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Found 11 results

  1. Infernal Robotics Sequencer development sequel This mod is an Addon of Infernal Robotics Next and will not work without ! And obviously needs Module Manager (not included) Hello everyone ! From today, I'll now assume the maintenance and continuation of the Infernal Robotics Sequencer addon for Infernal Robotics Next, with the courtesy of @Rudolf Meier. Even if I have some exprerience as a software developper, I'm very new to modding and KSP modding so I count on you to report on this topic every mistake that I could have done to ensure the quality and transparency of my work. Let's talk about the mod ! Reminder of what it does : This mod works as state machine that allows you create and play sequences of servo movement commands and special commands, like GoTo, Toggle ActionGroup, Delay and Wait. (Very useful for all your mechas) What will happens : First, I'll stabilize the mod, by maybe reworking some parts of the code and release bugfixes based on issues you could report on this topic or GitHub. Then, I'll work on improvements of existing features or adding new features if possible. (If hou have ideas, share them with this topic, you're welcome) Huge Credits to @ZodiusInfuser, @erendrake, @Ziw and @Rudolf Meier for their previous work. Download: https://github.com/ValrenStarlord/IR-Sequencer/releases/tag/3.0.1 Source: https://github.com/ValrenStarlord/IR-Sequencer License: GNU GPL version 3, 29 July 2007. How To Install As long as the mod will be in rework, I highly recommend to delete the previous IR Sequencer folder each time a new version will be released in case file names change, so that the old files don't stay and create weird things in-game. Otherwise, just copy the content of the MagicSmokeIndutries folder inside the existing MagicSmokeIndustries of your GameData folder. As said above, report any problem you could encounter with the mod in this topic or open an issue on GitHub, I'll work on as soon as possible. Enjoy !
  2. Putting the Kexapod through it's paces. This is a demo of almost everything the robot can do to this point. Hope you enjoy. Craft and necessary files repository: https://github.com/pgodd/Kexapod/commit/4bd9da79683a692ec625232e8aab949c14fe3d61
  3. Right Now am trying to make a robotic arm from infernal robotics and i have made the robotic arm But I Haven`t got something to allow it to attach to other things Can You Please Help
  4. Im making a robotic arms pack and i cant figure out how to make attach nodes rotate with the parts. any help would be nice.
  5. Post pictures of your aircraft involving moving parts from Infernal Robotics. To start us off, here's a neat little naval fighter I whipped up today: Its wings fold upward for storage and downward for flight, and lock in both positions for stability. This should help save a lot of space inside hangars or carriers. Flies just fine!
  6. Today i have something a bit special for you. Something that i believe is the first of its kind. It's not just a floating metal plate with a tower and some engines. This time it has a hangar deck and an aircraft elevator. Designing the carrier: The design of the carrier is a bit of a fusion of the IJN Zuiho and the U.S.S Independence CVL-22. Instead of building a custom hull for this one, i took the battleship hull and made the carrier around it. Due to this, it only took me 3-4 hours to build the carrier and another 2-3 hours to test it. It proved to be a sound choice. I was able to keep the part count well under a 1000, while still being able to create a big enough carrier that can actually support aircrafts. And because the carrier isn't as massive as the Killyoustrious, it's very, very solid. So no tweaking was needed. The only thing that needed tweaking, was the electrical system. ( i ran out of electric charge during the night time test). But that's where the problem lies, while it can store aircrafts, they have to be small. Yea, even the Gull is too big to really fit. I would need foldable wings to make it fit, and even then, there is the risk of the propeller hitting the roof and exploding. But, there is one that can fit. Sorry for the darkness, the lights ran out due to electricity running out. That issue was fixed later on with some few batteries and RTG's. The SeaRaider is currently the biggest that can fit in the hangar. It's rudder is currently about a millimeter away from touching the roof. But there is a little more room in terms of width. It's a damn good thing that i made the elevator bigger than what it was in my original plans (actually, there was no plans, i just built it and hoped it would work). So yea, there is a lot to be proud about in this one, but, it's still not perfect. The hangar needs to be taller and wider to really work, and the deck could be longer to make landings a bit more care free. But still, im very happy about how it turned out in the end. My first taughts when starting this project where: It's propably just going to explode into tiny bits as soon as the physics kick in. That's because i had no idea that how well the hangar walls and landing-gears would be able to support the weight of the flight-deck. Anyway, lets get on with the: Specs and picks: Top speed: 30 m/s. Length: 150m. Width: 33m. Height: 26.8m. Mass: 2.487 tons. Parts: 754. This one has a little over 70000 units of fuel loaded. And there you have it, a new type of carrier. I hope you enjoy it . Mods: BD-armory and Infernal Robotics. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7yv4n7oe4cuvpd/K_S_S Freedom.craft?dl=0 Links to other posts:
  7. Is there actually much point in building a robotic arm in KSP? Like I get that they're cool and all, but is there actually any legitimate use for them that's more effective than just using an RCS tug? Don't get me wrong, I want to use robotic arms, but I'm just not sure exactly what the point is and if they're worth all the effort. Are they mainly a sort of vanity project done for the fun and challenge of engineering them rather than them actually being useful in-game?
  8. Hello guys, there's some parts(actually, most of) are missing. And then I found out that there's something called infernal robotics expansion that I didn't download. But I can't find the download anywhere on the internet, so can anybody please help me out? I am now working on something like chicken walker, turtle walker and loader mech. Maybe I will share some of my works if you guys helped me out, you know some gifs and zips.
  9. I really like Rotational Habitats and I can launch myself (that squash down and then expand out), but the IVA windows are always immersion breaking for me as I can explain So I just had a thought about IVAs, windows, with Firespitter and Infernal Robotics, perhaps with a little of Kerbal Planetary Base System with HullCamVDS thrown in. Firespitter rotational habitats don't work with windows in IVAs as the IVA itself won't rotate, so we get the strange anomaly of seeing the part rotate past the window breaking the immersion. Firespitter also won't allow you to attach additional items to moving sections of the part. In KSP when you have attached manned pods, command or otherwise, switching to IVA changes the control of the vessel to the part attached to the IVA. When using Infernal Robotics, manned pods attached to rotating hubs or whatever, results in the craft switching to rotate around the controlling pod and spinning the whole craft. We miss the planet below passing by the window as we rotate around. What I normally do then is utilise hullcamVDS cameras, place them strategically within a KPBS pod with the transparency on and then can switch around cameras seeing the kerbals enjoying each other's company in a steady light gee with Duna passing by the window every 10 seconds or so. So just a thought... We get caught up in IR's ability to attach and create, yet for the sake of awesomeness, would it be possible to create whole rotational habitat as a single part in IR, instead of Firespitter? So, utilise the idea of the FireSpitter single part rotational habitat, and instead have a habitat rotatron that can extend out to a deloyed state? We know from a couple of camera mods that 'camera' views can move around, even if only panning, so can it be possible that IVA windows can do the same? Peace.
  10. GRAND THEFT ROBOT The naked truth about Jebediahs early years in the KSC, and how he became a serious kerbonaut Thanks to sirkuts amazing mod, he made this happen! Some years ago, Jeb and Bill took a ride with a ridicilous engineered kart, and as so often Bills only comment on this beautyfull summerday was simply: "Watch out Jeb, this scrappy rustpile ain`t got brakes!!!" Jeb and Bill came soon closer to an unidentified object, Bill spyed it from far away... "What is diss?" "...?... Me no engineer..." Jeb and Bill became courious about the funny thing laying around aside the SPH... Bill was surprised as he saw Jebediah allready taking seat at the frontend of this mysterious mechanism, all good things are two and so he took company with Jeb and boarded aswell the weird thing... Both had no idea what they where about to do, but a truthfull Kerbal has the duty to explore all the things beneath the sky, no matter how dangerous and stupid it is... or should they better try to make their first orbit around Kerbin? Jebediah found the key to the machine under the drivers seat, and he began pulling and pushing all the joysticks and switches in front of him... Bill said nothing, except: "Halleluja!" "Errrm Jeb... you know what you`re about to do sure?" "What?... What do you mean with i know about doing things like that...? Even i don`t have the slightest idea what i`m doing all the time around these funny buildings here, what the sunovakraken am i doing here???... Bill!!!" Jebediah and Bill where allready trapped in front of this humongous nicely-welded monstrosity, Bill grabbed his last snack out of his helmet and asked Jeb for sharing it with him during their last trip to the abysses of the mighty kraken... "No thanks Bill, i`m busy at the moment, but thanks..." "...ahhh.... Bill... it`s a bot... I just found the forward switch... looks like we need more juice, can you manage the powersource? There are some fuelcells slapped on it, LFO is in, this is an expensive method of moving stuff around... Take a look at the powerconsumption, this thing just sucks out the batteries!!!" It continues further below!
  11. Hi all, I've decided to get a little deeper into the world IR in my saves, but was wondering if there was a telescoping corridor or gangway part in any mod? If not, would someone be able to assist? The idea would be to utilise the stock texture for the structural fuselage, with a 1.25m ends, but thicker so that the when the part is fully extended it bulges out then back in to the 1.25 node. The idea for such a part would be to create our own rotational habitats that will still be able to start within a stock fairing, and then once in space then extend out. Peace.
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