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Terms of Use

Please note that the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service (collectively, the "Terms") were updated on March 6, 2018. Please read the agreements. Your acceptance of the Terms is required in order to access to your account and use the forum.



1. General
2. Forbidden Content
3. User-staff relations
4. Account security and personal information
5. Miscellaneous

1. General

1.1 Scope

These rules apply to all services run by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (“Take-Two”), including the KSP forums, KSPTV, Curse, the IRC channel, the Bug Tracker, KSP Tumblr, and the Steam discussion forum. Some of these services have additional rules that must also be followed. 

1.2 Vision behind the rules

The rules exist to keep our community welcoming to all and to encourage mutual respect. Remember that we have a wide range of backgrounds and cultures in the community.

1.3 Notices/infractions/bans

Moderators work together and use their best judgment in each situation. If these rules are broken, any member of staff may hand out a fair punishment, e.g., removing content, issuing a warning etc. Harsher punishment (such as a ban) may be used when there is a severe or repeated offense. 

Example: Arguing with another member is likely to result in posts being removed and a personal message or warning being given. Continuing to argue, or harassing another member (either publicly or via personal message), is likely to result in infractions, posting restrictions or a temporary ban.

1.4 A Final Word

Take-Two provides a space for the community to share ideas, opinions and feelings. While we do encourage healthy and constructive debates, please remember to follow the rules, keep it in good taste and always be respectful. You don't go to your friend's house and start smashing their windows, so don't do something equally offensive in ours.

These rules may be changed at any time and it is each member's responsibility to keep up to date.

Staff can take any action they feel is necessary, even if no specific rule applies.

2. Forbidden Content

2.1 Definition of message

A message includes any and all means a user has available to communicate with other members.

2.2 Forbidden content

Messages that involve the following content will result in moderator action.

  1. Discussing or facilitating copyright infringement or software theft (software piracy);
  2. Political, ideological or religious posts unrelated to Spaceflight, or of a nature deemed likely to result in behavior banned under rule 2.2D;
  3. Content unsuitable for children, e.g. nudity, sexually suggestive or explicit images, excessive violence, gore and recreational drugs;
  4. Insults and threats, stalking, bullying or any other behavior construed to be of a potentially rude, slanderous, accusatory, combative or otherwise harassing nature to/of another person;
  5. Any discriminatory (racist, sexist, etc.) language, actions or iconography, with or without historical context;
  6. Disclosure of private conversations without the consent of all parties;
  7. Use of vulgarity, profanity, parts thereof (S***) and any technique that bypasses the language filter to post vulgar or profane content;
  8. Content with no proof of concept or factual basis (e.g. "free energy" machines), conspiratorial and lacking evidence (e.g. flat Earth, Moon hoax), denial of historic events (e.g. Holocaust);
  9. Self promotional posts or that promote a 3rd party for profit, monetization other than optional donation (adf.ly etc) and advertising products or services without prior approval;
  10. Roleplay, e.g. acting as a Kerbal, creating fictional organizational hierarchy amongst users and/or interactions of fictitious entities of an oppositional nature;
  11. Impersonating members of staff. This includes using a nickname or profile photo that resembles theirs;
  12. Non-KSP community threads.
  13. Any variation on the type of message that is used to needlessly bump threads, raise ones own account visibility and/or increase post count;
  14. Flamebaiting, trolling or any other messages made for the purpose of stirring up and otherwise getting a rise from users;
  15. Changing the subject of conversation in a thread without a natural tie to the topic at hand; and
  16. Demanding or pressuring for release dates or updates from Take-Two or content creators.
  17. Reposting closed or removed content without moderator consent. 

2.3 Language, placement spelling and grammar

  1. Users must make an effort to place a new thread in the right forum section. Posts deemed to be in an incorrect section will be moved to a proper one;
  2. Users are encouraged to use proper grammar and spelling in all messages. Messages containing txt-speak, 1337-speak and other exclusionary forms of speech may be removed;
  3. All messages outside of the international sections should be in English or include an English translation.

2.4 Necroposting and Necromoaning

  1. Posting in a thread that has not received a new message in a long period is known as “necroposting". Necroposting is generally frowned upon but not forbidden provided that your post does not break the other rules. These threads may be closed at the discretion of the staff;
  2. Methods that draw attention to a necropost in such a manner as to shame the poster are also frowned upon and this is known as Necromoaning, Necromoaning posts are also subject to removal.

3. User-staff relations

3.1 Definition of 'staff'
A member of staff is someone appointed by Take-Two to take care of its services (see 1.1).
3.2 Moderator action requests
Do not publicly call for moderator action or try to enforce the guidelines yourself. Politely informing someone of a rule is fine, but it's best to just report the post.

3.3 Open discussion of staff decisions
Do not openly discuss action (or inaction) taken by the staff (bans, warnings etc.). If you have concerns about a moderator action, see 3.4 below.

3.4 Contesting moderation action

All of the moderators are active community members who try to set a good example and apply the rules as appropriately as possible, but they are only human and can make mistakes from time to time. If you disagree with something they have done, please contact them or a senior moderator privately, and the issue will be re-examined.

3.5 Staff privacy

Unwanted invasion of a member of staff's personal time is not allowed. Please do not contact them outside the KSP community to discuss their work here unless they specifically ask you to do so. 

3.6 Evading restrictions

Members who try to evade a ban or restriction will be permanently banned from any or all of the services Take-Two provides.

4. Account security and personal information
4.1 User responsibility

Keep your account safe, because anything done from it will be considered your responsibility. It is highly advised that you do not give out any personal information via any part of the KSP community. Members of staff will not ask you for anything other than account details that are needed for solving a technical problem you have requested help with.

4.2 One user per account, one account per user

Only one person may use an account, and you may only create one account on the forums.

4.3 Users under the age of 13

Users under the age of 13 who reveal their age or face may have their messages/photos removed and accounts closed for privacy reasons.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Add-ons

A more detailed set of rules regarding add-ons and add-on licensing can be found here and must be followed at all times.

5.2 Avatars

Some people are photosensitive and can be adversely affected by extremely "flashy" animations. In severe cases, this may actually trigger a seizure, which can be dangerous. We want to keep the forum a welcoming place for all, so please try to avoid extremely "flashy" images in your avatar, signature, profile background, and posts. We understand this may be difficult for someone to judge who doesn't have such problems, but if you use animations in such places, a moderator may request that you change it if there's concern that it may cause problems for someone.

5.3 Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed on any of the services as outlined in 1.1 are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Take-Two.

Other posts to read: outside of the rules it is also good to keep up to date with the forums Good Conduct Guide, the Positive Forum movement, the official list of Common Suggestions, the technical support forum, unofficial Planned Features list, the Challenge Guidelines, and the relevant sticky topics in the many and varied sub-forums before posting.

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