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Found 17 results

  1. Description Details Type: SPH Class: ship Part Count: 1256 Pure Stock Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.5. EVERYDAY ELEGANCE As usable around town as it is on the track, the Ocelot X9 is designed for everyday use. When it looks this good it would be criminal not to show it off. Lightweight and uses fuel cells for power. Highly efficient design. Requires Both DLC (NO MODS) *wheels in photo using a visual mod that is not required (TURD and TU)* Drive Instructions This car has been crafted to be as unflippable as possible. Turbofan Engine that is attached to Main Throttle 100% throttle - Turn on Turbo Fan Engine off to conserve power when not using and recharge with the fuel cell. Action Groups Stage - Toggle Fuel Cell and Toggle Drive from Driver Seat (Important!) AG1 - Toggle Driver Door AG2 - Toggle Passenger Door AG0 - Toggle Engine Off Download Links Kerbal X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Ocelot-X9 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2949882374
  2. I think we really need this ASAP because backward compatibility will become an issue later. It's a very important change and relatively easy to implement: In the Save / Load windows, replace the term "Vehicle" with "Project" (because some people build entire families / fleets of boosters as assemblies and these are not vehicles) Also, replace the term "Workspace file" with "Project workspace snapshot" In the Load window, replace "Load vehicle" with "Load project" AND put all "Project workspace snapshots" in a drop-down list specific for each Project save. This way we can have Projects be vehicles and then we can merge / import that vehicle Project Workspace Snapshot into another Project which is a fleet of vehicles (but we should be able to name these vehicles individually). Also, as stated above, it would be incredibly useful to be able to label (sub)assemblies and have them be a single group of parts which can be stacked and destacked. More details below: A Project should be a collection of vessels and assemblies (like a folder which holds crafts and (sub)assemblies). We should be able to label vessels and (sub)assemblies (groups of parts) inside the Project. Labeled craft / (sub)assemblies (groups of parts) should also save their own action groups and staging sequences. The assemblies should stay grouped together even if stacked on top of each other, so it's easy to destack them (stage, lander, return pod etc.). Working on parts of an assembly would require selecting that group.
  3. Grounded Modular Vehicles Makes it possible to make cars, trucks, vans as how you want them with modular parts. NOW WITH STOCK PART VARIANT SWITCH! Feedbacks would be helpful. Download at: Spacedock · Curseforge Interested in supporting the development? Just click any of the two if you want to! PATREON CRAFT FILES Features: Integrated with career, vehicles at the start of the tree No plug-in dependency (Will always be up to date!) Articulating Hitch for trailers Science! Based on KSP's vehicles itself. Changelog: Installation: Remove old folder if there's an old installation. Copy the GameData folder into your root folder. License:
  4. https://youtu.be/rA9SdnkrAeU Hello fellow yuumans. I'm not sayin they asked for it but sometimes U just gotta let people know how big your flex muscles are. Orbital mechanics wizard btw. (I totally just got lucky)
  5. Hello! This is my first post on the official Kerbal Space Program Forum, Kerbal Space Program has unlocked a hidden creative side I haven't had in a long time this game has become one of my all time favorite! I want to introduce one of my favorite vehicles I have created. The Valencia GT This beautiful vehicle is a pleasure to drive and very light and stable. This does not flip hard on hard turns in fact I encourage hard turns. It handles them very well. High grip wide wheel base. Traveling over 35 MPH+ (56 KPH) (15.7 m/s) able to be taken into cargo unit and able to haul to other world's. 1k Electric Charge Seats 4 Kerbal's Small probe unit for autonomous driving Flip out Headlights with HID like lights and Brake lights Wheels fold in for better transportation Uses lots of parts from DLC especially the robotic pads to sustain accidental flips and maintain structural integrity. (Will not break apart but watch the front head lights) Download File: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Valencia-GT
  6. Green Rolf Vehicles Development Centre Vehicles list [MOD - Link removed due to inadequate licensing of GTA V assets from Rockstar Games] License: GPLv3
  7. M-52 KERMAN Main Battle Tank What better way to come back to the forums, then to post your favorite thing to do: tanks! As usual, this tank is completely stock [NO MODS REQUIRED TO RUN]. It might be a little part intensive for low-end computers. No real need to list and specifications as they are all located on the video or the following album and spoiler below! If you choose to download it, just hit the "DOWNLOAD HERE" to be taken to kerbalX! Enjoy the pictures! and to the few who saw my publicly released video before I posted this here..... well played DOWNLOAD HERE ↓ PHOTO ALBUM BELOW ↓
  8. AUDI QUATTRO by UnidentifiedObject/NiezidentyfikowanyObiekt Hello everyone, today I want to show you my new work - Audi Quattro from 1986 in Kerbal Space Program. PARTS 1000 MODIFICATIONS E4 P-Wing Texture switch v0.2 E4 P-Glass v0.1 ProceduralWings TweakScale
  9. Having a break for two weeks is good. Unfortunately, after a week and a half, my TV called it quits and stopped working. Still having 3-4 days left of holidays, I opened up the cupboard, and took out my large LEGO collection. 5 hours later, I had a 'train'. Not being happy with the finished result, I then completely redesigned it, and I am sharing it now. Take a look below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/aSzMIscp3wk1TdWh1 - The front of the train https://photos.app.goo.gl/K9TIJG2fNGaLvdYz2 - Lights and horn unit. https://photos.app.goo.gl/TMEh1ltRee7mfQNq1 - Back of the train https://photos.app.goo.gl/HaF5YVtv7ieOSS2r1 - Side view https://photos.app.goo.gl/gF2HBI4zN85uHWWF3 - Driver's cab, featuring mini-bed at the back, and coffee cup. https://photos.app.goo.gl/7ijX9j6lrYWGfjD43 - Underside. Two sets of four wheels provide good traction. And that's it. A design based on a diesel freight train, with matching yellow, white, and grey colours. Hope you enjoy it, TCIS.
  10. What are your favorite types of vehicles? Cars, rockets, spaceplanes, normal planes, gliders, boats, submarines, what else? I'll add more if people suggest it.
  11. Hello all. Here I will post up all my latest vehicle mods for Kerbal Space Program. Hope you enjoy. License: GPL 3 Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/profile/keslaauto Website: https://thekesla.wordpress.com/
  12. STAR by UnidentifiedObject / NiezidentyfikowanyObiekt UnidentifiedObject PARTS 756 WEIGHT 7500 kg MODIFICATIONS ProceduralWings TweakScale E4 P-Wing Texture switch v0.2 E4 P-Glass v0.1
  13. Name: Kesla Rebel Lux Rover Class: Compact pickup truck Body style: 2-door truck Price: 220 Funds Weight: 2.54T Electricity Charge: 23800 License: GPL V3 Download link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1320/Kesla%20Rebel%20Lux%20Rover%20
  14. Since there have been favorite space movie threads, as well as a favorite rocket thread, and a favorite aircraft thread in the past, I thought it would a good idea to make a favorite car thread. This would have to be my favorite. The 1949 Cadillac Convertible. The new OHV engine was quite an improvement to their old sidevalve. Anyways, what are your favorites? Note: None of these are my pictures in any way.
  15. I am not certain if anyone has suggested this in the past, but I was curious if there could be in the next or future KSP release(s) a simple Vehicle and Subassembly name search in the list like the part search that was added in 1.1 so players with hundreds to thousands of vehicles and subassemblies saved, like me, could find vehicles faster than having to scroll through them all. If not, is there a way to mod it into KSP like the part search before version 1.1? Thank you for your time in reading this, Jason
  16. Demo on YouTube Hey Guys Here is my first post for spacecraft. I've designed this craft which I named "DragonLady" for no particular reason. This vehicle look and function suspiciously like Soyuz R-7, in fact, I basically use the design of Soyuz and build it with stock parts (V0.9) You may download the DragonLady DRA Spacecraft HERE There is NO docking ability, however, you may change the payload yourself according to your wish. This is one of the most reliable and efficient vehicle I've ever built to date. Enjoy and hope you guys like it! Photos available below, and staging instructions. A shot during daylight on the launch pad. At night, on the launch pad LIFTOFF!! Staging: Stage 1 (4) - Main Engine + 4 Boosters Stage 2 (3) - Booster Separation Stage 3 (2) - Escape Tower Separation Stage 4 (1) - MECO/SEP+SE IGN Stage 5 (0) - Parachute + SECO/SEP <--- Parachute and SECO/SEP separated into two stage
  17. Behold! The bane of the capitalistic leeches, the T-72, has arrived! This tanks is pimped out with rubber side skirts, view ports, spaced armor, armored primary gunner's sight, convoy light, regular lights, infrared lights, and much more. It's armed with "smoke launchers" (just aesthetic). If the turret gets stuck, just wiggle around a little. XD Don't say it's a design flaw until you've tried to design something like this yourself. I've got a reworked turret and some upgraded track equipped variants in development. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hm34raxyaqeknom/A%20Pokpung-ho%20Prototype%204_1.craft?dl=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8TCyszwyWE
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