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  1. I took @Badie's instructions literally and didn't use the overlay or map view , but this was a personal challenge for me as it's the first time I flew a mission entirely from the IVA. Here are the highlights of the flight of the Minestrone-Aspic (6:00 - click CC for mission profile): ... and here's the entire flight (21:33 - click CC for mission profile): No cuts in the full video (just some time warping) but I did splice in additional footage from a second, nearly identical flight to make it a little more interesting to watch.
  2. I've been playing with kOS, learning vector math so I can write my own alternative to the built-in PID controller (some ideas I want to try out). My intention is to have this ready before I play Career again so my ships and probes are more realistically automated (and can land on a dime like Elon's), but so far the only maneuver I've accomplished with my test probes is the funky chicken.
  3. Just wanted to say that I'm impressed with every entry in every challenge presented so far -- there's not a dud in the bunch -- but that, to keep them meaningful, I reserve my "Likes" for shots that catch my eye, that somehow stand out from all this amazing creativity just a little bit. It could be due to the realism, a bit more ingenuity in design, a little humor maybe, or because of the presentation (I have a hard time restraining myself from "Liking" every single entry). I have to single out this shot, though, as nothing less than a work of art (and it's not JUST luck, mods, or whatever). A credit to you, @LoSBoL. Beautifully captured.
  4. I've been gratefully using the Fixes for a while now but I didn't know about the license change. Hopefully someone picks it up, but I'm also curious to see what will be in the upcoming Making History expansion.
  5. The Cabbage-soup Kerbals' Soysauce capsule is, of course, the emergency escape vehicle for the International Soup Station (when my favourite Soyuz mod HGR broke a while back I hobbled together this substitute until it was fixed). To get into the right orbit it is launched from Guacamole Space Centre, refurbished and expanded by the Fish-soup Kerbals from the old Island Runway. Bill dropped by with some spackle as they ran out before they got to the runway control tower. After wheeling Soysauce out from the VAB (built into the mountain ... Fish-soup Kerbals watch a lot of spy movies), it is launched. Booster separation forms the famous Kerbalev Cross, a thrilling sight for the Kerbals watching from the company town on the island. Approaching the International Soup Station. Can't dock for long as it's time for an evacuation drill. Separation of the Orbital Module (which contains monopropellant and three extra days of TAC life support) and the Service Module in preparation for re-entry. Val, Stagela, and Degie decide to get a breath of fresh, salty air while they wait. More photos and food puns for this challenge:
  6. At first I thought I'd prefer a badge-y version of @cratercracker's custom patches/flags but squeezing a bunch of scaled-down Golden Kerbals into my sig like "kills" on WWII planes ("achieves" ?) would be cool too (and more manageable in my sig, assuming I participate in a lot of these challenges), especially if I link each one back to my entry for the corresponding challenge.
  7. Wasn't sure I would participate in this challenge as I love my mods (and I have a physical dependency on TweakScale), but as the 2.5m stock parts are close to the scale I would use anyway, I thought I'd give it a go. This took several runs as I needed multiple reloads to pull off the landings and get screenshots. Also, like Elon, I wanted to land two vehicles, so I was going to need at least two runs anyway. Second stage separates. First stage landing burn begins. As no landing legs are allowed for the challenge, I used wing parts as static landing stabilizers. Success! And it only took five tries Ejecting the nosecone (should've done that earlier) and separating the trunk on re-entry. And I didn't forget to retract the antenna this time! Approaching KSC. Several reloads were needed to get this right. Departing from the real-life capsule design for the challenge, the Dumpling has two sets of SRBs, four in each set. The first set is staged about 400m above the terrain to bring the velocity down to around 15m/s. When the first set is spent, the second set of SRBs is staged to let the Dumpling land at under 8m/s. It tends to bounce back into the air, though, so radial decouplers are staged on touchdown to separate the still burning SRBs. Needed about a dozen tries to get this landing right and get good screenshots. The SRBs normally fly up and off into the distance, but on this try by sheer luck the SRBs finished their burn exactly at touchdown. Nice. More shots for this challenge:
  8. Thanks for the badges (and appreciating my sense of humor), @Speeding Mullet, and for taking the time to comment on all these creative submissions. And thanks to @Badie for arranging these challenges and giving me the opportunity to share a bit with the community!
  9. Second attempt. I made some changes (only to read the big, hard-to-miss warning -- shortly thereafter -- about not attaching docking ports directly to the Infernal Robotics parts): While I was at it, added a docking port to the Burger shuttle so the Kerbals could actually get into the Salad station:
  10. Yep. I thought I should mention what parts were used but you're right, that's not fair to TweakScale and the other invisible mods that are vital to my game. Misleading statement deleted.
  11. Ready to launch from Baconnaise Cosmodrome: The Cabbage-Soup Kerbals upgraded the Inland Kerbal Space Centre so they wouldn't have to rely on the Chicken-Soup Kerbals for launch facilites: When no flights are in progress, Baconnaise doubles as a golf course: Booster separation: Nearing the 100 km parking orbit: Core separation completed, and on to rendezvous with Kerbin Station Alpha at an altitude of 210 km: Arrival at Salad, aka Kerbin Station Alpha (unfortunately Infernal Robotics isn't working properly and the payload won't deploy ): Guess we'll just have to take the Science module back home and try another day: Approaching the Baconnaise runway: Missed the runway (dammit, Jeb, I'm a rocket scientist not a pilot), but considering so few walk away from my landings, I think we'll let it go: Imgur album
  12. Kerbin Station Delta (aka "Fish"). In the foreground, the section built by Fish-Soup Kerbals: The section built by Chicken-Soup Kerbals is under and just past the truss, and it connects to the section built by the Cabbage-Soup Kerbals in the foreground: From this angle you can see the Chicken-Soup Kerbal section to the left and the Cabbage-Soup Kerbal section to the right: I love science mods but try to install as few other part mods as possible. Off the top of my head, this uses DMagic Orbital Science, a slightly scaled down Station Science (so it fits on and is light enough to be lofted up by the Protein launch vehicle), KIS/KAS, Tiktaalik airlocks (I'm considering using Stockalike Station Parts when I build this for Career), and HGR (apologies if I missed any other obvious mods).