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  1. Hi!! Glad i can help i reviewed the bundle and i found 2 issues. The font in the bundle was created with an incompatible render mode like (Hinted smooth or Raster), the KSP stock fonts are built with the "Distant field 16" setting so your font need to be created with that same setting. And on our side i found that sometimes the font material doesn't get loaded correctly and the shader is missing causing problems with the text render, i already pushed those changes to the code so in the next version you should be available to load your new font bundle without issues! Regards
  2. Hi! hmm that's weird, can you post your font bundle so i can give it a look? Now the issue can be in the font bundle construction but i can't tell you without the bundle.
  3. Hello! KSP has two stock fonts, one for the main menu (MenuFont) and other for all the other UI (GameFont). The issue here is that you are adding the sub-font to the game font: fontLoader.AddGameSubFont("pl", false, font); instead you should add your sub-font to the menu font like this: fontLoader.AddMenuSubFont("pl", false, font); that should do the trick!