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  • Community Spotlight: "R4mon, the Codemaster"


    Community Spotlight


    As a game designer, sometimes it's hard to let go of your game and let it out into the world for people to play it, and tell you what they think of it. Even harder still, is opening your game and allowing someone else to add their own content to it. Well, KSP has been designed from the start for this very thing, we love seeing what you create and what you can make the game do with the tools we give you, while we strive to grow our game even more. Today, I'd like to take some time to spotlight and mention a very prominent figure in the KSP Modding Community, R4mon. Who is R4mon? Let me tell you...




    If you follow think above, you'll find yourself in a thread for one of the most popular mods KSP has to offer it's player base, "MechJeb." This mod's been a huge success and proved what a patient mod maker with tools and time could do. MechJeb has been in development for a good while now and continues to grow and adapt to the changes in KSP, and we can't wait to see what he does with it next.




    The link above is to yet more work, showing r4mon's continued commitment to building mods that play to what we're doing in the main game, and when the "munolith" came out he built a mod designed to hunt them down.




    Last but not least, is the fixed camera mod for KSP. Not a lot to discuss here, but a fun little mod to check out nonetheless, we suggest you give it a try.


    So, in closing, we want to say thank you to the mod community for showing us your talent, sharing with us your creations and letting us know people are passionate about KSP enough to spend time developing something else for the community to enjoy together.


    Damion Rayne
    Community Manager


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