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  1. Flying is life!
  2. The Green Horizon spacecraft returns to Kerbin. During the flight back home, we take a quick look at the most important achievements of the Space Exploration Agency.
  3. After the successful completion of the "Conduct Surveys of the Mun", the Space Exploration Agency visits the Armstrong Memorial.
  4. After several landings on the Mun, the Space Exploration Agency can finally find the source of the observational inconsistencies.
  5. After a lot of hard work, the Space Exploration Agency has finally mined the required amount of ore and can deliver it to Kerbin!
  6. In order to complete the "Conduct Observation Surveys of the Mun" contract, a new Mun lander is being built and launched into space!
  7. The next Supply Mk5 spacecraft returns from Minmus to the Mun in order to deliver some additional fuel.
  8. The Mun Ore Transporter returns to the Mun's surface and the Supply Mk5 spacecraft experiences a communication black-out during the final approach to a docking port.
  9. The Mun Ore Transporter is filled up and ready to launch the first Munar ore into space!
  10. The Mun Mining Facility has accumulated some ore. Finally, it's time to load the first ore into the Mun Ore Transporter!
  11. The old Supply Mk 5 spacecraft lacks an antenna and, in order to install one, an EVA is required to push the spacecraft around.
  12. Something terrible happens after the successful reentry of the Aurora spacecraft: a parachute experiences a malfunction.
  13. Finally, after many preparations, the Mun Ore Transporter leaves the Fuel Delivery spacecraft and begins the powered descent to the surface of the Mun.
  14. The Mun Ore Transporter experiences a communication black-out right in the moment as it is approaching the Fuel Delivery spacecraft.
  15. After the Mun Mining Facility Rover received a small holding tank, an adapter is needed in order to ensure a relatively safe landing on the surface of the Mun.