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  1. Kerbin Station Delta (aka "Fish"). In the foreground, the section built by Fish-Soup Kerbals: The section built by Chicken-Soup Kerbals is under and just past the truss, and it connects to the section built by the Cabbage-Soup Kerbals in the foreground: From this angle you can see the Chicken-Soup Kerbal section to the left and the Cabbage-Soup Kerbal section to the right: I love science mods but try to install as few other part mods as possible. Off the top of my head, this uses DMagic Orbital Science, a slightly scaled down Station Science (so it fits on and is light enough to be lofted up by the Protein launch vehicle), KIS/KAS, Tiktaalik airlocks (I'm considering using Stockalike Station Parts when I build this for Career), and HGR (apologies if I missed any other obvious mods).