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  1. I still think Unity is still a better for 3 reasons. Unity is more open for editing, the license is cheaper and Unity is known with more programmers (both former KSP developers and modders)
  2. Meanwhile at Nate office:
  3. I don't recall it beeing that nessisary computional hard, basicly what you need to do is adjust the orbit every time Delta with generated engine Force. As long as your positional orbit isn't too curved, or crossing SOI it seems to work fine when you prevent the edge cases.
  4. Indeed, what strikes me most was what he told about the lack of vision by Squad. With the team that created KSP 1 they hit gold but rather continue dig further they sold the IP and abandoned the team. KSP 1 succeded precisely because it had very humble beginning where they were glad if anything worked at all rather the physics simultor I imagine they tried to build for KSP2 which became too complex to develop. I also agree with HavesteR that the inital starting point of the KSP2 at the space center was a mistake and instead KSP 2 should have started in space, trying to set up a colony to collect resources, experience and science for gradualy more abitious exploration and collonisation missions.
  5. That prediction was scaringly accurate.
  6. 7 years already, 7 months ago someone complained that for 7 months there was little progress with KSP2, I'm detecting a theme here ...
  7. Well Technically we had an earthquake one year ago, its only now that we realize the whole stucture of the project is about to crash down.
  8. Seems like history is repeating itself for Nate exctly as predicted
  9. What truely made KSP1 big durring early acces was it early support for plugin modding. Despite having a much higher budget, this seems to be lacking mostly with KSP2 . Without proper modding support, moders are not incentivised to improve on KSP2 like they did for KSP1.
  10. I though steam has implemented some feature to prevent you having your review bomb count when they detect you refunded the game
  11. turned out his gut feeling was right from the start
  12. The decision to go into early acces with a game in a bad state while asking full AAA price from a business perspecitive was uncomprehensible. I would probably bought the game if it was half price, but asking full price with a risk of not delivering was not an option I would do.
  13. Best Analysis Video which sums up all the reasons
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