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Found 6 results

  1. SHUTTLE ORBITER CONSTRUCTION KIT RECOLORED This mod adds three different paint schemes and a few decals to @benjee10's Space Shuttle from his mod Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit(SOCK). This mod says 1.9, but it should work in any KSP version as long as SOCK and it's dependencies are installed. So far, I've only added three paint variants, but this may change in the future. Feel free to suggest alternate color schemes (please include pictures when doing so) and I will be happy to consider them, but just note I will be resistant to add too many, as the shuttle textures are very large. Additionally, these paint schemes are limited to textures (no mesh changes) and I will be unlikely to consider color schemes that require me to extensively alter TPS tile/AFRSI blanket placement (i.e. I will probably not do a Buran variant, sorry). PAINT VARIANTS: -Columbia -Includes Columbia's tiled rudder -STS 9+ Columbia rudder w/ SILTS pod -Columbia delta wing with black tiles in the front and black thermal tiles on the aft section -Challenger -Black thermal tiles on aft delta wing, also used on Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour until 1997 -Enterprise -Based on the real life design of Shuttle Enterprise -Revised TPS tiles on cockpit and aft section -Shuttle windows are now surrounded by white tiles -SOCK already comes with the Shuttle Enterprise name plate -Moonraker -Based on Shuttle Moonraker from the 1979 James Bond movie Moonraker -Features its iconic orange stripe that spans the shuttle's delta wings, aft section, rudder, and cargo bay -Revised TPS tiles on cockpit and aft section -Shuttle windows now surrounded more black TPS tiles -Includes Moonraker name plate and various decals (like the Drax Enterprise Corporation Logo and the Moonraker shuttle numbers from the movie) -Chrayol -Based on @DylanSemrau's Chrayol Design Organization's PSLV color scheme -TPS tiles (white and black) are now Chrayol red -Alters practically every external shuttle part including the cockpit, cargo bay, aft section, delta wings, rudder, body flap, and elevons (Screenshots featuring reDIRECT, HabTech 2, Modular Launch Pads, Bluedog Design Bureau, KNES, Near Future Exploration, and Conformal Decals) Credit to @Jay The Amazing Toaster: DOWNLOADS: SPACEDOCK GITHUB Dependencies: This mod is dependent on SOCK, and therefore is also dependent on its dependencies (which are bundled with the mod) B9PartSwitch, PlumeParty, Benjee10 Shared Assets, and HabTech Robotics. While the mods reDIRECT and HabTech 2 are NOT dependent, I HIGHLY recommend them, as reDIRECT includes the shuttle's external orange tank and boosters, while HabTech 2 includes ISS station parts which your shuttle can launch.
  2. Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit REPAINTED DOWNLOADS: SPACEDOCK GITHUB | GITHUB DEV What does this mod do? SOCKrepainted adds more texture switches to benjee10's Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit. Textures such as: Tiled cockpit, payload bay, elevons, delta wings, and rudder (Columbia & Challenger) Toasted texture to match Discovery's STS-133 appearance (by lemon cup) Aft fuselage with no black tile blobs (Early Columbia & Challenger) Space Station Enterprise texture (by Starstro) Space Station Enterprise window shutters (by MATVEICH_YT) Early Discovery blanket pattern delta wings texture Do I need any other mods? The dependencies of this mod are: benjee10's Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit and its dependencies Invaderchaos' SOCKrecolored What version of KSP is this mod for? This mod was created for KSP 1.12.3 but it should have the same compatibility as SOCKrecolored. Recommended Mods: Here are some mods I recommend for playing KSP in general: Restock by Nertea reCOLOR by MATVEICH and AstroMods SPDS (IUS Mount) by MATVEICH Special Thanks to: @benjee10 for making SOCK and giving me permission to publish this mod. @Invaderchaos, @AstroMods, and @Talverd for inspiring me to make this mod. @AmateurAstronaut1969 and @Vals_Aerospace for play testing the mod. @Alphathon and @Doc Shaftoe for their assist at making normal maps. @AstroMods, @MATVEICH_YT and @lemon cup for their contributions to this mod. @AmateurAstronaut1969 for taking these beautiful screenshots. And anyone else who gave me feedback that helped me develop this mod. Additional Images:
  3. PARA-SCI HIGH-PERFORMANCE ATMOSPHERE PACK For use with KSP 1.2 and the EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements mod Since many of us are sometimes, or always, forced to play KSP on laptops and other devices with weak GPUs or otherwise not optimized for gaming, I present the Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack, wherein I have done my best to combine good visuals with minimal graphics demand. FULL PREVIEW ALBUM: http://imgur.com/a/pKsCk Notes: - Most bodies, with the exception of Kerbol and the particularly lumpy minor moons, include a "glow" layer that enhances their appearance at long distances and fades away on approach. - Many of the glow layers make use of the original KSP planet textures; naturally credit goes to SQUAD for these and I advise against attempting to redistribute them or use them for things other than KSP, KSP mods, or KSP fanart. - None of the cloud layers have a "layer3D" (volumetric clouds) component. While this does cause us to miss out on that feature, the numerous large particles it involved rendering tend to be a major performance drain and thus they have been left out. - None of the cloud layers cast shadows either. - All bodies have a maximum of three cloud layers; most have only one. - The pack currently does not include aurorae, noctilucent clouds, or dust storms, although some of these may be added in the future if I feel up to it. - Some textures are the original textures packaged alongside the main EVE installation. Like the SQUAD textures, I advise against violating their licensing terms, etc. - Jool's glow layer uses the beautiful Jool texture painted by @Felsmak. Naturally credit goes to him for that, don't steal it, etc. etc. etc. DOWNLOAD
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to find mods that make ksp look good but i want mods that blend in with each other. I've tried realism overhaul with eve, scatter, and etc. which made the game look good but it wasn't to my liking. If you know any "mod packs" that make the game look stellar, i would like to know. Thx.
  5. Hello guys! welcome to my 16K RSS texture pack Ver. 2.2.2: ckan support update This texture pack is High res planet texture pack for Real Solar System. with this texture pack, you can get better visual experience as you can see down below. WARNING: this texture pack is tested in 32GB ram, i7 9700k cpu, and RTX 2070 gpu. i can't guarantee that there'll be no performance issue in below this spec. Minimum ram requirement is 16GB. you will need more then 16GB for stable play with more mods. screenshots (outdated captures from 2.0.0 , will be updated soon) Download Link: Click here! For 1.3.X~1.7.3 Temporary Link: Google Drive For 1.8 Temporary Link: Google Drive New Github Link: Click here! the file size is very big so it'll take some time to download. (SpaceDock doesn't support large file upload for now. this warning will be removed after SpaceDock upload is finished) Thanks to einsbon for image processing tool (to ver 1.2.1) Thanks to COMP for much better and accurate, and easy to use image processing tool Installation: (Excerpt of installation guide from Real Solar System Textures README.txt) Unzip the RSS-Textures folder in the GameData folder in the archive to your KSP GameData folder, so you'll have KSP/GameData/RSS-Textures (and inside that lots of dds files) ckan support: search vannadin in ckan! Requirements: you can see requirements and dependancies in RealSolarSystem mod forum page. known issues: some of the normal maps will have problem with principia. I don't know why. problem solved. these normal maps are using the alpha map as x-axis normal map. some KSC locations may have trouble with landscapes surrounding it. for now, I only considered Kennedy Space Center location. Status update: I'm working on make it support ckan. but it's size is too big for github or other ordinary cloud server service. please wait little bit more about ckan support. now ckan support this texture pack! I think I need to make a donation link(of course you will able to download my texture pack without donation). If you have an opinion, please let me know in the comments. Changelogs planned features image source License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
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