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  1. Moving Atlas V work up the timeline. Will go back to the rest of the classic Atlas to do list afterwards. There will be a dedicated decoupler for the AJ60s (and GEM 63). And nodes on the CBC and SRBs/decouplers. And before anyone asks ofc nosecone and decoupler for HLV too.
  2. Some sort of attempt at Agena 2000 is under consideration but not yet confirmed for the to do list.
  3. Everything planned (or under strong consideration) is here https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/974 It separated just fine in my flight test though they tumbled wildly and collided against each other after jettison. It wouldn't hurt to have them strutted to each other I guess? IRL I would think at least the boosters had some kind of bracing near the bottom though I just used struts on the side (not necessary with KJR but it looked more sensible with them) As for its provenance there isnt much more context beyond this. Theres a drawing at link which suggests those sections at the top of the booster and the two above it are additional storable stages. https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=26915.200
  4. 2.5m parts for SLV-3X "Fatlas" and the 5 engine original Atlas concept are up on github now. Also bonus tricoupler based on that one mysterious model. The variant for the aft tank was uploaded earlier. But you will note the dedicated SLV3X variant fits the H1D perfectly now (rotated 45 deg) The five engine version is based on very early Atlas concepts before it shrank down to the rocket we know today. There were quite a few variations but the parts in game can be used to make the circa 1953 design using the XLR89 and 105 engine configs as laid out by Ed Kyle in the Spacelaunchreport archives (the thrust is higher IRL but this still works in game). Some of the earlier designs even used Alcolox, JP4 and even apparently just Gasoline/Petrol. And finally the tricoupler
  5. Yes and yes. Originally invader was gonna do it but it seems like he might not have time. And we dont want to release the new RD180 with an Atlas V that doesnt fit it. So either way one of us will redo those parts for this release.
  6. Yes. Working on them right now. Starting with 2.5m parts (SLV-3X and the original 5 engine design before Atlas A) The 3.125m parts will get at least a partial revamp. I think the skirt and aft tank are really good and would like to keep them as is, but the tanks themselves need to be updated to the new style.
  7. its only translating back and forth. To me it appears to mainly be involved in adjusting the expansion ratio of both the inner and outer annular nozzles simultaneously.
  8. No plans for the methalox Japanese upper stage. We leave that up to the players creativity. A single engine mount designed to fit the NK-33 from Estreetrocket's Kistler mod will be made though. This will serve as a first stage mount for J-1A (J1-Upgrade, J-2 or whatever its actual name is) and as a generic mount as well. After thinking it over and taking some feedback from other places, I made the decision to use the simplified mesh for the engine so it will work with the Atlas II skirt and core tank variant. In the end its probably better to make the rocket look right than the engine which is mostly hidden away.
  9. We really do not reccomend installing the github dev branch unless you are willing to deal with potential craft breaking changes. Especially for new players, it is better to install from ckan, spacedock or the github releases page. The dev branch is intended for testing and as such there can be issues not everyone is willing to deal with.
  10. Just added a subtype to the LR-89 for the proposed Atlas II-B vehicle. This uses the existing LR89-NA6 model mesh for Atlas E/F as its a reasonable visual approximation. Ps. there is a slight issue here. The more accurate engine model would the the Atlas E/F NA6 model which only physically fits the Atlas E/F skirt which only fits the Atlas E/F core tank due to the different pipe layout. Would people prefer this build or a more accurate looking rocket that uses the Atlas II skirt, the Atlas II core tank and a less accurate engine model that uses one of the variants without modelled turbo pumps that will fit in the Atlas D/Atlas II skirt? I am not so invested given its a largely unknown variant but willing to hear which option people prefer. I dont think I mentioned it before but you can access the WIP build guide spread sheet on this issue here until the wiki is updated https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/issues/78
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