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  1. Really glad to hear that! Looking forward to the first KSP2 mod on the forums to show up.
  2. Those volumetric clouds are quite phenomenal, kudos for the amazing work. When I opened the VAB editor for the first time in KSP, I noted the nice-looking clouds in the background and then wondered "Why is there no clouds like this on the outside of the VAB?". That was years ago when I was little.
  3. I'm trying to target specific indexes from configs using MM, currently I don't know of a method I can do that with. I tried this so far: @KSP_MODEL_SHADER[*]:FINAL { !model:HAS[*Pumpkin*],* = DELETE } Essentially, I'm trying to do this: KSP_MODEL_SHADER { name = FullMetal model = HGR/Parts/Command/Leek/model model = HGR/Parts/Command/Onion/model model = HGR/Parts/Command/Pumpkin/model // Remove only this model = HGR/Parts/Command/Radish/Model model = HGR/Parts/Command/SoyJuice/model model = HGR/Parts/Command/SoyJuice2/model2 model = HGR/Parts/Command/SoyLima/Model2 }
  4. May I have my username changed to "Chandra Aerospace"? Thanks!
  5. Awesome mod! I use Your Textures and all my installs, they are just right! If you are looking into doing 16k textures for RealExoplanets, Could you consider doing it for RSS Expansion? If you could do it, it would be amazing!
  6. I am a RO user that uses the current RSSVE 8k Clouds, is there a mod that adds 16/32/64K clouds? please reply if you do have 16K+ clouds!
  7. When this official release is ready, is there a way to port these textures to RSSVE? Also thanks for coming back! We RSS players really needed somthing better than 8k textures!
  8. That was really fast... I thought I would have to wait for 8h or so, But your reply came in 20 min?? I would Like to Thank you for your time commitment and and Immense help you have given me This mod is just amazing in all respects!!
  9. I'm getting Some MM Errors related to RealPlume/000_GENERIC_PLUMES/Cryogenic_OrangeVernier MM Error Log
  10. Using that Method and Applying the corrected MM patch, It worked for the emissionMult. If the energy Parameter is not supported in a plume, could you technically add the Energy paramter to a plume?
  11. Excellent! Question about Editing plumes: If I add a aphaMult to a plume config, it stays 1 when I load it in KSP. Do I have to Edit the plume config using MODEL_MULTI_SHURIKEN_PERSIST? I could also use a good guide to editing the plume code itself, I tried a number of times to edit sizeClamp and AlphaMult using a config, it just didnt change. Code: Screenshots of results, Tried consulting the ksp.log and MMpatch logs for any errors, there were none.
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