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  1. I really want to change the stock skybox. I have no idea how to do that though. I know you need Texture Replacer right? Im a guy who loves the visual enhancements mods of KSP. I currently have EVE, Distant Object Enhancement, and Texture Replacer. If you have any more suggestions, let me know.
  2. Put the sat in LKO first. Select your Geosat thats already up as a target. Make a node that reaches geosat's orbit. The separation between them should be about 6,000,000 meters. Then just circularize. If you have KER setting your orbital period to 6hrs is even more accurate. For the third sat, repeat the process. I found this out on the tutorial on the Remotetech resumed thread. Helped a lot.
  3. When you've read every single post on this thread............
  4. Learning to play this game has a HUGE learning curve. Still people loves the game even though everytime they launch their rockets, it blows up at the launchpad. I think adding proper aerodynamics would be like that. Isnt that what KSP is about? Building things to test it and see if it works. Adding aerodynamics would teach people about how rockets and planes work (for the most part). It is called a space sim for a reason.
  5. Hes currently on my Mun station eating up all the snacks.
  6. A totally, no way you did that on accident, "pre-planned" staging.
  7. Ive only landed a probe on IVA, (probe control room mod, hullcam, and RPM) the 2 manned lander can and the MK1-2 command pod - - - Updated - - - Im not sure what you mean here........
  8. Yeah I really think those docking cams should be stock, they help me out a lot
  9. Minmus definately, with the mun, you might need multiple nukes depending on the weight of your payload and how much you want to carry up into orbit
  10. I know the devs are really busy right now with the updates. I am only suggesting this for the updates coming waaaaaay later. Im suggesting that there should be a mode for experienced KSP players where they can only fly on IVA or something. I know it can technically be played that way right now but I think some experienced player would like that idea where they can ONLY fly in IVA. I think there are still a lot missing to be able to get a full IVA experience (ex. External cameras, screens; i know there are mods, but im suggesting it stock). Just a suggestion. I wonder also if the devs are going to implement some kind of life support in stock in the future. Anyone knows?
  11. I still dont know how to post up pictures on the forum. Help?
  12. how would I be able to download this??? The link is only for spaceport
  13. I can fly in atmosphere just fine. I just cant get to space. Im not really good at balancing the "jet" fuel with the rocket fuel. That and also it takes me forever to get to space. I probably just don't know the ascent methods for space planes. I think sometimes I just make my plane too heavy for the amount of thrust is has. Also where exactly is the center of mass supposed to be? Is it supposed to be right in the middle of the plane or where the wings are or does it matter? I already know about the COL being behind the COM though.
  14. I've always had problems on making space planes. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Anything would help.
  15. Woops, see I'm a noob at the acronyms. Thanks a lot haha.
  16. Oh awesome!!! Thanks a lot it really helped. I just wanted to understand the concept.
  17. I know what happens when I do those, I just don't know the concept of Hoffman transfers and the Oberth Effect.
  18. Can anyone explain what is Hoffman Transfer and the Oberth Effect. I don't really understand what they mean or what they do.
  19. How do you determine the direction of your orbit around a planet ie: prograde, retrograde orbit? Is it based on the rotation of a planet or the planet's direction of orbit around the sun? I was watching Scott Manley and he said something about this during his Eve mission and I was just wondering.
  20. It would be cool to be able to see particle effects when landing on the surface of a body. Actually being able to see the dust and stuff blowing away under your rocket right before you land would really look awesome.
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