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Found 16 results

  1. After @swjr-swis posted his replica of the Bell X-5 on the USAF Museum Replica Showcase, I decided to try and make my own variable sweep-wing aircraft. I then looked inside his plane, as seen in the screenshot below, and decided to mimic it in "Tim C's Car" - which would be based loosely on the F-14 Tomcat. The interior of @swjr-swis's Bell X-5 replica. I implemented the same angle limit and target angle (both in part settings and action groups) for my own aircraft. However, when I put the finished product on the runway, the wings started wobbling up and down. It stopped after a few seconds - and after I confirmed that the H and N keys were working as expected - but it started again when I hit 70 m/s during takeoff. After using up almost all the runway on wet mode (yes, I'm using Panther engines) to take off, the wings that remained on the plane look like they're flapping - hence causing a loss of control followed by a crash. I started with a Wing Connector B, D, and then a Small Delta Wing. The wings touched the runway and snapped off every time. When I removed the D connectors, the outcome remained the same as prior. I then replaced those wings with single swept wing parts, but still got wobbling wings - although there were way fewer instances of snapping off on the runway. Even when I tried autostrut - grandparent part and rigid attachment, it was no use. Before you ask, I doubt the takeoff length is due to bad aerodynamic design. I copied the prototype but kept the swept wings fixed (as in no variable sweep-wing mechanism), and the plane took off just fine. Tim C's personal supersonic jet - or "car," as named per family tradition - flapping its wings. How can I get my supersonic plane's wings to stop wiggling all the time? Here's the craft file of the latest variable sweep-wing prototype if you want to mess with it: https://mega.nz/file/LfxjSa7A#WBfQEUkCpdAAqCubWl1yiX9hiSczPHBxbdLd-QHLDoE Thank you all very much.
  2. The F-104G was an export version of the original Starfighter built for the USAF in the early 60s. This aircraft saw extensive service with European countries, it was often used outside of it’s original role of a high speed interceptor, being assigned to low altitude ground attack missions which didn’t really suit it’s sluggish flight characteristics caused by high wing loading. It’s quirky flight characteristics and speed-focused, low lift design made it an exceptionally tough plane to fly in European conditions. Multiple accidents, often resulting in death of the pilot earned it the Widowmaker nickname among the German pilots. The Starfighter was a troubled, but a classic design and one of the first high mach interceptors in service. The G version features an additional dorsal fin for stability. This plane also features a jettisonable canopy activated either through staging or the abort key. Due to fairing drag issues present in 1.4.3. this planes speed is lowered. This is a game bug and will hopefully be fixed in the future. Have fun flying! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://kerbalx.com/EvenFlow/F-104G-Starfighter v1.0 - Initial release v1.1 - Major changes to the canopy and the nose section of the airplane, they have been made more proportional and pointy (thank you for the feedback selfish_meme!). Minor tweaks to the positioning of the undercarriage. Vertical stabilizer leading edge angle has been corrected to match the real aircraft.
  3. So I saw this from reddit, and idk which realism mod forum to post it in so I just put it here. Idk if it would add much since from my understanding u experience the boom only if youre not the craft thats going supersonic and I rarely fly another craft when I'm going supersonic for obvious reasons but it would be cool for those using multiplayer mods and those that do fighter jet showdowns.
  4. Mitsubishi F-4EJ Phantom II Towards the end of the 1960s the Japanese F-104 fleet started showing it’s age. Modern air-to-air combat shifted beyond the horizon and a modern, robust platform was needed to equip the JASDF for the new era. Soon after the deal was struck between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and McDonnell Douglas the production of the F-4EJ begun - it was the first 3rd generation fighter manufactured on Japanese soil and apart from missing the avionics necessary for guiding ground ordnance (due to post-war Japanese military limitations) was just as capable as it’s US counterpart. The F-4EJ saw long service with the JASDF, both in the standard and it’s modernized F-4EJ Kai versions with the last Phantoms being phased out from service in 2020. 301 Hikōtai is currently the last squadron using the F-4EJ and will recieve new F-35 fighters before the end of the year. This is a complete rebuild of my older F-4E and I am very satisfied with the result. Flight performance is admirable and the plane is very stable and pilot friendly in most cases! I hope you enjoy flying it out as much as I enjoyed building it. ACTION GROUPS: AG1 - Toggle afterburner AG2 - Toggle flaps AG3 - Toggle airbrake CHANGELOG: v1.0 - Initial release v2.0 - Revamped the engine section - intake/engine transition made smoother, exhaust nozzles made wider and more detailed, airbrakes added, external stores added, intake ramps revamped. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://kerbalx.com/EvenFlow/Mitsubishi-F-4EJ-Phantom-II
  5. Our Soviet Russia Engineers worked hard in future and came back through warpgate from future time, and from 2045 they brought upgraded X-Wing 2 Vodka Charged machine with II generation of V8 Vodka fueled engine! This machine can reach +2000m/s or ~+7200km/h in surface and in space/higher atmosphere levels up to +4000m/s or ~+14400km/h and beyond! This is Soviet Russia Future Technology that will help you reach most distant corners of space where human never been before! Enjoy Comrads! WARNING It has extremely high launch speed and horse power WITH ALL ENGINES ON hold steer strong it can get shaky at launch! Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2010122342
  6. My supersonic plane starts shaking in 600 m/s or more. I tryed to add some struts but it doesnt help . Do you know what do do? Here are some photos of my plane: Imgur image Thank you!
  7. Okay so, I have wondered for a while whether or not it would be possible to disrupt and disperse a hurricane by creating a series of sonic booms. Apparently there is a patent for the method. Why wouldn't we actually do it for Hurricane Harvey or the incoming Hurricane Irma, it's safer flying through a hurricane at supersonic speeds than subsonic speeds, and it would save a lot of lives and prevent a lot of damage if it worked. What do you guys think about it? Here's the link to the 'patent': http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2010/0147206.html
  8. Hello! As a new kerbal engineer with less than 100 hours played, it's a great honour to me to present you the first VTOL supersonic plane I've made that I think may be worth it. Inspired in the new-gen USA VTOL multirol plane F-35, the Diana MkII features two J-404 "Panther" Afterburning Turbofan for horizontal movement, as well as two T-1 Toroidal Aerospike "Dart" Liquid Fuel Engines to achieve the vertical take-off and landing. Some Vernor Engines have been installed to improve stabillity during the vertical take off and landing phase and counteract the variety in the mass center due to the fuel consumption. Featuring a great maneuverability as well as a very good speed, flying the Diana Mk II is a very fun experience you won't regret it. But be aware, the fuel consuption of the T-1 Engines is so large that it will deplete all your fuel in a blink of an eye if you are not careful. The plane is 100% stock! The action groups are configured as follow: AG1- On/Off J-404 Engine AG2- Dry mode/Wet mode J-404 Engine AG3- On/Off T-1 Engine AG4- None AG5- Deploy/Retract airbrakes I really hope you enjoy and love this little aircraft as much as I have creating it! Be absolutelly free to comment what you think about it, and what you think would be good to add/remove. Post your modifications in this very post if you want, and we will discuss it! See you in the skies! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://kerbalx.com/Hipocampo/Diana-MkII
  9. Finally got Panther engines (experimental) and test flew my first real supersonic jet. Things were going good up until 550m/sec+. After that, small corrections would create an oscillation that the SAS had one heck of a time compensating for (Jeb had his hands full to say the least). I was able to smooth it out by geeeeeeeeeeeeently straightening the plane out (roll or pitch adjustments) but it was temporary before they came back. This doesn't seem to be having an adverse effect, just makes it look like my plane is having a seizure. What helped minimize it was assigning pitch/roll/yaw to specific control surfaces only (ie: control surface A can only do pitch controls but no yaw or roll) but it didn't negate it. I know the Panther engines vector so I was wondering if all the various controls weren't working well together and needed to be tuned (ie: turn off gimbal control on the Panthers or at least minimize it). The plane design is extremely stable because I managed to get the Cg to stay in the same place when fuel is being consumed (it moves a small amount but towards the nose of the plane).
  10. Since supersonic commercial aircraft are clearly possible (see: Concorde) what would be the obstacles to the construction and operation of a new one? Obstacles I see: Noise pollution Dubious economy of operation Low public interest Lack of obvious use in which they would significantly outperform existing subsonic aircraft Additionally, how impractical are theoretical hypersonic large aircraft that "skip" across the thicker layer of the atmosphere?
  11. Even with supersonic shaped aircrafts with low profile wings, the parts constantly vibrate/shiver/shake/clip even after landing. Is there any way to turn off supersonic effects completely?
  12. I wanna find out who can build the best supersonic plane. This is more about creativity than achieving certain goals, but there are still a few rules. The rules are: - Only stock parts are allowed, I'm gonna have to ask an independent person who knows the game better than me to make sure that rule is followed. - To qualify for this, a submitted plane must be able to fly at a speed of at least 343,2 m/s (which is the speed of sound) even at altitudes as little as 1 meter above the sea. - Only air breathing engines are allowed to achieve level flight, VTOL aircraft are allowed to use rocket engines to achieve said VTOL but have to turn them off once enough lift is generated by the wings. - Since planes going faster than 1000 m/s tend to heat up really quickly to the point where parts start exploding it is allowed to turn on the ignore max temperature cheat. - Other than ignoring max temperature all cheats have to be turned off. - Every contestant can submit up to 3 entries of different categories (experimental, functional, overkill, practical, to name a few). - For every entry a category and a name must be provided. The category can be chosen freely without having to pick from a selection. - For every new entry a separate post in this thread must be opened to allow likes on every single one. All information regarding a particular entry, including screenshots and videos, may be edited or replaced but must be in the same post. - The maker of the entry that scores the highest number of likes is the winner. - The contest will be open for entries until the 10th of June, then I will have a forum staff member close this thread and only allow likes which are finally counted and evaluated on the 31st of June. - Pushing the own content by liking it with multiple accounts is of course considered cheating. Every contestant who is caught doing so is disqualified immediatly! CLOSED! All further likes will NOT count for the voting anymore! Final results: 1. Cunjo Carl wins by a LIGHT YEAR with his Midge, scoring 14 likes 2. Followed by DoctorDavinci with his Pod Racer, which got 8 likes 3. My Supersonix Experimental Plane and my Sonicstream Thunderstorm share the third place, both with 3 likes 4. The fourth place is also divided into 2, taken by my rough remake of Anakin's Pod Racer and Scarecrow's Twingo which both scored 1 like The other 3 submissions didn't receive a single like for whatever reason.
  13. The Silver Raven Supersonic Airplane The Silver Raven is a Supersonic, High altitude, aircraft for espionage ground survey purposes, with 2 cargo bays [1 large, 1 small with a LF Tank separating them] , 3 Panther jet engines, 4 air intakes, 2 pre-coolers and 2 crew this is the most state of the art aircraft ever built by the NASXA, [National Air and Space eXploration Administration] Maximum altitude: 20.5 km Max speed: 810 m/s Images *Editors Note While this is a stock craft many mods were used during the gameplay so it was designed with Kerbal Attachment system in mind, [KebalX link coming soon!] This a first in a series called Wings of The Space Program, it will include Jets, Fictional X-planes, and Spacecraft, its a craft sharing/writing combo.
  14. Welcome to Alex J Derpert's Kerbal Space Program Ship Pack!!! NOTICE: Some of the ships are not shown in the video. SHIPS INCLUDED: 1st Spaceplane (My first spaceplane(Supersonic)) Albatross 72 Heavy Troop Dropper (Heavy Troop Dropper) Cargo Jet Plane (Cargo Plane) Falcon 25 Troop Dropper (Light Troop Dropper) Hypersonic Plane (Hypersonic) Kart Racer Mark I (Miscellaneous) Ravenspear Mk5 (Hypersonic) Stearwing A300 with Rocket (Manned Rocket(Manned) Dropper) Stearwing SRB Dropper A750 (Missile(Unmanned) Launcher) Supersonic Spy Jet (Supersonic) DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ssvwas7qe87hiop/AJD%27s+KSP+Ship+Pack.rar https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y0z3c1k1i7ily4/AJD%27s%20KSP%20Ship%20Pack.rar?dl=0 Some of the planes have bay doors. These can be toggled using the Light button near the altitude meter. BE WARNED!!! Some of the planes(Ravenspear Mk5 for example) can go up to 1500m/s! Be careful and use low speed when landing. Please let me know if anything faulty with the ships happen and i will solve it. See you in the skies!
  15. I got interested in some speed record craft (1379ms with fairing and sacrificial fairing nose) and extended this plane into a bomber, then added some BDArmory cruise missiles for fun. It can super-cruise (half throttle) at nearly Mach 4 and deliver 2 cruise missiles nearly anywhere on Kerbin if fully fuelled. It almost does not do any other speeds than barely in the air and supersonic. Not what I thought I would be building this week. Download
  16. PHOENIX SUPERSONIC AIRCRAFT First Craft of the Year! (Also my first aircraft released!) This is the Phoenix Supersonic Aircraft, capable of reaching Mach 4.5 and transporting 8 passengers easily across the world. Need to reach the KSC 2 in just 15 minutes? This craft is for you! The design was inspired by the SR-72, a unmanned conceptual spy plane. (Featured on Spacecraft Fridays!) It can reach a TWR of 1.03 on takeoff and flying up to 25 kilometers, and over 1350 M/s at top speed. I don't really recommend physics warp for this craft, though KJR may make the situation much better. Powered by two Panthers and double R.A.P.I.E.R engines, it can quickly reach its take off speed of 85 m/s. The design was featured in The Asteroid Sentinels, though slightly different. Ascent profiles should be around ~20 degree heading, so the Ramjets can get enough speed to start increasing thrust while gaining altitude. The plane contains only 82 parts, so practically all machines should be able to use this aircraft. DOWNLOAD Action Groups: 1 Switches the Panther Engine modes. 2 Toggles the RAPIER engines. Here's More Pictures! Thanks for Reading, and I hope this aircraft will help you fly across Kerbin!
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