've seen have this cool blue shade rather than the stock yellow. With this plugin, you get 15 (at the moment) preset colors and the ability to add your own by adding to a dat file in the plugin directory. Preset format is: Color name,RGB.Red,RBG.Blue,RGB.Green I.E. Candle,255,147,41 Current color presets include: Candle 40W Tungsten 100W Tungsten Halogen Carbon Arc Warm Fluorescent Standard Fluorescent Cool White Fluorescent Full Spectrum Fluorescent Grow Light Fluorescent Black Light Fluorescent Mercury Vapor Sodium Vapor Metal Halide High Pressure Sodium Want more colors? Here's a website I found that has lots of them with their r,g,b values. Just add your favorites to the presets.dat in the Plugin folder. Future plans (hopes) Animating lens colors via code to match light colors (done) GUI menu to make that searchlight rotate and tilt. (done) Create a disco party truck (done) ProTip: To quickly locate these parts, search for Kerbal Electric in the hangar parts list.
  7. this weird shadow happens when Im near the ground I dont know why it happens
  8. Hello, I believe this is a general KSP bug... Electric Kerbal lights (Illuminator and Kerbal helmet) do not cause parts to cast shadows. Shadows from the sun are working normally for parts and terrain, cascading in any combination. Electric lights light the parts and terrain surfaces normally but the light also shines through parts to light other parts behind the first one. In other words, light is transmitted AND reflected. Please see my example craft with photos on Kerbal X: https://kerbalx.com/Krazy1/why-no-part-shadows Mods CKAN export:
  9. This is how it looks in unity and usually looks just about as good with no sudden changes with any smoothness angle setting from 40 to 180: This is how it seems to always turn out in ksp however. In previous iterations, simply setting smoothness angle higher than 150 would do the trick, however that isnt working any more. What i've tried: Making sure the normals are the right way in Blender Trying smoothing angle settings in unity from 40 to 180 Changing shading in Blender ------- As has happened too many times recently, after tons of time spent troubleshooting the problem and getting a whole lot of 'No results found for site:kerbalspaceprogram.com "', right after I decided to make a post about it, I found a solution... well only sort of. I still have no idea why the same settings I normally use (calculate normals, default smoothing angle), but using blenders shading and turning off calculate tangent space did it... I think... maybe...).
  10. Is there a mod that provides lights that don't cast light around, just shine in the darkness - a'la the red lights on Poodle, or the LED indicator on a small battery? I'm happily using this one: but... AFAIK these indicator lights on batteries and the likes don't cause that problem. Of course they provide no illumination around, but they are visible in darkness, which is all I'm asking for. Is there some mod providing this?
  11. Hello everyone! I hate to be that guy, but it looks like parts graphics appearancein the VAB became much worse since 1.1 arrived. I'm not a specialist, but seems to me something wrong with shaders, may be ??? Parts lack gloss, and in general rockets look like it is Direct X 8 or something like that. In 1.0.5 a rocket looks like a real thing in the VAB, with all that ground personal and trucks, and I used to admire a lot my glorious creations. But in 1.1.3 it's kinda meh... Everything looks like cheap plastic. Even with something like Ven's revamp, What I really want to know, is it considered a bug, and it will be eventually fixed, or it's a kind of intentional deterioration of graphics in the VAB, and I have to suck it up? Is there any official developer's statement on that?
  12. Looking for a fix for buggy shadows around KSC on my modded save. I'm on mac OSX. http://imgur.com/PHn4CUE My mod list in my modded game (all indispensable of course). If anyone knows what mod might cause this or where a patch would be found, that would be nice. Though this is not game breaking, it is extremely annoying. It occurs both when in control of a vehicle close to KSC as well as when in the KSC menu screen. -Active Texture Managment (Aggressive, was a suspect for causing this, but this has been happening since long before I got ATM) -Asteroid Day -Atomic Age -Chatterer -Colorcodedcanisters -Communitytechtree -Dmagic Orbital science -Docking port sound effects -FTP -Gingercorp (space staion hub) -InterstellarFuelSwitch -JFJohnny5 (2 kerbal command pod) -Kerbal Engineer -KJR -Kopernicus -MRS -ModuleManager -Near Future Construction -NFElectrical -NFPropulsion -NFSolar -NFSpacecraft -Finalfronteir -Outer Planets mod -Rcssounds -RLA stockalike -Tarus HCV -Scansat -Science Alert -SpaceY -SpaceY expanded -Stagerecovery -Stock Clamshell Fairings -Kerbal Alarm Clock -Vanguard Astrodynamics -Stock Warp Drive -Waypoint Manager.
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