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Found 4 results

  1. Do you all remember the game "Daring Do" by the deviantART user "alexmakovsky" (a former Russian independent video game developer who defected to the United States because of Vladimir Putin, and his invasion on Ukraine)? Well, this music from the game is now available as a music collection for the KSP mod "Soundtrack Editor Forked". Here's some music files for the collection: Ambient.wav boss mfx.wav Daring Do.wav falling mfx.wav hills mfx.wav jungle mfx.wav swamp ambient.wav temple ambient.wav temple mfx.wav Extras folder: Daring Did Tales of an Adventurer's Companion.mp3 SFX for space center: birds.wav cave.wav night.wav rain.wav underwater base.wav waterfall.wav wind.wav Here is an example of it in action: Download link for the music collection is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vta49d7wEakKCsqCnFFjE0bDDsUsCy7R/view?usp=sharing Requires "Soundtrack Editor Forked" for this to work.
  2. 30 songs, and none of them by Kevin Macleod! With each celestial body having it's own dedicated track, 3 SPH/VAB tracks, 8 space tracks, and a fresh new title theme, Reach For The Stars aims to provide a cohesive musical experience to Kerbal Space Program. If you'd like, you can also listen on Youtube, Soundcloud, as well as Spotify and other streaming platforms! Dependencies: SoundtrackEditorForked (and thus, all of its dependencies) Install Instructions: 1. Download and install SoundtrackEditorForked 2. Download the ZIP file below 3. Place playlists.cfg into the Playlists folder. Replace your pre-exising playlists.cfg file. 4. Drag the folder named Reach For The Stars into the Music folder. Do not empty the contents of the folder into the base Music folder. 5. Load up KSP and enjoy! Shoutouts to Askerad, composer of Transfer Windows, for agreeing to compose a track for this! DOWNLOAD: Reach For The Stars I will attempt to release this on Curseforge and Spacedock in the coming days, but I've been having issues uploading the zip file to each site. My apologies
  3. Red Stapler's Music Melomania Mod (RSMMM) Stock-alike Instrumental & Ambient Tracks for KSP RSMMM is a mod/add-on to Soundtrack Editor/Forked that adds 169 stockalike music and 57 ambient sounds in order to further enhance and add a bit of groove to your Kerbal Space Program experience. All tracks are instrumental, some are whimsical, some are loungy...all approved by the Kerbin Instrumental Sound Society (KISS). Reggae/Dub, Funk, Jazz, Disco, World, Classic Guitar, Latin/Brazilian, Blues, Mellow Rock, Loungy Stand up Bass Types, Groovy Space Rock, Futuristic Modern Spacey Stuff, Chilling in Space Ambiances, 1960s Star Trek TV Series sound-alikes, and a splash of Austin Powers-ish cutscene music to keep your Kerbals (or you) from going daft on long missions. - Downloads - Note: Soundtrack Editor Forked installation is required RSMMM (mod): GitHub | SpaceDock | CurseForge RSMMM (source): GitHub Image Gallery (Some late night ‘concert’ screen shots, just for fun) Sample Music Bummin on Tremelo Chill Wave Bicycle Deadly Roulette Secret of Tiki Island Sneaky Snitch Jellyfish in Space Eternity Kool Kats Your Call Additional music at: https://incompetech.com/music - This is Kevin MacLeod’s site http://freemusicarchive.org - Tons of music https://www.free-stock-music.com - More tons of music https://freesound.org - Gazillions of ambient sounds Installation You need to have Soundtrack Editor Forked already installed in your root KSP folder as per the instructions for that mod. Extract the entire contents of this zip to the KSP root folder, merging the Licenses, Music, and Playlists folders with the existing folders (RSMMM will not overwrite anything in these folders unless you have installed an earlier version of this mod). Open the Playlists folder, make a backup/rename your current playlists.cfg file and rename RS playlist.cfg* to playlist.cfg. * NOTE: RS playlists.cfg is a 'Read Only' file. REASON: If you are using the older Soundtrack Editor, it changes 'vesselState' to 'vesselSituation' when you save changes via the in game editor (affected playlists will not work correctly the next time you fire up KSP). Feel free to manually edit the playlists file but remember to make it 'Read Only' again or you will get musical 'surprises' in flight scenes. If you are using Sound Track Editor Forked, you can remove the 'Read Only' setting as this issue has been addressed but I am leaving the file as read only so it can be used with both editors/people running older stuff. 4. Launch KSP and enjoy the new instrumental and ambient tracks! Other/Helpful Info Opening Soundtrack Editor/Forked (per instructions from Soundtrack Editor): Start up KSP and go to the KSC or flight menu. Click on the music speaker icon in the application launcher to open the Soundtrack Editor. Adding custom music files (per instructions from Soundtrack Editor): Drop any new .wav, .ogg or .mp3 files you want to use into the Music folder, next to KSP.exe. These will be available to use in Soundtrack Editor playlists. You can create as many sub folders here as you want to organize the tracks. The ‘Not Used’ Folder (located in Music\RSMusic\Not Used): Contains a few tracks that were interesting but did not make the cut for now. Kept the files since others might find a use for them. Works great with other sounds mods (since it’s instrumental): I have Chatterer installed and both work great together. I just tweaked my sound settings a bit as I like the music lower in the background with sound effects & chatter a bit louder. RSMMM licenced under CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 Change log v.3.0 (2020-02-12) Updated text/links to Soundtrack Editor Forked v3.0 (2019-6-4) New: 43 Music (various artists), 8 Ambient tracks Simplified installation instructions Normalized several music tracks (old and new) Realigned some of the playlists No more airplanes, etc. during launches/takeoffs Less duplication of music tracks between buildings Removed super annoying 'Construction02' from the VAB/SPH v2.0 (2019-3-12) New: 42 Music, 37 Ambient and 5 Special tracks 8 New Playlists Added Space Center Ambiance Morning playlist Added Space Center Ambiance Evening playlist Added Pre-Launch Morning playlist Added Pre-Launch Evening playlist Added Splashed playlist Added DeadDay playlist (RSSpecial playlist.cfg only) Added DayDeadLate playlist (RSSpecial playlist.cfg only) Added DeadNight playlist (RSSpecial playlist.cfg only) Cleaned up the Not Used folder Removed 3 files from v1.1 Added 2 new sample files Changed 'anthousai-roosters' to 'day-roosters' and placed in Ambient folder Created a Special folder (mostly for organizing RSSpecial playlists.cfg tracks) Updated a few playlists for better scene/situation alignment v1.1 (2019-02-11) Updated Readme_Instructions.txt (added mod thread url) Updated playlist.cfg for better scene/situation alignment Removed 3 tracks from Research Center Removed 2 tracks from Mission Control Removed 1 track from VAB/SPH Added 1/removed 1 track from Space v1.0 (2019-02-08) Initial release Music Credits Listing of all music, sounds and licenses can be found in Licenses/RSMMM-Licenses.txt Thank Yous pizzaoverhead for creating Soundtrack Editor and his help/guidance in putting this mod together. linuxgurugamer for creating SoundTrack Editor Forked to address the vesselState issue, etc. etc. All KSP modders, Squad folks and KSP players for supporting this game. All feedback welcome directly in this thread, via Github or feel free to PM me.  If you feel so inclined...
  4. KMX 1.1 contains 120 music tracks. 23 original tracks, plus around 100 tracks that I personally liked a lot, which originate from Jahzzar and Red Stapler's Music Melomania Mod. It does not replace stock KSP menu or stock tracks, but expands on them. Download KMX Version 1.1 Prerequisites Soundtrack Editor Video demonstration [ click here ] Installation Instructions included in the archive. Licensing Mod is licensed under CC-BY, some included soundtracks are under CC0 original license. Detailed information about license for every single music file and conditions is found in license.md. Credits @Avera9eJoe @Red Stapler TeknoAXE Kevin MacLeod Jahzzar Federico Aldinucci Ross Bugden Pascal Tatipata Sirius Beat alxdmusic Sergey Cheremisinov and many others
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