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  1. Wow. The first forum account.

  2. wow, new forum looks cool - but - where are all the threads?

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    it says, but where are they? all the links on the right lead to endless redirect loops. 
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    2. nukeboyt


      Like all new things, it'll take some getting used to, but I'm sure that we'll all be fine...:)

    3. YargJay9991


      Just found out from KasperVld, that the forums are up, we normal people just don't have permissions to view them yet. I assume they're testing.

    4. CorvusCorax


      you know, I don't want to critizize the staff, but at my old employer the sequence this would have been done is:


      1. set forums read only - with a big red notification on frontpage "forums read only until 2015-11-29 23:59 due to update" or something

      2. duplicate the now read-only content into the new forum - visible on a hidden page only for now, while users still see the old one

      3. test the crap out of the hidden page (of course this shouldnt take too long since it has been tested before with partial content offline)

      4. hot swap out the hidden new forum for the visible old once its working (still read only)

      5. remove read only status on new forum - preferably before announced deadline

      which would have the advantage that neither users nor search engines would be exposed to a site without content at any time in the process


      insetad of

      1. take old forum offline

      2. setup new forum life - without content

      3. slowly copy over content from offline old forum to new - while life

      4. possibly find out something broke in the copying process

      5. panic


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