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  1. Mixing colored liquids will eventually give you V-Jolt. And V-Jolt is cheating.
  2. You must have me confused with someone who believes the best is yet to come. I don't. I don't for one minute believe anything else is happening with this game. However, that doesn't mean we've been told anything. That is just a simple fact. Has nothing to do with what will happen. It is just a fact. Now, unless you can actually prove that the game is dead, any thing you say is speculation. Again, that is just fact. It isn't hope, or belief, or anything like that. It is just facts. And @Ker Ball One, that applies to everything you said. You both have this belief that I am not giving up hope here. All I'm stating is the facts.. whether you choose to accept that or not is your choice.
  3. Prove it. Prove that it's already happened. Show me where it has been stated the game is cancelled, or dead, or abandoned. You do that and I'll join your side. Until then, I'm of the mind that it's all speculation.
  4. While the analogy might be valid, we aren't talking about some guy who left us at the altar. We're talking about a billion dollar company whose product we purchased. And I'm not stuck at some bus stop waiting for something to happen. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, no matter what you or I think. My point is that we haven't been told anything, so anything you are thinking is pure speculation. Just because I happen to not buy into it doesn't make my point of view invalid.
  5. That has to be the worst argument for not having a prequel game I've ever heard. By that logic, no prequel game is valid or has a point; they are all redundant because the game(s) they lead up to already have that included, so there's no point. Assassin's Creed, Batman, Contra, Castlevania (just to name a few). All the prequel games are redundant because parts of those games are in the ones they are prequels to.
  6. Show me exactly where we were told what is going to happen. If you can't, then all you are doing is speculating, which then means my statement about us not knowing what is going to happen is true. You can believe, or speculate, or hope all you want. You can try to read clues or what-have-you. The only fact is that we have NOT been told what is going to happen. Period. Anything other than that is pure speculation.
  7. The problem with this is that it relies upon those people who own the game to give wonderful word-of-mouth over whatever it is they give us. Did they fix the major bugs? Is performance better? Does colonies make sense, or is it just a band-aid slapped in there? And unfortunately for the company, there's a lot of people that bought into this with multiplayer in mind (I am not one of those people, mind you) who, unless they get MP, won't ever give the game the time of day. Something major needs to happen with the game in order to get the vast majority of KSP1 players on board (in my opinion, of course).
  8. No. I'm sure a lot of us aren't going to be interested in having to purchase another game, and then purchase DLC, just in the hopes we can unlock Kerbals. Just...no. We don't know if the game is cancelled or not. We haven't been told anything other than: 70 people will lose their jobs. The studio is being closed (as evidenced by the WARN notice). The official X account indicates that the game will still be supported. None of that says that the game is cancelled. On the flip side, none of that says the game is continuing, either (apart from the "support" piece in the X post). We seriously have no clue what is going to happen, and anybody who isn't affiliated with the company who says anything differently is merely speculating at this point.
  9. Oh, so you saying he'd do a lousy job of KSP2 without having any basis other than the mistakes he made in his first-ever game is ok? And we need to clarify something: I never - NEVER - said he'd do a good job of KSP2. Go ahead and look through my posts; I never once said that. I said it seems he has learned from his mistakes with Kit Hack, sure. But did I say he'd have done a good job at KSP2? No, I didn't. Other people have, and I may think that he might do a better job than IG did. But I didn't outright state he'd do a necessarily good job. And to further clarify that: Doing a better job than the one already done does not inherently mean it would be a good job. And what he wanted to do was a prequel based on Kerbals and their learning to fly planes. That isn't a space program. And it's no different than any other franchise that did one game but then did a prequel to show how they got to that point. Your argument holds no water as it has been done in games since...well...the invention of games. I'll direct you to what I told Bej: I never once stated I think he'd do a good job of it. If you're going to quote me, at least quote what I've said.
  10. We all want to believe someone will be working on KSP2. And even though it doesn't seem it, I do have hope. Just not a lot of it left in me after how long it's taken to get to this point.
  11. And yet, you've given no evidence to support that he'd do a lousy job of it. You keep saying "He'll gut the physics" and "he'll suck at it" and "he will do a bad job", all without presenting one shred of evidence that proves he will. You even say yourself you are extrapolating upon things he's said, but you haven't given one direct quote to give credence or credibility to your argument. The plain, simple truth is that KSP1 was his first game ever right out of the gate, and he admits he made mistakes. Has he learned from them? Only time will tell...although Kit Hack seems to be doing better at this stage than KSP1 was doing at the same point in development. He has stated that he has ideas for a space game, but he hasn't given any indications as to what those ideas might be, nor if/when he would be working on it. He also stated he pitched the idea for a KSP prequel involving planes. So I'll ask very plainly, and simply: Where are your quotes and proof of anything you are saying? And please, don't give us the same "he didn't want a dV readout" again. No, he didn't want one in the early days of KSP. He got outvoted, they implemented it. Move on. Give some valid arguments, please.
  12. I get the endless optimism, and it's a resource that's in very short supply these days. But with no news since the WARN notice, and nothing on the call yesterday, and even the CM's being extremely silent, your optimism might be misplaced, my friend. I commend you for sticking to your guns, but I will hate to see that dream shattered for you.
  13. Can you quote exactly where in his interview he even comes close to saying any of this? Yes, he has an idea for a space game - he admitted as much in the interview. But where exactly does he state he wants to gut the physics? And what proof do you have, other than saying "he didn't want dV" for the billionth time, that he would have made worse decisions than what has been happening/has happened/did happen with IG?
  14. Unfortunately, your only option appears to be KSP1 with mods.
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