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  1. Hey, electricpants here. It's been a while. This has been a personal project of mine for a little over 4 years now, as I first started making this star back in December of 2019. It's been a long journey, and I've changed a lot since I started. I've been working on this on and off, and the project has kinda been in development hell, having gone through many different iterations before I landed on the system layout I liked best, which is this current one. The mod is still heavily in-development, and I don't know if I'll ever truly finish it, but I really just want to finally get this system out there, so that people can play (and hopefully enjoy) it for themselves. -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- You start the game in a highly-compact system orbiting a very cold star. Do note that despite its unusually low temperature and mass, Cherra IS a star, and not a brown dwarf, which is thanks to its high metallicity, providing just enough insulation to keep the core hot enough for hydrogen fusion. Though the planets all look easily accessible, it's harder than you think to navigate Cherra's system, as it takes a LOT of delta-V to get anywhere with pure rocket power. Gravity assists will be your friend here, though you may have to chain many of them together, as they aren't as powerful in this system. Everything moves so fast, it's hard to get something to change your trajectory much! Additionally, spheres of influence are very small in this system, so lots of orbital adjustments may be needed to get everything just right. Some basic descriptions + pictures of the main bodies (spoilers ahead!) CHERRA (Parsec B): PEPSOL (Parsec Bd): DESKEN (Parsec Be): THORBIN (Parsec Bc): ASOOL (Parsec Bb): PARSEC (Parsec Aa) + ARCSEC (Parsec Ab): EXTRA PICTURES!: -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- And there it is! Those little blurbs only covered the central stars and Cherra's 4 main planets, but there's plenty of other stuff to find too, I'm just leaving it up to the player to discover themselves. I know this isn't much, and in comparison to a lot of other planet mods out nowadays, it's not too great visually, but I still hope this is enjoyable to those who choose to play this mod! Do note that, due to me having to use post spawn orbit for Desken, there are unavoidable glitches with the KSC screen in-game. Don't worry, these are purely visual bugs, and do not carry over to flight view or map view. Also, I'm putting this project out under a CC BY-NC-ND license. You can copy and distribute this wherever you want, but only in an unchanged form and for non-commercial purposes. Also, I forgot to say, but Kopernicus Expansion is a dependency for this mod. Download it here. I hope you all have a good day. Download the WIP here!
  2. This mod is not ready for review. It is heavily work in progress and there will be visual errors, bugs, and more. Please report them to help me fix them! THANK YOU FOR JULY 2023 TOTM! Join our discord!: https://discord.gg/P69PwuJGCa Overview: The Kerbals find themselves now on The Alter Kerbin, a world visually very similar to Kerbin, but yet vastly different. I seek to create a high-quality small-set of systems, with Indepth sciencedefs that allow you to truly discover what's brought a world to be and empower the player to meet extremes they haven't before yet seen. This mod is memory-intensive. If you have less than 16gb of memory, expect some issues with frames with all visual mods like parallax installed. Thank you for taking the time to read this page, to see the newest images go to the latest page. Note about Transfer Window Planner: the D/V requirements are WILDLY inaccurate. System Map (only major bodies included, some very minor objects are left out!) Requirements to Function Eos Planet Pack - download it https://github.com/smushanoob1/Eos/releases Niako's Heightmap Utils - https://github.com/pkmniako/Kopernicus_VertexMitchellNetravaliHeightMap/releases Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier - https://github.com/kopernicus/kopernicus/releases Kopernicux Expansion - download it https://github.com/VabienArt/KopernicusExpansion-Continueder/releases/ Compatible mods E.V.E. Redux (Follow instructions in discord server to install non-volumetric clouds!) - Releases · LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (github.com) E.V.E Volumetrics - True Volumetric Clouds Early Access | Patreon Scatterer - Releases · LGhassen/Scatterer (github.com) Parallax Terrain Mod - Releases · Gameslinx/Tessellation (github.com) Planetshine - Releases · PapaJoesSoup/ksp-planetshine (github.com) Distant Object Enhancement - Releases · net-lisias-ksp/DistantObject (github.com) Interstellar Fuel Switch (resources) - Download Interstellar Fuel Switch - Kerbal Space Program Mods - CurseForge Community Resource Pack - Releases · UmbraSpaceIndustries/CommunityResourcePack (github.com) Kcalbeloh System - Release v1.1.4 · jcyuan06/Kcalbeloh-System (github.com) Mod Screenshots: Credits: @kramken Made the original texture I built off for Tecton Kopernicus Discord Server for extra help Eos Discord for feedback/playing LICENSE: CC-BY-NC-ND (Contact me if you want to use my assets! Im open to discussion ) When Eos kicks the bucket, a CC-BY-NC-SA license will be in effect, so anyone can pick up the mod if they wish
  3. Estrela Dobre - A unique star system This mod was mostly born out of the idea of a planetary system with a main sequence star that is not the usual perfect (or near perfect) sphere. And that It seems that a star system mod with such a pair of deformed stars is quite rare! Also, there are multiple objects in the system that are a bit rare in other mods, and it has some lore surrounding some of the bodies! The current system Epafi & Adactus These two stars have a few nicknames lol... probably the most accurate one is "Beans", not "balls", because it would be a little... eh lol. When the system was first discovered, it was long thought it was a single star, but when scientists measured the mass and the brightness of the system, something didnt add up, however, when the one Kerbal found out a possible reason by accidentally dropping a mk1 light infront of another, it all made sense. The two stars, Epafi & Adactus orbit so close together, that they actually Touch. The two stars are 95% and 60% the mass of Kerbol respectivley. and they whiz around the system barycenter at 70km/s. Their SOIs do overlap a fair bit, and you can pull off some insane gravity assists of upwards of 70km/s! Ok, enough rambling about the two stars, now onto the planets! But first, a system map! havent done the delta V yet Size is to scale, but not distances Oyst and its moons Oyst is the closest planet, too close for liquid water to exist. It seems like a kinda boring gas giant at first, until you go into the clouds, as there will soon be some alien structures in the atmosphere (havent added them yet lol). Collait and Culair and their moons The reason I want these two gas giants to have surfaces is so there is something to actually explore instead of a GLOBAL BOTTOMLESS PIT OF DOOOOOOM!!!! (lol) Temporalis and its moon Hados and its moons Ichor and its moon Glacios - A large, oblate ice giant orbiting at the very edge ofthe Estrela Dobre system. It is 3 times the mass of Jool and will have five moons orbiting it. I decided to add Glacios due to discovering that the SMA of all of the planets in the system were for 1 solar luminousity instead of the actual system luminousity of around 0.76 solar luminousities. (Epafi is 0.76L while Adactus is 0.08L, but they constantly eclipse so it would average out to be around 0.76L) Glacios is technically landable, but due to general bugginess, its not reccommended to land here as there are 'magnetic anomalies' which upon entering its atmosphere, is like hitting a brick wall and will vaporize your craft. Glacios' moons - Pados - a duna sized moon that orbits near its rings Moon 2 - A kerbin sized moon that is covered in methane and ethane Periculum - an unstable duna sized moon that is covered in methane ice, but also has lakes of liquid oxygen and a thin oxygen atmosphere. Also, in the lore, Glacios is the only place in the Estrela Dobre system not touched by civilization due to its remoteness and difficulty to spot, and due to the way Excelsior was captured during the formation of Estrela Dobre, large bodies beyond Glacios just.. dont exist, the dust was disrupted there and unable to clump into planets. Next update will include these bodies (Scatters postponded to update after due to PQSCity being very difficult to work with) Excelsior - 0.1 solar mass, 12% the size of Epafi, and has 0.00081 solar luminousities. Orbited by a tiny wormhole and four lifeless worlds - system inclination is approx. 1 degree Calidum - eyeball planet dominated by desert, has a ring of water around its terminator, and a thin ice cap. Canite - devastated planet with a large portion of its surface blown off there will be a noticeable gap between planets 2 and 3, where stuff screams 'there should be a planet here' Periphial - a cold eyeball planet that is barely habitable, lost what little life it had in the great event, in a 1:4 resonance with planet 2 Neybiri - a strange, ice planet further out, has techno signatures, but no life. in a 3:2 resonance with planet 3. Pythros - 1.7 solar mass, with 3x the luminousity, it is a white main sequence star with five planets - system inclination is 26 degrees (avg of all planets) Prixos - a hot planet with planet of liquid lead orbiting quite close to Pythros Kataigída (pronuctiation of 'storm' in greek) - a very stormy planet with two moons Proxility - a habitable world that is 80% the size of Kerbin with just 0.8g and three moons that are around 110km radius! Bink and Bonk - a (nearly contact) binary rocky planet! Each planet is 790km radius, but spin so fast that the tips are at 0.6g. The binary will have seven moons, (the first two are Gongi and Dringo, a swamp and desert moon respectivley) Arcturus - 1.9 solar masses with about 10x the luminousitiy, it is a bright, light blue main sequence star with six planets - system inclination is 2 degrees (tho planets 3-5 have 0 inclination) Solis - the core of a gas giant with two asteroid moons, by far the most colorful planet in the sector with its surface coated in Bismuth with some seas of the metal Tumidam- a puffy gas giant with two moons Claudere - a planet between the sizes of Duna and Kerbin with one moon, covered partially in cities (name is 'close' in latin, as its orbit is the closest to Solaris Solaris - a large planet with two moons covered entirely in cities Adurere - a kerbin-like planet with sections of its surface burnt to ashes with one moon and a few fragments in orbit, has some cities Messis - a fairly large gas giant with five large moon, a couple of them having been terraformed for farming, a couple have mutant plants n stuff. name is latin for 'harvest'. the first moon is habenaro. there will be four other moons planet 7 - a gas dwarf with three moons (planned 5th system?? will not add in update due to lack of ideas of what to put around as it is a dying red giant being slowly sucked up by the black hole it orbits) Longinquus - a distant planet around the center of this system Bugfixes in the next update: Fixed normal maps for all planets Adjusted the inverseRotThresholdAltitude of various bodies to be higher than their pqs fades to solve the 'surface breaks apart' bug Distances to: Excelsior - ~44 kerbin au - takes half a year going 100km/s to arrive (by arriving, I mean literally smacking into the star) Pythros - ~771 kerbin au - takes about 12 years going 100km/s Arcturus - ~1800 kerbin au - takes about 27 years going 100km/s The systems are close together to not require interstellar warp drives or crazy engines, but not so close that they illuminate each other. The only exception of this is Excelsior as it is technically a satellite system. A few fun facts: -You can sometimes see Oyst from the surface of Temporalis when they are at their closest to each other! -You might sometimes see Hados from Temporalis due to its dust ring! -(unreleased) The wormholes are tiny, and near the stars, so going too fast past them could result in not going through to the other system, or will send you flying in a very sub-optimal trajectory like straight into a star -(unreleased) Excelsior is in an ideal position for a homann transfer despite its inclination! It will take about 60 years to get there though.. -Ichor's terrain goes sky high! literally! It goes to 19km, meaning theres just 1km between it and space! (next update will move the entire surface 900m downwards so the lowest point is much closer to the actual stated atm pressure) To Do: -Name bodies -Add bodies -Fix various atmospheres -Add biomemaps Misc. To Do list: -Sciencedefs! flavor text for every single experiment in (nearly) every single situation! -Add kerbal konstructs KSC on Termania -Add custom part model to the H-1 hybrid electric scramjet Recent update: -Changed Temporalis' inclination from 3.6 to 7.6 degrees to make it easier to travel to planets without insane inclination changes -Added a few more sciencedefs -Change the SOIs of the contact binary stars to 500,000km. REDOING FORUM PAGE (I DO have access to ksp while at college, am working on planets! woo! tho PQSCity is such a pain) DOWNLOAD Github Release v1.2 Spacedock Release v1.2 This mod is available on CKAN Credit for the gas giant textures goes to NathlessOne for creating them via gaseous giganticus Dependencies: Texturereplacer - adds the custom skybox, if not installed, you will just see the stock skybox Kopernicus and its dependancies - planet packs require kopernicus KopernicusExpansion - for the emissiveFX and wormholes (Glacios has a wormhole config part just for the effect of being right next to it) KSPCommunityFixes (disable stock maneuver planner as the game freaks out over Temporalis being a trojan and far away objects) In the next update, CTTP will be required as some bodies will use textures from there Recommended mods: (while it can be fun with just stock parts, these mods can greatly improve your experience) Near future tech Far future tech Kerbal atomics (dont use a nuclear reactor on Hados, I am fairly sure it wont end well) Procedural wings and parts (mainly reducing partcounts as rockets here tend to be quite big) Known issues: -Odd emissive clipping when next to lava -Desert airfield spawning somewhere on Temporalis when making history DLC is installed (I dont have that DLC, so i didnt know that was going to happen) As usual for planet packs, kopernicus is required for this mod to work. IMPORTANT: the maneuver planner MUST be disabled for the mod the run properly or the game will die attempting to calculate a transfer to Collait-Culair barycenter, which has the exact same SMA as Temporalis (current homeworld) the latest Kopernicus has disablefaraway colliders enabled by default so no need to go into its settings anymore Liscense is All Rights Reserved! this will likely change to one where if i vanish for a while it can be modified but I dont know how to specify that and I am still working on this mod so it is still AAR
  4. Download on Github (LATEST VERSION) (983MB) | Discord Server (Official) No issues have been detected with 1.3.1 yet! Download older version on SpaceDock (1.2.0)(735MB) REQUIRES KOPERNICUS, KOPERNICUS EXPANSION AND NIAKO UTILS. CKAN Indexed - Install Kopernicus Expansion as well. https://spacedock.info/mod/3462/LSR Scatterer Configs - scatterrer https://spacedock.info/mod/3460/LSR Rescale - Stock Scale - rescale to 1x DISCLAIMER: No support shall be given to players that do not provide the relevant part of ksp.log, or players that experience bugs already pointed out by someone else, including me. DISCLAIMER: Some of the moons do not have names. Open to suggestions in LSR Discord. Linbol System Rebirth is a new mod designed in the larger JNSQ (1/4 IRL Scale) size that aims to swap the Kerbol System to an unfamilliar yet remarkably similar planetary system to explore, with 21 new bodies to visit, and a lot more to come. The mod is a suitable challenge for seasoned players and yet there are patches and tips to make the planetary system more enjoyable for newcomers. A lot of players may come here from JNSQ, so this pack feels halfway between JNSQ and RSS, presenting much larger worlds with more realistic ascent trajectories and yet not making it too difficult to launch payloads in the super-low-twr engines and overly heavy LF-OX fuel tanks that stock provides. - Explore 4 new stars in two pairs of binaries, with the main one consisting of a 1.2 sun mass and a 0.3 sun mass star (Aa+Ab) and the secondary consisting of a 0.7+0.5 sun mass star (Ba+Bb). Classes are F7V, M3V, K5V and DA3.5 respectively, the last star is a super-dense, 73500g white dwarf! - 5 new gas planets to explore, two of which are in one system, with masses ranging from 4 to 600 Kerbin masses and colors from yellow-brown to dark blue. Many moons orbit these gas planets for probes to explore - Lots of planets/moons with atmospheres to land on and sample. Almost every body is unique from one another. - Hazardous bodies with solid surfaces for those that haven't had enough of a challenge - there are 3 of them, and one is a super-earth 16 times heavier than Kerbin. - Scatterer+Stock Scale Rescale configs downloaded separately - All bodies and atmospheres are realistic with much planning involved. - 8k textures to make bodies have high detail. Each pixel is about 4km^2 on kerbin with the 2k textures while on Revan (the homeworld) there are 8k textures that give a 2.2km^2 pixel. Homeworld The System (this is an essay I swear) Mod Compatibility/Requirements System Requirements Low quality celestial body size comparison Screenshots! Fun facts and tips FAQ Add-ons - Enhance Your Experience! LSR Utilities (Watermel00n) LSR Rescale (Stock scale) Homeworld Swap (WIP) For Noobs For those who want to experience the mod without dying
  5. During the first waves of Interstellar Travel, some Kerbals were somewhat... stingier than others. The colonists of the good ship KSS Null Exception had ambition, setting out with no particular target system in mind, they sought to colonize the highest multi-stellar system possible. This didn't work out, they passed the six stars of the Mivel-Agranda System somewhere around three-thousand years ago, and out of frustration and a lot of internal arguments eventually decided to just take up residency in the first star system with more than two suns they could find. That's where they find themselves now, around the young blue-white star, Doe. In their desperation to settle someplace, they've ended up in a rather brutal system, hot off the heels of a local late-heavy bombardment, and some people are beginning to question if some of these stars are actually stars... Welcome to Planet Jam 3! Release has been, delayed quite a bit now, that's no secret. We wanted to have this out months ago, but life had other plans. For that I am sorry, but we're here now! Hopefully it will be worth the wait. The Tuft System After discussions with other members of the team, it was decided to go for a more "traditional" home planet this time around. Unlike Asite Par in WWPJ (which was small, heavily atmospheric, and had no moons) or Armstrong in PJ2 (which was large, lightly atmospheric, with a couple small moons), Tuft is very similar to Kerbin, only slightly harder, and has a proper system of decently large moons. Overall, this combined with system structure, makes Planet Jam 3 the most accessible pack of the trilogy. When starting out, playing Planet Jam 3 should feel very similar to playing in the stock system, at least until you start going interplanetary. Tuft and its Moons, Whitetail is the leftmost, Roe is the largest, with Muntjac right beside it. The asteroid moon Pudu is too small to be seen. Tuft itself is a battered and volcanic world, the land is entirely forged of large impact craters. The Cervine System is rather sparse looking from out here... Going inwards from home, you will find Andor, a large and hot gas giant, but beyond Tuft you will find a great divide until you reach the innermost brown dwarf Mustooine, and Dantafar is further still. The intention is to use Andor for gravity assists to fling yourself to the outer stars, but in all honesty, the way it works out means the deltaV to reach the brown dwarfs is not that bad, very similar to Jool in stock, and breaking once you get out there is easy. Travel times will be a bit long though, similar to OPM. Looks can be deceptive however, a closer look at Mustooine and Dantafar would reveal many, many worlds waiting to be explored! Complete System Layout: Planet Jam 3 DeltaV Map Made by Sabine (AKA WarriorSabe) Spoiler-Lite Astrophotos: In-Game Screenshots - Spoiler Warning: Additional Content Previous Planet Jams have come with their own custom alien skins for the Kerbals, with Parbles in WWPJ and a whole bunch of fun aliens in PJ2. Due to time constraints, we opted for something a little less technically intensive. You'll find some custom flags and three new color variants of the "Vintage" space suit packaged with this mod. These draw inspiration from *another* race of aliens that are prone to crash landings. Required Mods: Kopernicus v141 or later (and its prerequisites). https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/ Niako's Mitchell-Netravali Filtered Heightmap: https://github.com/pkmniako/Kopernicus_VertexMitchellNetravaliHeightMap/releases Kopernicus Expansions Continued-er: https://github.com/VabienArt/KopernicusExpansion-Continueder/releases Scatterer: https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/releases/ Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux: https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/ Note: EVE and Scatterer are here for a handful of visual effects used across the system, and for the purposes of making multi-star lighting look good! I won't hunt you down if you go without them, but they really make a difference! Download *SpaceDock will only receive major updates and patches, GitHub is where you can find all of the latest changes, no matter how small. SpaceDock* - https://spacedock.info/mod/3493/Planet Jam 3 - The Cervine System GitHub - https://github.com/ExosLab/PJ3Assembled Update v0.9.1: - Fixed Graphical Bug on Muntjac's Surface - Fixed Skal Display Name on SpaceDock Branch - Fixed Config Formatting to Work with KSPCommunityFixes - Added New Scatterer Config for Arida Known Issues: - Performance on Tuft can get weird sometimes, particularly in timewarp and when loading into the Space Center screen. Should be fine in-orbit. - Sutapasu can throw a fit sometimes on certain versions of Kop and KopEx, please ensure Kopernicus and KopernicusExpansion are fully up to date in your install. - Tuft's clouds are not great looking, this was my first attempt at making EVE clouds! Luckily, we have some new clouds for Tuft in the pipeline, courtesy of Techo. - Planet Jam 3's stability on Linux Systems is unclear, Linux user experiences may vary Credits: Wolf-Rayet/Exo's Lab: Project coordinator. System layout planner. Doe, Tuft, Roe, Whitetail, Pudu, Muntjac, Sutapasu, Uldella. Loading screens, logo, custom suits, flags. Cloverdove: Arida, Biomemap Contributions The Orios: Veladris, Inda Techo: Mun Kon Wawa, Mun Kon Tawa, Mun Telo Tawa Kiwen Lete, Mun Lupa Mute, Mun Lete Kon, Blast, Ember, Peekon, Telavon, Waive, Inda, Blasteroid Belt, Visual Mod Help Mh: Agho Interplanet Janet: Farnsworth Marshall (Myth): Part of Mustooine Team Planning Luna/Gregrox: Andor Tholin: Harb, Rito and procedural elements on Indillo and Syme Caps Lock: Indillo WarriorSabe/Sabine: Antether, Rachess, Maaldach, Exakra Din, Vemeng, Skal ElectricPants: Syme Minmus: Veladris, Telavon Hubb/Cass: Roffulo Special Thanks to Adstri for the Mun Kon Wawa-Mun Kon Tawa System names, and Apollo for help on Sutapasu. Special thanks to Funnelton, KAL_9000, and Levana as well for providing play testing and screenshots to use as loading screens. License Please provide attribution both to Planet Jam 3, and to the modder whose work you are using. If you do anything to change the mod, at least promise me it'll be cool, don't make it boring. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.
  6. I've so far made 2 cfg files for a star and a planet (realistic sizes btw). Module Manager successfully loads them, but the system doesn't load in the game. I've looked at the GPO mod as reference for replacing the stock system, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is there a specific line of code that I need to input, or is there some other file that I'm missing?
  7. | Official Website | Official Discord Server | Download On SpaceDock | release thread Currently, there are few planet packs of the large scale being developed. This modpack aims to change that by introducing a new modpack that when completed will be the largest out there. However, this is obviously very very ambitious and will take place over a year or so. All the bodies have been planned and are pending the PQS and Heightmap/Color/Normal files. All planets, stars and moons are scaled to 2.67x scale to complement JNSQ and a very small handful of bodies are actually quite similar to those in GPP in nature. You spawn in Revan (provisional name, named after the title that i released this mod pack in), a super-kerbin (you could even say it’s a super nodens due to its similar buffing in stats), with a gravity, radius and pressure ASL 38%,30% and 190% greater than JNSQ kerbin (another mod pack of the same scale). This makes atmospheric flight easier (at least for large and less draggy craft), due to the firmer grip and better handling. Orbital speeds are so high that SSTOs are infeasible (combined with increased scale), and re-entry is deadly without heat shield- all for a more complex and difficult experience as well as the usage of multi stage launchers. A glider gliding above the surface of Heyu, pre-texture update, a tidally heated moon, with its massive gas giant and its rings shown. This was the logo of LSR. Current Version/Release Date: Key: First digit: Star system it is orbiting. Second+third digit:planet number of planet number of the parent from the host star. Fourth and fifth digit: Moon number from the parent. Last digit: Sub-moon order from the host moon. This is only 0 or 1 and there are no such examples in the 24 flagship bodies listed ahead. Most of the objects are pending naming (don't ask why) and we need your help to name them (over on discord). 24 Flagship Bodies: Linbol AA - F7V main sequence star slightly larger than Kerbol. Posesses metallicity comparable to Kerbol. Linbol AB - M3V main sequence star a third the size of Kerbol and fairly calm for its size. 101000 - a barren and scorched planet orbiting its host stars every two weeks. 102000 - a volcanic planet smaller than the earth with rivers of flowing magma. 103000 - a kerbin-sized desert planet with its characteristic yellow-orange tint. 104000 - a kerbin-sized habitable planet with a small set of rings and oceans. 105000 - the homeworld and also a habitable super-earth with oceans. 105030 - the furthest moon of 105000 that contains a thin atmosphere and deep canyons. (pending the unoriginal name Canyon from LS1) 106000 - a barren and inhospitable mega-earth 15 times the mass of 104000. 106020 - the much more habitable but still cold moon of 106000. The asteroid belt where future minor planets will be added. 109000 - a relatively small white water-cloud gas giant. 109030 - the tidally heated orange desert moon 20% the mass of 103000. 110000 - the largest gas giant with a large set of rings and 14 planned moons. 110060 - an dark blue ice giant moon or potential binary, the only of its kind (in this mod). 110070 - the largest moon in the system by far and possesses a toxic purple atmosphere like eve. 111000 - a pale blue gas giant a third the mass of 110000 with a smaller set of rings. 111010 - a tidally heated icy-carbonaceous moon with oceans. (This is the flagship moon of the system and is pending the name Heyu (named after the highest peak in the homeworld 105000 where it was first observed by astronomers). 112000 - a medium-sized ice giant known for its insane winds at the cloud layer. 112010 - a large ice world with a vast underground ocean over 49 kilometers deep. 114000 - a frozen ice-world with ancient lakes, cryovolcanism and 5+ kilometer spires. 115000 - a mysterious mega-earth in a distant and eccentric orbit with a dense and deadly atmosphere. 115010 - the tidally heated (but still frozen) dark moon of 115000. Linbol BA - K5V or K4V main sequence star slightly smaller than Kerbol. Linbol BB - DA3.5 white dwarf that used to be a star twice the mass of Kerbol just 100 million years ago. There are many more bodies planned but these are the 24 bodies that will be in the initial release. Currently work in progress are those in bold. Those italicised are complete and will be released. (The only really earth like bodies are 104000 and 105000). Linbol system's 24 flagship bodies are unique in their own way such as posessing a thick atmosphere and so on, and must meet the mass and radius requirements given by me. (all bodies are larger than Stock Kerbin and are at least 4% the mass of JNSQ Kerbin). The increased scale and (comparatively) large size of the homeworld (which is twice the mass of JNSQ Kerbin) makes take-offs and launches slightly harder as well as orbiting (SSTOs are probably impossible). The four gas planets (one with a gas moon) orbit in a roughly 3:5:8:12 pattern of Semi major axes, compared to OPM/RSS 1:2:4:6. This results in a much closer gas giant configuration and also a slightly unstable one over the course of billions of years. The furthest-out gas planet orbits roughly where Sarnus would be if the system was shrunked down to stock scale and the star down to stock size. That being said, the planet pack makes up for this by implementing three new bodies further out that orbit all the way out to where Eeloo would be in JNSQ (or roughly where Urlum is). All this is done to reduce ludicrous travel times and to prevent the need for the JX2 antenna or Better Time Warp. The textures used in this modpack vary in size by body, but as a general rule of thumb: 8192 size textures are used for large solid bodies and gas giants. (>1500km radii) 4096 size textures are used for mid sized (500-1500km radii) bodies 2048 size textures are used for small sized (<500km radii) bodies This ensures textures are finely detailed for large bodies, and the final modpack with all 119 bodies will probably end up being larger than JNSQ and comparable to the Alpharia planet pack, at 2.2 gigabytes. Mods recommended: JX2 Antenna - a large expensive and heavy antenna but with extreme network capabilities recommended for Deep Space communication. Extremely useful past 109000. Visual Mods - only if your PC can run it Better Time Warp - Used to speed up time - some of the outer planets are a little bit far away. Hangar Extender - In case you need to make larger rockets. Just in general Eve optimised Engines - For 106000 and 109070. Distant object enhancement - to see distant objects more clearly. Not really counts as a Mod, but also change your difficulty settings to multiply DSN modifier by 4 to make up for the large system and larger scale. Also, custom lighting should be used, everything Heyu and beyond is just really really dark. The poles are also quite distorted in some bodies, so some gas giants have a hazardous magnetic field strong at the poles to deter Kerbals from looking at the poles up close (although this effect is most pronounced on terrestrial bodies) Difficulty: While LSR may be a hard mod, it isn’t as difficult as it seems as Stock engines are generally slightly overpowered for stock scale. Apart from the notably thick atmosphere (which thins rapidly and can be easily avoided), the homeworld body does not pose any challenges apart from the large size and gravity. Overall all players except the most beginner players should be able to play this mod. Screenshots See you soon!
  8. Edge of Eternity The stars have come and gone, but eternity has only just begun Trillions of years ago, the ICS Mercury departed to set up the first extrasolar colony. As it was en route, it encountered a temporal wormhole, into which it was pulled, hurling it both into the far future and untold distances away. In order to avoid the unstable wormhole's imminent collapse, the crew had no choice but to press forward on a journey far longer than the Mercury was ever meant to travel. Over the decades, more and more of the ship had to be cannibalized until they finally reached their destination: a binary system consisting of a red dwarf and a blue dwarf, hosting several planets including one that could possibly sustain them. Unfortunately, due to the ship's state of disrepair, the landing was hard and much was lost, sending them back to the pre-industrial age. While Haven was habitable, it was only barely so: UV radiation was abundant, it had no native life, the oxygen content was only 60% of Kerbin normal despite the denser atmosphere, and the temperature was low enough that major settlements were restricted to near the equator. Despite this, over time, they managed to regain their technology, and are now ready to look upwards to the unending abyss once again. Edge of Eternity is a WIP planet pack set near the end of the stelliferous era of the universe. Most stars are dead, and those that remain are low-mass red dwarfs (and the blue dwarfs they evolve into); Terminus is one of these blue dwarfs. The system favors flyby missions and probes due to the positioning of Haven in the system, and science is balanced against very roughly 30% of stock for most worlds beyond Haven (with a boost around Eterna and particularly Apep to respect the minimum tech requirements of getting science from there) due to the larger number of similar difficulty targets available at once. Gravity assists also are quite effective in the Terminus system. IMPORTANT: At its current state of development it is highly WIP, with many worlds having only placeholder noise-based textures and no custom biomes, and there are doubtless a good few more bugs than you'd see in a completed planet pack. Everything, particularly balance-related things, is subject to change Beta download for those still interested: On Github Requires Kopernicus and Kopernicus Expansion Uses either Sigma Replacements - Skybox or Texture Replacer for the starless void of the end-times (really rather immersion-breaking without it), and Custom Barn Kit to rebalance the DSN (including adding a fourth level) for a better antenna range progression (note: due to issues with how CBK handles configs, disabling the rebalance through the settings.cfg won't disable the CBK configs). Custom Asteroids is strongly recommended for those who plan to visit asteroids, as the asteroid handling is much better with it. Kronometer is also recommended for synching the clocks to Haven's day and year, as is Transfer Window Planner for planning transfer windows (some can be rather unusual) Built-in option to increase scale to 2.56x or 10x (no need for Sigma Dimensions). Atmospheres of planets from other mods currently will not get rescaled. Also contains CRP and SpaceDust resource placement definitions (including resources used by Rational Resources and KSPI-E), Kerbalism configs, PlanetShine configs (not fully up to date), Scatterer compatibility (note: requires v0.0822 or newer), and EVE clouds/aurorae/lava glows. Volumetric clouds are in development but not yet ready for a release. Tested Principia-stable to at least 7000 years (computer gave up before any signs of instability) in older versions, needs retesting for the current version. Credit for the artwork in the loading screen image featuring Zephyr goes to @Exo's Lab Diagrams and dV maps: Future plans: near term (likely next update or two) - finish Gelis's terrain revamp, port comets to Custom Asteroid support long term (at some point before release) - science definitions, proper maps and biomes for all remaining planets, higher quality maps for all planets, kspedia, terrain scatters, more thorough balance testing, whatever other miscellany I discover I'll need to add post-release - (might remain a side project to my next system replacer, depends on reception) EoE: Phoenix Cluster, an addon with a few extrasolar destinations to visit since many other extrasolar packs don't fit thematically. (not very likely but maybe) Prelude to Eternity, set when the system was half its current age and Terminus was main sequence, homeworld of Revenant.
  9. This thread is outdated and old, check out the new one here Check out the discord server! This thread will remain up for archive stuff and also because why not
  10. This is no longer the main thread find the new one here^
  11. Welcome to the development thread for the Precursors Planet Pack! This thread is very old and outdated. See the new one here: PRECURSORS IS OUT! DOWNLOAD AT https://spacedock.info/mod/2869/Precursors Planet Pack#info Mod Overview The discovery of mysterious SSTV signals originating from Duna was a monumental leap in the search for intelligent life. Deciphering the signals revealed The Ignotum System, a previously undiscovered solar system 3 light years from Kerbin. Having recently mastered interstellar travel and hibernation technologies, the Kerbals were quick to launch an expedition to this new system. The trip ran smoothly, but upon arrival.... ... Alone among the stars, you are the future of the expedition. Rediscover ancient rocketry and flight technologies as you explore a vast, handcrafted solar system. Uncover the secrets behind the SSTV signals and the alien race that created them. Precursors is a planet pack designed to provide a fresh and exciting experience to players. Stranded on a barren but habitable world, traverse highly detailed celestial bodies and never-before-seen environments. Each planet and moon has a distinct challenge and appearance; hike across scalding volcanic mountains, maneuver through massive forests, and battle against relentless gravity on your journey across The Ignotum System. Collect custom science reports and unearth extensive lore in this continuation of the KSP story. Dependencies This mod is compatible with KSP 1.9.x-1.12.x. Precursors uses Scatterer to enhance the player experience. While Scatterer is not necessary, I highly recommend you download it for the full experience. Updates I will frequently discuss new content and post in-game screenshots of my progress. Most of these screenshots are taken from orbit and shouldn't be huge spoilers. Mod plan (SPOILERS) Screenshots (SPOILERS) RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW Screenshots here are not up to date.
  12. Well, i guess we're stuck here now. What was supposed to be a mission to a star 100 lightyears from kerbin took the crew 5000 lightyears from home. Now, 25000 years into the future, stranded in deep space, they find a barely habitable world, which they now call home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The difficulty early game isn't high but even though the planets are stock size the distances inbetween are larger. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: Kopernicus for 1.8.1 is required for the mod to work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2599/Far Out -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: the science isn't very good visual mods aren't supported (maybe in the future) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planets Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
  13. The Overview Homeworld Planet Pack is a mod, centered around a dying white dwarf star. It takes place 62.7 trillion years after the event of Kerbal Space Program. This is my best mod so far, and I hope this will be seen as a good mod, as I intend it to be. This system is not very scientifically accurate from what I know, so take it with a pinch of salt. THIS MOD IS NOT READY FOR REVIEW. Screenshots Dependencies Supported Special Thanks @ShbibeCurrently making a trailer The Kopernicus Discord Server @ballisticfox0 Testing the mod @R-T-B Maintaining Kopernicus @TheProtagonists Aurora textures, and (some) EVE textures specifically from the The World Beyond, going to be added in the full release of this mod. (The license has shifted to allow usage of assets.) @RJVB09 Lightcurve Calculator @OhioBobAtmosphere calculator @Caps Lock the sunflare from CKN (thx again lol) Downloads [Removed] Sorry, to prevent confusion old Homeworld has been taken down. Licensing CC-BY-ND-ND (except for some assets including but not limited to aurorae and the CKN sunflare which fall under their own licenses) My Discord Server for real-time updates https://discord.com/invite/ssWqYBuhwb
  14. Billions of years after the universe has died, The Kerbals have opened an anomaly to this new universe. Before the dawn of life has occured, they crash land on Esmuth. Here they must start anew, and take back the stars. Compatabilities Notes -Yes Esmuth is uninhabitable -Install MakingLessHistory for gamebreaking bugfixes (like unable to return to space center) Known Bugs Esmuth will appear blue and shiny. Delete Stock Kerbin's scatterer config. (This shouldn't happen anymore, but leaving it just in case.) (reported by @Heliocentric) Instructions Incompatabilites System Map *Messed up orders on Planet 4's moon 1 and 2. *Not to Scale Miro screenshot Dependencies Kopernicus Downloads Here [NOT CANON] Stock Preserving edition Here LISCENSE Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
  15. FINAL DAWN CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Final Dawn is the second and best mod I've published so far. The universe has met it's end, but life keeps struggling: as do the kerbals. As two of the blackest stars collided, heat was released and a system was born. Eager to finally have a place to live again, a desert world was terraformed in the greatest mission to terraform yet. All that's left to do, is to rediscover ancient technology, and to rediscover a system forgotten. Final Dawn, being set around a white dwarf, is very hard relative to other planet packs. Approach with caution. Stock screenshots: Screenshots with visual mods: Maps: Download on SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2597/Final Dawn Compatible mods: Thanks for reading! I hope you'll have a lot of fun playing this mod -Caps
  16. The Reach 1.0 release Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License It finally fully released! The Reach is a solar system replacer mod, made with the aim to make a new and unique system with interesting planets and design challenges. All planets are unique in their own way without making it feel wrong. Screenshot album: Planet list: Changelog: Download on spacedock: Yes Interstellar edition: Credits: @RJVB09 for converting the textures to a less performance-heavy format, making the aurorae @Thomas P. for making Kopernicus, no planets without him
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