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  1. I thought I remembered losing switch positions when saving and loading, or switching focused craft outside of physics range.
  2. Just found and watched this video of youtuber @kurgut playing a full mission in the Mk2 Inline IVA! So gratifying to see someone using the instrument layout as intended. A couple of bugs too, mostly related to the fact that RPM and MAS don't store cockpit data in the persistent file. Some camera clipping too that I don't remember from the last time I used the cockpit. I always wanted to make a clickable "focus camera on the lower CRT display" collider in this thing but don't think I ever did. Also, the CRT setting switch doesn't line up properly between front and back and I never figured out why.
  3. The flags folder just has some flags I made for myself. I don't think I really meant it to be included originally. Communication is probably best through messages on here. I just have to remember to open KSP forums.
  4. Unless I added the wrong person, I have added you as a collaborator to both. I also clicked "Request Addition to CKAN" on the spacedock page. The last time I tried to do something tricky with CKAN, setting up recommended mods for Unkerballed Start, I messed it up.
  5. Sure. I've been little by little working on it over the last several years, as time and mental health / enthusiasm allow. I most recently have been replacing my customized props (set up to require power / flip out when pitot heat isn't on / etc) with MAS-enabled props, as well as moving the whole mod out of the Galen/WarbirdCockpits folder into a GameData level WarbirdCockpits folder. If you want the last 100% working version, it's the 0.3a version on Spacedock but the github is updated (as of today) with the most "recent" changes.
  6. oh dang, I think you're probably right.
  7. I believe the Dmagic Orbital Science Magnetometer does something like that, maybe?
  8. regex is a person of taste and wisdom and I agree with them 100%
  9. These all look great - thanks for sharing! Does IO Visuals work with the new EVE and Scatterer which allow for volumetric clouds which blackrack has pre-released on Patreon? As I understand, configs need to be reworked somewhat. Also, will it work alongside Parallax by Linx?
  10. Those parts were intentionally removed and replaced with alternate models. Look at the changelog or earlier in the thread. The telescope optics parts shown in the OP images are no longer current. LGG has over 300 mods he's maintaining so he hasn't made new ones.
  11. This is great! It reminds me of my old Warbird Cockpits IVA for the pre-remastered Mk1 Pod, but yours is even better!
  12. Thanks for all of your hard work throughout the years @MOARdV ! I also hadn't played the game in more than a year before KSP2 came out, which got me to get back into KSP1.
  13. If you think either of these were Nate's decision or in the hands of anyone at Intercept Games, then you may not understand what it's like for a small studio to work for a big publisher. Also, if it *was* the publisher's fault (as I believe it likely was), then there will be contractual limitations on what Nate can share with us if he wants to keep working on the game and not get fired. It actually does work fine on my hardware. I guess I'm just lucky. Also see my other response above.
  14. This worked for me, at least until autostruts are implemented.
  15. B9PartSwitch says there is a "Serious Warning" when installing this on a completely stock build of KSP (except for the requirements).
  16. New score project just dropped! It's very electronic.
  17. I'm extremely excited for the opportunity to explore the Kerbolar system again with the new graphics! I'm also excited to have a new clean slate for playing the game without all the habits I fell into in KSP1!
  18. whoops! I can't believe I never noticed that about the 2500m runways.
  19. Fantastic! I will download and use just about anything you make, @Caerfinon - it's always top quality and fits in with my style of KSP.
  20. Saw the message in your profile. Praying for you and the surgical team and giving you all my best wishes for your health! Thanks for what you've done for my KSP game, and you seem like a cool person.
  21. Thank you so much for sharing that! It is fantastic to see someone using all the switches I put in.
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