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Found 4 results

  1. Here we go! Read all of the Prelude (Also Sprach Jebediah) and Chapter One here. Read all of Chapter Two (A Capital Idea) here. Read all of Chapter Three (Of Moons and Madness!) here. Read the whole Plan Kappa Crossoverlude here Read Interlude Indigo here Read Bill's Engineering Updates here (a semi-canonical, 4th wall busting log of the ship design/development process) Read all of Chapter Four (Intrepid Away!) here. Read all of Chapter Five (Flight Operations) here. Read all of Chapter Six (Rising Up) here. Read all of Chapter Seven (Tanks, and Farewell) here. Read the Evil Interlude "Military Intelligence" here. Read all of Chapter Eight (Inside, Out) here. Read all of Chapter Nine (Collision Course) here. Read the komplett Zwischenspiel hier. This important interlude about "the year before Year Zero" began with this post. Read all of Chapter Ten (Jool At Last!) here. Chapter 11 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Eleven (Going In, and Going Down) here. Chapter 12 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Twelve (One Moon At A Time) here. The Interlude "A Cowardly Capture" appeared in this post. Chapter 13 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Thirteen (All These Worlds Are Yours) here. Chapter 14 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Fourteen (Veni, Vidi, Vale) here. Chapter 15 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Fifteen ("Til You Drop) here. The Interlude "Endgame Studies" began with this post. Chapter 16 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Sixteen (Now I Lay Thee Down) here. Chapter 17 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Seventeen (Cracks in the Mirror) here. Chapter 18 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Eighteen (Action Stations!) here. Chapter 19 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Nineteen (Their Finest Hour) here. The Interlude "(zero) gee club" appeared in this post. Chapter 20 began with this post. Read what there is of Chapter Twenty (Endgame, Part One) here. So, rather than make everyone wait for me to test all the ships and get everything right, I figured I'd take you along for the R&D ride. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Here's Kerbfleet's next big mission, to that great purple eater of ships, Eve! This comic will run concurrently with "Duna, Ore Bust" until that mission's thrilling conclusion. You can find some preview pages for this story at the end of Chapter 4 of the Duna book; naturally there will be more crossovers between the two, and I will be updating each book as I continue the flights in real time. ETA 28 Sept 2015: I added links to the Duna, Ore Bust! chapters in chronological order. If you are reading the comic for the first time, go in this order Read DOB Chapter 1 here Read DOB Chapter 2 here Read DOB Interlude One here Read DOB Chapter 3 here Read DOB Chapter 4 here Read DOB Interlude 2 here Read Eve: Order Zero Chapter 1 and Interlude Here Read DOB Chapter 5 here Read Eve: Order Zero Chapter 2 Here Read Eve: Order Zero Chapter 3 Here Read DOB Interlude 3 here Read DOB Chapter 6 (and end of that book) here Read Eve: Order Zero Chapter 4 Here Read E:O0 Chapter 5 Here Read E:O0 Interlude 2 (The Secret Life of Kenlie Kerman) Here Read E:O0 Chapter 6 Here Read E:O0 Chapter 7 Here Read E:O0 Chapter 8 Here Read E:O0 Interlude 3 (in 3 parts) Here Read E:O0 Chapter 9 Here Read E:O0 Chapter 10 Here Read the E:O0 Postlude Here And now--away we go! Thank you for reading.
  3. Hey all, having a great time with this mission and would like to share. Hope you like the format. This is a Career save in V1.0.2, all stock except for Kerbal Engineer, visual mods, and alarm clock. Here are the first three pages, will post additional pages as missions complete. At this writing I have not yet launched for Duna, so you know as much as I do about how the story will turn out. Enjoy! ETA 28 Sept 2015: I added links to the Eve, Order Zero chapters in chronological order. If you are reading the comic for the first time, go in this order Read DOB Chapter 1 here Read DOB Chapter 2 here Read DOB Interlude One here Read DOB Chapter 3 here Read DOB Chapter 4 here Read DOB Interlude 2 here Read Eve: Order Zero Chapter 1 and Interlude Here Read DOB Chapter 5 here Read Eve: Order Zero Chapter 2 Here Read Eve: Order Zero Chapter 3 Here Read DOB Interlude 3 here Read DOB Chapter 6 (and end of that book) here Read Eve: Order Zero Chapter 4 Here ...from this point follow Kerbfleet's progress on the Eve: Order Zero main thread.
  4. Starting this thread partly for myself, so that I can keep things straight as stories build and lore accumulates, and making it public for those interested. I'll put everything in the OP and will hopefully be able to keep it organized. Feel free to post things you would like to be included, errors, etc. Rough headings: Characters Bill Kerman Service: Kerbfleet Corps of Engineers Rank: Looty Comder First Appearance: D,OB! Chapter 1 Description: Began his career in the Command program but was kicked out for cheating on the Kerbahashi Maru test. Never stopped 'cheating', or at at least refusing to let rules get in the way of doing what he knows is right. Demonstrated this trait to epic effect in Eve: Order Zero by masterminding an incredibly complex plot to rescue his best friend, Bob. Bill has been described as 'force-sensitive' for his ability to detect version updates, make and load quicksaves and other out-of-gameplay events. Other Kerbfleet engineers, namely Clauselle Kerman, have demonstrated similar abilities in more limited ways. On occasion, Bill has even edited the game's persistence file--but only to fix a game glitch or make a situation logically 'right'. So, the power definitely has limitations. It's notable, for example, that Bill never even considered editing the save file to bring Bob home from Eve. A good general rule is that Bill can't do anything to the persistence file that Kuzzter would consider cheating. Bill's other unique talent is his ability to make an intoxicating beverage (he refers to it as 'hydrazine') on any ship equipped with ISRU. Quotes: "...no one gets left behind." (E:O0 Ch4) Kenlie Kerman Service: Fleet Pilot Rank: Junior Looty First Apperance: D,OB! Chapter 3 Description: A bit of a screwup, often distracted, gullible, but a brave and loyal kerb who's not a bad pilot. Writes stories featuring the implausible hero Martystu Kerman as well as his own versions of real-life Kerbfleet personnel. Big admirer of the 'Duna, Ore Bust!' mission team; still wears the counterfeit mission patch Bill gave him in Eve: Order Zero. Career Highlights: --As pilot of Kranefly, assembled much of Micarooni Station. --Docked with Hummlebee on its return from Duna and used Kranefly's engines to adjust the other ship's orbit. --Was ordered by then-Comder Valentina Kerman to capture the M7 and force it to de-orbit. Bill and Jeb fooled Kenlie, gave him a counterfeit Duna mission patch and an intoxicant, stole the Kranefly and left Kenlie in low Kerbin orbit. --After being rescued from LKO, qualified as a Gliido pilot and returned station/surface base crews from the Mun. Performed emergency landing without wheel brakes, promoted to Junior Looty. --As Gliido pilot, performed contract rescue missions though troubled by strange visions of a really ugly SSTO. Quotes: "Um...hi Hummlebee, I'm Kenzin Enlie--I mean, Enzin Kenlie [...]" (D:OB Ch6) "Well gee, sir, I dunno. I guess I'm just a 'poor, stupid enzin" (E:O0 Ch9) Craft (e.g. Kranefly, Hummlebee with specs and links to .craft files where available) Places (planets, bases, 'mysterious backwards locations' Kerbfleet Rules and Regulations (including General Orders, table of ranks, service branches) The General Orders (as they appear in the comics--not always quoted verbatim) 0. No one gets left behind 1. Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few 2. No dangerous Mission shall risk more than the minimum crew required to accomplish it. 3. A Kerbfleet officer must obey all lawful commands given by an officer of superior rank or appropriate civilian authority 9. No one except a Kerbfleet officer or NCO may operate a Kerbfleet spacecraft, plane, rover, watercraft or other vessel. 12. Senior officer takes command if comms are lost or out of range 13. Ranking Command pilot can override any order for reasons of crew safety 14. Any member of the mission team may stop the launch countdown at any time by repeating the command "Abort" three times. 15. Something about the Captin of a ship not doing an EVA by herself (E:O0 Interlude 3) 20. (not specified but Mort mentions it.) 26. Any officer accused of a crime or misdemeanor gets a JAK lawyer 27. Probes go in first 34. (never revealed in the comic, but may have something to do with blankies) 35. We do not even talk about General Order 34. 53. All craft about to cross an SOI boundary shall notify Mission Control, and be actively tracked through the boundary. Ranks (equivalent grades read horizontally) Fleet Air/KSMC US Navy/Starfleet US Air Force Kerbulan Admiral ??? Admiral General ??? Captin Kernel Captain Colonel Commander Comder Looty Kernel Commander Lt. Colonel Sub-Commander Looty Comder Majer Lt. Commander Major Centurion Looty Kaptin Lieutenant Captain Legate Junior Looty 1st Looty Lieutenant, JG 1st Lieutenant Sub-Legate Enzin 2nd Looty Ensign 2nd Lieutenant ??? Also: KSMC 'Sarjint', equivalent to a USAF Sergeant or Navy/Startfleet Chief Petty Officer (can't figure how to add a row right now) Branches of Service Unless stated otherwise, all Kerbonauts are part of Fleet Service, i.e. the 'space navy'. Kerbals in a particular Branch will have speech balloon and action tags appear in the color of that Branch, which generally follows the Star Trek Original Series color scheme. Fleet ranks follow the same format as the United States Navy and Starfleet. The Air Service and KSMC follow the United States Air Force and Marine Corps, respectively. Command (Lime Green) Command officers are Pilots in-game, typically in charge of a large ship, station or base. When multiple craft are involved a Command officer is almost always placed in charge of that flotilla. Command rank typically has precedence over equivalent, or in some cases superior, non-Command ranks. For example Dilsby Kerman, at the time only a Looty, was placed in command of Eve surface operations despite the presence of Looty Comder Bill Kerman, an engineer. A Command pilot's authority may be very broad, including responsibility for entire planetary SOIs (see General Orders 12, 13 and others) Almost all officers ranked Comder or above are in the Command branch. Notable Command officers: Captin Valentina Kerman Comder Dilsby Kerman Fleet Pilot (Yellow) These Pilots have an equivalent rank structure to their Command colleagues but are typically in command of a single ship, and will only issue orders concerning the operation of that ship. In instances where no Command pilot where none is present, the senior Fleet pilot may assume that authority. Notable Fleet Pilots: Jr. Looty Kenlie Kerman Jr. Looty Gregmore Kerman Air Service Pilot (Yellow) Air Service pilots are trained to fly any craft, but specialize in atmospheric operations. Due to the difficulty of landing a ship on wings and wheels, "Any landing you can walk away from is a good one" is the unofficial motto of the Air Service. During atmospheric operations a senior Air officer typically takes command even if a fleet Command officer is present. Notable Air Service Pilots: Lt Kernel Jebediah Kerman Kaptin Tedus Kerman Kerbfleet Corps of Engineers (Red) In addition to the in-game functions of mining/refining bonuses and equipment repair, Kerbfleet engineers also have varying abilities to sense and even modify KSP game events. (some readers refer to this phenomenon as being 'force-sensitive') This provides an in-story explanation for things like quicksaving/quickloading, version updates, and even persistence file editing. Notable Engineers: Lt Comder Bill Kerman Sous-Leuti Clauselle Kerman Kerbfleet Science Corps (Blue) Pretty much what it says on the tin: Kerbfleet scientists are responsible for experimental equipment and data, and have general knowledge about things like orbital mechanics and physics. Some scientists, notably Bob, also dabble (and kibitz) in engineering topics. Notable Scientists: Lt Comder Bob Kerman Looty Lisa Kerman Kerbfleet Surface Mobility Corps (Tan) KSMC members are Pilots in-game, tasked with driving rovers. To date KSMC drivers have not yet appeared in a Kerbfleet mission. A KSMC driver first appeared in Chapter One of 'Jool Odyssey'. Typically the most 'martial' members of Kerbfleet, KSMC personnel serve as guards or bailiffs when required (though it should be stressed that like all Kerbfleet kerbals, the concept of violence is completely unknown to them). The only Kerbfleet character to appear so far who was not an commissioned officer or officer cadet is a KSMC member. Notable KSMC: Sarge Kerman --Songs and Poetry (my own plus selected reader contributions) Tropes (citations per tvtropes.org with links to pages where the tropes were invoked. This one should be fun ) A Kobra Maneuver? What's that? It's Ambiguous Syntax, but that's not important right now. Armor-Piercing Question: Deeman Kerman asked a lot of these during the trial in Eve: Order Zero, such as this one to Tedus. The Artificial Gravity trope is Averted by frequent scenes of unbuckled bridge crew floating around aimlessly. The Bridge: Built into a Mk3 cargo bay, with seven seats and lots of greebles--where things tend to happen on the K.S.S. Intrepid. Brick Joke: Jeb escaped custody just to complete one of these. Cool Ship:Well, all of them, I hope--but most especially K.S.S. Intrepid. It's a huge carrier ship that a spaceplane can land inside, because space is an ocean. Counter-Earth: Kerbulus is most likely a 'counter-Kerbin' based on several clues given in Eve: Order Zero Crowning Moment of Awesome: The author does try his best to provide these with some frequency. Hoping for reader feedback on the best examples for some of the main characters. Mildly Military: Seeing as Kerbals have no concept of war or violence, Kerbfleet is definitely this. No Seat Belts: Inverted and (mostly) averted on the bridge of KSS Intrepiid No One Gets Left Behind: The entire basis of Eve: Order Zero No One Could Have Survived That: Jeb crashing a plane into Bill (with Walt referencing the trope) during the Kerbfleet-Kappa Crossover "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Val telling Mort 'the truth' at Bill and Jeb's court-martial. Villanous BSOD: Mort, quite literally, after Val's speech on the value of a Kerbal's life in Eve: Order Zero OK, back to writing the story
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