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  1. Time will tell, patience .
  2. Probably a real bad idea. I voted no. This is a scientifically touched software and the direction should stay as it is, there are more than enough games to "play"around the topic of warfare.
  3. Hi! I guess you`re from Indonesia. Pulling a typo in the header gave your first like.
  4. MBA`s cannot fathom the meaning of tugboats. so, no. Studied stupidity of "Economy" will only accelerate the waste of money on "CEO`s" and the such. Look Boeing.
  5. He still fools people long after departure, best comedian ever!
  6. You are probably one of the most experienced Kerb yeeter. Do you believe in life after death now?
  7. Hi there! One of us! I have estimated offline KSP trauma for 4000 hours.... still addicted to yeeting Kerbals off the planet. Yes, i am the guy who created "The Dunatian" in KSP1.
  8. https://youtu.be/215KNjrmOcg?si=8DFuPoaNy8XiMzpC Oh my god i need this so much
  9. IIRC the Apollo hardware has been built in metric by some metric pre-damaged guys and then translated to imperial in the cockpits for the other guys flying the whole shebang repeatedly without proper life insurance to the moon and back. I`d love to see imperial units for the nostalgia. And the banana for scale in the VAB. Please do it.
  10. *Drops from frozen lawnchair in the backyard* Cake or death? - Death please..., no, cake!
  11. @ralanboyle Ahh yes i watched your new clip (...) and it is a true Kerbal vehicle and expert flying demo. Looks like your craft breaks the fourth wall at 2:45, i did not try this due to lack of time, but tommorow i`ll force my Kerbals to do some work and exploit the living daylights from those pesky airbreathers.... Cheerz!
  12. But clipping isn`t nice really, it diffuses the given public challenge.
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