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  1. Estrela Dobre - A unique star system This mod was mostly born out of the idea of a planetary system with a main sequence star that is not the usual perfect (or near perfect) sphere. And that It seems that a star system mod with such a pair of deformed stars is quite rare! Also, there are multiple objects in the system that are a bit rare in other mods, and it has some lore surrounding some of the bodies! The current system Epafi & Adactus These two stars have a few nicknames lol... probably the most accurate one is "Beans", not "balls", because it would be a little... eh lol. When the system was first discovered, it was long thought it was a single star, but when scientists measured the mass and the brightness of the system, something didnt add up, however, when the one Kerbal found out a possible reason by accidentally dropping a mk1 light infront of another, it all made sense. The two stars, Epafi & Adactus orbit so close together, that they actually Touch. The two stars are 95% and 60% the mass of Kerbol respectivley. and they whiz around the system barycenter at 70km/s. Their SOIs do overlap a fair bit, and you can pull off some insane gravity assists of upwards of 70km/s! Ok, enough rambling about the two stars, now onto the planets! But first, a system map! havent done the delta V yet Size is to scale, but not distances Oyst and its moons Oyst is the closest planet, too close for liquid water to exist. It seems like a kinda boring gas giant at first, until you go into the clouds, as there will soon be some alien structures in the atmosphere (havent added them yet lol). Collait and Culair and their moons The reason I want these two gas giants to have surfaces is so there is something to actually explore instead of a GLOBAL BOTTOMLESS PIT OF DOOOOOOM!!!! (lol) Temporalis and its moon Hados and its moons Ichor and its moon Glacios - A large, oblate ice giant orbiting at the very edge ofthe Estrela Dobre system. It is 3 times the mass of Jool and will have five moons orbiting it. I decided to add Glacios due to discovering that the SMA of all of the planets in the system were for 1 solar luminousity instead of the actual system luminousity of around 0.76 solar luminousities. (Epafi is 0.76L while Adactus is 0.08L, but they constantly eclipse so it would average out to be around 0.76L) Glacios is technically landable, but due to general bugginess, its not reccommended to land here as there are 'magnetic anomalies' which upon entering its atmosphere, is like hitting a brick wall and will vaporize your craft. Glacios' moons - Pados - a duna sized moon that orbits near its rings Moon 2 - A kerbin sized moon that is covered in methane and ethane Periculum - an unstable duna sized moon that is covered in methane ice, but also has lakes of liquid oxygen and a thin oxygen atmosphere. Also, in the lore, Glacios is the only place in the Estrela Dobre system not touched by civilization due to its remoteness and difficulty to spot, and due to the way Excelsior was captured during the formation of Estrela Dobre, large bodies beyond Glacios just.. dont exist, the dust was disrupted there and unable to clump into planets. Next update will include these bodies (Scatters postponded to update after due to PQSCity being very difficult to work with) Excelsior - 0.1 solar mass, 12% the size of Epafi, and has 0.00081 solar luminousities. Orbited by a tiny wormhole and four lifeless worlds - system inclination is approx. 1 degree Calidum - eyeball planet dominated by desert, has a ring of water around its terminator, and a thin ice cap. Canite - devastated planet with a large portion of its surface blown off there will be a noticeable gap between planets 2 and 3, where stuff screams 'there should be a planet here' Periphial - a cold eyeball planet that is barely habitable, lost what little life it had in the great event, in a 1:4 resonance with planet 2 Neybiri - a strange, ice planet further out, has techno signatures, but no life. in a 3:2 resonance with planet 3. Pythros - 1.7 solar mass, with 3x the luminousity, it is a white main sequence star with five planets - system inclination is 26 degrees (avg of all planets) Prixos - a hot planet with planet of liquid lead orbiting quite close to Pythros Kataigída (pronuctiation of 'storm' in greek) - a very stormy planet with two moons Proxility - a habitable world that is 80% the size of Kerbin with just 0.8g and three moons that are around 110km radius! Bink and Bonk - a (nearly contact) binary rocky planet! Each planet is 790km radius, but spin so fast that the tips are at 0.6g. The binary will have seven moons, (the first two are Gongi and Dringo, a swamp and desert moon respectivley) Arcturus - 1.9 solar masses with about 10x the luminousitiy, it is a bright, light blue main sequence star with six planets - system inclination is 2 degrees (tho planets 3-5 have 0 inclination) Solis - the core of a gas giant with two asteroid moons, by far the most colorful planet in the sector with its surface coated in Bismuth with some seas of the metal Tumidam- a puffy gas giant with two moons Claudere - a planet between the sizes of Duna and Kerbin with one moon, covered partially in cities (name is 'close' in latin, as its orbit is the closest to Solaris Solaris - a large planet with two moons covered entirely in cities Adurere - a kerbin-like planet with sections of its surface burnt to ashes with one moon and a few fragments in orbit, has some cities Messis - a fairly large gas giant with five large moon, a couple of them having been terraformed for farming, a couple have mutant plants n stuff. name is latin for 'harvest'. the first moon is habenaro. there will be four other moons planet 7 - a gas dwarf with three moons (planned 5th system?? will not add in update due to lack of ideas of what to put around as it is a dying red giant being slowly sucked up by the black hole it orbits) Longinquus - a distant planet around the center of this system Bugfixes in the next update: Fixed normal maps for all planets Adjusted the inverseRotThresholdAltitude of various bodies to be higher than their pqs fades to solve the 'surface breaks apart' bug Distances to: Excelsior - ~44 kerbin au - takes half a year going 100km/s to arrive (by arriving, I mean literally smacking into the star) Pythros - ~771 kerbin au - takes about 12 years going 100km/s Arcturus - ~1800 kerbin au - takes about 27 years going 100km/s The systems are close together to not require interstellar warp drives or crazy engines, but not so close that they illuminate each other. The only exception of this is Excelsior as it is technically a satellite system. A few fun facts: -You can sometimes see Oyst from the surface of Temporalis when they are at their closest to each other! -You might sometimes see Hados from Temporalis due to its dust ring! -(unreleased) The wormholes are tiny, and near the stars, so going too fast past them could result in not going through to the other system, or will send you flying in a very sub-optimal trajectory like straight into a star -(unreleased) Excelsior is in an ideal position for a homann transfer despite its inclination! It will take about 60 years to get there though.. -Ichor's terrain goes sky high! literally! It goes to 19km, meaning theres just 1km between it and space! (next update will move the entire surface 900m downwards so the lowest point is much closer to the actual stated atm pressure) To Do: -Name bodies -Add bodies -Fix various atmospheres -Add biomemaps Misc. To Do list: -Sciencedefs! flavor text for every single experiment in (nearly) every single situation! -Add kerbal konstructs KSC on Termania -Add custom part model to the H-1 hybrid electric scramjet Recent update: -Changed Temporalis' inclination from 3.6 to 7.6 degrees to make it easier to travel to planets without insane inclination changes -Added a few more sciencedefs -Change the SOIs of the contact binary stars to 500,000km. REDOING FORUM PAGE (I DO have access to ksp while at college, am working on planets! woo! tho PQSCity is such a pain) DOWNLOAD Github Release v1.2 Spacedock Release v1.2 This mod is available on CKAN Credit for the gas giant textures goes to NathlessOne for creating them via gaseous giganticus Dependencies: Texturereplacer - adds the custom skybox, if not installed, you will just see the stock skybox Kopernicus and its dependancies - planet packs require kopernicus KopernicusExpansion - for the emissiveFX and wormholes (Glacios has a wormhole config part just for the effect of being right next to it) KSPCommunityFixes (disable stock maneuver planner as the game freaks out over Temporalis being a trojan and far away objects) In the next update, CTTP will be required as some bodies will use textures from there Recommended mods: (while it can be fun with just stock parts, these mods can greatly improve your experience) Near future tech Far future tech Kerbal atomics (dont use a nuclear reactor on Hados, I am fairly sure it wont end well) Procedural wings and parts (mainly reducing partcounts as rockets here tend to be quite big) Known issues: -Odd emissive clipping when next to lava -Desert airfield spawning somewhere on Temporalis when making history DLC is installed (I dont have that DLC, so i didnt know that was going to happen) As usual for planet packs, kopernicus is required for this mod to work. IMPORTANT: the maneuver planner MUST be disabled for the mod the run properly or the game will die attempting to calculate a transfer to Collait-Culair barycenter, which has the exact same SMA as Temporalis (current homeworld) the latest Kopernicus has disablefaraway colliders enabled by default so no need to go into its settings anymore Liscense is All Rights Reserved! this will likely change to one where if i vanish for a while it can be modified but I dont know how to specify that and I am still working on this mod so it is still AAR
  2. This post is under construction: FTL Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. FTF Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. Field Training Lab (FTL) Field Training Facility (FTF) DELETE OLD/EXISTING installations before installing new. Field Training Lab (FTL): Field Training Facility (FTF) : Continuation of Training Lab and Field Training Facility. Originally by @Efour, now continued by zer0Kerbal with support from the community. This mod provides a training system for your kerbalnauts. The New Look: If you want to train your kerbal immediately, you can use this mod. [1.9.1+] Training Laboratory Spacedock - CKAN (Dependency : Module Manager ) This mod provides Training method with consuming Science points. Paying 20 sci, your kerbal can get 1 exp. Since leveling up method is very limited, you have to pay science point once enough to advance level. If your Training Lab is in orbit, Payment will be reduced to half. If your Lab is on other planet, Payment will be reduced to 1/4. You can tweak values with editing .cfg. If you want, you can add this module to other crewed part. It can support up to 8 kerbalnauts. Leveling up 'Immediately' is not realistic? Do you think training needs to consume time? This mod will be answer for you. [1.9.1+] Field Training Facility Spacedock - CKAN (Dependency : Module Manager ) This mod is similar with Training Laboratory, But one thing is different. It consumes Time and Electric Charge. If you want level 5 kerbalnaut from level 0, You need to train your kerbal 1 year. Becoming level 1 will only need to wait 13 days, But as you know, high level needs more training. But, If you place your facility into orbit, It will be 4 times faster. If you place it on other planet, 6 times faster. You can tweak params with .cfg. Not so complex. It consumes 4 EC/sec per kerbal. If you train 2 kerbals, It will drain 8 EC/sec. You will need powerful energy sources. Now then, someone like me will want to use both. Then, just install both of them. Result is shown below. Payment of science point(TL) will be reduced with training experiences(FTF). For example - Just using TL, Level 4 -> Level 5 consumes 640p of Science point. But Level 4(50% with FTF) -> Level 5 consumes just 320p of science point. If 90% with FTF? Just pay 64p of science point or wait some more days. you can get level 5 kerbalnaut. More training means less sci point needed, linearly. These two mod can co-work, It's because I created this thread. If you want one thing, you can install just one mod. If you want co-work of them, you can install both. --- Review by --- Find original thread here.
  3. FAR OUT RED SKIES - Red Skies was going to be a standalone mod until the idea of FO came around, the name FO may not stay though. Red Skies takes place in the Luhman 16 system, BUT KERBALIZED. For a while now I have been working on a mod centered around a brown dwarf star which is a star just below the mass limit for hydrogen fusion, so its basically a really hot gas giant. I do have two other mod ideas in mind but wanted to get this one done with first as its been an idea for a longgggg time now. (fyi one of the two mod idea besides this, I have is already began working on) SYSTEM CHART (NOT TO SCALE) INSTALLATION GUIDE: for download simply insert the files within the GameData folder into Kerbal Space Program's GameData. PREREQUISITES: KOPERNICUS RELEASE IN idk yet DOWNLOAD LINK: none yet Follow the post to see when it comes out
  4. OTHER_WORLDS REBOOTED IN THE MAKING THE ORIGINAL SYSTEM BUT WITH ~x42 TIMES DE QUALITY! DOWNLOADS Requires Kopernicus Beta and Module Manager This mod adds a new star to KSP, with 5 exoplanets and 7 exomoons! Cercani Star: An K-type (Orange dwarf) star orbiting Kerbol with half the diameter of this. Planetary System: (Distances and sizes not to perfect scale) Let's meet the exoplanets and exomoons: --------------------------------------------- 1st planet --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- 2nd planet --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- 3rd planet --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- 4th planet --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- 5th planet --------------------------------------------- (Double planet if using SigmaBinary) Big Photos I'll add more in the future Version History: KNOWN BUGS: While at C2-1 Sphere of Influence. Vassa and C2-1 will lose their tidal lock state. Although only visual for Vassa (It resets when you leave C2-1 SOI), C2-1 loses it's rotation. COMPATIBLE MODS: Custom Asteroids (Adds a Troni Asteroid Belt and Nienna ones) (Included in main download) Old EVE (Separated download) Galactic Neighborhood. Distant Object Enhancements - /!\ If it makes the other planets flares to stop rendering, remove the config in GameData/OtherWorlds/CercaniSystem/-CONFIGS-/DOE.cfg /!\ Outer planets mod, New horizons pack and this type of kopernicus packs are all supported RECOMENDED MODS Interstellar/Alcubierre drive are mandatory to get to Cercani! (If you don't want to do years of travel) Near Future Technologies for navigating though the system. TO-DO: Compatibility with Planetshine, Distant Objects Enchantment, Custom Asteroids, Final Fronteir, FAR mods. Make Prima and Secunda be real double planets. EVE mod compatibility with custom clouds and Astronomer's Interestellar visual pack style. (Almost finished) Science descriptions for stock experiments and some other mods ones like DMagic Orbital Science. (I will need help for this, because I'm not a native english-speaker) Do a better forum post presentation. Check for grammar/vocabulary errors. DEVELOPMENT THREAD WIP area: THE CREW: Special Thanks: Thomas P for creating Kopernicus mod. (Most important one) The guys at the IRC channel for helping me with stupid errors. Vladimir Romanyuk a.k.a. the Space Engine creator for his randomized planet textures. (Mostly Heightmap used) Disclaimer: This is my first mod, so It can be bad, buggy, not good looking, not funny at all, or even be good! License:
  5. KHNS is not a Huge mod, But Aims to make an experience of a "Neighborhood" around Kerbol, it Contains 5 systems (With kerbol) as of now I have 30 bodies, while its not supposed to be the size of mega mods like GU and Wabi-Sabi, but its Aims to Fill the gaps that Squad Left in making a small stellar neighborhood (1 - 15 light years). This mod is small But it aims to be my best, and I want it to look best in the end and that You; the Player receives the BEST Gameplay. And a Kerbol Revamp Downloads : https://github.com/parkerman-com/KHNS/releases/tag/Beta-1.4 ChangeLog : LICENSING : All Rights Reserved This means : You cannot use assets, you cannot Modify or use assets in your own mod no matter if its Mixed and matched, These assets are of KHNS and KHNS ONLY, But Some parts of It have a Different License Like the PQS materials are free, licensed by CC-BY-SA, from https://polyhaven.com/, and the Skybox which is sourced from https://www.solarsystemscope.com/textures/ Stars + Milky Way 8K texture. I only grant you the permission to edit the _KHNS-Setting.cfg DEPENDANCIES: Known Bugs STATUS BETA Screenshots : COMPATIBILITY : Credits : Little Word From Me : This mod is the mark of my very first 99.99% inhouse done mod, with basically everything I learnt into it, I would appreciate constructive feedback, Special Thanks to @StarCrusher96 For His Immense Help in Advises, Debugging and Configging help, and at times even helping in Texturing and I highly appreciate his mentoring and support towards me and my Team and the overall The KHNS mod, Many other People helped me over this mod so Thank you everyone for Support, it would have been impossible without you guys, specially the testers and internal dev team. Hope you all Enjoy the Mod!
  6. To make the simulator more realistic, shouldn't we add regular stars in addition to star systems with planets? I believe that if you add N star systems in a game about interstellar travel, and you will have only N stars, it will look unrealistic, unprofessional and not in line with the concept of the game The game would feel fairer if you had more freedom to fly to different objects in the galaxy, such as that star kebler23878 over there, even if it has no planets. I believe it takes much less resources to create stars than planets because for stars we don't have to think about topography, geology, concept. You could make an autogenerator of stars along the lines of a star catalog that would randomly set radius, age, mass, type, and maybe location. Stars can have similar textures and other features because they are not as unique as planets Perhaps in science mode, you will be added to the eyes or other bonuses for studying a star of a certain type In my opinion, filling space with stars makes the game more realistic and similar to what you expect from such a game than just having N more systems with planets
  7. Greetings everyone! It's been quite a long time since I was last actively part of this community and game. For those that remember me, I was once one of the Community Managers alongside CaptSkunky way back in the day. A lot of things have changed in my life, including the fact I go by Ciara now (and can't seem to update my display name on the forums) but after a very long time away I'm back! Not only am I back, but I've been inspired by StarCrusher's Galaxies Unbound Project to attempt not only learning how to mod, but undertaking a massive planet mod pack. I'd like to share this journey with you including my workflow, concepts, and successes and failures. So, please come along for the ride and maybe in the next few months I'll have something I can be proud of contributing to the community along with all these amazing and talented authors. Workflow Concept Artist Controlled Procedural Content Generation The concept of Artist Controlled PCG is one that exists in multiple mainline space projects of note. The primary concept is that an artist will use a tool to procedrually generate a planet or terrain and then utalize the output of that tool as a "Canvas" to work off of using said Canvas as a foundation to contorl the following, Atmospheric Color Points of Interest Specific Terrain Features Scatter and Ground Clutter Control Color Palette Main Goals and Features * Utalize a Procedural Star System Generation System to use as a staging point to launch pad off from. * Utalize a Procedural and Fractal Based Terrain Generation Method to make truly unique planets generating 8bit greyscale height maps procedrually * Take Real world Orbital Data and Information Generated by the tools in order to create the proper scaled versions in a Kerbol Stock-a-like manner. Test Map - Low Quality / Low Reolution Step 1 - Procedurally Generated Height Map Step 2 - Lightness (HSL) Color Desaturation Step 3 - Color Inversion Step 4 - Color Correction Obvioulsy this height map wont work, it's just a test of the process that I'm going to attempt to see if I can quickly (a few days or so) generate a height map, normal map, and color map, and with the tools I have work on tweaking the outputs to create unique worlds that are procedurally generated but the final outcome is artist controlled. I'll be running some tests tonight and tommorrow and I hope to have test worlds in game to showcase then. See ya soon! -Ciara (Formerly DR) Quick Color Map Test (The Color isn't final but I wanted to see how it would look.) Tool Used: Wilbur + GIMP Procedures Used: Percentage Noise & 1st Pass Erosion Test (Yes I know the edges are way to sharp, just testing and learning tools.)
  8. DEV THREAD CLOSED NEW THREAD: Note to Moderators : Sorry for bugging you guys twice but could you please close it?
  9. In the recent KSP 2 video Interstellar Travel, one of the developers mentions how each star in the sky is simulated. The skybox in the pre-alpha footage looks absolutely stunning with hundreds of shimmering stars and nebula. This poses a few questions: Does the skybox change as you travel between star systems? If so, does the skybox slowly switch to another, or do the stars themselves actually move? Is it technically possible to fly to every star in the sky (even if there is no solar system associated with it? I hope the first two questions are true. It would be so cool to see constellations from the Kerbolar System morph into new ones as you travel to far-off worlds. Green background (Kerbolar System) Red/brown background (unknown system)
  10. Well, Well, Well. Another nation had the bold idea to start up a space program. Funds were allotted, engineers hired, and a suitable space center built. It was time for the great nation of United East Kerbonia to create the SENTINEL DESIGN BUREAU! (flag below): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapters: Chapter 1 | Everyone has to Start Somewhere, Right? Chapter 2 | Higher and Higher! Chapter 3 | I'm BAAAAAACK ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This mission report is intended to be semi-serious, with a big dollop of realism and a big pinch of good o'l fashioned kerbal silliness. This is intended to last quite a bit longer than my last mission report, and my eventual goal is, as stated in the name, to go to the stars. You know, launch an interstellar ship the proper way, which I really haven't seen anyone really do yet. I'm also going to use a ton of mods, including Snacks-LS and 2.5X rescale. Anyways, lets go!
  11. so imagine in the very far future, either we or another civilization decided to capture the entire output of the sun with a Dyson sphere. very cool. but what if you wanted to build your own star? I'm not talking like building a reactor on earth and creating a "mini-star", but rather i mean like collecting the gasses from gas giants and pooling them together onto a gravitational core like a dead planet till you had enough material that it would start the natural process of fusion? OF COURSE I know it is possible and probably not at all necessary for any purpose realistically, but I can imagine in the far future some super powerful species decides to build its own solar real-estate in the middle of interstellar space. just some shower-thoughts I had
  12. If it isn't already decided, what about warp drives? Don't we need those for interstellar travel? To get to the nearest KSP stars, (besides Kerbol) they're distance is to be estimated at 1 lightyear.
  13. Welcome to the dev page of "Interstellar Consortium", a collection of ideas and agreements regarding the position of stars in KSP Modding This has the goal of making star planet packs compatible with each other with a simple patch (or no patch at all) at all time without any major problems what-so-ever. Interstellar Consortium (Github) - Explanation of the Plugin Link to the decided stars positions spread sheet Stellar Viewer Github & Stellar Viewer The Original Problem KSP wasn't designed to host star mods at all and it has multiple problems: Just until recently, if you wanted static stars (Not moving stars a.k.a. non colliding stars) you had to create a new central body. This causes a lot of problems with compatiblity and float point errors. Planet packs that had their stars orbiting Kerbol/Sun, could have their SOIs (Sphere of Influences) collide and cause some problems if you wanted to go interstellar Light of Kerbol/Sun is infinite, so it lights up every planet in the whole game regardless of distance Most of the problems can be fixed now, like the infinite light problem. And this is where Interstellar Consortium comes into play Interstellar Consortium Interstellar Consortium will be a series of small patches or decisions between modders to fix these problems and provide a stable interstellar experience by not having a central body put neither have stars moving. For this, there will be a map describing the position and SOIs of almost every star in KSP modding and a new unit of measure for interstellar distances. In the technical part, the stars will still be orbiting Kerbol/Sun and won't require important patches, but will be static to avoid collisions by changing the orbital period of these. The Unit and the Map The new unit for interstellar travel was decided upon looking at an optimal distance at which KSP will still hold up without major glitches. The unit will be called/shortened ki (Kerbal Interstellar or something like that) and will equal 1e+13m which is close to 0.1% of real distances compared to real life and 1% of what it should be in KSP scale This was decided for gameplay balancing (Interstellar travel takes time and making these distances longer could be damaging), some realism (Still far enough to feel as a far away target where to go in the future) and glitch-avoiding (Greater distances can cause float point errors and make returning to the home world bad) The map itself is very simple: A central point to consider it the "center of the galaxy" and Kerbol/Sun but with some requirements for the stars so to make everything compatible: The minimun distance recommended between two stars should shall be 2 ki - A bit short of what Proxima's distance would be with this unit. The max SOI radius should be 1.2 ki - With this, no SOIs will collide and will avoid some major glitches and gameplay flaws The recommended SOI for Main Secuence Stars should be 0.8 ki - This part is entirely albitrary and it's just a recommendation. From a star, the closest stellar companion has to be further than its SOI No star should go farther than 15 ki from the central point in the plane of the "galaxy" and no farther than 4 ki in the normal axis Kerbol/Sun will be at coordinates (10,0,0), being X and Y in the plane of the "galaxy" and Z being up and down - Leads to a feeling of lonliness on the outside and a feeling of crowdness towards the inside Star Clusters (Looking at you Dawn from TWB) can have their own stars as close from themselves as the author wants, but has to ensure no star of those are closer than the minimun distance with a external star Multiple Star Systems count as a single star system The current map has enough space to host 80 to 100 stars which is already a lot and should last for a long time before require of another galaxy or widening of the current one Claming of spaces Of course if we dont decide on the places the stars are, this whole consortium wouldnt make any sense. For that, I've created a small sheet on google with a top-down and side views of the whole map/galaxy (At the moment it doesnt provide the oribit output which will be the actual "orbits" of the stars for the packs, but I'm doing the math) To claim a part of the map just comment with the coordinates (X,Y, Z) you would like your star to be and make sure to follow the rules previously mentioned. And if you want to claim more than 2 systems, please don't claim all to be very close to Kerbin/Sun, that would be very sad for all of us and could damage some planet mods. (Higher class stars like F, A, B... could be nice to have a bit more space out to preserve a bit of realism regadring stellar class proportions) Also, I'm not the only one that would judge the claims. This has to be a consortium after all, a decision made by all of us. To put your star in the correct place, just put its period at a very high number (9e+50 is a good number) and put as the orbital parameters the ones calculated in the spreadsheet (Todo) System Modify Mods A lot of planet mods center around changing the stock system to a brand new one. These changed systems could also serve as a different start point in the map, moving the rest of the stars accordingly to make the effect succesful. This would mean that, for example, you could start in the GPP system but the map wouldnt change. Kerbol/Sun would still be in the same spot and his neightbor stars would still be the same This would require the IC mod part to bundle the Stock System cloning data and have the System Modify mods to move every star to the correct locations. (This could be eased with a proper orbit calculator or a custom plugin to ease things) Who are you to say these things As a disclaimer, I have done a star system of my own and have talked with different planet modders about this and we came to the comclusion that this would be a very good fix to all compatibility issues and at the same time be fun to explore (It's Kerbal Space Program after all, it's meant for rockets and spaceflight) For the moment, I'm the only contributor to the spread sheet and mod aspect (To be done), but I have talked, again, with people about this and they might come on-board to help with the organization of this map. Participant Planet Packs The Worlds Beyond Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered Seven Worlds of SLIPPIST-1 Whirligig World Rocheworld Event Horizon Galileo Planet Pack Gameslinx Planet Overhaul Before / After Kerbin Other Worlds Reboot Hope you liked the idea, the read, and the english mistakes I probably have done - Niako
  14. Hello, UranianBlue here from Delta Sigma Mods!! I have been starting a new project that will create extra star systems. Because of the extreme distances, I recommend using the Interstellar Extended mod. Also, if you have not seen my Heidon Mod, try it out! Pics will come soon. Release will be in May or June. Post your suggestions down here; this is your chance to alter the mod to your preferences.
  15. Kerbal Exoplanets is a mod which aims to add strange new worlds to the game. It will add in some new star systems, all with exoplanets and moons orbiting them! Screenshots: New Star Systems added: Keldo System Metaris System Kendulon System Downloads: Dropbox (VISUALS): https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6ozin1jc1y7zer/Kerbal Exoplanets v0.3_VISUALS.zip?dl=0 Curseforge: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/kerbal-exoplanets?gameCategorySlug=ksp-mods&projectID=265958 Also, download the patch (v0.3.1) if you want some bugs from 0.3 fixed! Installation instructions are in this post. Thanks! How To Install: 1. Get Kopernicus here and install it and/or delete any older version of Kerbal Exoplanets. 2. Unzip the zip directory titled "Kerbal Exoplanets (current version number)" 3. Move the folder named "Kerbal Exoplanets" to your GameData folder, or if you are installing visuals, move "BoulderCo", "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements", and "scatterer". 4. Enjoy! Changelog: Thanks to: @Thomas P. for maintaining and updating Kopernicus @The White Guardian for his amazing tutorials on how to make planets, and helped me out on some issues with my own @OhioBob for his explanation on how to make realistic atmospheres, and his excel spreadsheet @blackrack and @Waz for making scatterer and EVE @Artyomka15 for making some awesome mods that have inspired me This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please keep in mind that this is my first mod and is still in dev, don't expect something perfect
  16. Hi guys I'm considering to make a star mod, just like Kerbal Galaxy, and I'd love to have some ideas, as I do not have a lot of ideas for now. You can post system ideas down below, and if you want, you can add textures. My ideas for now: Segit: The black hole in the center of the galaxy. Dalykthen: A blue white dwarf. Eodis: A small red dwarf like VB 10. Kahlos: A T-type brown dwarf. But I don't have planets yet. I'd like some more ideas please. Thank you in advance, and happy posting!
  17. Anyone know what the heck is VVV-WIT-07?
  18. Hi, every solar system mod-maker out there, (especially ProtoJeb21) please can I request a new mod to be made (And to persuade KottabosGames to check it out when its done!)? No offense, it's just because I don't know how to make new solar systems. There are 5 new solar systems, but you can add them one by one. Thanks! Also, I'll submit the equatorial radius, to make things easier. Also, this mod is called Interstellar Defense planets rejiggered with moons, because the stars and planets are from a game called Interstellar Defence. I modified each one a bit , placed them with different stars and also added moons. I also modified the stars to be more realistic. Thanks for your consideration, and hope to see these enter KSP soon! The key: No hyphens: star 1 hyphen (-): planet 2 hyphens (--): moon 1. Alpha R24 system 2. Cygnus R10 system (Please add this one first) 3. Kepler R26 system 4. Europa R12 system 5. Fermi R25 system (please do this one after Cygnus R10) These are all the systems Interstellar Defense planets rejiggered with moons should add in! If you like the suggestions, you could start making this mod, and if you do, please let me know, thanks!
  19. So I'm running ksp 1.4 with the Making History expansion and the mods; Distant object, EVE, SVE, Kerbal engineer, Planet Shine, Scatterer, and trigger tech(Alarm clock). I'm not sure when It started happening, I just now noticed it, but when I'm standing on the night side of any planets the skybox has no stars. I know that Distant Object mod makes the sky go dark whenever you look at a bright planet or kerbol, but I don't see stars at night. Even looking straight up with a tight FOV. It's really irritating. As a second thing, I was wondering if there is a way to increase the distance at which the Distant object mod shows vehicles beyond 750,000 m? I changed it in the config file but nothing seems to happen.
  20. If Squad ever decided that they were going to implement modded planet/solar system packs into the stock game, which would they be and for what reason? Eg, implementing Extrasolar along with more powerful engines, (would it end up becoming to much, having to implement parts to get there and antennas). What are your thoughts?
  21. Celebrating 2 years of Other Worlds! The original developer of the mod, Pkmniako, has decided to pick it up again. The new Other_Worlds topic is now in Add-on Development, where the progress of an entire revamping of Other_Worlds can be followed. Download This mod adds a new star to KSP, with 5 exoplanets and 7 exomoons! COMPATIBLE MODS: Custom Asteroids (Adds a Troni Asteroid Belt and Nienna ones) (Included in main download) Old EVE (Separated download) Galactic Neighborhood. Distant Object Enhancements - /!\ If it makes the other planets flares to stop rendering, remove the config in GameData/OtherWorlds/CercaniSystem/-CONFIGS-/DOE.cfg /!\ Outer planets mod, New horizons pack and this type of kopernicus packs are all supported RECOMENDED MODS Interstellar/Alcubierre drive are mandatory to get to Cercani! (If you don't want to do years of travel) Near Future Technologies for navigating though the system. Originally by Niako. Cloud pack update by themaster401. License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
  22. http://www.space.com/34835-alpha-centauri-new-star-names.html I dunno about you guys, but I like the old name better than "Rigel Kentaurus".
  23. For a while, I have been looking for a way to Make stars in my modpack. I have asked around, reread stuff and even looked in modpacks that include stars but for whatever reason, the stars do not appear in-game. Is anyone able to help me with this subject please. Even just a copy of an example will help. Another problem I'm having is that when I create oceans, although I've checked the code over and over again and I am Sure I am using the right lines, The ocean does not appear at all. Do I have to offset the land a bit? One last thing, Although I state a colour for the atmosphere, it ends up being just black and i have no clue why. Thanks. (I have read The White Guardian's Beginners guide).
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