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Found 3 results

  1. SAY YES! Just say "yes". Nothing else. Have fun! (Also please respect the forum rules...) (Say no if you're brave enough!)
  2. Hello everyone! I've gotten this idea today, so I'm making this thread to create an outlet for us to talk about what we've done today, to talk about it in a very general way and see where it goes, you know? Maybe you'll find someone who did the same, or who will come to learn about a hobby you have? Personally I'm curious as to what you guys do in your day-to-day. Mention your friends, let's get this going! (I feel like @kerbiloid for example would enjoy this) So, starting off! Today I've learned a lot about MS Excel's features, went to a mini-course in the morning. It's really powerful, from what I've seen! You can basically do anything involving maths in it, I'll be likely using it for RC aircraft design, for competitions and stuff. You can take data from tools such as XFoil or XFLR5 and manipulate it very easily in order to make an aircraft which satisfies your needs. Another thing I've done today is create a thread in another forum I'm in, personally I think it's a great idea. I started up the thread by saying hello to everyone, presenting its idea: it's basically a "take-one-leave-one" +like thread, to increase positivity in general, you know? The viewer there is to leave a meaningful post, whilst others leave a like in the aforementioned post. Not to mention how worth it it is - if at least five members collaborate, you end up in a scenario where leaving one like yields you five or more. Geometric positivity growth, everyone's happier! The thread hopefully will also stop the odd "free like" post that pops up over there every once in a while
  3. Welcome, forumgoers! Many of us are engaging in the festive activity of drawing Santa hats on our otherwise typical forum avatars! I, too, have decided to draw an MS Paint hat on my picture! Those of you who have drawn hats on your avatars, come together here and show them off! Those of you who have not, feel free to join us!
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