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  1. KSP Recall is a bag of tricks and stunts to overcome KSP blunders, screw ups and borks - trying hard to do not introduce new blunders, screw ups and borks in the process... In a Hurry Announce Latest Release GitHub . CurseForge . Spacedock. Issue Tracker Documentation Project's README Official Distribution Sites: Source and Binaries on GitHub. Double Licensed as: SKL1.0 GPLv2 You are free to choose the license that better suits you. Description It aims to need minimal coupling (if any)with existent code, as well to be selectively injected on the broken parts in order to prevent unholy interactions with third-party modules that decide to fix things their own way. The following fixes are available once installed (and applied only when needed!): Parked crafts (even without wheels) drifting the Heading randomly on KSP >= 1.8 Crafts with wheels also drifts, but due a different problem - still to be tackled down. This was discussed here. Resources being reset to prefab when a part has his Resources changed by an Add'On (as TweakScale) (i.e., by Alt+Click a part, or by using symmetry) on KSP 1.9.x . KSP 1.9.x resets resources to prefab while cloning parts This solution aims to be reusable to any Add'On that have the same problem with a simple two liner. Some Add'Ons that supports TweakScale by using Scale_Redist.dll are also fixed by collateral effect. Losing Resources' amount settings when cloning parts (Alt+Click) on KSP 1.9.x As described here. Editor mangling Surface Attached Parts' position when loading crafts on 1.4.3 <= KSP <= 1.9,1 This was (properly this time) discussed here. And here. I.C.A. (Instantaneous Craft Annihilation) on KSP 1.11.0 when launching or switching back to vessels with some older parts, when the vessel is over a static with collider (does not happens when the craft is directly over the PQS ground) Seamless fix for Add'Ons that implements IPastCostModifier running on KSP 1.11.x Darth Pointer's Pay to Play FreeThinker's Interstellar Fuel Switch allista's Cargo Accelerators All Angel 125 Add'Ons that uses WildBlueTools Nathan Kell's Modular Fuel System (and Real Fuels) IgorZ's Kerbal Inventory System KOS Kerbalism And many, many others - perhaps Squad's own modules (who knows?) More to come as a Needed to Code basis. Known Issues Stackable parts may not be correctly refunded when stored on a Inventory Part Installation This release has no hard dependencies anymore. You need to have Module Manager 4.0.2 or newer installed. How to use This is not intended to be "used" by end-users. It provides services to Add'On authors and fixes automatically some problems. Currently, the following services are available: Automatically restores Resources changed by Fuel Switches. Crafts at rest changes drifts the Heading by their own Fixing Costs refunds when Recovering Crafts on KSP 1.11.x Issue #1 KSP 1.9.x resets resources to prefab while cloning parts Support I need help in order to proper help you. Open the spoiler for instructions about how to get support: WARNING This Add'On is being used with success by most users, but yet... please make backups - just in case. Bug reports are encouraged, feel free to to it here or in the Issue Tracker. Ideally both. And, finally, KSP-Recall WORKS FINE WITH Module Manager. Anyone telling you you need an alternative fork of MM is telling you nonsense.
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